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Excess Records
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Excess records
18-February-2020 02:59

We have more than one copy of the records listed on this page.

If you're interested, we're willing to trade them for records that we don't have.  (see our Wish List)  Contact Debbie

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19079 records.

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"A" You're Adorable  Chinook 121  ExtraCopies=1
"OKC" Is My Home Town  Roofers 109  ExtraCopies=2

'57 Chevy And You  Circle D 229  ExtraCopies=1
'Deed I Do (With Instrumental Lead) / 'Deed I Do (Without Instrumental Lead)  Sets In Order 2122  ExtraCopies=1
'Til The End Of The World  Texcap 101  ExtraCopies=1
'Til The Well Runs Dry  Blue Ribbon 225  ExtraCopies=1

(I Feel Sorry For) Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonite  Ranch House 601  ExtraCopies=4
(I Never Knew) The Devil's Eyes Were Blue  Quadrille 817  ExtraCopies=1

10-20 Hoedown  Hi Hat 648  ExtraCopies=3
12th Street Rag  MacGregor 950  ExtraCopies=1
14 Karat Gold  Blue Star 2386  ExtraCopies=3
14 Karat Mind  Prairie 1048  ExtraCopies=3
14 Karat Mind  Rhythm 163  ExtraCopies=5
18 Wheeler  Hi Hat 633  ExtraCopies=3
1982  Rawhide 132  ExtraCopies=1

4 Leaf Clover  Red Boot Star 1282  ExtraCopies=2
4 To 1 In Atlanta  DJ 123  ExtraCopies=1

5-String Hoe / Short-T  Silver Sounds 148  ExtraCopies=1
50's Medley  Red Boot 3003  ExtraCopies=1

8 More Miles  Windsor 4872  ExtraCopies=1
8th Of January / Cotton Pickin' Cotton Picker  Kalox 1085  ExtraCopies=3

9 To 5  Red Boot 265  ExtraCopies=2
9 To 5  Lou Mac 137  ExtraCopies=3
911 / 1-800  Sting 504  ExtraCopies=1

A Better Man  Buckskin 1233  ExtraCopies=1
A Caller's Life  FTC 32041  ExtraCopies=1
A Change In Me  Sets In Order 143  ExtraCopies=1
A Cowboy's Dream  Hi Hat 5065  ExtraCopies=3
A Day Late And A Dollar Short  Royal 502  ExtraCopies=2
A Donut And A Dream  Blue Star 1951  ExtraCopies=2
A Dozen Pair Of Boots  Triangle 111  ExtraCopies=2
A Fool Such As I  Blue Ribbon 255  ExtraCopies=1
A Fooler, A Faker  Blue Star 1962  ExtraCopies=1
A Girl Like You  Top 25041  ExtraCopies=1
A Girl Like You  Hi Hat 342  ExtraCopies=4
A Girl Like You  Lore 1132  ExtraCopies=4
A Good Gal Is Hard To Find  El Dorado 301  ExtraCopies=2
A Good Love Is Like A Good Song  Square Tunes 184  ExtraCopies=2
A Good Man  Hi Hat 360  ExtraCopies=3
A Good Night's Love  ESP 116  ExtraCopies=5
A Good Nights Love  Red Boot 289  ExtraCopies=4
A Good Old Country Song  4-Bar-B 6026  ExtraCopies=1
A Good Ole Boy  Red Boot Star 1251  ExtraCopies=3
A Happy Man  Windsor 4975  ExtraCopies=1
A Kind Of Hush  Global Music 207  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Bit Crazy  Lore 1203  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Bit In Love  Venture 111  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Bit Of Love  Royal 223  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Bit Of Sugar  Hi Hat 328  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Heartache  Jewel 103  ExtraCopies=2
A Little Less Talk  Red Boot 3039  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Love  ESP 529  ExtraCopies=1
A Little Love Won't Hurt A Thing  Chicago Country 62  ExtraCopies=1
A Lot Of Tenderness  Kalox 1159  ExtraCopies=2
A Love Song  Rhythm 195  ExtraCopies=4
A Love That Just Won't Die  Coyote 501  ExtraCopies=11
A Love That Just Won't Die  Chaparral 715  ExtraCopies=1
A Perfect Match  Circle D 205  ExtraCopies=1
A Ray Of Sunshine  Lucky 12  ExtraCopies=4
A Room Full Of Roses  Lore 1232  ExtraCopies=1
A Second Fling  Buckskin 1257  ExtraCopies=1
A Smile Will Go A Long, Long Way  Dance Ranch 670  ExtraCopies=3
A Song In The Night  Red Boot 293  ExtraCopies=2
A Song In The Night  Thunderbird 182  ExtraCopies=1
A Taste Of The Wind  Red Boot 292  ExtraCopies=2
A Taste of the Wind / Nothing But The Radio On  MCA 52076  ExtraCopies=1
A Thing Called Love  Square Tunes 145  ExtraCopies=2
A Whole Lot Of Something  Swinging Square 2360  ExtraCopies=2
A Whole Lot Of Things To Sing About  Hi Hat 479  ExtraCopies=3
A Woman In Love  Shakedown 210  ExtraCopies=1
A World Of Our Own  MacGregor 2080  ExtraCopies=2
ABBA Medley  Aussie Tempos 1024  ExtraCopies=1
Abe Brown / Mary Alice  Wild West 2-03  ExtraCopies=2
Abilene  Eagle 2010  ExtraCopies=3
Abilene  MacGregor 2106  ExtraCopies=3
Abilene  Golden Eagle 1  ExtraCopies=2
Abilene  Windsor 4999  ExtraCopies=3
Abilene  Chinook 63  ExtraCopies=2
About Dixie  Top 25189  ExtraCopies=3
Absolutely Everybody  Down Under 111  ExtraCopies=1
Acapulco  Mountain 5  ExtraCopies=6
Ace In The Hole  Top 25140  ExtraCopies=4
Ace In The Hole  ESP 522  ExtraCopies=6
Achy Breaky Heart  Red Boot 3032  ExtraCopies=1
Achy Breaky Heart  ESP 177  ExtraCopies=2
Across The Alley From The Alamo  Bogan 1229  ExtraCopies=1
Act Naturally  Rawhide 158  ExtraCopies=2
Act Naturally  Lore 1214  ExtraCopies=1
Action / Reaction  Dance Ranch 631  ExtraCopies=2
Adalida  DJ 116  ExtraCopies=3
Adalida  Quadrille 909  ExtraCopies=1
Adeline  Chinook 51  ExtraCopies=1
Adieu  Bogan 1225  ExtraCopies=1
Adios  Blue Star 2134  ExtraCopies=2
Adios Amigo  Wild West 1-38  ExtraCopies=1
Admiration / Torrent  Top 25312  ExtraCopies=6
Adobe Hacienda  Lightning S 503  ExtraCopies=1
After She's Gone  Blue Star 1721  ExtraCopies=1
After The Ball  Melody 103  ExtraCopies=3
After The Last Goodbye  C Bar C 574  ExtraCopies=2
After The Lovin'  Continental 2001  ExtraCopies=1
After The Lovin'  Hi Hat 5059  ExtraCopies=2
After The Lovin'  Chaparral 520  ExtraCopies=3
After The Storm  Lore 1167  ExtraCopies=1
After They've Seen Paree  Scope 538  ExtraCopies=4
After They've Seen Paree  Grenn 12149  ExtraCopies=1
After They've Seen Paree  Top 25045  ExtraCopies=2
After They've Seen Paree  Blue Star 2303  ExtraCopies=1
After They've Seen Paree / Whattayaknow  MacGregor 7615  ExtraCopies=6
After You've Gone  Red Boot 256  ExtraCopies=4
After You've Gone  ESP 904  ExtraCopies=1
Against The Grain  DJ 103  ExtraCopies=1
Ah-So / Wahoo  Kalox 1195  ExtraCopies=9
Ah-So Pretty Little Girl  Lore 1155  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't Gonna Be Your Day  Prairie 1093  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't Got Nothing On Us  ESP 1013  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't Got Time To Be Unhappy  Kalox 1089  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't It Been Love  ESP 307  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't It Good To Be In Love Again  Red Boot 209  ExtraCopies=3
Ain't Livin' Long Like This  Windsor 5101  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't Living Long Like This  Big Mac 10  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't Love A Good Thing  Red Boot 163  ExtraCopies=6
Ain't Love A Good Thing  ESP 1044  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't Love Good  Kalox 1201  ExtraCopies=7
Ain't Misbehavin'  Red Boot 3005  ExtraCopies=5
Ain't Necessarily So  Jopat 803X  ExtraCopies=4
Ain't Never Seen  Diamond 111  ExtraCopies=14
Ain't No California  Red Boot 283  ExtraCopies=3
Ain't No California  Longhorn 1029  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't No Cure For The Rock & Roll  Ocean 14  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't Nothin Shakin'  Ranch House 308  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't Nothin' Shakin'  Windsor 4997  ExtraCopies=3
Ain't She Sweet  Scope 589  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't She Sweet  ESP 717  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't She Sweet  TNT 151  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't That A Shame  Royal 219  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't We Got Fun  MacGregor 1015  ExtraCopies=1
Ain't Your Loser Lookin Good  Show Me 1002  ExtraCopies=2
Ain't Your Loser Lookin' Good  Chinook 87  ExtraCopies=1
Alabam  Grenn 12100  ExtraCopies=2
Alabama  Red Boot 255  ExtraCopies=8
Alabama Bound / Half A Chance  Sets In Order 1115  ExtraCopies=1
Alabama Jubilee  Red Boot Star 1236  ExtraCopies=2
Alabama Jubilee  Cloverleaf 4  ExtraCopies=1
Alabama Jubilee  Windsor 4903  ExtraCopies=1
Alabama Jubilee  ESP 613  ExtraCopies=2
Alabama Jubilee / Just Because  Windsor 4144  ExtraCopies=14
Alabama Jubilee / Oh! Johnny  Old Timer 8043  ExtraCopies=1
Alabama Maid  Kalox 1055  ExtraCopies=3
Alabama Woman  Triangle 112  ExtraCopies=1
Alabamy Bound  MacGregor 8905  ExtraCopies=1
Alabamy Bound  MacGregor 2095  ExtraCopies=6
Alamo Plaza Polka  Kalox 1293  ExtraCopies=2
Alberta Bound  Jay-Bar-Kay 152  ExtraCopies=8
Alberta Bound  Blue Star 2393  ExtraCopies=1
Alice Blue Gown  Bogan 1266  ExtraCopies=2
Alice Blue Gown  Lore 1098  ExtraCopies=1
Alice In Dallas  Four Squares 807  ExtraCopies=1
All Aboard  Chaparral 314  ExtraCopies=7
All Alone In San Antone  MacGregor 1093  ExtraCopies=3
All American Girl  Red Boot 185  ExtraCopies=1
All American Girl / Kansas City  Balance 209  ExtraCopies=2
All Around Cowboy  D & R 149  ExtraCopies=2
All At Once It's Forever  Jopat 203  ExtraCopies=2
All Because Of You  Silver Sounds 176  ExtraCopies=2
All By Myself  Blue Star 1757  ExtraCopies=1
All By Myself  Swinging Square 2375  ExtraCopies=1
All Day Sucker  Blue Ribbon 218  ExtraCopies=1
All Girl Medley  TNT 242  ExtraCopies=1
All I Can Do  Rawhide 165  ExtraCopies=1
All I Do Is Dream Of You  Windsor 4992  ExtraCopies=2
All I Ever Need Is You  Blue Star 2086  ExtraCopies=1
All I Ever Need Is You  Blue Star 1920  ExtraCopies=1
All I Ever Need Is You  Rhythm 219  ExtraCopies=2
All I Ever Need Is You  Mustang 191  ExtraCopies=1
All I Have To Do Is Dream  Red Boot 245  ExtraCopies=1
All I Have To Offer You Is Me  Red Boot 134  ExtraCopies=2
All I Need To Know  Global Music 206  ExtraCopies=1
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth  Lore 1053  ExtraCopies=1
All I'm Missing Is You  Chinook 32  ExtraCopies=3
All I'm Missing Is You  Red Boot Star 1268  ExtraCopies=5
All Mine  MacGregor 918  ExtraCopies=3
All My Ex's Live In Texas  County Line 6  ExtraCopies=2
All My Ex's Live In Texas  ESP 516  ExtraCopies=5
All My Old Flames  Golden Eagle 16  ExtraCopies=1
All My Roads  Lou Mac 129  ExtraCopies=3
All My Roads Lead Back To You  Rawhide 133  ExtraCopies=1
All My Rowdy Friends  Chaparral 326  ExtraCopies=1
All Night Party  Platinum 110  ExtraCopies=2
All Of Me  Red Boot 239  ExtraCopies=2
All Of Me  Mar Let 525  ExtraCopies=1
All Of Me  Kalox 1239  ExtraCopies=2
All Of Me  Jopat 301  ExtraCopies=1
All Of The Time  MacGregor 943  ExtraCopies=1
All The Sweet  Lou Mac 126  ExtraCopies=6
All The Sweet  Red Boot 225  ExtraCopies=2
All The Times  Lou Mac 124  ExtraCopies=5
All The Way  Red Boot 3083  ExtraCopies=1
All Wrapped Up In You  Rhythm 117  ExtraCopies=8
All Wrapped Up In You  Global Music 210  ExtraCopies=1
Almost Like Being In Love  Global Music 933  ExtraCopies=1
Almost Like Being In Love  ESP 909  ExtraCopies=2
Aloha To You  Western Jubilee 909  ExtraCopies=1
Alone Again Naturally  Grenn 12138  ExtraCopies=1
Alone With You  Belco 118  ExtraCopies=3
Along Came Jones  Chinook 48  ExtraCopies=3
Along The Colorado Trail  Lightning S 1102  ExtraCopies=1
Along The Utah Trail  Aqua 122  ExtraCopies=5
Alpine Hoedown / Express Hoedown  TNT 184  ExtraCopies=4
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life  Hearties 1  ExtraCopies=1
Am I Blue  ESP 149  ExtraCopies=3
Am I Blue  Scope 636  ExtraCopies=2
Am I Blue  Rawhide 146  ExtraCopies=2
Am I Blue  Sunny Hills 5006  ExtraCopies=2
Am I Blue  Big Mac 188  ExtraCopies=1
Am I Losing You  Petticoat Patter 123  ExtraCopies=2
Am I That Easy To Forget  Mustang 127  ExtraCopies=1
Amapola  Scope 602  ExtraCopies=4
Amapola  Top 25030  ExtraCopies=1
Amarillo  Hi Hat 5243  ExtraCopies=1
Amarillo By Morning  Elk 3  ExtraCopies=3
Amarillo By Morning  Rhythm 147  ExtraCopies=3
America The Beautiful  Gold Star 715  ExtraCopies=2
America, America  Mountain 69  ExtraCopies=1
American Dream  Quadrille 821  ExtraCopies=3
American Guest  Mar Let 501  ExtraCopies=1
American Made  Chicago Country 2  ExtraCopies=1
Americana  ESP 152  ExtraCopies=5
Amigo's Guitar  Mountain 85  ExtraCopies=1
Among My Souvenirs  Wagon Wheel 902  ExtraCopies=3
Amy / Piano Pickin'  Red Boot 318  ExtraCopies=3
Angel  Global Music 943  ExtraCopies=2
Angel Eyes  MacGregor 2136  ExtraCopies=2
Angel Eyes  Bogan 1316  ExtraCopies=1
Angeline  Scope 643  ExtraCopies=1
Angels Among Us  Global Music 913  ExtraCopies=2
Angry  Top 25004  ExtraCopies=7
Angry  Jopat 113  ExtraCopies=2
Angry  Rawhide 174  ExtraCopies=1
Angry  Jay-Bar-Kay 101  ExtraCopies=2
Angry  Cross Road 6002  ExtraCopies=10
Ann  Blue Star 1847  ExtraCopies=2
Annie / Pearl  Jewel 139  ExtraCopies=4
Another Chance  Petticoat Patter 104  ExtraCopies=1
Another Chance  Buckskin 1239  ExtraCopies=1
Another Chance  ESP 305  ExtraCopies=3
Another Fling  FTC 32001  ExtraCopies=1
Another Lonely Night  Jay-Bar-Kay 141  ExtraCopies=2
Another Lonely Night  D & ET 106  ExtraCopies=2
Another Saturday Night  Rhythm 212  ExtraCopies=2
Another Sleepless Night  ESP 106  ExtraCopies=15
Another Square Dance Caller  Chaparral 710  ExtraCopies=2
Another You  Thunderbird 125  ExtraCopies=6
Any Old Time  Quadrille 850  ExtraCopies=1
Any Old Time  Grenn 12163  ExtraCopies=4
Any Old Wind That Blows  Blue Star 1984  ExtraCopies=2
Anybody Going To San Antone  Windsor 4950  ExtraCopies=1
Anything  Red Boot 3012  ExtraCopies=1
Anything Goes  Shakedown 211  ExtraCopies=2
Anytime  4-Bar-B 6080  ExtraCopies=3
Anytime  Blue Star 2167  ExtraCopies=1
Anytime  Blue Star 1654  ExtraCopies=2
Anytime  TNT 254  ExtraCopies=4
Anytime  MacGregor 2090  ExtraCopies=1
Anytime  MacGregor 1011  ExtraCopies=2
Anytime  Sunny Hills 159  ExtraCopies=3
Apple Blossom Time  Eureka 1301  ExtraCopies=2
Apple Blossom Time  Hi Hat 5201  ExtraCopies=1
Apple For The Teacher  Top 25364  ExtraCopies=2
Apple For The Teacher / You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby  Grenn 12020  ExtraCopies=3
April In Portugal  Scope 502  ExtraCopies=5
April Showers  Blue Star 1604  ExtraCopies=8
Apron Strings  Sets In Order 134  ExtraCopies=2
Archie's Song  Red Boot 251  ExtraCopies=2
Are There Any More Like You  Chinook 103  ExtraCopies=5
Are You From Dixie  Sets In Order 124  ExtraCopies=1
Are You From Dixie / Battle Hymn  4-Bar-B 6129  ExtraCopies=1
Are You Lonesome Tonight  Red Boot 3009  ExtraCopies=2
Are You Lonesome Tonight  Blue Star 1566  ExtraCopies=1
Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again  4-Bar-B 6027  ExtraCopies=1
Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again  Prairie 1028  ExtraCopies=2
Are You On The Road To Loving Me Again?  Rhythm 210  ExtraCopies=4
Are You Ready For The Country  Red Boot Star 1253  ExtraCopies=2
Are You Teasin' Me  G & W 607  ExtraCopies=3
Arise  Longhorn 1004  ExtraCopies=5
Arkansas / DB Breakdown  Mustang 1021  ExtraCopies=2
Arms Full Of Empty  Top 25298  ExtraCopies=9
Around The World  Petticoat Patter 119  ExtraCopies=1
Around The World  Corral 1001  ExtraCopies=1
Around The World  Kalox 1052  ExtraCopies=2
Around The World  Dance Ranch 653  ExtraCopies=1
Around The World / Lazy River  Kalox 1238  ExtraCopies=3
Around The World With Bill Bailey  Royal 204  ExtraCopies=2
Arreando Hoedown  Rawhide 520  ExtraCopies=2
As Fast As You  ESP 190  ExtraCopies=1
As Good As I Once Was  ESP 1091  ExtraCopies=1
As Long As I'm Singing  MacGregor 1032  ExtraCopies=2
As Time Goes By  Hi Hat 407  ExtraCopies=1
As Time Goes By  Buckskin 1220  ExtraCopies=1
Ashes Of Love  Top 25269  ExtraCopies=4
Ashes Of Love  Pioneer 114  ExtraCopies=1
Ashes Of Love  Chaparral 534  ExtraCopies=1
Ashes To Ashes  Red Boot 280  ExtraCopies=5
Astro / Chase  Royal 405  ExtraCopies=1
At Two To Two To-day / Fiddleless  J-Bar-L 4130  ExtraCopies=4
At Two To Two Today  MacGregor 2072  ExtraCopies=1
At Two To Two Today  J-Bar-L 5005  ExtraCopies=1
Attitude Adjustment  Ranch House 215  ExtraCopies=3
Auction / Bid  Mason Dixon Line 1  ExtraCopies=4
Auld Lang Syne  Grenn 12059  ExtraCopies=1
Aunt Maudies' Fun Garden  Scope 558  ExtraCopies=1
Australian Country Style  Top 25288  ExtraCopies=8
Australian Hoedown / What Do You Know  MacGregor 2418  ExtraCopies=1
Australian Matilda  Top 25223  ExtraCopies=2
Avalon  MacGregor 910  ExtraCopies=2
Avalon  Blue Star 2274  ExtraCopies=1
Avalon / Let's Get Away  Sets In Order 1121  ExtraCopies=1
Avalon / Let's Get Away  Sets In Order 2128  ExtraCopies=1

B.J. / Piece Of Cake  Sting 502  ExtraCopies=2
Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys  Rawhide 149  ExtraCopies=1
Baby / Lonnie  Blue Star 2007  ExtraCopies=4
Baby Blue Eyes  Jewel 143  ExtraCopies=3
Baby Boy  Circle D 208  ExtraCopies=2
Baby Doll  Sunny Hills 160  ExtraCopies=3
Baby Doll  Bogan 1168  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me  Royal 328  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Face  Windsor 4877  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Face  Dance Ranch 708  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Face  Dance Ranch 637  ExtraCopies=4
Baby Face  TNT 200  ExtraCopies=4
Baby I'm Burning  Red Boot 242  ExtraCopies=4
Baby Is Waiting  Lou Mac 140  ExtraCopies=2
Baby Likes To Rock It  ESP 197  ExtraCopies=7
Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk  ESP 110  ExtraCopies=3
Baby Mine  Windsor 4920  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Please Come Home  Hi Hat 399  ExtraCopies=3
Baby That's Living  Hi Hat 361  ExtraCopies=2
Baby We're In Love Again  MacGregor 2169  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Won't You Please Come Home  Longhorn 169  ExtraCopies=2
Baby Won't You Please Come Home  Blue Star 1823  ExtraCopies=1
Baby Won't You Please Come Home / I Get The Blues When It Rains  Sets In Order 2121  ExtraCopies=2
Baby You Look Good To Me Tonight  Red Boot Star 1235  ExtraCopies=3
Baby Your Baby  Global Music 926  ExtraCopies=1
Baby's Back Again  Thunderbird 233  ExtraCopies=2
Baby's Back Again  Kalox 1081  ExtraCopies=3
Baby's Back Again  Jopat 603  ExtraCopies=1
Baby's Coming Home  Wagon Wheel 211  ExtraCopies=4
Baby's Gone Bye Bye  Grenn 12056  ExtraCopies=2
Baby's Got A Hold On Me  Buckskin 1222  ExtraCopies=1
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On  Ranch House 216  ExtraCopies=3
Baby, Baby  TNT 108  ExtraCopies=3
Baby, We're Really In Love  Rawhide 194  ExtraCopies=1
Back At The Square Dance  Pulse 1005  ExtraCopies=8
Back Home Again  Red Boot 179  ExtraCopies=3
Back Home Again  Wild West 1-22  ExtraCopies=3
Back Home Again  Silver Sounds 191  ExtraCopies=2
Back Home Again In Indiana  Blue Star 2299  ExtraCopies=4
Back In Baby's Arms  4-Bar-B 6043  ExtraCopies=2
Back In Circulation  Longhorn 152  ExtraCopies=3
Back In Circulation  Top 25242  ExtraCopies=2
Back In My Baby's Arms  MacGregor 1095  ExtraCopies=3
Back In The Do Wah Days  Hi Hat 5093  ExtraCopies=2
Back In The Race  Bogan 1248  ExtraCopies=1
Back In The Saddle Again  Quadrille 871  ExtraCopies=1
Back In The Swing Of Things  Chicago Country 18  ExtraCopies=2
Back In The U.S.A.  Thunderbird 199  ExtraCopies=1
Back In Your Own Back Yard  Blue Star 2450  ExtraCopies=1
Back In Your Own Backyard  Top 25018  ExtraCopies=2
Back In Your Own Backyard  Scope 569  ExtraCopies=3
Back On My Mind  Big Mac 173  ExtraCopies=1
Back On My Mind Again  Big Mac 3  ExtraCopies=2
Back On My Mind Again  4-Bar-B 6004  ExtraCopies=2
Back On My Mind Again  Big Mac 83  ExtraCopies=1
Back On My Mind Again  Windsor 5086  ExtraCopies=6
Back On My Mind Again  Blue Star 2079  ExtraCopies=3
Back On My Mind Again  Ranch House 503  ExtraCopies=1
Back Roads  Cardinal 26  ExtraCopies=1
Back To Donegal  FTC 32019  ExtraCopies=2
Back To Donegal  Top 25204  ExtraCopies=1
Back To Louisiana  Lightning S 8001  ExtraCopies=1
Back To The Country  DJ 101  ExtraCopies=3
Back To The Old Smokie Mountains  MacGregor 1068  ExtraCopies=1
Back Up And Push / Bully Of The Town  Sunny Hills 150  ExtraCopies=1
Backing To Birmingham  Lou Mac 131  ExtraCopies=6
Backwards Square / Blue Bonnet Rag  Kalox 1222  ExtraCopies=5
Bad Moon 'Rising  Red Boot Star 1284  ExtraCopies=2
Bad Situation  Wagon Wheel 313  ExtraCopies=5
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown  Global Music 808  ExtraCopies=1
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown  Wagon Wheel 212  ExtraCopies=6
Badly Bent  ESP 1056  ExtraCopies=3
Ball And Chain  Buckskin 1242  ExtraCopies=1
Ballad Of Cat Ballou  Rockin' A 1373  ExtraCopies=2
Ballin' The Jack  ESP 900  ExtraCopies=5
Ballin' The Jack  Longhorn 144  ExtraCopies=3
Bambina Mine  Western Jubilee 562  ExtraCopies=2
Bambino Mine  Jay-Bar-Kay 146  ExtraCopies=1
Ban Ho Hoedown / Sans Ban Ho  Scope 325  ExtraCopies=4
Bandy The Rodeo Clown  Quadrille 912  ExtraCopies=1
Bandy The Rodeo Clown  Red Boot 190  ExtraCopies=5
Banjo Beat  FTC 32029  ExtraCopies=2
Banjo Brigade / Chords Aplenty  Chaparral 118  ExtraCopies=3
Banjo Contra  Blue Star 1994  ExtraCopies=1
Banjo Mountain / Booming Banjo  Big Mac 47  ExtraCopies=2
Banjo On Line / Mountains Of Harmonica  Bogan 1385  ExtraCopies=1
Banjo On The Turnpike / Clark's Fiddle  Black Mountain Valley 5  ExtraCopies=1
Banjo Picker  Grenn 12124  ExtraCopies=2
Banjo Pickers Ball  Dash 2506  ExtraCopies=1
Banjo Pickers Ball  ESP 513  ExtraCopies=2
Banjo Pickers Ball  Scope 532  ExtraCopies=2
Banjo Plucking / The Other Side  Wagon Wheel 126  ExtraCopies=8
Banjo Reveille / Hell Broke Loose In Georgia  Sets In Order 55 / 56  ExtraCopies=3
Banjo Reveille / Hell Broke Loose In Georgia  Sets In Order 83 / 84  ExtraCopies=3
Banjo's Back In Town  Top 25217  ExtraCopies=2
Bar Room Buddies  Chaparral 3511  ExtraCopies=1
Barnacle Bill Square  Old Timer 8067  ExtraCopies=1
Barney Google  Dash 2545  ExtraCopies=1
Basa Nova Patter #1 / Basa Nova Patter #2  Sets In Order 97 / 98  ExtraCopies=16
Bashful Gal / Summertime  Grenn 12018  ExtraCopies=13
Basin Street Blues  Scope 609  ExtraCopies=3
Basin Street Blues  Big Mac 52  ExtraCopies=8
Battle Cry Of Freedom  Hi Hat 390  ExtraCopies=3
Battle Of New Orleans  Prairie 1040  ExtraCopies=1
Bayou Baby  Blue Star 1753  ExtraCopies=2
Bayou Baby  Bogan 1375  ExtraCopies=3
Bayou Boys  Mar Let 522  ExtraCopies=1
Bayou Girl  Lore 1207  ExtraCopies=2
Be A Good Girl  MacGregor 1056  ExtraCopies=3
Be A Little Kinder To Yourself  Square Tunes 192  ExtraCopies=1
Be Glad  Wagon Wheel 308  ExtraCopies=4
Be Glad  Stirrup 503  ExtraCopies=1
Be Glad  MacGregor 2058  ExtraCopies=3
Be Glad  Blue Star 2357  ExtraCopies=2
Be Happy  Top 25147  ExtraCopies=2
Be Happy  Sets In Order 115  ExtraCopies=5
Be My Angel  Hi Hat 5154  ExtraCopies=1
Be Nice To Everybody  Petticoat Patter 108  ExtraCopies=1
Be Nobody's Baby But Mine  Bogan 1393  ExtraCopies=1
Be Nobody's Darling But Mine  Blue Star 2111  ExtraCopies=1
Be Sure It's True / All She Wants  Grenn 12012  ExtraCopies=1
Be-Bop-A-Lula  Dance Ranch 689  ExtraCopies=1
Bear Creek Jump / Deep Elem Glide  Kalox 1020  ExtraCopies=3
Beatin My Time  Old Timer 8193  ExtraCopies=2
Beautiful Baby  Top 25299  ExtraCopies=2
Beautiful Baby  Rawhide 110  ExtraCopies=5
Beautiful Day  Royal 701  ExtraCopies=1
Beautiful Dreamer  MacGregor 1041  ExtraCopies=1
Beautiful Lady  Blue Star 2182  ExtraCopies=4
Beautiful Noise  Cross Country 509  ExtraCopies=2
Beautiful Texas  Dash 2520  ExtraCopies=1
Beautiful Tomorrow  Windsor 5119  ExtraCopies=1
Beautiful You  Ranch House 702  ExtraCopies=6
Beaver Creek / Twisted Hoedown  Grenn 12053  ExtraCopies=1
Beaver Dam / Stockade Special  Top 25192  ExtraCopies=3
Bed Of Rose's  Mustang 133  ExtraCopies=3
Bed Of Roses  Jewel 147  ExtraCopies=1
Bed Of Roses  Kalox 1118  ExtraCopies=2
Bed Of Roses  Bogan 1325  ExtraCopies=2
Bee Bop A Lula  Ocean 61  ExtraCopies=1
Bee-Bop-A-Lula  Lightning 402  ExtraCopies=2
Beer Barrel Polka  E-Z School Rhythm 732  ExtraCopies=2
Beer Barrel Polka  Blue Star 2298  ExtraCopies=6
Beer Barrel Polka  Scope 604  ExtraCopies=4
Before I Met You  ESP 509  ExtraCopies=1
Before I Met You  Red Boot 138  ExtraCopies=10
Before The Last Teardrop Falls  Thunderbird 149  ExtraCopies=1
Before The Next Teardrop Falls  Mountain 1  ExtraCopies=1
Behind Closed Doors  Red Boot 155  ExtraCopies=7
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (You Are Grand)  Aqua 127  ExtraCopies=11
Believe  Golden Eagle 38  ExtraCopies=2
Believe Me  Kalox 1038  ExtraCopies=4
Belle Of The Square Dance Hall  Best 105  ExtraCopies=1
Belles Of Southern Bell  Top 25185  ExtraCopies=1
Bells On My Heart  Windsor 4913  ExtraCopies=2
Bells On My Heart  TNT 160  ExtraCopies=2
Bendwood / Devil's Dream  Blue Star 1816  ExtraCopies=2
Bertie  Scope 511  ExtraCopies=1
Best Dressed Beggar  MacGregor 935  ExtraCopies=4
Best Gal / Up Jumped The Devil  Sets In Order 87 / 88  ExtraCopies=6
Best Guitar Picker  MacGregor 2021  ExtraCopies=3
Best Is Yet To Come  Wagon Wheel 605  ExtraCopies=12
Best Things In Life Are Free  Big Mac 77  ExtraCopies=1
Best Things In Life Are Free  MacGregor 2055  ExtraCopies=9
Bestest Friend  Red Boot 279  ExtraCopies=1
Bet Your Heart On Me  Circle D 219  ExtraCopies=2
Betcha My Heart  Longhorn 1016  ExtraCopies=3
Betcha My Heart I Love You  Lore 1077  ExtraCopies=2
Betcha My Life  Longhorn 1042  ExtraCopies=1
Better Man  Rhythm 223  ExtraCopies=4
Better Times A Coming  Thunderbird 147  ExtraCopies=1
Between Winston Salem And Nashville Tennessee  Mustang 159  ExtraCopies=3
Beverly Hillbillies  Jewel 106  ExtraCopies=7
Bewitching / Red Barn Rag  Sunny Hills 3152  ExtraCopies=3
Bi-Centennial Silver Bell  Grenn 12150  ExtraCopies=3
Bible Belt  Lou Mac 195  ExtraCopies=2
Bicentennial Medley  Scope 601  ExtraCopies=2
Bicycle Morning  Swinging Square 2368  ExtraCopies=2
Big "G" Rag / Good Day Hoedown  Thunderbird 514  ExtraCopies=5
Big 8 Wheeler Blue Yodeler  Longhorn 1010  ExtraCopies=6
Big Band Days  Hi Hat 480  ExtraCopies=1
Big Blue Eyes  Hi Hat 401  ExtraCopies=4
Big Bob / Little Bob  Mustang 162  ExtraCopies=2
Big Boss Man  TNT 224  ExtraCopies=2
Big Boss Man  Red Boot 162  ExtraCopies=11
Big Buck Hoedown  Buckskin 1511  ExtraCopies=2
Big Chief  D & ET 101  ExtraCopies=2
Big City  Jewel 134  ExtraCopies=3
Big City  Gold Star 708  ExtraCopies=1
Big City  Kalox 1206  ExtraCopies=2
Big Daddy  Grenn 12035  ExtraCopies=11
Big Daddy  Grenn 12142  ExtraCopies=3
Big Daddy  Lore 1164  ExtraCopies=4
Big Daddy's Alabamy Bound  4-Bar-B 6128  ExtraCopies=1
Big Foot Stomp  Chaparral 532  ExtraCopies=4
Big Iron  MacGregor 2114  ExtraCopies=1
Big Mable Murphy  Scope 598  ExtraCopies=2
Big Mable Murphy  Red Boot 119  ExtraCopies=1
Big Mable Murphy  Windsor 5093  ExtraCopies=1
Big Mac Boomerang / Why  Big Mac 1015  ExtraCopies=1
Big Mamou  Lore 1201  ExtraCopies=2
Big Mamou  Elite (new) 1005  ExtraCopies=2
Big Mamou  Sting 301  ExtraCopies=2
Big Ole Brew  Quadrille 818  ExtraCopies=1
Big Ole Brew (& A Little Ole You)  Eagle 1004  ExtraCopies=3
Big Ole Jubilee  Top 25267  ExtraCopies=3
Big Operator  Hi Hat 410  ExtraCopies=2
Big River  Jewel 127  ExtraCopies=1
Big Rock Candy Mountain  Swinging Square 2315  ExtraCopies=1
Big Sombrero  Wagon Wheel 304  ExtraCopies=7
Big Sombrero  Jopat 1001  ExtraCopies=2
Big Sombrero Contra  Wagon Wheel 919  ExtraCopies=1
Big Stick / Whup Whup  Kalox 1140  ExtraCopies=4
Big T Water  Top 25228  ExtraCopies=2
Big Thicket / Midnight  Blue Star 1585  ExtraCopies=3
Big Train From Memphis  4-Bar-B 6071  ExtraCopies=2
Big Wheel Cannonball  Hi Hat 472  ExtraCopies=1
Big Wheels In The Moonlight  Shakedown 229  ExtraCopies=1
Bile Them Cabbage Down / Uncle D's Rag  Black Mountain Valley 25  ExtraCopies=1
Bill Bailey  Blue Star 2044  ExtraCopies=1
Bill Bailey  4-Bar-B 6075  ExtraCopies=3
Bill Bailey  Top 25017  ExtraCopies=6
Bill Bailey  Brahma 602  ExtraCopies=2
Bill Bailey  Sunny Hills 158  ExtraCopies=2
Bill Bailey  Blue Star 1669  ExtraCopies=1
Bill Bailey  Top 25225  ExtraCopies=4
Bill Bailey  Lore 1196  ExtraCopies=2
Bill Jones General Store  Kalox 1165  ExtraCopies=1
Bill's Boogie  Golden Square 6501  ExtraCopies=1
Bill's Dixie  Red Boot 142  ExtraCopies=2
Bill's Poor Boy  MacGregor 975  ExtraCopies=1
Billy  Sets In Order 116  ExtraCopies=4
Billy Bayou  Cardinal 30  ExtraCopies=1
Billy Bayou  Petticoat Patter 124  ExtraCopies=3
Billy Bayou  Windsor 4998  ExtraCopies=2
Billy Boy  Top 25024  ExtraCopies=2
Billy John / Freddie's Fancy  Wagon Wheel 121  ExtraCopies=27
Billy John / Freddie's Fancy  Sets In Order 93 / 94  ExtraCopies=5
Billy The Kid  MacGregor 2208  ExtraCopies=2
Biloxi Lady  ESP 510  ExtraCopies=1
Bird / Rollin'  Mason Dixon Line 6  ExtraCopies=2
Bird Of Paradise  Hi Hat 331  ExtraCopies=2
Bird Of Paradise  Aqua 130  ExtraCopies=3
Bird Walk / Scotty Ho  Wild West 2-09  ExtraCopies=1
Birdie In The Cage / Birdie In The Cage Hash  Old Timer 8137  ExtraCopies=1
Birdie Song  ESP 1  ExtraCopies=2
Birmingham Junction  Gaslight 7  ExtraCopies=2
Birth Of Rock And Roll  Quadrille 847  ExtraCopies=4
Birth Of The Blues  Silver Sounds 196  ExtraCopies=1
Biscut Jaws / Rattler  Blue Star 2074  ExtraCopies=1
Bitter Creek / Something Nice  Cimarron 201  ExtraCopies=2
Bitter Root / Sackin' It  Chinook 504  ExtraCopies=2
Black Bird, Bye, Bye  Blue Ribbon 290  ExtraCopies=1
Black Magic  Jay-Bar-Kay 142  ExtraCopies=2
Black Mountain Bag / Rye Straw  Sunny Hills 132  ExtraCopies=1
Black Mountain Rag  Whispering Pines 2  ExtraCopies=3
Black Mountain Rag / Fiddlers Dream  Blue Star 1944  ExtraCopies=1
Black Sheep  Red Boot 2991  ExtraCopies=1
Black Velvet  Desert 51  ExtraCopies=3
Blackberry Blossom / Black Mountain Rag  Lou Mac 106  ExtraCopies=1
Blackboard Of My Heart  Bogan 1116  ExtraCopies=1
Blackjack Hoedown  Rawhide 515  ExtraCopies=3
Blacksmith Blues  Windsor 4822  ExtraCopies=2
Blame It On Mexico  Ponderosa 10  ExtraCopies=4
Blame It On Mexico  Royal 102  ExtraCopies=1
Blame It On The Bosa Nova  Jewel 110  ExtraCopies=2
Blanket On The Ground  Mustang 170  ExtraCopies=2
Blanket On The Ground  Lazy Eight 5  ExtraCopies=2
Blanket On The Ground  Sting 314  ExtraCopies=5
Blaze Of Glory  Shakedown 207  ExtraCopies=2
Blaze Of Glory  Prairie 1043  ExtraCopies=1
Bless 'Em All  MacGregor 1013  ExtraCopies=2
Bless Your Pea Pickin' Heart / Calico Gown  Windsor 4168  ExtraCopies=6
Bloody Mary Morning  Blue Star 2049  ExtraCopies=1
Bloody Red Baron  Wagon Wheel 606  ExtraCopies=7
Blow Up The T.V.  Jopat 210  ExtraCopies=2
Blowin' In The Wind  Bogan 1288  ExtraCopies=2
Blowin' In The Wind  Hi Hat 393  ExtraCopies=7
Blowin' In The Wind  Red Boot 3015  ExtraCopies=1
Blowin' In The Wind  Bogan 1185  ExtraCopies=1
Blowin' Like A Bandit  Quadrille 872  ExtraCopies=1
Blowing In The Wind  Eagle 2012  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Bayou  D & R 127  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Bayou  Jay-Bar-Kay 6017  ExtraCopies=5
Blue Bird  MacGregor 1045  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Birds Singing  Blue Star 1974  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Christmas  Royal 310  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Days, Black Nights  Hi Hat 5082  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Eyed Baby  MacGregor 967  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyed Myrtle / Pass The Buck  Rockin' A 202  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes  Blue Star 1621  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes / My Lisa  Ocean 3001  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain  Quadrille 866  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain  Chaparral 226  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain  Bogan 1311  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain  Kalox 1187  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Eyes Don't Make An Angel  Blue Star 2226  ExtraCopies=3
Blue Grass Square Dance Festival  Big Mac 17  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Hawaii  Longhorn 137  ExtraCopies=4
Blue Hawaii / Happy Life  Kalox 1243  ExtraCopies=4
Blue Heartache  Red Boot 250  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Highway  Global Music 402  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Kentucky Girl  Kalox 1306  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Lady  Lou Mac 110  ExtraCopies=5
Blue Lady  Royal 513  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Moon  Circle D 224  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Lore 1190  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Blue Star 1719  ExtraCopies=8
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Jopat 101  ExtraCopies=5
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  ESP 140  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Big Mac 76  ExtraCopies=3
Blue Mountain Hop / Hoppin' Satan  Sets In Order 7 / 8  ExtraCopies=3
Blue Mountain Hop / Hoppin' Satan  Sets In Order 81 / 82  ExtraCopies=8
Blue Mountain Rag / Roanoke  Sunny Hills 108  ExtraCopies=5
Blue Of The Night  Rockin' A 1358  ExtraCopies=3
Blue Ridge Breakdown / Mountain Dew  Thunderbird 507  ExtraCopies=9
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues  MacGregor 8955  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / Go Go  Kalox 1217  ExtraCopies=3
Blue Ridge Mountains  Sunny Hills 5004  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia  Scope 546  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Ridge Mountains Turning Green  Dance Ranch 625  ExtraCopies=1
Blue River  Lucky 4  ExtraCopies=1
Blue River  Sets In Order 160  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Side Of Lonesome  ESP 1068  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Side Of Lonesome  Lore 1210  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Side Of Lonesome  Blue Star 1812  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Sioux City Five  Blue Star 1661  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Skies Square  MacGregor 8795  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Spanish Eyes  Hi Hat 5138  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Star Special / Texas Maid  Blue Star 2047  ExtraCopies=1
Blue Suede Blues  Chaparral 530  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Suede Shoes  Red Boot 3008  ExtraCopies=3
Blue Train  Square Tunes 150  ExtraCopies=2
Blue Train  CW 2005  ExtraCopies=1
Blue With Envy  El Dorado 112  ExtraCopies=3
Blue, Blue Eyes  Bogan 1376  ExtraCopies=1
Blueberry Hill  Global Music 923  ExtraCopies=1
Bluebonnet Rag / Colorado Breakdown  Lightning S 2001  ExtraCopies=1
Bluegrass Express  Riverboat 205  ExtraCopies=1
Bob Cat Ramble  Bob Cat 101  ExtraCopies=5
Bob Wills Is Still The King  Dance Ranch 674  ExtraCopies=1
Bob's Bounce  MacGregor 901  ExtraCopies=1
Bobbie Sue  Red Boot 273  ExtraCopies=3
Body Talk  Blue Star 2309  ExtraCopies=1
Boil 'Em Cabbage / Square Rock  Kalox 1119  ExtraCopies=8
Boil That Cabbage Down / Gold Fever  Gold Star 403  ExtraCopies=1
Boil The Cabbage / Blue Mountain Rag  Hi Hat 613  ExtraCopies=6
Boil The Cabbage Down / Black Mountain Rag  Bel Mar 5016  ExtraCopies=1
Boil The Cabbage Down / Heck Amongst The Yearling  Sunny Hills 112  ExtraCopies=1
Boil The Cabbage Down / High Gear  Sets In Order 79 / 80  ExtraCopies=8
Boil The Cabbage Down / Up Jumped The Devil  Sets In Order 11 / 12  ExtraCopies=4
Bonapart's Retreat  Bogan 1217  ExtraCopies=1
Bones  ESP 402  ExtraCopies=8
Boney Fingers  Rockin' A 1362  ExtraCopies=2
Bonnie & Clyde  Seven C's 205  ExtraCopies=1
Boogey / Al's Hoedown  Blue Star 1841  ExtraCopies=1
Boogie & Beethoven  Silver Sounds 126  ExtraCopies=3
Boogie And Beethoven  Yellow Rose 301  ExtraCopies=1
Boogie Bam Hoedown  Buckskin 1512  ExtraCopies=1
Boogie Beat  ESP 421  ExtraCopies=1
Boogie Fever  Lou Mac 209  ExtraCopies=3
Boogie Grass Band  D & R 137  ExtraCopies=2
Boogie Grass Band  Rhythm 121  ExtraCopies=11
Boogie Grass Saturday Night  Red Boot 3010  ExtraCopies=2
Boogie Shoes  Lou Mac 170  ExtraCopies=1
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy  Royal 331  ExtraCopies=1
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy  Riverboat 212  ExtraCopies=1
Boomerang / Booming Banjo  Scope 315  ExtraCopies=2
Boomerang / Truck Stop Grill  MacGregor 7395  ExtraCopies=3
Boot Heel Shuffle / Old Joe Clark  Kalox 1046  ExtraCopies=3
Boot Scoot Boogie  Prairie 1130  ExtraCopies=1
Boot Scootin Boogie  ESP 178  ExtraCopies=2
Boots  Grenn 12153  ExtraCopies=1
Bop  ESP 137  ExtraCopies=3
Bordertown Woman  Ocean 69  ExtraCopies=1
Born To Be Blue  Global Music 1005  ExtraCopies=1
Born To Be Blue  Golden Eagle 4  ExtraCopies=1
Born To Boogie  Eagle 2401  ExtraCopies=1
Born To Rock  Rawhide 190  ExtraCopies=1
Boston Jail  Top 25159  ExtraCopies=2
Bouquet Of Roses  Gold Star 718  ExtraCopies=1
Bourbon Street  Bob Cat 1001  ExtraCopies=4
Bourbon Street Parade  Hi Hat 5162  ExtraCopies=1
Bowlegged Sally  Kalox 1313  ExtraCopies=2
Boyne Highlands Stomp / Rubber Dolly  Blue Star 1767  ExtraCopies=2
Boys Night Out  Kalox 1268  ExtraCopies=3
Bracken / Dorset  Top 25231  ExtraCopies=4
Bradley The Brown Nosed Reindeer  4-Bar-B 6115  ExtraCopies=2
Brand New Clementine  Benz 1205  ExtraCopies=2
Brand New Wagon / Polly  Hi Hat 619  ExtraCopies=4
Brandy  Rhythm 302  ExtraCopies=7
Brandy  Shakedown 242  ExtraCopies=1
Brass Buckles  Lou Mac 155  ExtraCopies=3
Braveheart  Global Music 507  ExtraCopies=1
Brazil  Top 25053  ExtraCopies=5
Brazil  Scope 605  ExtraCopies=2
Break 1-9  Hi Hat 635  ExtraCopies=2
Break My Mind  Windsor 5090  ExtraCopies=3
Breakaway / Chuck's Breakdown  Blue Star 1839  ExtraCopies=2
Breaking New Ground  Red Boot Star 1332  ExtraCopies=1
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do  Rhythm 145  ExtraCopies=4
Briar Patch / Turnpike Special  Blue Star 1516  ExtraCopies=3
Bright And Shiny  Blue Star 1672  ExtraCopies=1
Bright Lights And Country Music  Petticoat Patter 115  ExtraCopies=1
Brighten The Corner  Bogan 1374  ExtraCopies=2
Brilliant Conversationalist  Ranch House 1102  ExtraCopies=5
Bring Back  Hi Hat 5111  ExtraCopies=1
Bring Back Your Love To Me  Red Boot 181  ExtraCopies=13
Bring Me Sunshine  Red Boot Star 1297  ExtraCopies=2
Bring Me Sunshine  Windsor 4923  ExtraCopies=6
Bring Me Sunshine  MacGregor 2057  ExtraCopies=6
Bring On The Sunshine  MW 102  ExtraCopies=2
Bringing Home The Bacon  MacGregor 903  ExtraCopies=1
Broad Minded Man  Lore 1202  ExtraCopies=2
Broad Minded Man  Blue Star 1969  ExtraCopies=6
Broad Minded Man  Red Boot 157  ExtraCopies=1
Broke My Heart A Million Ways  Rockin' A 1356  ExtraCopies=2
Broken Hearted  Blue Star 1697  ExtraCopies=2
Brooklyn  Jay-Bar-Kay 157  ExtraCopies=1
Brotherhood  Blue Ribbon 213  ExtraCopies=1
Brown Eyed Girl  Royal 313  ExtraCopies=1
Brown Eyed Sweetheart Of Mine  Swinging Square 2341  ExtraCopies=1
Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes  Desert 26  ExtraCopies=2
Bubba Hyde  ESP 533  ExtraCopies=2
Bubble & Squeak  Sting 503  ExtraCopies=4
Bubbles  Top 25345  ExtraCopies=2
Bubbles In My Beer  Kalox 1300  ExtraCopies=1
Buck's Hoedown / Buckshot  Flip 107  ExtraCopies=1
Bucket To The South  Red Boot Star 1243  ExtraCopies=3
Buckeye Hoedown / Red Hot River  Grenn 12022  ExtraCopies=5
Buddy's Special  Riverboat 507  ExtraCopies=1
Buffalo Gal / Sally Goodin  Kalox 1154  ExtraCopies=1
Build A Mountain  Pulse 1006  ExtraCopies=7
Bull Of The Woods  Blue Star 2124  ExtraCopies=1
Bully Of The Square  Top 25266  ExtraCopies=5
Bully Of The Town  Stirrup 501  ExtraCopies=1
Bully Of The Town  Longhorn 196  ExtraCopies=4
Bully Of The Town / Powder Your Face With Sunshine  MacGregor 743  ExtraCopies=1
Bumble Bee Square  Wagon Wheel 119  ExtraCopies=7
Bummin' Around  Jopat 801X  ExtraCopies=5
Bumming Around  Golden Square 6004  ExtraCopies=1
Bumming Around  Kalox 1054  ExtraCopies=9
Bumming Around / Mission Bells  Kalox 1272  ExtraCopies=1
Bundle Of Southern Sunshine  Mason Dixon Line 5  ExtraCopies=3
Bundle Of Sunshine  MacGregor 2067  ExtraCopies=1
Bungalow For Two  Keeno 2300  ExtraCopies=1
Bunny Hop / Hinkey Dinkey Parley Vous  Old Timer 8161  ExtraCopies=1
Burgers And Fries  ESP 163  ExtraCopies=2
Burgers And Fries  Hi Hat 5016  ExtraCopies=2
Burning Up The Barn  Diamond 107  ExtraCopies=1
Bus Fare  Lou Mac 114  ExtraCopies=3
Busted / Broken  Mustang 181  ExtraCopies=2
Buster's Shoes  Top 25150  ExtraCopies=5
Busy Body  MacGregor 2105  ExtraCopies=16
But For Love  Wagon Wheel 601  ExtraCopies=8
But For Love  G & W 600  ExtraCopies=2
But For Love  Chinook 122  ExtraCopies=1
But I Do  Global Music 406  ExtraCopies=1
But I Do  Hi Hat 428  ExtraCopies=1
Button Off My Shirt  Lightning 104  ExtraCopies=1
Button Up Your Pennies From Heaven  Blue Star 2385  ExtraCopies=1
Buttons And Bows  Ute 7  ExtraCopies=1
Buzzin' Around / Jailhouse Jitters  Thunderbird 509  ExtraCopies=2
By Australian Moonlight  Top 25257  ExtraCopies=1
By The Sea  Top 25124  ExtraCopies=1
By The Sea  Blue Star 1620  ExtraCopies=1
By The Sea  Top 25280  ExtraCopies=1
By The Swanee River  MacGregor 948  ExtraCopies=2
Bye And Bye  ESP 1061  ExtraCopies=1
Bye Bye Baby  Hi Hat 343  ExtraCopies=3
Bye Bye Blackbird  Windsor 4837  ExtraCopies=1
Bye Bye Blackbird  Old Timer 8182  ExtraCopies=2
Bye Bye Blackbird  Pilgrim 1009  ExtraCopies=1
Bye Bye Blue Eyes  Longhorn 148  ExtraCopies=2
Bye Bye Blues  Jay-Bar-Kay 6019  ExtraCopies=5
Bye Bye Blues  Pulse 1003  ExtraCopies=11
Bye Bye Blues  Pilgrim 1004  ExtraCopies=1
Bye Bye Blues  Swinging Square 2327  ExtraCopies=2
Bye Bye Blues / Sophia  Grenn 14002  ExtraCopies=1
Bye Bye Love  Global Music 927  ExtraCopies=1
Bye-Bye Blackbird  Quadrille 854  ExtraCopies=2

C'est La Vie  Golden Eagle 34  ExtraCopies=1
C'est Magnifique / Hilbilly Two-Step  Hi Hat 801  ExtraCopies=1
C-B Handle Song  Rockin' A 1364  ExtraCopies=9
C. C. Water Back  Chicago Country 1  ExtraCopies=2
C.B. Blues  Dance Ranch 632  ExtraCopies=4
C.B. Contra  Kalox 1184  ExtraCopies=1
C.O.D.  MacGregor 2149  ExtraCopies=1
C.O.D. / Rocky Mountain Express  MacGregor 8535  ExtraCopies=1
C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.  ESP 1009  ExtraCopies=1
Cab Driver  Blue Star 1874  ExtraCopies=3
Cab Driver  Blue Star 2225  ExtraCopies=2
Cabaret  MacGregor 2006  ExtraCopies=1
Cabaret  Quadrille 834  ExtraCopies=2
Cabbage / Darkness  Blue Star 2032  ExtraCopies=2
Cabbage Hash / Hoppin' Satan  Sunny Hills 169  ExtraCopies=2
Cackling Hen / Soldier's Joy  Grenn 12050  ExtraCopies=2
Cajon Baby  Cow Town 104  ExtraCopies=1
Cajon Square  Prairie 1015  ExtraCopies=1
Cajun Baby  Top 25227  ExtraCopies=4
Cajun Bayou Blues  Circle D 259  ExtraCopies=1
Cajun Cabbage  Elite (new) 1019  ExtraCopies=1
Cajun Dew  Rockin' M 8  ExtraCopies=1
Cajun Moon  Quadrille 843  ExtraCopies=2
Cajun Moon  Big Mac 71  ExtraCopies=3
Calendar Girl  ESP 706  ExtraCopies=2
Calgary Stomp  Royal Canadian 903  ExtraCopies=1
Calico / Art's Melody  Scope 308  ExtraCopies=2
Calico Girl  Scope 540  ExtraCopies=1
California Blues  Lore 1191  ExtraCopies=1
California Blues  Kalox 1099  ExtraCopies=3
California Blues  Big Mac 85  ExtraCopies=1
California Here I Come  Hi Hat 5095  ExtraCopies=6
California Here I Come  Blue Star 2452  ExtraCopies=1
California Here I Come  Top 25081  ExtraCopies=1
California Here We Come  Top 25317  ExtraCopies=1
Call Me Baby  Blue Star 1607  ExtraCopies=1
Call Me Up  Bel Mar 5011  ExtraCopies=2
Call Me Up  Scope 531  ExtraCopies=1
Call The Wind Maria  Elk 12  ExtraCopies=1
Call The Wind Maria  Hi Hat 417  ExtraCopies=2
Calling By The River  Strato-Sound 102  ExtraCopies=5
Camelia  Hi Hat 5091  ExtraCopies=2
Camelia  MacGregor 2061  ExtraCopies=4
Camptown Races  Payote 201  ExtraCopies=1
Camptown Races / Deep Elem  Kalox 1155  ExtraCopies=2
Can You Believe Me  Hi Hat 338  ExtraCopies=3
Can You Feel The Love Tonight  Global Music 110  ExtraCopies=1
Can You Hear Those Pioneers  Elk 40  ExtraCopies=3
Can't Have Nothin'  Quadrille 876  ExtraCopies=5
Can't Help Believing  Wagon Wheel 120  ExtraCopies=4
Can't Help Falling In Love With You  Rhythm 201  ExtraCopies=3
Can't Smile Without You  Flower 202  ExtraCopies=1
Can't Stop Loving You  Sting 409  ExtraCopies=1
Can't Stop My Heart  Ranch House 1101  ExtraCopies=4
Can't Stop My Heart  Dance Ranch 698  ExtraCopies=1
Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You  Venture 107  ExtraCopies=1
Can't Stop Now  ESP 610  ExtraCopies=4
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You  Wagon Wheel 115  ExtraCopies=4
Can't Take My Eyes Off You  ESP 1046  ExtraCopies=3
Can't Take The Texas Out Of Me  Rocket 106  ExtraCopies=1
Canadian Pacific  Top 25355  ExtraCopies=1
Canadian Pacific  Top 25213  ExtraCopies=3
Canadian Romp / Slushing Along  Royal Canadian 902  ExtraCopies=2
Candace  Hi Hat 665  ExtraCopies=1
Candy / Rebert  Red Boot 301  ExtraCopies=4
Candy Lips  Blue Star 2240  ExtraCopies=2
Candy Store Lady  Old Timer 8146  ExtraCopies=2
Car Wash Blues  D & R 108  ExtraCopies=1
Careless Love  Hi Hat 310  ExtraCopies=3
Careless Love  Blue Star 1731  ExtraCopies=3
Caren  Square Tunes 169  ExtraCopies=2
Carlena And Jose Gomez  Lore 1218  ExtraCopies=1
Carmen  Quadrille 884  ExtraCopies=1
Carolina  MacGregor 921  ExtraCopies=2
Carolina  MacGregor 2104  ExtraCopies=10
Carolina Caper / Thunderbird Special  Thunderbird 502  ExtraCopies=5
Carolina Country Morning  Thunderbird 143  ExtraCopies=3
Carolina In The Morning  MacGregor 2300  ExtraCopies=3
Carolina In The Morning  Nickel 45  ExtraCopies=1
Carolina In The Pines  Dance Ranch 712  ExtraCopies=2
Carolina Moonshiner  Grenn 12154  ExtraCopies=2
Carolina Sunshine Maid  Melody 104  ExtraCopies=2
Carolyn  Square Tunes 163  ExtraCopies=6
Carry Me Back  Lone Oak 301  ExtraCopies=4
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny  Grenn 12229  ExtraCopies=1
Carry On!  Pairs 'N Squares 801  ExtraCopies=1
Casey Jones  Top 25076  ExtraCopies=1
Casey Jones / Sweetest Gal In Town  MacGregor 8215  ExtraCopies=2
Casting My Lasso  Western Jubilee 907  ExtraCopies=1
Cattle Call / Rubber Dolly  Hi Hat 622  ExtraCopies=2
Cause I Believe In You  MacGregor 1069  ExtraCopies=2
Cecilia  MacGregor 2154  ExtraCopies=2
Celito Lindo  Red Boot Star 1336  ExtraCopies=2
Celito Lindo  Blue Star 2121  ExtraCopies=1
Celito Lindo  Blue Star 1846  ExtraCopies=1
Chain Gang Of Love  Prairie 1025  ExtraCopies=1
Chain Gang Of Love  Ranch House 210  ExtraCopies=9
Chain Gang Of Love  Lore 1184  ExtraCopies=2
Chain Star Thru / Loop The Loop Workshop / Spin The Top / Circulate Hash  Grenn 13013  ExtraCopies=1
Chaining The Ocean  Sets In Order 157  ExtraCopies=3
Change Everything  Hi Hat 389  ExtraCopies=2
Change My Love  Royal 119  ExtraCopies=1
Changes  Balance 112  ExtraCopies=3
Changes  Hi Hat 455  ExtraCopies=1
Changes / By And By  Balance 3205  ExtraCopies=1
Changes in Latitude  A & S 103  ExtraCopies=1
Changin' Love / Swing With Lu  Sunny Hills 143  ExtraCopies=6
Chantilly Lace  Blue Ribbon 241  ExtraCopies=3
Chantilly Lace  Windsor 5006  ExtraCopies=2
Chaos  ESP 416  ExtraCopies=1
Charge Up Cripple Creek / Rompin'  Kalox 1122  ExtraCopies=9
Charles Polka  Kalox 1151  ExtraCopies=4
Charley, My Boy / Oceana Roll  MacGregor 8675  ExtraCopies=3
Charlie My Boy  Hi Hat 373  ExtraCopies=6
Charmaine  Scope 503  ExtraCopies=1
Chase Each Other Round The Room  Bogan 1353  ExtraCopies=3
Chattahoochee  Red Boot Star 1349  ExtraCopies=1
Chattahootchee / Yellow Creek  Top 25073  ExtraCopies=16
Chattanooga Choo, Choo  Blue Star 2403  ExtraCopies=1
Chattanooga Dog  Pioneer 107  ExtraCopies=1
Chattanooga Shoe Shine / My Gal Country Style  Belco 421  ExtraCopies=1
Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy  MacGregor 2147  ExtraCopies=1
Cheating Song  Bogan 1329  ExtraCopies=2
Checking Out  Windsor 4909  ExtraCopies=1
Cheeseburger In Paradise  Rhythm 257  ExtraCopies=1
Cherokee Boogie / I Ain't Never  Arista Nashville 7822-13039-7  ExtraCopies=1
Cherokee Fiddle  Chaparral 512  ExtraCopies=8
Cherokee Maiden  Chaparral 803  ExtraCopies=9
Cherokee Maiden  Bogan 1130  ExtraCopies=1
Cherry Blossom Square  Top 25057  ExtraCopies=2
Chevy To A Lincoln  Desert 56  ExtraCopies=1
Chewin' Gum  Magnolia Melodies 104  ExtraCopies=1
Chewing Gum  Go 104  ExtraCopies=6
Chewing Gum  Blue Star 1916  ExtraCopies=1
Chicago / Galena  Chicago Country 102  ExtraCopies=1
Chicago Dancin' Girls  Eureka 1303  ExtraCopies=2
Chick Inspector  Jay-Bar-Kay 149  ExtraCopies=3
Chicken Plucker  Rockin' M 5  ExtraCopies=3
Chicken Plucker / Big Boom  Sets In Order 39 / 40  ExtraCopies=6
Chicken Plucker / Chug Chug  Sets In Order 25 / 26  ExtraCopies=2
Chief Buffalo Nickel  MacGregor 2101  ExtraCopies=4
Chili Pep  MacGregor 8895  ExtraCopies=1
Chim Chim Cheree  Hi Hat 335  ExtraCopies=4
Chime Bells  Prairie 1060  ExtraCopies=3
Chime Bells  Top 25174  ExtraCopies=3
Chime Bells  Top 25316  ExtraCopies=3
China Town Square  Prairie 1005  ExtraCopies=2
Chinatown  Scope 537  ExtraCopies=1
Chinatown  Top 25161  ExtraCopies=1
Chinatown  Mustang 113  ExtraCopies=1
Chinatown  Kalox 1251  ExtraCopies=2
Chinatown  Sunny Hills 156  ExtraCopies=6
Chinatown  Top 25354  ExtraCopies=1
Chinatown  Blue Star 2209  ExtraCopies=1
Chinese Breakdown / D & A Breakdown  Sets In Order 3 / 4  ExtraCopies=13
Chinese Breakdown / Dance All Night  Cross Road 9001  ExtraCopies=45
Chinese Breakdown / Fancy Sticks  Chaparral 112  ExtraCopies=8
Chinese Breakdown / Jim Jam  Sets In Order 21 / 22  ExtraCopies=1
Chinese Breakdown / Union County  Jewel 101  ExtraCopies=1
Chinook Ramble / Grandma's Hoedown  Chinook 503  ExtraCopies=1
Choctaw / Rockin' Cindy  Top 25291  ExtraCopies=2
Cholly's Folly / Old Joe Clark  Blue Star 1781  ExtraCopies=2
Chop Sticks / Rubber Dolly  Sets In Order 2116  ExtraCopies=7
Chords Galore  Sets In Order 122  ExtraCopies=4
Chords Galore / Morkords  Sets In Order 57 / 58  ExtraCopies=6
Christmas In Dixie  Lamon 10129  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas In Dixie  Hi Hat 5170  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Medley  Blue Star 2146  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Medley  Chaparral 528  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Medley  Jay-Bar-Kay 148  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Medley  Bogan 1276  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Time In Texas  Blue Star 2354  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Time's A Comin'  Ranch House 217  ExtraCopies=1
Christmas Times A Coming  Swinging Square 2371  ExtraCopies=3
Chug Chug / Whirly Bird  Sets In Order 49 / 50  ExtraCopies=8
Chuggin' / Diddleybob  Chinook 511  ExtraCopies=1
Chuggin' / TJ  Royal 406  ExtraCopies=3
Cidade Maravil Hosa (Marvelous City)  Kalox 1230  ExtraCopies=7
Cincinnati Ohio  Hi Hat 358  ExtraCopies=1
Cindie Loo  Top 25188  ExtraCopies=1
Cindy  Red Boot 317  ExtraCopies=2
Cindy / Ragtime Annie  Blue Star 2009  ExtraCopies=2
Cindy Balance  Blue Star 1508  ExtraCopies=1
Cindy Clark / Soldier's Joy  Scope 322  ExtraCopies=3
Cindy Lou / Liza Jane  Thunderbird 508  ExtraCopies=1
Cinnamon Twist / Sayou  Grenn 12094  ExtraCopies=1
Cinnamon Twist / White Lightning  Lightning S 2000  ExtraCopies=3
Circle  Lou Mac 159  ExtraCopies=4
Circle D Romp / Cloggers Special  Circle D 500  ExtraCopies=2
Circle Rhythm / Dixie Rhythm  Rhythm 308  ExtraCopies=3
City Lights  Quadrille 894  ExtraCopies=2
City Lights  Blue Star 1716  ExtraCopies=1
City Of New Orleans  Rockin' A 1360  ExtraCopies=11
City Of New Orleans  Rhythm 182  ExtraCopies=7
City Police  Swinging Square 2378  ExtraCopies=3
Clap Your Hands  Coyote 301  ExtraCopies=11
Clear Track Special / Sugarfoot Wild  Grenn 12038  ExtraCopies=6
Clementine  Grenn 12076  ExtraCopies=1
Clementine / Down The Road  Falcon 102  ExtraCopies=2
Climbing Up Dem Golden Stairs  Golden Square 6018  ExtraCopies=1
Clog (don't jog) / Stuart's Dolly  Lazy Eight 2  ExtraCopies=1
Cloggers Special / Cloggers Delight  Kalox 1231  ExtraCopies=2
Cloggin Leather Britches / Ragtime Annie  Blue Star 2152  ExtraCopies=1
Close All The Honky Tonks  Jay-Bar-Kay 116  ExtraCopies=2
Close Enough To Perfect  Circle D 222  ExtraCopies=2
Close Enough To Perfect  Ocean 18  ExtraCopies=1
Close Shave / Rachael  Sunny Hills 126  ExtraCopies=1
Close To My Heart  Blue Star 2353  ExtraCopies=1
Close To You  Jay-Bar-Kay 138  ExtraCopies=3
Close Up The Honky Tonks  Lou Mac 201  ExtraCopies=1
Cloudy Days  Blue Star 2210  ExtraCopies=2
Coal Miner's Daughter  Prairie 1000  ExtraCopies=1
Coastin' / Truckin'  Kalox 1193  ExtraCopies=6
Coca Cola Cowboy  Red Boot Star 1250  ExtraCopies=2
Cocain Blues  Blue Star 1629  ExtraCopies=1
Cocoanuts  Blue Star 2383  ExtraCopies=2
Cocoanuts  Sets In Order 150  ExtraCopies=6
Coconuts  ESP 213  ExtraCopies=1
Coin Machine  ESP 606  ExtraCopies=5
Cold, Cold Heart  Red Boot Star 1335  ExtraCopies=1
Colorado  Kalox 1102  ExtraCopies=3
Colorado In The Morning  Hi Hat 438  ExtraCopies=2
Columbus Stockade Blues  Rockin' M 2  ExtraCopies=1
Columbus Stockade Blues  Blue Star 2206  ExtraCopies=1
Columbus Stockade Blues  ESP 512  ExtraCopies=3
Columbus Stockade Blues  Mustang 179  ExtraCopies=2
Come Back / Hot Brakes  Hi Hat 639  ExtraCopies=12
Come Dancin' With Me  MacGregor 2037  ExtraCopies=4
Come Early Morning  Red Boot 145  ExtraCopies=3
Come Monday  Global Music 922  ExtraCopies=1
Come Monday  Circle D 215  ExtraCopies=2
Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy  R & R 103  ExtraCopies=1
Come On Home and Sing the Blues to Daddy  Mountain 60  ExtraCopies=1
Come On In  Red Boot 243  ExtraCopies=4
Come On Over  Grenn 12096  ExtraCopies=1
Come On, Come On, Think Summer  Thunderbird 165  ExtraCopies=1
Come To Me  Hi Hat 495  ExtraCopies=2
Come To Me  Platinum 103  ExtraCopies=1
Come To The Cabaret  Top 25260  ExtraCopies=4
Come What May  Lore 1153  ExtraCopies=1
Come What May  Bogan 1241  ExtraCopies=2
Comin Round The Mountain / Finger Lickin Good  Red Boot 321  ExtraCopies=3
Comin' Out / Fayvette  Blue Star 1571  ExtraCopies=4
Comin' Round The Mountain / Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight  Windsor 4115  ExtraCopies=4
Comin' To America  Silver Sounds 104  ExtraCopies=1
Coming Down  Wagon Wheel 122  ExtraCopies=9
Coming Round The Mountain / Nobody  Kalox 1056  ExtraCopies=3
Common Man  Fine Tune 102  ExtraCopies=4
Common Man  Ocean 6  ExtraCopies=2
Commonly Known As The Blues  Dance Ranch 675  ExtraCopies=2
Company's Coming  ESP 521  ExtraCopies=1
Coney Island Baby  Hi Hat 351  ExtraCopies=5
Coney Island Washboard Gal  ESP 503  ExtraCopies=3
Coney Island Washboard Gal  Blue Star 2090  ExtraCopies=3
Coney Island Washboard Gal  Grenn 12089  ExtraCopies=12
Confession  Kalox 1174  ExtraCopies=1
Connie I  Big Mac 1006  ExtraCopies=1
Consider Yourself  FTC 32031  ExtraCopies=1
Convention Blues  MacGregor 2087  ExtraCopies=2
Cookin' Cabbage / Mojo  Jewel 126  ExtraCopies=8
Cool Breeze / Molly's Hoedown  MacGregor 7875  ExtraCopies=1
Cool Luke / Ball Of Fire  Kalox 1227  ExtraCopies=3
Cool Water  Elk 2  ExtraCopies=1
Cords Galore  Blue Star 2113  ExtraCopies=1
Corn Chips  Big Mac 4  ExtraCopies=1
Cornbread / Hush-Puppy  4-Bar-B 6032  ExtraCopies=1
Corrina  Scope 599  ExtraCopies=3
Corrine, Corrina  Venture 106  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton Candy  MacGregor 957  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton Eyed Joe / Billy Cheatum  Kalox 1258  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton Fields  Top 25307  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton Fields  Blue Star 2082  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton Fields  Kalox 1274  ExtraCopies=4
Cotton Patch Blues  Lore 1165  ExtraCopies=2
Cotton Pickin' / Tooter  Top 25211  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton Pickin' Delta Town  Windsor 5063  ExtraCopies=4
Cotton-Eyed Joe / Bill Cheatum  Kalox 1062  ExtraCopies=1
Cotton-Eyed Joe / Salty Dog Rag  4-Bar-B 6060  ExtraCopies=1
Cottonfields  Jewel 115  ExtraCopies=4
Could I Live There Anymore  Kalox 1132  ExtraCopies=6
Count Down  Blue Star 2248  ExtraCopies=1
Count Me Out  Lore 1093  ExtraCopies=2
Count On Me  Red Boot Star 1305  ExtraCopies=4
Count On Me - Only You  Cloverleaf 9  ExtraCopies=1
Country / Marldon  Top 25308  ExtraCopies=2
Country As Can Be  Lou Mac 146  ExtraCopies=7
Country Boy  Global Music 920  ExtraCopies=2
Country Boy  Blue Star 1849  ExtraCopies=4
Country Boy  Hi Hat 463  ExtraCopies=2
Country Boy  Red Boot Star 1343  ExtraCopies=2
Country Boy  Blue Ribbon 293  ExtraCopies=1
Country Boy Hoedown / Cotton Pickin  Windsor 5068  ExtraCopies=1
Country Cabinitis  El Dorado 202  ExtraCopies=3
Country Cat / City Slicker  Jopat 502  ExtraCopies=11
Country Christmas  Blue Star 2315  ExtraCopies=1
Country Gentleman / Up The Road  Quadrille 882  ExtraCopies=1
Country Girl With Hot Pants On  Red Boot 124  ExtraCopies=1
Country Girls & Cotton Eyed Joe  Seven C's 102  ExtraCopies=1
Country Home  Four Squares 795  ExtraCopies=2
Country Memories  Scope 648  ExtraCopies=2
Country Mind, Country Heart  Greenwood 9006  ExtraCopies=1
Country Music  Silver Eagle 501  ExtraCopies=3
Country Music Man  Bogan 1289  ExtraCopies=1
Country Rhythm In My Soul  Riverboat 133  ExtraCopies=2
Country Roads  Rhythm 225  ExtraCopies=2
Country Roads  Dance Ranch 709  ExtraCopies=1
Country Roads / Back Alley  Chicago Country 103  ExtraCopies=2
Country Style  Top 25138  ExtraCopies=2
Country Sunshine  English Mountain 102  ExtraCopies=1
Country Sunshine  Wild West 1-10  ExtraCopies=1
Country Sunshine  Blue Star 1967  ExtraCopies=2
Country Wasn't Cool  Jopat 209  ExtraCopies=1
Countryfied  Prairie 1037  ExtraCopies=1
Countryfied  Kalox 1124  ExtraCopies=2
Countryfied  Kalox 1309  ExtraCopies=1
Countryfied  Rockin' A 1355  ExtraCopies=1
County Mounty / Pedal To The Metal  Hi Hat 637  ExtraCopies=4
Coward Of The County  Red Boot 248  ExtraCopies=1
Coward Of The County  Prairie 1024  ExtraCopies=2
Cowboy  Hi Hat 474  ExtraCopies=3
Cowboy Heaven  Red Boot 267  ExtraCopies=4
Cowboy Jubilee  Gaslight 10  ExtraCopies=1
Cowboy Love  DJ 119  ExtraCopies=1
Cowboy Love  ESP 535  ExtraCopies=1
Cowboy Man  Ranch House 904  ExtraCopies=1
Cowboy Man  Royal 121  ExtraCopies=2
Cowboy Rides Away  Lou Mac 176  ExtraCopies=2
Cowboy Rough  Hi Hat 5204  ExtraCopies=5
Cowboy's Sweetheart  Rawhide 163  ExtraCopies=1
Cowboys Don't Get Lucky  Red Boot 240  ExtraCopies=5
Cowtown  Lore 1228  ExtraCopies=1
Crackerjack / Up The Creek  Blue Star 1513  ExtraCopies=15
Crackers  Global Music 503  ExtraCopies=1
Crawdad / Lucky  Rebel 101  ExtraCopies=6
Crawdad Song  Windsor 4811  ExtraCopies=2
Crawdad Song  ESP 515  ExtraCopies=1
Crawdad Song  Hi Hat 359  ExtraCopies=2
Crazy  Blue Ribbon 287  ExtraCopies=1
Crazy  Hi Hat 5083  ExtraCopies=5
Crazy  Global Music 1006  ExtraCopies=1
Crazy Arms  Roadrunner 601  ExtraCopies=10
Crazy Crazy  TNT 125  ExtraCopies=1
Crazy Mixed Up Kid  Sunny Hills 153  ExtraCopies=2
Crazy Over You  Eagle 3409  ExtraCopies=1
Crazy Over You  Eagle 1208  ExtraCopies=1
Crazy Rhythm  Bogan 1379  ExtraCopies=2
Cripple Chicken  Red Boot 3068  ExtraCopies=1
Cripple Creek / Birds  Blue Star 1869  ExtraCopies=2
Cripple Cricket / Rebel Yell  Thunderbird 528  ExtraCopies=2
Crippled Cabbage / Tennessee Stud  Mountain 5001  ExtraCopies=4
Crocodile Rock  Sting 105  ExtraCopies=1
Crocodile Rock  Fine Tune 113  ExtraCopies=2
Crooked Little Man  Jewel 125  ExtraCopies=3
Cross Over The Bridge  Windsor 5016  ExtraCopies=2
Cross Over The Bridge  Windsor 4804  ExtraCopies=6
Cross The Brazos  Kalox 1071  ExtraCopies=11
Cross the Brazos  Rawhide 128  ExtraCopies=2
Cross-Eyed Fiddler  Silver Sounds 132  ExtraCopies=1
Crosscut Hoedown  Rawhide 512  ExtraCopies=1
Crosshatch / Big Walker  Top 25241  ExtraCopies=1
Cruising / Windy Breeze  Falcon 100  ExtraCopies=2
Cry Baby Cry  Windsor 4910  ExtraCopies=2
Cry Cry Cry  Chicago Country 22  ExtraCopies=1
Crying In The Rain  Rhythm 192  ExtraCopies=4
Crying My Heart Out Over You  Blue Star 2173  ExtraCopies=1
Crying My Last Tear For You  A Bar K 107  ExtraCopies=3
Crying On My Shoulder  Blue Star 1968  ExtraCopies=2
Crying On My Shoulder  Blue Star 1765  ExtraCopies=1
Crystal Chandaliers  Blue Ribbon 231  ExtraCopies=1
Crystal Chandeliers  Mar Let 517  ExtraCopies=2
Cuanto Le Gusta  Hi Hat 309  ExtraCopies=1
Cubam / Ole Mountain Dew  Kalox 1083  ExtraCopies=1
Cuddle Buggin' Baby  Buckskin 1229  ExtraCopies=3
Cuddle Up A Little Closer  Chinook 36  ExtraCopies=3
Cuddle Up A Little Closer  MacGregor 900  ExtraCopies=1
Cumberland Road  Circle D 238  ExtraCopies=5
Cup Of Tea  Rhythm 229  ExtraCopies=2
Cupid  Lou Mac 166  ExtraCopies=2
Cupid  Royal 243  ExtraCopies=1
Cutie  Square L 124  ExtraCopies=1
Cuttin Up  ESP 408  ExtraCopies=1
Cynthia  Lou Mac 182  ExtraCopies=1

D & A Breakdown / Chinese Breakdown  Sets In Order 33 / 34  ExtraCopies=7
D & A Breakdown / Cookin' Up A Storm  Sets In Order 2135  ExtraCopies=7
D's Rhythm  Chinook 508  ExtraCopies=2
D-T Hoedown  MacGregor 1082  ExtraCopies=6
D.X. Land  Hi Hat 650  ExtraCopies=5
Daddy Frank  Mustang 141  ExtraCopies=1
Daddy Frank  Lou Mac 112  ExtraCopies=3
Daddy Is A Square Dance Calling Man  Red Boot 115  ExtraCopies=1
Daddy Played The Banjo  Jopat 234  ExtraCopies=3
Daddy's Hands  Eureka 1007  ExtraCopies=2
Daisy A Day  Kalox 1146  ExtraCopies=4
Daisy A Day  Lore 1138  ExtraCopies=2
Daisy A Day  Rockin' M 802  ExtraCopies=1
Dance Around Molly / Blue Mountain Hop  Sunny Hills 149  ExtraCopies=5
Dance Every Dance With You  Mountain 36  ExtraCopies=1
Dance Night  TNT 101  ExtraCopies=1
Dance The Night Away  Hi Hat 451  ExtraCopies=1
Dance The Two Step  Red Boot Star 1259  ExtraCopies=4
Dance Till Sunday Morning Saturday Night  Lore 1039  ExtraCopies=2
Dance Time In Texas  Royal 702  ExtraCopies=1
Dance To My Ten Guitars  Mustang 160  ExtraCopies=2
Dance With Me  ESP 703  ExtraCopies=3
Dance With Me One More Time  Square Tunes 209  ExtraCopies=2
Dance With Who Brung You  Quadrille 878  ExtraCopies=3
Dance With You  Blue Star 2192  ExtraCopies=3
Dancin' After Midnight  Red Boot 126  ExtraCopies=3
Dancin' Dolly / H.O.T. Highroad  Lazy Eight 10  ExtraCopies=7
Dancin' Thru The Clover  Balance 111  ExtraCopies=3
Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard  ESP 918  ExtraCopies=1
Dancing Cowboys  Jopat 1301  ExtraCopies=1
Dancing In The Street  Blue Star 1771  ExtraCopies=2
Dancing In Victoria  Top 25270  ExtraCopies=11
Dancing Moon  Nickel 60  ExtraCopies=5
Dancing On A Saturday Night  Aussie Tempos 1017  ExtraCopies=4
Dancing On Top Of The World  Blue Star 1963  ExtraCopies=2
Dancing To Pretoria  Top 25066  ExtraCopies=1
Dang Me  MacGregor 1051  ExtraCopies=1
Danny Boy  Blue Ribbon 247  ExtraCopies=1
Danny Boy  Red Boot Star 1272  ExtraCopies=5
Dark Town Strutters Ball  Cross Country 502  ExtraCopies=4
Darlin' Raise The Shade  Wagon Wheel 607  ExtraCopies=9
Darlin' Red Wing  Top 25294  ExtraCopies=3
Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do)  Shakedown 239  ExtraCopies=1
Dave Special / Drifty  Jay-Bar-Kay 603  ExtraCopies=1
David  Square Tunes 167  ExtraCopies=1
Day - O  Silver Sounds 153  ExtraCopies=1
Day Dreams About Night Things  Red Boot 192  ExtraCopies=1
Daydream  Silver Sounds 139  ExtraCopies=1
Daydream  MacGregor 2206  ExtraCopies=1
Dayo  Red Boot 3087  ExtraCopies=1
Dazzle / Bandit  Chinook 501  ExtraCopies=1
Deal Life Again  Jopat 1975  ExtraCopies=2
Dealin' With The Devil  Hi Hat 5024  ExtraCopies=7
Dealing With The Devil  Bob Cat 117  ExtraCopies=1
Dear Hearts & Gentle People  TNT 204  ExtraCopies=3
Dear John  Square Dance USA 202  ExtraCopies=2
Dear World  Grenn 12112  ExtraCopies=3
Dear World  Windsor 4916  ExtraCopies=1
Deb's Romp / Ginger  Eagle 9008  ExtraCopies=1
Deck The Halls  Square Tunes 140  ExtraCopies=1
Deck The Halls  Bogan 1371  ExtraCopies=1
Deed I Do  Scope 641  ExtraCopies=1
Deed I Do  Blue Star 2365  ExtraCopies=1
Deep In The Heart Of Texas  ESP 128  ExtraCopies=5
Deep River Woman  Red Boot Star 1306  ExtraCopies=2
Deep Water  ESP 534  ExtraCopies=4
Deep Water  Top 25176  ExtraCopies=1
Deep Water  Bogan 1366  ExtraCopies=2
Deep Water  Lucky 401  ExtraCopies=1
Deep Water  Top 25251  ExtraCopies=3
Delaware  Aqua 125  ExtraCopies=4
Delilah  Blue Ribbon 261  ExtraCopies=1
Della And The Dealer  Rainbow 102  ExtraCopies=1
Della And The Dealer  Wild West 1-51  ExtraCopies=1
Delta Dawn  Windsor 5007  ExtraCopies=1
Delta Dawn  Windsor 5085  ExtraCopies=1
Delta Dirt  Thunderbird 115  ExtraCopies=1
Delta Dirt  C Bar C 541  ExtraCopies=1
Delta Dirt  Kalox 1169  ExtraCopies=2
Delta Dirt  Rebel 110  ExtraCopies=2
Delta Queen  Roadrunner 502  ExtraCopies=5
Denise, Denise  Sting 202  ExtraCopies=2
Denver  Grenn 12082  ExtraCopies=2
Desert Rose  Chinook 128  ExtraCopies=2
Desert Rose  Mar Let 520  ExtraCopies=2
Desperado Love  Rambler 102  ExtraCopies=1
Desperado Love  Desperado 101  ExtraCopies=1
Detour  Bounty 106  ExtraCopies=1
Detour  Windsor 4912  ExtraCopies=1
Detroit City  Prairie 1054  ExtraCopies=1
Deuces Wild / Pair Of Kings  Hi Hat 601  ExtraCopies=6
Devil Woman  Jopat 216  ExtraCopies=2
Devil Woman  Hi Hat 326  ExtraCopies=2
Devil's Dream  Chaparral 107  ExtraCopies=5
Devil's Dream / Truckin' Home  Pioneer 1004  ExtraCopies=1
Devilish / The Devil Jumped Up  Sets In Order 2141  ExtraCopies=1
Devils Dream / Country Patter  Blue Star 2013  ExtraCopies=1
Dew Drop / Rumpus  Blue Star 1722  ExtraCopies=3
Dew On The Mountain / Cotton Eyed Joe  Blue Star 2057  ExtraCopies=2
Dew On The Mountain / Honolulu Dolly  Sets In Order 2133  ExtraCopies=3
Diamond Bar Quadrille  Windsor 4951  ExtraCopies=1
Diamond In The Dust  Ranch House 704  ExtraCopies=2
Diamonds  Cross Road 6001  ExtraCopies=12
Did She Mention My Name?  Blue Ribbon 269  ExtraCopies=2
Diesel - No Brakes / Back Up And Push  Black Mountain 4553  ExtraCopies=1
Diesel On My Tail  MacGregor 2024  ExtraCopies=5
Diesel Power / Big Logger  Top 25196  ExtraCopies=4
Dig  Prairie 1124  ExtraCopies=1
Dig A Little Deeper In The Well  Mountain 3  ExtraCopies=3
Diggin' Up Bones  ESP 143  ExtraCopies=3
Diggy Diggy Lie  Elite (new) 1018  ExtraCopies=1
Dilema / Pokey Jo  Chinook 513  ExtraCopies=2
Dim The Lights  Chaparral 524  ExtraCopies=4
Dim The Lights  Coyote 102  ExtraCopies=1
Dirty Thirty  Rawhide 521  ExtraCopies=1
Disco Fever (You're The One That I Want)  Chaparral 504  ExtraCopies=12
Dixie  Longhorn 179  ExtraCopies=2
Dixie Bell  Blue Star 1895  ExtraCopies=1
Dixie Dreamin'  Chinook 67  ExtraCopies=1
Dixie Flyer  Circle D 254  ExtraCopies=2
Dixie Hummingbird  Kalox 1236  ExtraCopies=9
Dixie On My Mind  Thunderbird 203  ExtraCopies=2
Dixie On My Mind  Chinook 49  ExtraCopies=5
Dixie On My Mind  Rhythm 157  ExtraCopies=4
Dixie Road  Prairie 1081  ExtraCopies=1
Dixie Road  4-Bar-B 6073  ExtraCopies=1
Dixie Train  Chaparral 318  ExtraCopies=7
Dixie Yankee Doodle Medley  Windsor 5038  ExtraCopies=1
Dixie's Bar and Grill  Diamond 103  ExtraCopies=1
Dixieland  MacGregor 2111  ExtraCopies=2
Dixieland Cabaret  Blue Star 2368  ExtraCopies=2
Dixieland Delight  Sting 404  ExtraCopies=2
Dixieland Delight  Prairie 1010  ExtraCopies=1
Dizzy  Royal 1207  ExtraCopies=1
Do  Red Boot 313  ExtraCopies=3
Do Good / Better  Jopat 508  ExtraCopies=3
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind  Thunderbird 236  ExtraCopies=2
Do It Yourself Red Wing  Kalox 1015  ExtraCopies=2
Do Me With Love  Hi Hat 5087  ExtraCopies=3
Do Remember Me  Red Boot Star 1278  ExtraCopies=1
Do Remember Me  Scope 593  ExtraCopies=5
Do Remember Me  Ranch House 1201  ExtraCopies=1
Do Run Run  Royal 305  ExtraCopies=2
Do Si Do  Gold Wing 102  ExtraCopies=4
Do The Locomotion  Lightning 105  ExtraCopies=2
Do The Locomotion  Ranch House 223  ExtraCopies=1
Do Wacka Do  Royal 1005  ExtraCopies=1
Do What You Do Do Well  MacGregor 1060  ExtraCopies=7
Do What You Do Do Well  Bee Sharp 107  ExtraCopies=2
Do What You Do Do Well  Swinging Square 2364  ExtraCopies=4
Do What You Do Do Well  MacGregor 2402  ExtraCopies=1
Do What You Do Do Well  Square Tunes 214  ExtraCopies=2
Do What You Do, Do Well  Blue Star 2213  ExtraCopies=1
Do Ya  Venture 110  ExtraCopies=1
Do You / King Of Kings  Greenwood 9007  ExtraCopies=5
Do You Believe In Magic  Mar Let 901  ExtraCopies=1
Do You Ever Think Of Me  Scope 639  ExtraCopies=3
Do You Ever Think Of Me  Blue Star 2306  ExtraCopies=2
Do You Know You Are My Sunshine  Global Music 306  ExtraCopies=1
Do You Know You Are My Sunshine  Red Boot 236  ExtraCopies=3
Do You Remember Me  Golden Eagle 3  ExtraCopies=1
Do You Remember These  Jay-Bar-Kay 134  ExtraCopies=2
Do You Remember These  Dance Ranch 606  ExtraCopies=1
Do You Remember These  Red Boot 131  ExtraCopies=3
Do You Right  Lou Mac 157  ExtraCopies=2
Do You Right Tonight  Red Boot 214  ExtraCopies=8
Do You Wanna Go To Heaven  Red Boot 261  ExtraCopies=4
Do Your Thing  Top 25245  ExtraCopies=4
Dock Of The Bay  Wagon Wheel 701  ExtraCopies=3
Dock Of The Bay  Rhythm 205  ExtraCopies=3
Doctor's Orders  Eagle 1901  ExtraCopies=1
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind  Mountain 59  ExtraCopies=1
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind  Bogan 1331  ExtraCopies=4
Dog Fight  Hi Hat 388  ExtraCopies=2
Doggie / Texas Rag  Blue Star 2048  ExtraCopies=2
Doghouse Hoedown / Cotton Pickin' Hoedown  Royal 404  ExtraCopies=3
Doin' What Comes Naturally  Sets In Order 159  ExtraCopies=1
Dollar Down, Dollar A Week  Top 25013  ExtraCopies=2
Dolly Hoe  Hi Hat 662  ExtraCopies=1
Dominique  MacGregor 1091  ExtraCopies=9
Don Juan  Melody 109  ExtraCopies=1
Don's Dilemma / Don's Dream  Sets In Order 91 / 92  ExtraCopies=18
Don's Dream / Don's Dilemma  Wagon Wheel 124  ExtraCopies=8
Don't Ask Me For Tomorrow  Thunderbird 210  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Be A Baby-Baby  Blue Star 1595  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Be Cruel  Red Boot Star 1316  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Believe My Heart (Could Stand Another You)  Rhythm 178  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You  Circle D 202  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Blame It All On Me  Riverboat 120  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Blame It All On Me  Windsor 5023  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Blame It All On Me  Rawhide 123  ExtraCopies=5
Don't Blame It All On Me  Rockin' M 112  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Blame It All On Me  Blue Star 1714  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Blame It On Rosie  Hi Hat 423  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Bother  Blue Star 1844  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Bring Lulu  Top 25281  ExtraCopies=17
Don't Build No Fences  Bogan 1367  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Call Him A Cowboy  ESP 131  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Call Me  Longhorn 147  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Call Me Sweetie  J-Bar-L 5004  ExtraCopies=7
Don't Call Me Sweetie  Square Tunes 143  ExtraCopies=7
Don't Close Your Eyes  Enis 2401  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Come Crying To Me  ESP 1037  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Dilly Dally  Hi Hat 405  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Expect Kisses  Blue Star 1638  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Fence Me In  Hi Hat 336  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Fence Me In  Rawhide 135  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Fence Me In / Promenade Of Pretty Girls  Grenn 12026  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Fight the Feeling of Love  Dance Ranch 696  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love  Lightning S 5019  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Forget  MacGregor 1030  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Forget Me  Bogan 1345  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Forget Me  Blue Ribbon 211  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Forget The Flowers  Lore 1107  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Forget Us Contra  TNT 120  ExtraCopies=1
Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home  Kalox 1121  ExtraCopies=6
Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home / Your Memory Sure Gets Around  Kalox 1225  ExtraCopies=1
Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue  Circle D 211  ExtraCopies=8
Don't Keep Me Hanging Around  Scope 631  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Let 'Em Steal Your Gal  Top 25286  ExtraCopies=6
Don't Let Me Dream  Bogan 1171  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Let The Deal Go Down / Fat Boy Rag  Kalox 1034  ExtraCopies=6
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By  Dance Ranch 601  ExtraCopies=14
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By  Red Boot 118  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Let The Stars  Jopat 225  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Let This Cowboy Ride Away  G & W 604  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down  Jewel 124  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Make A Liar Out Of Me  Shakedown 213  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Pull Your Love  Royal 326  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Put A Tax On A Beautiful Girl  Big J 1000  ExtraCopies=4
Don't Rock The Juke Box  Rawhide 183  ExtraCopies=2
Don't She Look Good  Prairie 1064  ExtraCopies=1
Don't She Look Good  Pioneer 109  ExtraCopies=1
Don't She Look Good  Lightning S 5013  ExtraCopies=3
Don't She Look Good When She Smiles  Ute 16  ExtraCopies=1
Don't She Look Good When She Smiles  Swinging Square 2361  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree  Continental 2002  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Stay Away Too Long  Kalox 1278  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Stop In My World  Blue Ribbon 235  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Sweetheart Me  Hi Hat 5074  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Sweetheart Me  Scope 504  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Take Her She's All I Got  ESP 1018  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph  MacGregor 1084  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Think Love Ought To Be That Way  Big Mac 36  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Think Twice  Lou Mac 127  ExtraCopies=6
Don't Think Twice (It's All Right)  Square Tunes 124  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)  4-Bar-B 6120  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Touch That Dial  Ranch House 306  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Wake Me Up  Chinook 111  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Waste It On The Blues  Circle D 237  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Waste It On The Blues  Eureka 1008  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Waste It On The Blues  ESP 158  ExtraCopies=3
Don't Wipe The Tears You Cry For Him On My Good White Shirt  Dance Ranch 657  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Worry 'Bout The Mule  MacGregor 2098  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Worry - Be Happy / Stars Hoedown #1  Blue Star 2372  ExtraCopies=2
Don't Worry About The Mule, Load The Wagon  Blue Star 2051  ExtraCopies=1
Don't Worry, Be Happy  Aussie Tempos 1028  ExtraCopies=1
Don't You Believe  Bee Sharp 113  ExtraCopies=3
Don't You Believe  Eagle 3003X  ExtraCopies=2
Don't You Believe It  Kalox 1139  ExtraCopies=4
Don't You Ever Get Tired  Red Boot 269  ExtraCopies=5
Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me  Stampede 201  ExtraCopies=1
Don't You Know That I Love You  Pioneer 127  ExtraCopies=5
Donegal  Jewel 144  ExtraCopies=2
Donnegal  Rawhide 143  ExtraCopies=2
Doodle-De-Doo  Grenn 12041  ExtraCopies=5
Dottie Lou  Aqua 128  ExtraCopies=7
Double Bogie Blues  Global Music 914  ExtraCopies=2
Double Nickel / Drop The Hammer  Hi Hat 636  ExtraCopies=3
Double Shot Of My Baby's Love  Riverboat 208  ExtraCopies=1
Down At Papa Joe's  Lore 1061  ExtraCopies=3
Down At The Roadside Inn  Blue Star 1641  ExtraCopies=3
Down At The Twist And Shout  Mountain 132  ExtraCopies=1
Down At The Twist And Shout  Chaparral 222  ExtraCopies=1
Down By The Lazy River  Royal 239  ExtraCopies=2
Down By The Ohio  Top 25131  ExtraCopies=1
Down By The Riverside  Top 25070  ExtraCopies=1
Down By The Riverside  MacGregor 1004  ExtraCopies=1
Down By The Riverside  Royal 109  ExtraCopies=1
Down By The Riverside  Hi Hat 5078  ExtraCopies=3
Down Deep  Red Boot 296  ExtraCopies=3
Down Draft / Black Mountain Rag  Jocko 227  ExtraCopies=1
Down Home  Circle D 248  ExtraCopies=2
Down In Columbus Georgia  Longhorn 1002  ExtraCopies=1
Down In Dixie  Longhorn 170  ExtraCopies=1
Down In My Easy Chair  Buckskin 1241  ExtraCopies=1
Down In New Orleans  Top 25230  ExtraCopies=4
Down In Old Mexico  Bogan 1139  ExtraCopies=1
Down In The Boondocks  Royal 528  ExtraCopies=1
Down On Bourbon Street  Bob Cat 105  ExtraCopies=5
Down On The Corner  Red Boot 298  ExtraCopies=1
Down On The Farm  Red Boot Star 1355  ExtraCopies=2
Down The Road  ESP 1070  ExtraCopies=1
Down The Wrong Road Again  Prairie 1046  ExtraCopies=2
Down Yonder In New Orleans  Blue Star 1622  ExtraCopies=3
Downfall Of Me  Blue Star 1958  ExtraCopies=2
Downtown  Top 25237  ExtraCopies=1
Downtown Knoxville  Big Mac 9  ExtraCopies=1
Dr. Time  Cheyenne 501  ExtraCopies=2
Dream A Little Dream  Dance Ranch 620  ExtraCopies=2
Dream A Little Dream  Eureka 1902  ExtraCopies=3
Dream Baby  Kalox 1177  ExtraCopies=1
Dream Boat  Sets In Order 162  ExtraCopies=1
Dream Doll  Best 103  ExtraCopies=1
Dream Lover  Blue Star 2125  ExtraCopies=2
Dream Lover  Rhythm 150  ExtraCopies=4
Dream Lover  Alliance 103  ExtraCopies=2
Dream Of Me  Bob Cat 111  ExtraCopies=1
Dream Of Me  D & R 168  ExtraCopies=1
Dream On  Royal 208  ExtraCopies=1
Dream On Texas Ladies  Global Music 903  ExtraCopies=2
Dream Train  MacGregor 8875  ExtraCopies=2
Dream Train  Blue Star 1730  ExtraCopies=2
Dream, Dream, Dream  ESP 1035  ExtraCopies=1
Dream, Dream, Dream  Rawhide 176  ExtraCopies=2
Dreamboat  Square Tunes 160  ExtraCopies=6
Dreamer's Holiday  Aqua 121  ExtraCopies=19
Dreaming  Royal 302  ExtraCopies=1
Dreamland Express  Global Music 123  ExtraCopies=2
Dreamland Express  Hi Hat 5085  ExtraCopies=5
Dreamy Melody  Kalox 1013  ExtraCopies=3
Driftwood  FTC 32005  ExtraCopies=1
Driftwood  Gold Star 711  ExtraCopies=1
Driftwood  Top 25206  ExtraCopies=7
Driftwood On The River  Windsor 4843  ExtraCopies=4
Drinkin' Champagne  Bogan 1386  ExtraCopies=2
Drinking Champagne  Red Boot 3026  ExtraCopies=2
Drinking Champagne  ESP 168  ExtraCopies=3
Drummer Boy / Hoedown #2  Wagon Wheel 116  ExtraCopies=4
Drummer Boy / Linda  Mustang 164  ExtraCopies=1
Dry Bones  Windsor 4819  ExtraCopies=3
Dry Bones  Hi Hat 5168  ExtraCopies=1
Dublin' Banjos / Down Home Boogie  Thunderbird 526  ExtraCopies=1
Duelin' Dukes  Petticoat Patter 107  ExtraCopies=3
Dueling Banjos / Pitter Patter  Wagon Wheel 125  ExtraCopies=2
Dueling Banjos / Ride The Wabash  Prairie 2003  ExtraCopies=1
Duke It Out / Life Goes On  Blue Star 2468  ExtraCopies=1
Dum Dum  Longhorn 1005  ExtraCopies=5
Dumas Walker  Red Boot 3025  ExtraCopies=4
Dumb Thing  D & R 169  ExtraCopies=2
Durang's Hornpipe / Guitar Fancy  Sets In Order 85 / 86  ExtraCopies=3
Durang's Hornpipe / Steve Green  Sets In Order 43 / 44  ExtraCopies=8
Dust Off That Old Pianna  TNT 215  ExtraCopies=2
Dust Off That Old Pianna  MacGregor 1050  ExtraCopies=1
Dust On My Saddle  Blue Ribbon 215  ExtraCopies=1
Dusty Dixie Road  Blue Star 2285  ExtraCopies=3
Dusty Roads / Rubber Dolly  Sets In Order 69 / 70  ExtraCopies=4

Eagle / Fair  Blue Star 2294  ExtraCopies=2
Early In The Morning  Eureka 1202  ExtraCopies=3
Early In The Morning  Eagle 1204  ExtraCopies=1
Early In The Morning  Windsor 4940  ExtraCopies=2
Early Morning Rain  Double L 101  ExtraCopies=1
Early Morning Rain  ESP 316  ExtraCopies=4
Early Morning Rain  Pioneer 123  ExtraCopies=2
Early Morning Rain  Royal 330  ExtraCopies=1
Early Morning Rain  Blue Star 1890  ExtraCopies=3
Ease The Fever  ESP 501  ExtraCopies=1
East Bound And Down  D & R 126  ExtraCopies=1
East Texas Sunday Matinee / Feudin'  Thunderbird 531  ExtraCopies=1
Eastbound / Cookin' Cabbage  Kalox 1281  ExtraCopies=2
Eastbound And Down  Rhythm 152  ExtraCopies=3
Easy Come Easy Go  Thunderbird 164  ExtraCopies=2
Easy Come Easy Go  MW 202  ExtraCopies=2
Easy Come, Easy Go  Elite (new) 1001  ExtraCopies=2
Easy Lovin'  Prairie 1072  ExtraCopies=1
Easy Loving  Flutter Wheel 503  ExtraCopies=2
Easy Money / Johnny Dollar  Kalox 1233  ExtraCopies=3
Easy On My Mind  Wagon Wheel 133  ExtraCopies=3
Easy Rhythm / Uncle Pen  Rhythm 307  ExtraCopies=3
Easy To Love  Thunderbird 126  ExtraCopies=2
Easy To Please  MacGregor 2173  ExtraCopies=1
Echo From The Hills  Kalox 1295  ExtraCopies=2
Echo From The Hills  Top 25255  ExtraCopies=2
Echo From The Hills  Longhorn 153  ExtraCopies=1
Eight Days A Week  Ranch House 508  ExtraCopies=3
Eight More Miles  Lou Mac 116  ExtraCopies=6
Eight More Miles To Louisville  Mountain 26  ExtraCopies=1
Eight'r From Decatur / Worried Man  Kalox 1103  ExtraCopies=5
Eighteen Yellow Roses  Kalox 1191  ExtraCopies=3
Eighter From Decatur / Happy Rattle  Kalox 1283  ExtraCopies=1
EJ Marie  Blue Star 1785  ExtraCopies=1
El Cumbancheros  Bogan 1235  ExtraCopies=1
El Paso  Kalox 1212  ExtraCopies=3
El Paso  Hi Hat 341  ExtraCopies=1
El Paso  Longhorn 158  ExtraCopies=3
El Paso  Jopat 233  ExtraCopies=3
El Paso  Gaslight 3  ExtraCopies=2
El Paso City  Hi Hat 471  ExtraCopies=13
El Tigre  Hi Hat 413  ExtraCopies=5
El Toro (The Dance Man)  Thunderbird 138  ExtraCopies=1
Elaina  Gold Wing 105  ExtraCopies=4
Eli Stubbs Grass Band  Wagon Wheel 700  ExtraCopies=3
Elizabeth  ESP 415  ExtraCopies=1
Elusive Butterfly  Riverboat 202  ExtraCopies=4
Elvira  Red Boot Star 1262  ExtraCopies=9
Elvira  Red Boot 3097  ExtraCopies=1
Elvis And Andy  ESP 195  ExtraCopies=1
End Of The Line  Bogan 1119  ExtraCopies=1
Engine #9  Hi Hat 5145  ExtraCopies=1
Engine 9  Wagon Wheel 913  ExtraCopies=2
Engine Engine #9  ESP 117  ExtraCopies=1
Engine No 9  Wagon Wheel 203  ExtraCopies=9
England Swings  Wagon Wheel 110  ExtraCopies=1
English Mountain Special / Diggin' Up Bones  Red Boot 320  ExtraCopies=1
Enjoy Yourself  Windsor 4846  ExtraCopies=5
Enough To Go Around  Jay-Bar-Kay 110  ExtraCopies=2
Ernie B / Cabbage  Blue Star 1838  ExtraCopies=4
Ernie's Breakdown / Boil The Cabbage Down  Rockin' A 1327  ExtraCopies=2
Ethel / Daisetta  Blue Star 1559  ExtraCopies=3
Eumerella Shore  Rockin' A 1369  ExtraCopies=2
Even A Blind Man  Chinook 106  ExtraCopies=1
Even The Nights Are Better  Red Boot Star 1269  ExtraCopies=3
Evening Train  Sets In Order 145  ExtraCopies=1
Ever Changing Woman  Bounty 100  ExtraCopies=1
Ever Lovin' Dixieland  Lore 1024  ExtraCopies=2
Every Breath You Take  Sting 339  ExtraCopies=1
Every Day I Have To Cry Some  Chinook 10  ExtraCopies=3
Every Little Thing  Snow 401  ExtraCopies=1
Every Man A King  Lore 1036  ExtraCopies=2
Every Man's A King  Bogan 1377  ExtraCopies=1
Every Now And Then  Hi Hat 5001  ExtraCopies=2
Every Rosebud  Grenn 12106  ExtraCopies=2
Every Second  BBear 101  ExtraCopies=2
Every Street's A Boulevard  Blue Star 1913  ExtraCopies=9
Every Street's A Boulevard  Dance Ranch 716  ExtraCopies=1
Every Street's A Boulevard  Chaparral 3507  ExtraCopies=6
Everybody Gonna Dance Tonight  Bogan 1125  ExtraCopies=3
Everybody Loves A Lover  Royal 202  ExtraCopies=2
Everybody Loves Somebody  Grenn 12090  ExtraCopies=5
Everybody Loves Somebody  MacGregor 2089  ExtraCopies=2
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime  Blue Star 2330  ExtraCopies=4
Everybody's Got A Girl  Blue Ribbon 212  ExtraCopies=2
Everybody's Reaching Out  A Live 1  ExtraCopies=1
Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone  Dance Ranch 603  ExtraCopies=7
Everybody's Somebody's Fool  Red Boot 202  ExtraCopies=2
Everybody's Somebody's Fool  Old Timer 8172  ExtraCopies=2
Everybody's Somebody's Fool  4-Bar-B 6025  ExtraCopies=2
Everybody's Sweetheart  Chinook 95  ExtraCopies=1
Everybody's Talkin'  Chinook 92  ExtraCopies=4
Everyday  Ranch House 901  ExtraCopies=3
Everyday People  Chaparral 802  ExtraCopies=1
Everything A Man Could Ever Need  Jay-Bar-Kay 124  ExtraCopies=5
Everything A Man Could Ever Need  Lore 1125  ExtraCopies=1
Everything I Touch  Bob Cat 104  ExtraCopies=2
Everything I Used To Do  ESP 142  ExtraCopies=5
Everything Is Rosy  Pulse 1004  ExtraCopies=8
Everything Is Rosy Now  Lore 1019  ExtraCopies=3
Everything That Is Wonderful  Royal 207  ExtraCopies=2
Everything's A Waltz  Hi Hat 5042  ExtraCopies=1
Everything's A Waltz  Prairie 1049  ExtraCopies=2
Everything's Nice About You  Bogan 1113  ExtraCopies=1
Everywhere You Go  Bee Sharp 108  ExtraCopies=1
Everywhere You Go  Jay-Bar-Kay 6012  ExtraCopies=3
Everywhere You Go  MacGregor 2306  ExtraCopies=14
Everywhere You Go  Western Jubilee 557  ExtraCopies=1
Everywhere You Go  Blue Star 2276  ExtraCopies=1
Everywhere You Go  Blue Star 1772  ExtraCopies=2
Everywhere You Go / Heartbreaker  MacGregor 8475  ExtraCopies=5
Evidently  Blue Star 2117  ExtraCopies=1
Exactly Like You  Top 25029  ExtraCopies=3
Excelorator Special  Chaparral 103  ExtraCopies=9
Expert At Anything  Rhythm 120  ExtraCopies=7
Eyes Of Blue  Hi Hat 424  ExtraCopies=1

Face In The Moon  Hi Hat 312  ExtraCopies=1
Fair Weather Sweetheart / Too Marvelous  MacGregor 8655  ExtraCopies=2
Fairweather Sweetheart  Happy Tracks 103  ExtraCopies=2
Fairweather Sweetheart  Blue Star 1780  ExtraCopies=3
Fais Do Do  Sun Ra 1010  ExtraCopies=1
Falcon Hoedown / Because Hoedown  Shakedown 201  ExtraCopies=1
Falcon Twist / Four In The Floor  Falcon 101  ExtraCopies=4
Falling Again  Bee Sharp 116  ExtraCopies=2
Falling For You  Kalox 1149  ExtraCopies=6
False Hearted Girl  Hi Hat 305  ExtraCopies=2
False Hearted Girl  Hi Hat 5066  ExtraCopies=8
False Hearted Girl  Scope 583  ExtraCopies=1
False Hearted Girl  Jay-Bar-Kay 131  ExtraCopies=5
Fan The Flame  Roadrunner 103  ExtraCopies=9
Fancy Free  Royal 104  ExtraCopies=2
Fancy Free  Mountain 17  ExtraCopies=2
Fancy Patter / Plain Ole Patter  Eagle 9003  ExtraCopies=1
Far, Far Away  MacGregor 1034  ExtraCopies=2
Fast (Yodelin') Train To Georgia  Eagle 1101  ExtraCopies=1
Fast Lanes And Country Roads  Quadrille 844  ExtraCopies=1
Faster Horses  Red Boot 207  ExtraCopies=8
Fastest Rabbit Dog In Carter County  Big Mac 18  ExtraCopies=3
Feel Good Blues  Red Boot 3084  ExtraCopies=6
Feelin' A Feelin'  Rhythm 194  ExtraCopies=4
Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight  Rhythm 232  ExtraCopies=3
Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight  ESP 907  ExtraCopies=1
Feelin' Too Good Today Blues  Top 25350  ExtraCopies=1
Feels Like Love  Jopat 813  ExtraCopies=1
Feels Right  Chicago Country 4  ExtraCopies=2
Feels So Right  Hi Hat 5039  ExtraCopies=2
Ferris Wheel  Lore 1089  ExtraCopies=2
Ferry Cross The Mersey  Global Music 944  ExtraCopies=1
Fever  Chaparral 519  ExtraCopies=4
Fever  Longhorn 1046  ExtraCopies=2
Fever  Kalox 1253  ExtraCopies=3
Fiddle Country Blues  Rhythm 221  ExtraCopies=3
Fiddle Dee Dee Hoedown  Rawhide 518  ExtraCopies=2
Fiddler's Fancy / Pistol Packin' Hoedown  TNT 106  ExtraCopies=2
Fiddler's Frolic / Youcallit  MacGregor 8585  ExtraCopies=3
Fiddlin' Man  Big Mac 79  ExtraCopies=3
Fiddlin' Man  Lou Mac 173  ExtraCopies=3
Fiddlin' Man  Mountain 76  ExtraCopies=1
Fiddlin' Man  Windsor 5031  ExtraCopies=1
Fields Of Gold  Sting 706  ExtraCopies=1
Fiesta  Windsor 4808  ExtraCopies=4
Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room  Silver Sounds 225  ExtraCopies=1
Fifty Seven Chevrolet  Dance Ranch 658  ExtraCopies=2
Fifty Seven Chevrolet  Kalox 1237  ExtraCopies=1
Fightin' Side Of Me  Jopat 211  ExtraCopies=1
Fill 'Er Up  Hi Hat 655  ExtraCopies=1
Finally Friday  Lou Mac 196  ExtraCopies=3
Finders Keepers  Windsor 4850  ExtraCopies=4
Fine And Dandy / Cruisin' Down The River  Windsor 4179  ExtraCopies=4
Fine And Dandy / Cruisin' Down The River  Windsor 4479  ExtraCopies=1
Fire / Brimstone  Kalox 1249  ExtraCopies=4
Fire / Fog  Top 25203  ExtraCopies=9
Fire Ball Mail  Old Timer 8169  ExtraCopies=4
Fire Ball Mail  Longhorn 194  ExtraCopies=4
Fire Eyes  Rawhide 164  ExtraCopies=1
Fire On The Mountain  Desert 6  ExtraCopies=1
Fire On The Mountain  Hoedowner 118  ExtraCopies=1
Fire on the Mountain / Arkansas Traveler  Lamon 10120  ExtraCopies=1
Fireball  Red Boot 314  ExtraCopies=3
Fireball / Patter Rhythm  Kalox 1185  ExtraCopies=7
Fireball Mail  Lightning S 5009  ExtraCopies=1
Fireball Mail  Riverboat 203  ExtraCopies=2
Fireball Mail  Hi Hat 5134  ExtraCopies=1
Fireball Mail  Big Mac 62  ExtraCopies=1
Firefly  Scope 568  ExtraCopies=3
Fireman's Ball  Hi Hat 348  ExtraCopies=3
Fireside / Fox Hill  Jay-Bar-Kay 601  ExtraCopies=3
First Day Of The Rest Of My Life  Blue Star 1989  ExtraCopies=1
First Hello, Last Goodbye  Chinook 1  ExtraCopies=1
First Thing  Circle D 249  ExtraCopies=2
First Thing Each Morning  C Bar C 554  ExtraCopies=1
First Thing Every Morning  Blue Star 1827  ExtraCopies=10
First Time Thing  Swinging Square 2370  ExtraCopies=5
Fisherman's Luck  Mountain 70  ExtraCopies=4
Five Foot Two  Chaparral 3503  ExtraCopies=10
Five Foot Two  Hi Hat 322  ExtraCopies=2
Five Foot Two  Jay-Bar-Kay 6016  ExtraCopies=5
Five Foot Two  Mustang 110  ExtraCopies=1
Five Minutes More  Lore 1034  ExtraCopies=2
Five O'Clock And Heaven Bound  ESP 913  ExtraCopies=1
Five O'Clock World  Lightning S 7004  ExtraCopies=1
Five O'Clock World  Rhythm 236  ExtraCopies=3
Five Piece Band  Gold Wing 103  ExtraCopies=4
Flair To Paree  MacGregor 2108  ExtraCopies=5
Flash Of Fire  Chaparral 402  ExtraCopies=4
Flat Footin' It  Wagon Wheel 702  ExtraCopies=6
Flat Out Boogie / Sneaky Reptile  Scope 318  ExtraCopies=3
Flat Top Box  Red Boot Star 1310  ExtraCopies=1
Flat-Footin' It  Crown 161  ExtraCopies=1
Flatrock / Rehash  Top 25199  ExtraCopies=2
Fleet Footed Contra  MacGregor 303  ExtraCopies=5
Flexible Chords  MacGregor 2050  ExtraCopies=8
Flim Flam Man  Windsor 4929  ExtraCopies=1
Flint Hill Special / Hell Amongst The Yearlings  Erin 502  ExtraCopies=2
Floatin Down To New Orleans  Belco 108  ExtraCopies=2
Floatin' Down To Cotton Town  Pulse 1010  ExtraCopies=8
Flop Eared Mule / Revere Romp  Grenn 12058  ExtraCopies=3
Flower Of Love  Blue Star 1862  ExtraCopies=4
Flowers On The Wall  ESP 1049  ExtraCopies=1
Flowers On The Wall  Top 25122  ExtraCopies=2
Flowers On The Wall  Mustang 116  ExtraCopies=1
Fly Away Again  Hi Hat 478  ExtraCopies=3
Flyin' South  MacGregor 980  ExtraCopies=1
Flying South  Lore 1104  ExtraCopies=1
Flying South  Jocko 271  ExtraCopies=1
Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Earl's Breakdown  Mustang 157  ExtraCopies=3
Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Thunderbird Jump  Thunderbird 523  ExtraCopies=1
Foggy River  Red Boot 105  ExtraCopies=1
Fold Back / Curli-Sub  Square 'N Round 505  ExtraCopies=1
Follow Me  Riverboat 219  ExtraCopies=2
Follow Me  Global Music 604  ExtraCopies=2
Follow That Dream  Nickel 70  ExtraCopies=1
Follow The Leader  Dance Ranch 688  ExtraCopies=1
Folsom Prison  Rockin' A 1341  ExtraCopies=4
Folsom Prison  Chaparral 313  ExtraCopies=7
Folsom Prison Blues  Jay-Bar-Kay 123  ExtraCopies=6
Folsom Prison Blues / The Birth of the Blues  MCA 1901  ExtraCopies=2
Folsom Prison No. 2 / Johnny Up A Gum Stump  Kalox 1286  ExtraCopies=3
Folsom Prison Song  Lore 1050  ExtraCopies=1
Fond Affection  Chaparral 709  ExtraCopies=6
Fond Affection  Lore 1179  ExtraCopies=1
Fond Affection  J-Bar-L 5008  ExtraCopies=1
Fond Affection / Swing Miss Dolly  J-Bar-L 4132  ExtraCopies=13
Fond Affection / Turn Back Miss Dixie  J-Bar-L 4125  ExtraCopies=2
Fool By Your Side  Red Boot 299  ExtraCopies=1
Fool For Love  Longhorn 1033  ExtraCopies=1
Fool Hearted Memory  ESP 111  ExtraCopies=3
Fool Such As I  Prairie 1042  ExtraCopies=1
Foolin' Around  Capitol 2596  ExtraCopies=4
Foolish Questions  Hi Hat 327  ExtraCopies=2
Fools Fall In Love  Hi Hat 493  ExtraCopies=6
Fools Rush In  Square Tunes 216  ExtraCopies=1
Fools Rush In  Blue Ribbon 281  ExtraCopies=1
Foot Of The Bed  Sunny Hills 157  ExtraCopies=2
Foot Stompin' Music  Riverboat 123  ExtraCopies=4
Football Hero  Red Boot Star 1334  ExtraCopies=2
Football Hero  Jay-Bar-Kay 127  ExtraCopies=2
For A Change  Shakedown 235  ExtraCopies=1
For Love  Scope 566  ExtraCopies=1
For Once In My Life  Jopat 110  ExtraCopies=3
For Once In My Life  Eureka 1015  ExtraCopies=1
For Once In My Life  Square Tunes 153  ExtraCopies=2
For Once In My Life  ESP 1021  ExtraCopies=1
For The Good Times  Red Boot 3022  ExtraCopies=3
For The Good Times  Red Boot 125  ExtraCopies=1
For The Good Times / Rythem Of The Rain  Jay-Bar-Kay 508  ExtraCopies=8
For What I Been Thinkin' 'Bout You  Chaparral 310  ExtraCopies=8
Forever And Ever, Amen  Rhythm 204  ExtraCopies=3
Forever And Ever, Amen  Venture 108  ExtraCopies=1
Forever And Ever, Amen  ESP 145  ExtraCopies=2
Forever And Ever, Amen  Prairie 1094  ExtraCopies=1
Forgiving You Was Easy  Hi Hat 5077  ExtraCopies=1
Forgiving You Was Easy  Bogan 1358  ExtraCopies=2
Forked Deer / Backup & Push  Erin 503  ExtraCopies=1
Fortuosity  Blue Star 1891  ExtraCopies=4
Forty Hour Week  ESP 315  ExtraCopies=2
Four In The Morning  ESP 527  ExtraCopies=2
Four in the Morning  Cimarron 110  ExtraCopies=2
Four In The Morning  Jopat 402  ExtraCopies=3
Four Leaf Clover  Dance Ranch 711  ExtraCopies=1
Four Leaf Clover  Blue Star 2201  ExtraCopies=2
Four Leaf Clover  MacGregor 1096  ExtraCopies=1
Four Leaf Clover  Bogan 1136  ExtraCopies=3
Four Leaf Clover  Swinging Square 2352  ExtraCopies=1
Four Leaf Clover  Jopat 7005  ExtraCopies=2
Four Leaf Clover  Lore 1151  ExtraCopies=1
Four Walls  Elk 9  ExtraCopies=1
Four Walls  Red Boot Star 1296  ExtraCopies=1
Four Walls  Bogan 1218  ExtraCopies=2
Fourteen Caret Mind  Lazy Eight 13  ExtraCopies=6
Fox On The Run  Chaparral 3512  ExtraCopies=7
Foxy Fiddle Hoedown  Rawhide 514  ExtraCopies=1
Fracas / Bedew  Blue Star 2120  ExtraCopies=1
Fraulein  Global Music 938  ExtraCopies=1
Fraulein  Old Timer 8185  ExtraCopies=1
Frauline  Blue Star 2203  ExtraCopies=1
Frauline  Lore 1126  ExtraCopies=2
Freckles & Polliwog Days  Red Boot 166  ExtraCopies=3
Freda Comes, Freda Goes  Hi Hat 5005  ExtraCopies=1
Free Home Demonstration  Longhorn 145  ExtraCopies=1
Free To Be Lonely  Chinook 109  ExtraCopies=1
Freedom  Longhorn 193  ExtraCopies=5
Freedom  Chaparral 322  ExtraCopies=3
Freight Train  Windsor 4948  ExtraCopies=3
Freight Train  TNT 107  ExtraCopies=2
Freight Train  Dance Ranch 649  ExtraCopies=4
Freight Train  Bogan 1179  ExtraCopies=1
Frenesi  Sets In Order 107  ExtraCopies=1
Friday Night Blues  Blue Star 2218  ExtraCopies=1
Friday Night Blues  Jopat 208  ExtraCopies=2
Friday Night In America  Rhythm 235  ExtraCopies=4
Friend In California  Chaparral 718  ExtraCopies=1
Friendly / Pepper Sprouts  Ocean 3002  ExtraCopies=2
Friendly Family Inn  C Bar C 559  ExtraCopies=1
Friends In Low Places  Rhythm 228  ExtraCopies=4
Friendship  Grenn 12034  ExtraCopies=1
Friendship Ring / Arizona Traveler  Old Timer 8156  ExtraCopies=2
Friendship Ring / Auld Lang Syne  Prairie 901  ExtraCopies=2
Frog Kissin'  Silver Eagle 101  ExtraCopies=2
Froggie Went A'Courtin'  Venture 102  ExtraCopies=2
From A Jack To A King  Red Boot Star 1320  ExtraCopies=3
From Me To You  Hi Hat 5119  ExtraCopies=2
From The Bottom Of My Heart  Sun Ra 1021  ExtraCopies=1
From The Word Go  Royal 108  ExtraCopies=4
Front Door / Back Door  Hi Hat 644  ExtraCopies=3
Ft. Worth -- Cross Your Mind  Desert 55  ExtraCopies=1
Full Time Job  MacGregor 1001  ExtraCopies=3
Full Time Job  Bogan 1292  ExtraCopies=1
Fumble / Babs  Blue Star 1887  ExtraCopies=1
Fun And Fancy Free  Square L 105  ExtraCopies=1
Funky Joe / Patspik  Eureka 2003  ExtraCopies=1
Further And Further Apart  Bogan 1328  ExtraCopies=1
Further On Down The Road  Top 25156  ExtraCopies=2

G'Day G'Day  Seven C's 116  ExtraCopies=1
G-String  ESP 406  ExtraCopies=5
Gal From Pennsylvania  Windsor 4931  ExtraCopies=2
Gal In Calico  TNT 167  ExtraCopies=3
Gal With A Broken Heart  Rockin' A 1335  ExtraCopies=1
Galleywest / G Train  Grenn 12068  ExtraCopies=3
Gamblin' Man  Blue Star 1538  ExtraCopies=3
Games People Play  Bogan 1247  ExtraCopies=1
Garden Party  Red Boot 197  ExtraCopies=1
Gardinias  Red Boot 903  ExtraCopies=1
Gate Of Love  Rawhide 106  ExtraCopies=4
Gay Cabellero  Kalox 1176  ExtraCopies=4
Gazebo (With Instrumental Lead) / Gazebo (Without Instrumental Lead)  Sets In Order 2124  ExtraCopies=1
Gene Autry, My Hero  Blue Star 2317  ExtraCopies=2
Genghis Khan  FTC 32034  ExtraCopies=1
Gentle On My Mind  Wagon Wheel 113  ExtraCopies=4
Gentle On My Mind  Jewel 142  ExtraCopies=1
Gentle On My Mind  Wagon Wheel 911  ExtraCopies=1
Gentle On My Mind  DJ 122  ExtraCopies=1
Gentle On My Mind  Circle D 218  ExtraCopies=6
Georgia Jamboree / Quebec Quadrille  Windsor 4174  ExtraCopies=8
Georgia On My Mind  Red Boot 3002  ExtraCopies=1
Georgia On My Mind  Top 25021  ExtraCopies=1
Georgia Rain  Prairie 1062  ExtraCopies=1
Georgia Sunshine  Longhorn 187  ExtraCopies=4
Georgia Sunshine  Blue Star 1908  ExtraCopies=2
Geraldine  El Dorado 106  ExtraCopies=1
Get Back  White Knight 5  ExtraCopies=2
Get Back  Elite (new) 1006  ExtraCopies=1
Get It Right  Blue Star 2141  ExtraCopies=1
Get Me Back To Dixie  Chaparral 323  ExtraCopies=1
Get Me Back To Dixie  Solid Gold 301  ExtraCopies=1
Get On Board My Wagon  Riverboat 132  ExtraCopies=1
Get On My Love Train  Red Boot 178  ExtraCopies=6
Get Out And Get Under The Moon  Grenn 12084  ExtraCopies=3
Get Ready / Old 97  Kalox 1060  ExtraCopies=3
Get Rhythm  Royal 506  ExtraCopies=2
Get Rhythm  Prairie 1116  ExtraCopies=2
Getting It On / Whatjamacallit  Kalox 1210  ExtraCopies=4
Ghost Riders  Mustang 504  ExtraCopies=1
Ghost Riders  Kalox 1219  ExtraCopies=1
Ghost Riders In The Sky  4-Bar-B 6013  ExtraCopies=5
Ghost Town Hoedown / Boot Hill Boogie  Ghost Town 1  ExtraCopies=2
Ghost Written Love Letters  Bogan 1346  ExtraCopies=1
Gimme 3 Steps  Hi Hat 5050  ExtraCopies=1
Gimme A Little Kiss  Hoedowner 104  ExtraCopies=6
Gimme One More Chance  Big Mac 66  ExtraCopies=4
Gimmie Back My Blues  Blue Star 2078  ExtraCopies=1
Gimmie Back My Blues  Blue Star 2255  ExtraCopies=2
Gimmie Back Those Blues  Chaparral 404  ExtraCopies=12
Gin And Juice / Walk This Way  Royal 417  ExtraCopies=1
Girl I Adore  Windsor 4945  ExtraCopies=2
Girl With Gardenias  Red Boot Star 1238  ExtraCopies=4
Girls All Get Prettier (At Closing Time)  Buckskin 1231  ExtraCopies=3
Girls Over 30  Nickel 30  ExtraCopies=1
Gitdown No. 1 / Long Journey  Windsor 4167  ExtraCopies=8
Give A Lonely Heart A Home  Lore 1185  ExtraCopies=1
Give Back My Heart  Ranch House 222  ExtraCopies=2
Give It Your Best  Jopat 222  ExtraCopies=6
Give It Your Best  Lou Mac 174  ExtraCopies=1
Give Me A Chance To Dance  Chaparral 324  ExtraCopies=1
Give Me Back My Heart  Blue Star 1886  ExtraCopies=1
Give Me Five Minutes More  Scope 578  ExtraCopies=1
Give Me One More Chance  Lou Mac 154  ExtraCopies=3
Give Me One More Chance  Mountain 41  ExtraCopies=3
Give My Regards To Broadway  MacGregor 2420  ExtraCopies=5
Give My Regards To Broadway  Blue Star 2352  ExtraCopies=1
Give My Regards To Broadway  MacGregor 1057  ExtraCopies=3
Give My Regards To Broadway  Scope 505  ExtraCopies=1
Give My Regards To Broadway  Blue Star 1623  ExtraCopies=3
Give The World A Smile  Red Boot 3006  ExtraCopies=1
Glad Rag Doll  Windsor 4926  ExtraCopies=2
Glad Rag Shuffle  Hi Hat 381  ExtraCopies=2
Glad Rags  Windsor 4806  ExtraCopies=6
Glad Rags / Roses And Revolvers  MacGregor 7655  ExtraCopies=2
Glad-Rag Doll  Old Timer 203  ExtraCopies=1
Gladys Stomp / Cloggin Down Yonder  Red Boot 302  ExtraCopies=5
Glass Hearts  Hoedowner 124  ExtraCopies=1
Glass Hearts  Eagle 2106  ExtraCopies=1
Glendale Train  Wagon Wheel 311  ExtraCopies=6
Glendale Train  4-Bar-B 6061  ExtraCopies=3
Glory Hallelujah  Lore 1166  ExtraCopies=2
Glory Hallelujah  Blue Star 1625  ExtraCopies=1
Glory Hallelujah  4-Bar-B 6088  ExtraCopies=1
Glory Of Love  Royal 224  ExtraCopies=2
Glory On My Mind  Bogan 1262  ExtraCopies=1
Glow Worm  TNT 217  ExtraCopies=4
Glowin' In The Ashes (My Heart's Still)  Gold Wing 104  ExtraCopies=2
Gnat / Flea  Thunderbird 516  ExtraCopies=5
Go On By  Windsor 4869  ExtraCopies=3
Go Star Thru  Top 25001  ExtraCopies=1
Go The Distance / Nobody's Business  Blue Star 2466  ExtraCopies=1
Go-Get-Em's  Longhorn 403  ExtraCopies=15
God Bless America  Gold Star 712  ExtraCopies=4
God Bless America Again  4-Bar-B 6092  ExtraCopies=1
God Bless Texas  Mar Let 605  ExtraCopies=2
God Bless The USA  Lamon 10149  ExtraCopies=1
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You  Global Music 209  ExtraCopies=1
Gold And Silver  MacGregor 1000  ExtraCopies=4
Gold And Silver  Roofers 106  ExtraCopies=1
Gold Diggin' / Where's Rabbit?  Windsor 5028  ExtraCopies=2
Golden Daze / Outrigger  Top 25061  ExtraCopies=4
Golden Eagle Grand March / Raggedy Andy  Chaparral 110  ExtraCopies=4
Golden Memories  Rhythm 166  ExtraCopies=11
Golden Memories  ESP 202  ExtraCopies=18
Golden Memories  Hi Hat 5046  ExtraCopies=2
Golden Memories And Silver Tears  Hi Hat 5165  ExtraCopies=2
Golden Reel / Chordex  Sets In Order 60 / 61  ExtraCopies=3
Golden Reel / Chordex  Windsor 4166  ExtraCopies=12
Golden Rocket  Rockin' M 602  ExtraCopies=1
Golden Rocket  MacGregor 926  ExtraCopies=7
Golden Rocket  Gold Star 701  ExtraCopies=1
Golden Rocket  Royal 521  ExtraCopies=1
Golden Stairs  Old Timer 8200  ExtraCopies=1
Golden Tears  Rockin' A 1371  ExtraCopies=3
Gone / Seeing Nellie Home  MacGregor 8615  ExtraCopies=2
Gone At Last  Chaparral 301  ExtraCopies=13
Gone Away  Ocean 3  ExtraCopies=1
Gone To Gilley's  Blue Star 2139  ExtraCopies=2
Gone To Wal-Mart  4-Bar-B 6139  ExtraCopies=1
Gone, Gone, Gone  Hi Hat 419  ExtraCopies=4
Gone, Gone, Gone  Global Music 918  ExtraCopies=1
Gone, Gone, Gone  Lore 1222  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Be A Country Boy  Riverboat 225  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Boogie Tonight  Grenn 12151  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Build A Mountain  Hi Hat 5014  ExtraCopies=3
Gonna Build A Mountain  Blue Star 1915  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Change Everything  Top 25201  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Dance Tonite  Blue Ribbon 222  ExtraCopies=2
Gonna Go Huntin'  Blue Star 2200  ExtraCopies=3
Gonna Have A Ball  Jopat 204  ExtraCopies=3
Gonna Have A Ball  MacGregor 2056  ExtraCopies=4
Gonna Have A Happy Time  MacGregor 2038  ExtraCopies=5
Gonna Have A Party  ESP 601  ExtraCopies=4
Gonna Have A Party  Red Boot 286  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Have To Catch Me  Wagon Wheel 207  ExtraCopies=9
Gonna Hire A Caller  Petticoat Patter 110  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Lose My Blues Tonight  C Bar C 808  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight  Windsor 4818  ExtraCopies=4
Gonna Take A Lot Of River  Mustang 196  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Take My Angel Out Tonite  Desert 2  ExtraCopies=1
Gonna Take My Girlie To The Square Dance  MacGregor 983  ExtraCopies=3
Gonna Tear Down The Walls  Rawhide 142  ExtraCopies=2
Good 'N' Country  ESP 310  ExtraCopies=1
Good Clean Fun  Bogan 1183  ExtraCopies=1
Good Deal Lucille  Bogan 1233  ExtraCopies=1
Good Deal Lucille  Top 25218  ExtraCopies=1
Good Fire Going  Rhythm 189  ExtraCopies=5
Good Friends  Top 25275  ExtraCopies=4
Good Friends  Global Music 605  ExtraCopies=2
Good Friends  Square Tunes 196  ExtraCopies=2
Good Hearted Woman  Square Tunes 146  ExtraCopies=1
Good Hearted Woman  Kalox 1141  ExtraCopies=2
Good Hearted Woman  Alliance 101  ExtraCopies=2
Good Hearted Woman  Circle D 201  ExtraCopies=2
Good Hearted Woman  Red Boot 260  ExtraCopies=2
Good Hearted Woman  Rhythm 119  ExtraCopies=4
Good Intentions / Let The Bells Keep Ringing  Windsor 4171  ExtraCopies=6
Good Luck Charm  Rhythm 161  ExtraCopies=4
Good Man  MacGregor 1092  ExtraCopies=6
Good Morning Country Rain  Red Boot 136  ExtraCopies=8
Good Morning Country Rain  Top 25271  ExtraCopies=5
Good Morning Loving  Square Tunes 158  ExtraCopies=4
Good News  Wagon Wheel 214  ExtraCopies=3
Good Night Sweetheart  ESP 1015  ExtraCopies=2
Good Ol Days Are Right Now  ESP 1060  ExtraCopies=2
Good Ol' Bad Ol' Days  Lucky 17  ExtraCopies=2
Good Old Country Song  FTC 32015  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Country Style  MacGregor 968  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Days  Hi Hat 337  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Days  MacGregor 972  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Days  Windsor 4820  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Days  ESP 309  ExtraCopies=6
Good Old Girls  Lore 1197  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Girls  Riverboat 129  ExtraCopies=1
Good Old Lucy Brown  Flutter Wheel 505  ExtraCopies=3
Good Old Square Dance Days  Blue Ribbon 243  ExtraCopies=5
Good Old Summertime  Blue Star 2239  ExtraCopies=1
Good Ole You Know Who  Blue Star 1976  ExtraCopies=1
Good Things  Global Music 702  ExtraCopies=2
Good Things  Eagle 1205  ExtraCopies=2
Good Things  Desert 20  ExtraCopies=1
Good Time Charlie's  Global Music 940  ExtraCopies=1
Good Time Polka  Hi Hat 329  ExtraCopies=2
Good Times  MacGregor 1053  ExtraCopies=5
Good Times  Ponderosa 4  ExtraCopies=2
Good Times Roll  Circle D 265  ExtraCopies=1
Good Timin' Shoes  Chicago Country 17  ExtraCopies=1
Good Woman Blues  Lightning S 5032  ExtraCopies=1
Good Woman Blues  Riverboat 109  ExtraCopies=1
Good Woman Blues  Circle D 207  ExtraCopies=2
Good, Bad, Ugly / Standing Room  Mountain 5015  ExtraCopies=1
Good-Bye Marie  D & R 157  ExtraCopies=1
Good-Bye My Lady Love  Buckskin 1248  ExtraCopies=1
Goodbye Marie  Mountain 6  ExtraCopies=1
Goodbye My Lady Love  Top 25096  ExtraCopies=4
Goodbye My Lady Love  Thunderbird 196  ExtraCopies=1
Goodnight  Top 25296  ExtraCopies=5
Goodnight Irene  Seven C's 206  ExtraCopies=1
Goodnight Ladies / Happy Birthday / Auld Lang Syne / Goodnight Sweetheart / Fanfare / Grand March  Grenn 16001  ExtraCopies=6
Goodnight Sweetheart  Top 25263  ExtraCopies=3
Goodnight Sweetheart  Top 25069  ExtraCopies=6
Goodnight Sweetheart  Blue Star 2229  ExtraCopies=2
Goodnight Sweetheart  Top 25358  ExtraCopies=4
Goodnite Little Girl  Longhorn 1022  ExtraCopies=1
Goodtime Charlie  Global Music 908  ExtraCopies=2
Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues  Red Boot 146  ExtraCopies=1
Goodtime Charlies  Longhorn 186  ExtraCopies=1
Goody Goody  ESP 901  ExtraCopies=3
Goody, Goody  Chinook 2  ExtraCopies=2
Goody, Goody / Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella  Sets In Order 2111  ExtraCopies=3
Goofy Square  Top 25047  ExtraCopies=1
Gordo's Quadrille  Square Dancetime 2  ExtraCopies=8
Gospel Medley  Sting 203  ExtraCopies=2
Got A Lot Of Rhythm  Quadrille 905  ExtraCopies=1
Got A Lot Of Rhythm  Longhorn 149  ExtraCopies=2
Got Leavin' On Her Mind  Red Boot 278  ExtraCopies=4
Got Leaving On Her Mind  Red Boot 168  ExtraCopies=2
Got My Heart Set On You  Quadrille 851  ExtraCopies=5
Got No Reason Now For Going Home  Blue Star 2279  ExtraCopies=1
Gotta Quit Lookin' At You Baby  Roadrunner 102  ExtraCopies=4
Gotta Take Me Back  Longhorn 146  ExtraCopies=2
Gotta Travel On  Alliance 106  ExtraCopies=1
Grand March / Yak Time  Sets In Order 2146  ExtraCopies=4
Grand Ol' Square Dance Time  Grand 401  ExtraCopies=1
Grand Old Flag  Lore 1073  ExtraCopies=2
Grand Old Flag  Hi Hat 458  ExtraCopies=1
Grand Prowl  Flip 104  ExtraCopies=2
Grand Square  Sets In Order 102  ExtraCopies=6
Grand Square Six Quadrille  Square Dancetime 9  ExtraCopies=1
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer  4-Bar-B 6030  ExtraCopies=1
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer  JR 100  ExtraCopies=1
Grandma Harp  Blue Star 1964  ExtraCopies=1
Grandma's Feather Bed  Jay-Bar-Kay 6011  ExtraCopies=3
Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good 'Ol Days)  Prairie 1009  ExtraCopies=1
Gravy Train  Windsor 4847  ExtraCopies=5
Great Afternoon  Chaparral 304  ExtraCopies=10
Great American Guest  Hi Hat 5056  ExtraCopies=1
Great Balls of Fire  Chaparral 206  ExtraCopies=3
Great Balls Of Fire  Red Boot Star 1328  ExtraCopies=1
Great Mail Robbery  D & R 103  ExtraCopies=1
Green Goddess / Geyser Basin  Top 25055  ExtraCopies=1
Green Grass Of Home  Grenn 12114  ExtraCopies=2
Green Green  Chaparral 714  ExtraCopies=2
Green Green  Top 25116  ExtraCopies=1
Green Green  Flip 115  ExtraCopies=1
Green Light  Quadrille 842  ExtraCopies=2
Green Light  Blue Star 1740  ExtraCopies=1
Green River  Sets In Order 114  ExtraCopies=3
Green River  Chinook 68  ExtraCopies=3
Green River  MacGregor 979  ExtraCopies=1
Green River  Grenn 12133  ExtraCopies=7
Green, Green Grass Of Home  Hi Hat 5008  ExtraCopies=4
Greenback Dollar  Mustang 194  ExtraCopies=3
Grenn Medley  FTC 32043  ExtraCopies=1
Grennlin / Catie M  Grenn 12002  ExtraCopies=2
Grey Eagle / Cripple Creek  Square Tunes 144  ExtraCopies=2
Grey Eagle / Walkin In My Sleep  MacGregor 2122  ExtraCopies=2
Gridiron / Jalopy  Grenn 12087  ExtraCopies=2
Groovin'  ESP 414  ExtraCopies=2
Guess I'll Pick Up My Heart  Thunderbird 168  ExtraCopies=2
Guess It Never Hurts  ESP 126  ExtraCopies=4
Guess It Never Hurts  Mustang 193  ExtraCopies=1
Guitar Fancy / Chicken Plucker  Sets In Order 2148  ExtraCopies=8
Guitar Man  Chaparral 309  ExtraCopies=9
Guitar Rag  Red Boot 325  ExtraCopies=1
Guitar, Fiddle And Steel / Toot, Toot, Toot  Blue Star 2321  ExtraCopies=1
Guitars And Cadillacs  Lou Mac 164  ExtraCopies=1
Guitars, Cadillacs And Hillbilly Music  Mountain 62  ExtraCopies=2
Gung-Hoe  Seven C's 114  ExtraCopies=1
Gypsy  Riverboat 220  ExtraCopies=1
Gypsy / Old Joe  Prairie 2004  ExtraCopies=1
Gypsy Feet  Triangle 107  ExtraCopies=2
Gypsy Feet  Windsor 5079  ExtraCopies=4
Gypsy Feet  Hi Hat 5158  ExtraCopies=1
Gypsy Feet  Lightning S 5004  ExtraCopies=1
Gypsy Feet / Yesterday  Chaparral 115  ExtraCopies=4
Gypsy Man  Big Mac 7  ExtraCopies=2

Half Past Kissing Time  Kalox 1199  ExtraCopies=2
Half-A-Love / Eastbound & Down  Silver Eagle 203  ExtraCopies=1
Hallelujah  Scope 520  ExtraCopies=1
Hallelujah Medley  Square Tunes 205  ExtraCopies=1
Hallelujah, I Just Love You So  Prairie 1079  ExtraCopies=1
Hambone  Jewel 109  ExtraCopies=1
Hambone / Treat Her Right  Scope 317  ExtraCopies=3
Hammer Head Hoedown / Pepper Pot Hoedown  Rawhide 516  ExtraCopies=1
Hand Clappin'  Windsor 5011  ExtraCopies=5
Hand Picked / Ida Red  Chaparral 111  ExtraCopies=6
Hands  Sunny Hills 147  ExtraCopies=4
Hands  Tahoe 507  ExtraCopies=1
Hang On The Bell  Dance Ranch 608  ExtraCopies=1
Hang On To Your Heart  ESP 136  ExtraCopies=4
Hang The Key On The Bunkhouse Door  Pioneer 117  ExtraCopies=3
Hangin Around  Circle D 234  ExtraCopies=1
Hangin' Around  Lou Mac 175  ExtraCopies=5
Hangin' Around (with Fiddle / with Guitar)  Windsor 5118  ExtraCopies=2
Hangin' Up My Travelin' Shoes  Prairie 1071  ExtraCopies=1
Hangin' Up My Traveling Shoes  Hi Hat 5094  ExtraCopies=3
Happy / Ginger  Hi Hat 671  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Birthday / Jolly Good Fellow / Giant Fanfare / Trumpet Fanfare / Drum Walk Up / The Old Gray M  Sets In Order 2136  ExtraCopies=3
Happy Birthday Medley  Scope 630  ExtraCopies=2
Happy Cowboy  Elk 7  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Days Are Here Again  MacGregor 937  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Days Are Here Again  TNT 131  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Days Are Here Again  Red Boot 212  ExtraCopies=2
Happy Go Lucky Day  TNT 114  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Go Lucky Me  Circle D 282  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Heart  Flutter Wheel 502X  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Heart  MacGregor 2099  ExtraCopies=6
Happy Heart  Desert 38  ExtraCopies=2
Happy Heart  Blue Star 1919  ExtraCopies=3
Happy Hoe / Swedish Special  Sting 501  ExtraCopies=3
Happy Hoedown / R.P.M.  Ranch House 106  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Life  Kalox 1032  ExtraCopies=5
Happy Piano / Company's Comin' Hoe  Blue Star 2394  ExtraCopies=4
Happy Reelin' / Tennessee #9  MacGregor 7855  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Song  Square Dancetime 1  ExtraCopies=2
Happy Times Are Here Again  MacGregor 2047  ExtraCopies=5
Happy Together  Eagle 3410  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Tracks  MacGregor 2016  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Tracks  Bogan 1274  ExtraCopies=2
Happy Tracks  Windsor 4873  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Trails  4-Bar-B 6085  ExtraCopies=1
Happy Ways  Scope 519  ExtraCopies=1
Hard Dog To Keep Under The Porch  ESP 605  ExtraCopies=16
Hard For The Money  Eureka 1903  ExtraCopies=5
Hard Hearted Hannah  Mountain 52  ExtraCopies=1
Hard Times Roll  A Bar K 106  ExtraCopies=1
Hard, Hard Traveling Man  Jewel 148  ExtraCopies=3
Hardest Thing I'll Ever Do  Chinook 22  ExtraCopies=5
Harold's Super Service  Red Boot 121  ExtraCopies=2
Harper Valley P. T. A.  Jay-Bar-Kay 106  ExtraCopies=1
Harvest of Sunshine  Top 25115  ExtraCopies=3
Hash / Mojo  Jewel 126X  ExtraCopies=2
Hash F / Hash G  Red Boot 329  ExtraCopies=2
Hashin' The Boogie  Lore 1001  ExtraCopies=1
Hashin' Up The Devil / Riverside Hoedown  Sets In Order 15 / 16  ExtraCopies=1
Hasta La Vista, Jose!  Windsor 5054  ExtraCopies=3
Hasta Manana  Dance Ranch 655  ExtraCopies=2
Hat Full Of Feathers  Hi Hat 5025  ExtraCopies=2
Haul Off And Love Me  Dance Ranch 635  ExtraCopies=2
Haul Off And Swing  Longhorn 134  ExtraCopies=1
Haulover / Jigsaw  Top 25239  ExtraCopies=7
Have A Good Day And Pass It On  Dance Ranch 629  ExtraCopies=2
Have A Happy Time  Top 25253  ExtraCopies=1
Have A Little Faith  Top 25181  ExtraCopies=3
Have A Little Faith  ESP 185  ExtraCopies=3
Have Faith  Longhorn 176  ExtraCopies=2
Have I Stayed Away Too Long  Blue Ribbon 249  ExtraCopies=1
Have I Told You Lately  Lou Mac 128  ExtraCopies=4
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You  Kalox 1315  ExtraCopies=1
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?  Sting 111  ExtraCopies=1
Have You Loved Your Woman Today  Fine Tune 130  ExtraCopies=3
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  Hi Hat 5152  ExtraCopies=1
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  Blue Star 2495  ExtraCopies=1
Havin' Fun  Global Music 101  ExtraCopies=1
Having A Party  Golden Eagle 21  ExtraCopies=1
Having A Square Dance  Lucky 14  ExtraCopies=6
Hawaiian Melody  FTC 32046  ExtraCopies=3
Hawaiian Tattoo  Grenn 12075  ExtraCopies=2
Hawley's Hoedown / Skipping Along  Golden Square 6502  ExtraCopies=1
Hazel Eyes  J-Bar-L 4119  ExtraCopies=2
Hazel Eyes  Big Mac 74  ExtraCopies=1
Hazel Eyes  Chaparral 3505  ExtraCopies=4
Hazel Eyes  J-Bar-L 4126  ExtraCopies=10
Hazel Eyes  Scope 549  ExtraCopies=8
Hazel-Mae / Sassafras  Sting 506  ExtraCopies=3
Hazzard / Maggie  Red Boot 308  ExtraCopies=5
He Got You  Red Boot 295  ExtraCopies=4
He Stopped Loving Her Today  Elk 36  ExtraCopies=2
He's Got The Whole World  TNT 135  ExtraCopies=2
He's My Rock  Hi Hat 5244  ExtraCopies=1
Head 'Em Up / Move 'Em Out  Hi Hat 632  ExtraCopies=4
Head Over Heels  Mar Let 518  ExtraCopies=2
Head Over Heels In Love  Lore 1217  ExtraCopies=2
Headache Tomorrow Heartache Tonight  Global Music 1003  ExtraCopies=1
Headache Tomorrow Or A Heartache Tonight  Good Vibrations 101  ExtraCopies=3
Headed For A Heartache  Red Boot 284  ExtraCopies=2
Headin' For The Barn / Down Home Rag  Kalox 1044  ExtraCopies=2
Headin' West  Ranch House 802  ExtraCopies=3
Heading East / Rock Hoedown  Scope 324  ExtraCopies=5
Hear Them Bells  Square L 109  ExtraCopies=1
Heart Beats / Antonio  Desert 9004  ExtraCopies=1
Heart Break Mountain  Square Tunes 138  ExtraCopies=2
Heart Broke  Quadrille 819  ExtraCopies=1
Heart Full Of Love  Blue Star 2071  ExtraCopies=1
Heart Of Gold  Western Jubilee 558  ExtraCopies=1
Heart Of My Heart  Blue Star 2143  ExtraCopies=4
Heart Of My Heart  Chaparral 3504  ExtraCopies=13
Heart Of My Heart  Longhorn 182  ExtraCopies=3
Heart Of My Heart  Blue Star 2277  ExtraCopies=1
Heart Of My Heart #2  MacGregor 976  ExtraCopies=3
Heart Over Mind  Kalox 1110  ExtraCopies=4
Heart Over Mind  Global Music 606  ExtraCopies=1
Heart To Heart  Chinook 60  ExtraCopies=9
Heart-Breaker  Jay-Bar-Kay 120  ExtraCopies=2
Heartache Tonight  Shakedown 228  ExtraCopies=1
Heartaches  Ranch House 905  ExtraCopies=3
Heartaches  Top 25119  ExtraCopies=2
Heartaches  Windsor 5069  ExtraCopies=2
Heartaches By The Number  Scope 603  ExtraCopies=1
Heartaches By The Number  Blue Ribbon 270  ExtraCopies=1
Heartaches By The Numbers  Pilgrim 302  ExtraCopies=1
Heartaches By The Numbers  Sunny Hills 5003  ExtraCopies=1
Heartaches By The Numbers  Rockin' A 1326  ExtraCopies=1
Heartaches By The Numbers  Blue Star 1541  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbeat In The Darkness  Red Boot 2997  ExtraCopies=4
Heartbreak Express  Kalox 1273  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbreak Hotel  Fine Tune 112  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbreak Hotel  Blue Star 2098  ExtraCopies=4
Heartbreak Hurricane  Eureka 1401  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbreak Mountain  Enis 2400  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbreak Mountain  Big Mac 28  ExtraCopies=2
Heartbreak Mountain  Hi Hat 5183  ExtraCopies=2
Heartbreak Mountain  Jopat 106  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbreaker  MacGregor 988  ExtraCopies=1
Heartbroke  ESP 114  ExtraCopies=2
Hearts Aren't Made To Break  Ranch House 220  ExtraCopies=2
Heaven Is My Woman's Love  Blue Star 2157  ExtraCopies=1
Heaven Is My Woman's Love  Blue Star 1941  ExtraCopies=2
Heaven Is My Women's Love  Windsor 5094  ExtraCopies=2
Heaven Says Hello  Lore 1100  ExtraCopies=1
Heaven's Just A Sin Away  Red Boot Star 1240  ExtraCopies=2
Heavenly / Tiger, Tiger  Hi Hat 618  ExtraCopies=4
Hector & Holly / Tupelo  Mountain 5013  ExtraCopies=2
Hee Haw Polka Square  Rockin' A 1361  ExtraCopies=13
Heel And Toe  Balance 115  ExtraCopies=1
Helena Polka  Scope 571  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Baby  Chicago Country 11  ExtraCopies=8
Hello Blues  Rhythm 143  ExtraCopies=6
Hello Blues And Down The Road I Go  Red Boot 172  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Brown Eyes  Longhorn 1017  ExtraCopies=5
Hello Daddy Good Morning Darling  Red Boot 259  ExtraCopies=8
Hello Doll  MacGregor 2049  ExtraCopies=4
Hello Dolly  Greenwood 9001  ExtraCopies=10
Hello Dolly  TNT 221  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Dolly  Red Boot Star 1348  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Dolly  Blue Star 1729  ExtraCopies=5
Hello Dolly  Jewel 122  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Good Morning Happy Day  Prairie 1029  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Hello  Scope 624  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Love  D & R 102  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Love  TNT 154  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Love  Kalox 1209  ExtraCopies=8
Hello Mary Lou  Chaparral 3513  ExtraCopies=6
Hello Mary Lou  Bogan 1135  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Mary Lou  Blue Star 2291  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Mary Lou  Top 25034  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Medley  Blue Star 2390  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Mexico  D & R 139  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Mexico  Red Boot Star 1246  ExtraCopies=2
Hello My Baby  MacGregor 1008  ExtraCopies=1
Hello My Honey  Scope 570  ExtraCopies=2
Hello Summertime  Hi Hat 449  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Texas  Blue Star 2156  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Trouble  ESP 724  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Trouble  Lightning 103  ExtraCopies=1
Hello Trouble  Kalox 1162  ExtraCopies=5
Hello, Hello, Hello  MacGregor 923  ExtraCopies=1
Help  Chaparral 809  ExtraCopies=1
Help I'm White And I Can't Get Down  DJ 109  ExtraCopies=1
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Mustang 134  ExtraCopies=4
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Square Tunes 134  ExtraCopies=2
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Blue Star 2151  ExtraCopies=2
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Elk 8  ExtraCopies=3
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Quadrille 893  ExtraCopies=1
Help Me Make It Thru The Night  ESP 1103  ExtraCopies=1
Help Me Rhonda  Royal 323  ExtraCopies=1
Help Yourself To Me  Rhythm 102  ExtraCopies=13
Help Yourself To Some Tomorrow  Dance Ranch 602  ExtraCopies=1
Henrietta  Red Boot Star 1322  ExtraCopies=1
Henry The Eighth  Grenn 12077  ExtraCopies=1
Henry VIII  White Knight 6  ExtraCopies=2
Hep Cat / Rockin' Dolly  Sets In Order 2130  ExtraCopies=2
Her Flashin' Eyes  Blue Star 2407  ExtraCopies=2
Her Front Door Is Open  Square L 110  ExtraCopies=1
Her Heart Or Mine  Red Boot Star 1356  ExtraCopies=2
Her Name Is...  Chinook 12  ExtraCopies=2
Here Comes The Night  Sting 324  ExtraCopies=1
Here I Am In Dallas  Rhythm 103  ExtraCopies=9
Here Rattler  Bogan 1372  ExtraCopies=1
Here Rattler Here  Blue Star 1794  ExtraCopies=1
Here's Johnnie / There's Garland  Blue Star 2382  ExtraCopies=2
Here's To Me  Wagon Wheel 208  ExtraCopies=3
Here's To You And Me  Kalox 1088  ExtraCopies=2
Heroes  Hi Hat 5133  ExtraCopies=1
Hertz Rent A Chick  Blue Star 1853  ExtraCopies=4
Hey Baby  Blue Star 2184  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Baby  Sting 601  ExtraCopies=2
Hey Baby  Venture 112  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Baby  Pioneer 124  ExtraCopies=5
Hey Good Lookin  Riverboat 222  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Good Lookin'  Top 25191  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Good Lookin'  Rawhide 178  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Good Lookin'  Quadrille 838  ExtraCopies=2
Hey Good Lookin'  Fine Tune 125  ExtraCopies=2
Hey Good Lookin'  Jopat 802  ExtraCopies=2
Hey Lei Lee Lei Lee  Wagon Wheel 914  ExtraCopies=3
Hey Li Le Li Le  Gold Star 719  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Li Lee Li Lee  Wagon Wheel 201  ExtraCopies=12
Hey Look Me Over  Blue Star 2172  ExtraCopies=2
Hey Ma / Little Red Wagon  Sets In Order 2083  ExtraCopies=4
Hey Ma / Little Red Wagon  Sets In Order 1047  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Ma!  Sets In Order 152  ExtraCopies=3
Hey Porter  Lore 1111  ExtraCopies=1
Hey Porter  Pioneer 103  ExtraCopies=2
Hey! Good Lookin'  MacGregor 2194  ExtraCopies=2
Hey, Baby You're Looking For Me  TNT 146  ExtraCopies=3
Hey, Good Looking  MacGregor 919  ExtraCopies=1
Hey, Look 'Em Over  Windsor 4971  ExtraCopies=2
Hey, Look Me Over  Windsor 4833  ExtraCopies=6
Hey, Look Me Over / Sleepy Time Gal  Grenn 14030  ExtraCopies=1
Hi Jolly  Grenn 12074  ExtraCopies=3
Hi Neighbor  Blue Star 2360  ExtraCopies=1
Hi Neighbor  MacGregor 1099  ExtraCopies=1
Hi-De-Ho / Whoa Dobbin  Hi Hat 607  ExtraCopies=5
High Cotton  Royal 306  ExtraCopies=3
High Gear / Barbour's Itch  Sets In Order 13 / 14  ExtraCopies=4
High Gear / Blue Mountain Top  Blue Star 1786  ExtraCopies=2
High Gear / Long John  Scope 323  ExtraCopies=4
High Gear / Up Jumped The Devil  Big Mac 1011  ExtraCopies=1
High Heel Girl  Nickel 35  ExtraCopies=1
High Horse  Fine Tune 123  ExtraCopies=1
Highland Fling / Cookin' Up A Storm  Sets In Order 31 / 32  ExtraCopies=8
Highland Fling / Jim Jam  Sets In Order 2147  ExtraCopies=4
Highland Fling / Jim Jam  Sets In Order 73 / 74  ExtraCopies=9
Highland Fling / Rubber Dolly  Sets In Order 37 / 38  ExtraCopies=9
Highway 40 Blues  Big Mac 57  ExtraCopies=5
Highway 40 Blues  Ranch House 506  ExtraCopies=3
Highway 40 Blues  Quadrille 824  ExtraCopies=3
Highway Forty Blues  Blue Star 2207  ExtraCopies=2
Highway Headed South  Mustang 165  ExtraCopies=1
Highway To Nowhere  Longhorn 151  ExtraCopies=1
Highway To Nowhere  Longhorn 1043  ExtraCopies=5
Highways Run Forever  Blue Star 2178  ExtraCopies=2
Hillbilly Fever  Top 25158  ExtraCopies=1
Hillbilly Fever  Bel Mar 5005  ExtraCopies=1
Hillbilly Rock  ESP 166  ExtraCopies=1
Hillbilly Rock  Circle D 244  ExtraCopies=2
Hills Of Habersham / Love's Dream After The Ball  Lloyd Shaw 181 / 182  ExtraCopies=1
Hindustan  Scope 625  ExtraCopies=3
History Of Shirley Jean  Brahma 101  ExtraCopies=1
Hitch Hike  Ranch House 501  ExtraCopies=6
Hitchin' A Ride  Windsor 5005  ExtraCopies=2
Ho-Down  ESP 403  ExtraCopies=3
Hoe-Boogie / Happy Man  Windsor 4184  ExtraCopies=10
Hoedown Blues  Shakedown 204  ExtraCopies=1
Hoedown Blues  Swinging Stars 103  ExtraCopies=2
Hokey-Pokey / Bunny Hop  MacGregor 6995  ExtraCopies=1
Hold Me  Thunderbird 181  ExtraCopies=1
Hold On Partner  ESP 173  ExtraCopies=3
Hold On To Your Man  Windsor 5059  ExtraCopies=1
Hold Whatcha Got  Quadrille 898  ExtraCopies=1
Holdin' A Good Hand  Quadrille 873  ExtraCopies=4
Holding The Bag  Seven C's 101  ExtraCopies=2
Holding The Family Together  Mountain 83  ExtraCopies=1
Hollywood (If Only Holly Would)  Cross Country 507  ExtraCopies=2
Home Among The Gum Trees  Seven C's 119  ExtraCopies=1
Home Brew / Moonshine  Fine Tune 126  ExtraCopies=2
Home Of My Heart  Windsor 4842  ExtraCopies=5
Home Style Lovin'  Top 25343  ExtraCopies=2
Homemade Love  Falcon 502  ExtraCopies=1
Homosassa Hornpipe  Lloyd Shaw 163 / 164  ExtraCopies=1
Honey  Blue Ribbon 260  ExtraCopies=2
Honey Be My Honey Bee  Longhorn 156  ExtraCopies=1
Honey Do  ESP 920  ExtraCopies=2
Honey I've Got You To Thank For That  Dance Ranch 672  ExtraCopies=1
Honey Love  Hi Hat 366  ExtraCopies=4
Honey Love  Blue Star 1752  ExtraCopies=2
Honey Love  Rawhide 116  ExtraCopies=2
Honey, All I Ever Need Is You  Jopat 1977  ExtraCopies=3
Honey, All I Ever Need Is You  Windsor 4990  ExtraCopies=1
Honeycomb  Quadrille 849  ExtraCopies=1
Honeymoon Feeling  Wagon Wheel 608  ExtraCopies=4
Honeysuckle Rose  Chinook 23  ExtraCopies=2
Honk Your Horn For Dixie  Thunderbird 216  ExtraCopies=1
Honk-Tonk Night On Broadway  Hi Hat 5048  ExtraCopies=2
Honky Tonk Attitude  Rawhide 189  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Attitude  Jopat 806  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Blues  Blue Ribbon 259  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Dancin' Machine  DJ 125  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Girl  Golden Square 6019  ExtraCopies=3
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors  Thunderbird 207  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Heroes  Chaparral 502  ExtraCopies=12
Honky Tonk Man  Eagle 1207  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Man  Chicago Country 37  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Moon  Red Boot 3018  ExtraCopies=4
Honky Tonk Queen  ESP 201  ExtraCopies=4
Honky Tonk Saturday Night  Roofers 104  ExtraCopies=3
Honky Tonk Song  Lore 1158  ExtraCopies=2
Honky Tonk Sounds  Windsor 4930  ExtraCopies=4
Honky Tonk Square Dance Blues  Rhythm 105  ExtraCopies=5
Honky Tonk Walking  Circle D 260  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Woman  Royal 113  ExtraCopies=1
Honky Tonk Woman's Man  Melody 101  ExtraCopies=2
Hoofin' It / Hoofin' It (with Fiddle)  Quadrille 860  ExtraCopies=2
Hooked On A Feeling  Hi Hat 5166  ExtraCopies=2
Hooked On Cowboy Clothes And Country Music  Blue Star 2186  ExtraCopies=3
Hooked On Elvis  Rhythm 169  ExtraCopies=3
Hooked On Lovin' You  Red Boot 3024  ExtraCopies=1
Hooked On Music  Red Boot Star 1260  ExtraCopies=5
Hooked On Music  Lightning 401  ExtraCopies=1
Hoop De Doo  TNT 233  ExtraCopies=1
Hootenany Hoedown (key of G) / Hootenany Hoedown (key of A)  Wagon Wheel 105  ExtraCopies=4
Hoppin Satan / Texas Gallup  Sets In Order 2113  ExtraCopies=1
Horse Creek / Cloggin Sax  Red Boot 307  ExtraCopies=4
Hot Britches / Cabbage  MacGregor 1101  ExtraCopies=1
Hot Burnin' Flames  Eureka 1005  ExtraCopies=1
Hot Chile / Hot Chile Con Carne  Riverboat 508  ExtraCopies=5
Hot Diggity  Blue Star 2006  ExtraCopies=1
Hot Hot Hot  English Mountain 100  ExtraCopies=1
Hot Red Sweater  Red Boot 3007  ExtraCopies=7
Hot Rod Caller / Round Dance Man  Longhorn 502  ExtraCopies=3
Hot Stuff / You'll Never Know  Red Boot 912  ExtraCopies=2
Hot Time / Texas Patter  Rocket 107  ExtraCopies=1
Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight  Thunderbird 167  ExtraCopies=1
Hot To Trot  Royal 507  ExtraCopies=3
Hottest "X" In Texas  Big Mac 67  ExtraCopies=1
House At Pooh Corner  Royal 143  ExtraCopies=2
Houston  Wagon Wheel 302  ExtraCopies=6
Houston  Red Boot Star 1286  ExtraCopies=1
Houston  Fine Tune 115  ExtraCopies=2
How 'Bout Them Cowgirls  ESP 1115  ExtraCopies=1
How Come Blues  Hi Hat 367  ExtraCopies=1
How Come You Do Me Like You Do  Blue Ribbon 233  ExtraCopies=1
How Come You Do Me Like You Do  Jewel 152  ExtraCopies=2
How Come You Do Me Like You Do  Longhorn 1020  ExtraCopies=2
How Could I Love Her So Much  Red Boot 2992  ExtraCopies=5
How Could You Believe Me  Hoedowner 116  ExtraCopies=1
How Deep In Love  Chinook 30  ExtraCopies=2
How Did You Do It  Hi Hat 382  ExtraCopies=2
How Do You Do  Jay-Bar-Kay 155  ExtraCopies=1
How I Cried  Longhorn 139  ExtraCopies=7
How I Like To Dance  Square Tunes 120  ExtraCopies=1
How I Love Them Old Songs  Top 25292  ExtraCopies=5
How I Love Them Old Songs  TNT 119  ExtraCopies=4
How I'd Like To See You Again  Blue Star 2062  ExtraCopies=1
How I'm Loving You  Windsor 4939  ExtraCopies=1
How Long Have You Been There  Blue Star 2135  ExtraCopies=4
How Lucky  Desert 14  ExtraCopies=2
How Much I Love You  Hi Hat 420  ExtraCopies=3
How Sweet It Is  Rhythm 224  ExtraCopies=5
Howdy Neighbor, Howdy  Prairie 1003  ExtraCopies=3
Hubba Hubba  Bogan 1312  ExtraCopies=1
Huck's Hoedown / Square Ramble  Blue Bolt 601  ExtraCopies=1
Hukilau  Scope 615  ExtraCopies=1
Hula Love  Windsor 4169  ExtraCopies=4
Hum Diddle Dee  Bogan 1219  ExtraCopies=1
Humdinger  Top 25033  ExtraCopies=3
Hummingbird  Chinook 93  ExtraCopies=2
Hundred To One  Lore 1011  ExtraCopies=2
Hungry Eyes  Circle D 230  ExtraCopies=1
Hurry On Down  MacGregor 2093  ExtraCopies=4
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry  Blue Star 2122  ExtraCopies=2
Hush All Over The World  Swinging Stars 101  ExtraCopies=1
Hush Hush  Longhorn 172  ExtraCopies=5
Hush Hush / If You Come Back To Me  Kalox 1285  ExtraCopies=2

I Ain't Down Yet  MacGregor 2028  ExtraCopies=7
I Ain't Got No Business Doing Business Today  Roadrunner 203  ExtraCopies=12
I Ain't Got Nobody  4-Bar-B 6041  ExtraCopies=1
I Ain't Missing Nobody  Cross Road 6003  ExtraCopies=2
I Ain't Never  Rawhide 169  ExtraCopies=1
I Always Get Lucky With You  Hi Hat 5070  ExtraCopies=3
I Am A Simple Man  Mar Let 801  ExtraCopies=2
I Am The Dreamer  Riverboat 124  ExtraCopies=1
I Am The Dreamer  Bogan 1332  ExtraCopies=1
I Believe In Music  Wild West 201  ExtraCopies=1
I Believe In Music  Blue Star 1956  ExtraCopies=3
I Believe In Music  Royal 206  ExtraCopies=2
I Believe In Music  Top 25279  ExtraCopies=10
I Believe In Sunshine  Wagon Wheel 703  ExtraCopies=3
I Can Help  Scope 584  ExtraCopies=1
I Can Help  County Line 4  ExtraCopies=4
I Can Love You  Chinook 58  ExtraCopies=3
I Can See Forever Loving You  El Dorado 302  ExtraCopies=5
I Can Tell By The Way You Dance  Ranch House 703  ExtraCopies=4
I Can't Begin To Tell You  Lore 1044  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me  Silver Sounds 222  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Get Used To Sleeping Without You  Bogan 1293  ExtraCopies=6
I Can't Give You Anything But Love  Aqua 123  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Give You Anything But Love  Bogan 1120  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Give You Anything But Love  Quadrille 867  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Help It  Eureka 1016  ExtraCopies=3
I Can't Help It  Rockin' A 1314  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You  Red Boot 182  ExtraCopies=4
I Can't See Texas From Here  ESP 308  ExtraCopies=3
I Can't Square Dance By Myself  FTC 32036  ExtraCopies=2
I Can't Stop Lovin' You  Mountain 50  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Stop Now  Mar Let 513  ExtraCopies=1
I Can't Wait Any Longer  Melody 108  ExtraCopies=1
I Could Have Loved You For A Lifetime  Scope 551  ExtraCopies=1
I Could Sing All Night  Kalox 1066  ExtraCopies=3
I Couldn't Believe It Was True  Red Boot 174  ExtraCopies=4
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried  A Bar K 103  ExtraCopies=1
I Cross My Heart  Global Music 925  ExtraCopies=1
I Didn't (Every Chance I Had)  Eureka 1201  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today  Blue Star 2100  ExtraCopies=3
I Don't Care  MacGregor 969  ExtraCopies=3
I Don't Care  MacGregor 1052  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Care  Chaparral 212  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Care  Blue Star 2404  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine  Lore 1215  ExtraCopies=3
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine / Poor Boy  MacGregor 8055  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Drink From The River  Jopat 205  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Even Know Her Name  DJ 114  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Even Know Your Name  Crown 153  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Feel Like Dancing  Gramophone Productions 809  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Hurt Anymore  Riverboat 105  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Hurt Anymore  Jopat 802X  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Know A Thing About Love  Blue Star 2258  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Know A Thing About Love  Mountain 42  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Know A Thing About Love (The Moon Song)  Rhythm 180  ExtraCopies=4
I Don't Know Why  Jopat 105  ExtraCopies=3
I Don't Know Why  MacGregor 2059  ExtraCopies=5
I Don't Know Why  Hi Hat 456  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Know Why  ESP 155  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Live There Anymore  Blue Star 2194  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Love Nobody (Temporarily)  MacGregor 1027  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Mind  Kalox 1025  ExtraCopies=2
I Don't Need No Rocking Chair  ESP 187  ExtraCopies=3
I Don't Need Nothing (You Ain't Got)  ESP 511  ExtraCopies=6
I Don't Need Nothing You Ain't Got  Royal 318  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Think Love Oughta Be That Way  Big Mac 137  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore  Lightning 302  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight  Dance Ranch 666  ExtraCopies=3
I Don't Want To Cry  Rhythm 186  ExtraCopies=8
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing  Sting 703  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire  Chinook 88  ExtraCopies=1
I Don't Wanta Be Alone Tonight  Blue Star 2053  ExtraCopies=4
I Double Dare You  Sets In Order 111  ExtraCopies=3
I Fall To Pieces  Hi Hat 5185  ExtraCopies=1
I Feel Better  Scope 534  ExtraCopies=1
I Feel Better  Longhorn 157  ExtraCopies=1
I Feel Better  Cimarron 108  ExtraCopies=1
I Feel Better  Bel Mar 5009  ExtraCopies=1
I Feel Better  Kalox 1256  ExtraCopies=4
I Feel Better All Over  Jopat 206  ExtraCopies=1
I Feel It With You  Eagle 2004  ExtraCopies=2
I Feel Love  Riverboat 106  ExtraCopies=2
I Feel Lucky  Red Boot 3033  ExtraCopies=2
I Found A New Baby  Dance Ranch 732  ExtraCopies=1
I Found A New Baby  Blue Star 2263  ExtraCopies=5
I Found You Out  Square L 125  ExtraCopies=1
I Get So Lonesome  Lore 1180  ExtraCopies=3
I Get The Blues  Mar Let 515  ExtraCopies=1
I Get The Blues When It Rains  Big Mac 125  ExtraCopies=2
I Get The Blues When It Rains  Blue Star 1792  ExtraCopies=1
I Get The Blues When It Rains  Bogan 1360  ExtraCopies=1
I Got Mexico  Red Boot 2994  ExtraCopies=3
I Got Mine  MacGregor 1074  ExtraCopies=3
I Got Rhythm  Chicago Country 16  ExtraCopies=1
I Got The Hoss  Eagle 1301  ExtraCopies=1
I Got The Hoss  D & R 124  ExtraCopies=1
I Got The Hoss  Red Boot 231  ExtraCopies=2
I Gotta Right To Be Wrong  Whispering Pines 6  ExtraCopies=1
I Had A Beautiful Time  ESP 138  ExtraCopies=10
I Had A Lovely Time  Rhythm 132  ExtraCopies=6
I Had Someone Else  Blue Star 1727  ExtraCopies=2
I Hate To See Me Go  Hi Hat 380  ExtraCopies=2
I Have To Say I Love You In A Song  Royal 106  ExtraCopies=1
I Have You  Global Music 211  ExtraCopies=1
I Have You  Jopat 230  ExtraCopies=2
I Hear Kentucky Callin' Me  Thunderbird 229  ExtraCopies=1
I Hear Little Rock Calling  Windsor 4866  ExtraCopies=1
I Hear The South Calling Me  Bogan 1319  ExtraCopies=2
I Hear You Knockin'  ESP 1010  ExtraCopies=1
I Hear Your Name  Windsor 5015  ExtraCopies=1
I Heard It Through The Grapevine  ESP 153  ExtraCopies=2
I Just Call To Say I Love You  CW 2004  ExtraCopies=2
I Just Called  Gold-N-Star 703  ExtraCopies=1
I Just Called To Say I Love You  Chinook 83  ExtraCopies=1
I Just Came Home To Count The Memories  Red Boot 276  ExtraCopies=3
I Just Found Out I Love You  Thunderbird 154  ExtraCopies=2
I Just Want To Dance With You  4-Bar-B 6138  ExtraCopies=1
I Just Want To Dance With You  Hi Hat 5220  ExtraCopies=1
I Just Want To Dance With You  ESP 1029  ExtraCopies=4
I Just Wasted The Rest  C Bar C 532  ExtraCopies=1
I Keep Putting Off Getting Over You  Dance Ranch 677  ExtraCopies=3
I Know A Heartache  Sun Ra 1004  ExtraCopies=2
I Know A Little Bit  County Line 7  ExtraCopies=2
I Left My Heart In San Francisco  Bogan 1226  ExtraCopies=2
I Left My Heart In San Francisco  Blue Star 2473  ExtraCopies=1
I Light This Candle  Red Boot Star 1313  ExtraCopies=1
I Like It Like That  Rhythm 207  ExtraCopies=5
I Like It, I Love It  ESP 1004  ExtraCopies=1
I Like To Be With You  Hi Hat 497  ExtraCopies=1
I Like To Dance  Western Jubilee 564  ExtraCopies=2
I Like You  MacGregor 2305  ExtraCopies=5
I Like You  MacGregor 2060  ExtraCopies=2
I Like Your Kind Of Love  Bogan 1166  ExtraCopies=1
I Lobster  Rhythm 256  ExtraCopies=1
I Lose My Mind  Square Tunes 136  ExtraCopies=2
I Love A Rainy Night  Lightning 901  ExtraCopies=1
I Love Everybody  Lou Mac 101  ExtraCopies=1
I Love Girls  Old Timer 8181  ExtraCopies=1
I Love Livin' Country Style  Top 25264  ExtraCopies=1
I Love My Baby  Sets In Order 103  ExtraCopies=2
I Love New Orleans Music  Red Boot 291  ExtraCopies=2
I Love Only You  Hi Hat 5126  ExtraCopies=2
I Love You  Top 25314  ExtraCopies=5
I Love You Because  Chaparral 2201  ExtraCopies=1
I Love You Because  Chaparral 211  ExtraCopies=8
I Love You Better Than I Did Then  Bogan 1327  ExtraCopies=1
I Love You More & More Every Day  Hi Hat 5112  ExtraCopies=1
I Love You More And More  Windsor 5042  ExtraCopies=1
I Love You More And More Every Day  Windsor 4841  ExtraCopies=2
I Love You More Each Day  Rockin' A 1368  ExtraCopies=7
I Love You Most Of All  ESP 170  ExtraCopies=1
I Love You Most Of All  Blue Star 2104  ExtraCopies=3
I Love You So Much  Four Squares 791  ExtraCopies=3
I Love You True  Wagon Wheel 213  ExtraCopies=7
I Loved Them Everyone  Chaparral 509  ExtraCopies=8
I May Be Used  Red Boot 2995  ExtraCopies=2
I May Be Used But I Ain't Used Up  Blue Star 2259  ExtraCopies=1
I Miss My Swiss / Alabamy Bound  Sets In Order 2120  ExtraCopies=5
I Miss My Swiss / First Fling  Sets In Order 1114  ExtraCopies=1
I Need Something Easy Tonight  Thunderbird 191  ExtraCopies=4
I Never Knew  MacGregor 2183  ExtraCopies=1
I Never Knew  Blue Star 2369  ExtraCopies=2
I Never Knew The Devil's Eyes Were Blue  Big Mac 46  ExtraCopies=2
I Never Knew The Devil's Eyes Were Blue  ESP 306  ExtraCopies=1
I Never Know  Windsor 4851  ExtraCopies=1
I Never See Maggie Alone  Jopat 121  ExtraCopies=1
I Never See Maggie Alone  MacGregor 917  ExtraCopies=2
I Really Don't Want To Know  Elk 37  ExtraCopies=1
I Really Had A Ball Tonight  Thunderbird 169  ExtraCopies=1
I Recall A Gypsy Woman  Rhythm 129  ExtraCopies=5
I Saw Her Standing There  Global Music 935  ExtraCopies=2
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus  Lamon 10087  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw The Light  Brahma 203  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw The Light  D & R 112  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw The Light  Kalox 1030  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw Your Face In The Moon  Bogan 1104  ExtraCopies=3
I Saw Your Face In The Moon  Blue Star 2021  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw Your Face In The Moon  Scope 575  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw Your Face In The Moon  Bogan 1245  ExtraCopies=1
I Saw Your Face in the Moon  ESP 711  ExtraCopies=1
I See Them  Lou Mac 108  ExtraCopies=1
I See Them Everywhere  Hi Hat 385  ExtraCopies=2
I Shall Not Be Moved  Quadrille 910  ExtraCopies=2
I Should've Asked Her Faster  ESP 1003  ExtraCopies=3
I Square Danced All Night Long  Lucky 16  ExtraCopies=2
I Still Get Jealous  Kalox 1039  ExtraCopies=4
I Still Love You  Blue Star 2238  ExtraCopies=2
I Still Love You In The Same Old Way  ESP 506  ExtraCopies=6
I Stole The Flowers  Belco 112  ExtraCopies=1
I Swear  ESP 194  ExtraCopies=1
I Take A Lot Of Pride  Chinook 115  ExtraCopies=2
I Thank My Lucky Stars  Blue Star 1773  ExtraCopies=1
I Think About It All The Time  Shakedown 244  ExtraCopies=1
I Think About Your Love  ESP 203  ExtraCopies=4
I Think I Could Love You  Lou Mac 139  ExtraCopies=7
I Think I Could Love You  Whispering Pines 3  ExtraCopies=4
I Think I'm Going To Make It All The Way  Dance Ranch 626  ExtraCopies=1
I Think I'm In Love  Chaparral 320  ExtraCopies=5
I Think I'm In Love  Mar Let 512  ExtraCopies=2
I Wan'na Be Like You  Sting 326  ExtraCopies=1
I Wanna Sing  Chaparral 2301  ExtraCopies=2
I Wanna Wanna Lotta Lotta Lovin'  Chaparral 814  ExtraCopies=4
I Want A Girl  Top 25208  ExtraCopies=3
I Want A Girl  Lore 1189  ExtraCopies=3
I Want A Love Like That  Hi Hat 5108  ExtraCopies=1
I Want My Baby Back  ESP 1048  ExtraCopies=1
I Want My Mama  MacGregor 961  ExtraCopies=3
I Want To Be Your Salty Dog  Jay-Bar-Kay 130  ExtraCopies=3
I Want To Dance With You  Hi Hat 5104  ExtraCopies=1
I Want To Go Home (Detroit City)  TNT 142  ExtraCopies=1
I Want To See Me In Your Eyes  Kalox 1241  ExtraCopies=5
I Want To See You Again  Hi Hat 5007  ExtraCopies=6
I Want To Take Her To A Square Dance  Longhorn 1018  ExtraCopies=9
I Want To Take Her To A Square Dance  Kalox 1082  ExtraCopies=2
I Want You  Chinook 44  ExtraCopies=1
I Was Born A Ramblin' Man  Wagon Wheel 704  ExtraCopies=6
I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago  Mustang 146  ExtraCopies=1
I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool  Blue Star 2142  ExtraCopies=4
I Will  Global Music 708  ExtraCopies=2
I Will Always Love You  Global Music 105  ExtraCopies=1
I Will Follow Him  ABC 3  ExtraCopies=1
I Will Show You The Way  Kalox 1271  ExtraCopies=1
I Will Survive  4-Bar-B 6012  ExtraCopies=1
I Will Survive  Chaparral 506  ExtraCopies=3
I Wish Her Well  Red Boot 213  ExtraCopies=2
I Wish I Could Make A Living Loving You  Blue Star 2119  ExtraCopies=4
I Wish I Was 18 Again  Red Boot 258  ExtraCopies=1
I Wish I Was In Nashville  ESP 504  ExtraCopies=5
I Wish That I Had Loved You Better  Windsor 5051  ExtraCopies=3
I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head And Left My Heart Alone  Red Boot Star 1270  ExtraCopies=4
I Won't Be Number Two  MacGregor 930  ExtraCopies=2
I Won't Go Huntin'  Jewel 100  ExtraCopies=1
I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake  Coyote 701  ExtraCopies=3
I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake  Chaparral 529  ExtraCopies=3
I Won't Take Less Than Your Love  Red Boot 3014  ExtraCopies=4
I Wonder  Chicago Country 3  ExtraCopies=3
I Wonder Could I Live There Any More  Brahma 403  ExtraCopies=2
I Wonder Could I Live There Anymore  Lore 1227  ExtraCopies=1
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight  Red Boot 191  ExtraCopies=1
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight  Quadrille 923  ExtraCopies=1
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now  Blue Star 2358  ExtraCopies=2
I Wonder Why  Blue Star 1545  ExtraCopies=1
I Wonder Why  Bogan 1199  ExtraCopies=1
I Would Like To See You Again  ESP 1023  ExtraCopies=1
I Wouldn't Change You If I Could  ESP 204  ExtraCopies=6
I Write The Songs  Red Boot 206  ExtraCopies=1
I Write The Songs  Global Music 116  ExtraCopies=2
I Write The Songs  Chaparral 501  ExtraCopies=4
I Wrote A Song  Mustang 175  ExtraCopies=2
I Wrote A Song  ESP 322  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Be A Legend  D & R 133  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Better Call The Law On Me  MacGregor 1085  ExtraCopies=2
I'd Dance Every Dance With You  Quadrille 837  ExtraCopies=4
I'd Do It All Over Again  Red Boot Star 1293  ExtraCopies=3
I'd Go Crazy  Golden Eagle 8  ExtraCopies=5
I'd Like It  Hi Hat 316  ExtraCopies=3
I'd Like To Be  Lightning S 602  ExtraCopies=3
I'd Like To Be  Cardinal 33  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Like To Be The One You Say Good Mornin' To  Windsor 5047  ExtraCopies=2
I'd Like To Swing You One More Time  Lore 1064  ExtraCopies=2
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing  Windsor 4994  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Love You More Than I Do  Global Music 931  ExtraCopies=4
I'd Rather Fight!  Old Timer 8203  ExtraCopies=4
I'd Rather Go On Hurtin'  C Bar C 556  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Really Love To See Ya Tonight  Global Music 804  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Say You  Red Boot Star 1275  ExtraCopies=1
I'd Still Be There  Keeno 2270  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Always Be There  Global Music 120  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Always Love You  Hi Hat 427  ExtraCopies=6
I'll Always Remember That Song  Blue Star 2399  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Always Thank You For The Sunshine  Dance Ranch 623  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Always Thank You For The Sunshine / Cheatums Fiddle  J-Bar-L 4120  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Be Coming Back For More  Kalox 1257  ExtraCopies=4
I'll Be Danged  Chaparral 508  ExtraCopies=35
I'll Be Gone  Hi Hat 5090  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Be Gone  ESP 611  ExtraCopies=5
I'll Be Gone, Gone, Gone  Chaparral 518  ExtraCopies=6
I'll Be Home For Christmas  Red Boot Star 1304  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Be Home With Bells On  Blue Star 2286  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Be Lovin' You For Ever If I Can  Bee Sharp 106  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Be Loving You  MacGregor 2178  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Be Swinging Too  Rawhide 168  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Be The One  ESP 148  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Be Waiting There For You  Rockin' A 1367  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  Chinook 94  ExtraCopies=3
I'll Be Your San Antonio Rose  Thunderbird 160  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Bet You A Kangaroo  Lore 1161  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Come Runnin'  Scope 507  ExtraCopies=3
I'll Come Running  FTC 32012  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Come Running  Jopat 804  ExtraCopies=3
I'll Come Running  Top 25160  ExtraCopies=15
I'll Come Running  Big Mac 78  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Dance The Two Step  Ranch House 801  ExtraCopies=4
I'll Do It All Over Again  Sting 204  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Fly Away  TNT 199  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Fly Away  Bogan 1350  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Fly Away  4-Bar-B 6083  ExtraCopies=4
I'll Follow The Sun  Shakedown 246  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Get Along Somehow  Big Mac 27  ExtraCopies=4
I'll Get Over You  Thunderbird 155  ExtraCopies=7
I'll Hold You In My Arms  Buckskin 1218  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Leave This World Loving You  Grand 101  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Love You Tonight In My Dreams  Hoedowner 101  ExtraCopies=3
I'll Never Fall In Love Again  Jay-Bar-Kay 112  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Never Let You Go Little Darling  Longhorn 140  ExtraCopies=4
I'll Never Love Another  Blue Star 1747  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Never Need Another You  Chinook 66  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Promise You Tomorrow  Hi Hat 492  ExtraCopies=5
I'll See You In My Dreams  Blue Star 1933  ExtraCopies=2
I'll See You In My Dreams  Old Timer 206  ExtraCopies=2
I'll See You In My Dreams  Jopat 109  ExtraCopies=6
I'll See You In My Dreams  Old Timer 8140  ExtraCopies=3
I'll See You In My Dreams  Happy Tracks 102  ExtraCopies=2
I'll Sit This One Out  MacGregor 1071  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Take Care Of Your Cares  Scope 562  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Take Care Of Your Cares  Prairie 1088  ExtraCopies=1
I'll Take Care Of Your Cares  Longhorn 165  ExtraCopies=3
I'll Take Your Word  Blue Ribbon 209  ExtraCopies=2
I'm A Believer  Red Boot 217  ExtraCopies=5
I'm A Bum  Lloyd Shaw 523 / 524  ExtraCopies=1
I'm A Little Man  Lazy Eight 1  ExtraCopies=1
I'm A Louisiana Man  Windsor 5081  ExtraCopies=2
I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter  Windsor 4960  ExtraCopies=2
I'm A Swinger  MacGregor 2031  ExtraCopies=4
I'm A Swinger  Bogan 1349  ExtraCopies=1
I'm A Swinger  Circle D 257  ExtraCopies=1
I'm A Swinger  Blue Star 1826  ExtraCopies=1
I'm A Travelin' Man  Eagle 3004  ExtraCopies=4
I'm Alabamy Bound  Rawhide 179  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Already Blue  Big Mac 105  ExtraCopies=1
I'm An Old Hitchhiker  Top 25352  ExtraCopies=2
I'm An Old Rock & Roller  ESP 607  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Busted  Blue Star 2174  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Checkin' Out  Sting 332  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Coming Home Tonight  Pioneer 119  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Confessin'  Ponderosa 8  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Confessin'  ESP 141  ExtraCopies=5
I'm Countryfied  Prairie 1127  ExtraCopies=2
I'm For Love  ESP 608  ExtraCopies=4
I'm For Love  Lamon 10128  ExtraCopies=1
I'm For Love  Hi Hat 5079  ExtraCopies=4
I'm Free  Blue Star 1978  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Gettin High On Love  Red Boot Star 1247  ExtraCopies=5
I'm Getting Good At Missing You  Rhythm 158  ExtraCopies=8
I'm Goin Back To Whur I Come From  Sashay 103  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Going Back  Bogan 1200  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Going Back Someday  Lore 1172  ExtraCopies=5
I'm Going To Love You Tonight In My Dreams  Platinum 218  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Gonna Be A Country Boy Again  Sting 327  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Gonna Climb That Mountain High  Chaparral 325  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Gonna Find It Where I Can  Rhythm 122  ExtraCopies=7
I'm Gonna Get You  Chaparral 808  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Gonna Go Hunting To-night  Thunderbird 238  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door  Desert 49  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door  Square Tunes 147  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Gonna Love You Back To Lovin' Me Again  Mountain 11  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Gonna Sing  Chaparral 217  ExtraCopies=6
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter / Little Sue  Windsor 4176  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Gonna Write A Song  Flutter Wheel 501  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Gonna Write A Song  Top 25248  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Gonna Write A Song  Lore 1131  ExtraCopies=4
I'm Gonna' Have Love  Jewel 135  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Happy  Windsor 4919  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Happy Every Day I Live  Stirrup 401  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Happy / Kinda Nice To Know  Grenn 12004  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Holdin' Heaven In My Arms  Rawhide 196  ExtraCopies=2
I'm In A Hurry  Sting 107  ExtraCopies=1
I'm In A Hurry (And I Don't Know Why)  Hi Hat 5171  ExtraCopies=1
I'm In Love  Blue Star 1770  ExtraCopies=2
I'm In Love All Over  Hi Hat 5088  ExtraCopies=1
I'm In Love With You  Hi Hat 396  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Just A Redneck In A Rock And Roll Bar  Rhythm 118  ExtraCopies=5
I'm Just Wild About Harry  MacGregor 1059  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Just Wild About Mary  Blue Star 2374  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Little But I'm Loud  Cardinal 20  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Little But I'm Loud  Windsor 4825  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Looking High And Low For My Baby  Belco 105  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover  Thunderbird 202  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Loving What Your Lovin' Does To Me  Mountain 9  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Made For Dancing  Solid Gold 201  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Mr. Blue  Eureka 1013  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Never Gonna Tell / My Dreams Are Getting Better  Windsor 4175  ExtraCopies=6
I'm Nobody's Baby  MacGregor 2162  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Not Dealin' With The Devil Anymore  Thunderbird 212  ExtraCopies=1
I'm Only In It For The Love  Longhorn 1041  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Ready To Go  Chicago Country 9  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Satisfied  ESP 604  ExtraCopies=5
I'm Satisfied With You  Chaparral 316  ExtraCopies=2
I'm So Excited  Chaparral 214  ExtraCopies=7
I'm So In Love With Loving You  4-Bar-B 6066  ExtraCopies=2
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  Red Boot 904  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Still In Love With You  Riverboat 108  ExtraCopies=3
I'm Telling Me A Lie  Big Mac 51  ExtraCopies=6
I'm The Sunshine Man  Lightning S 5035  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Walkin'  Top 25123  ExtraCopies=2
I'm Walking  Rhythm 222  ExtraCopies=4
I'm Walking The Floor Over You / Farewell, So Long, Goodbye  Sets In Order 2108  ExtraCopies=1
I've Been Around Enough To Know  Mountain 56  ExtraCopies=1
I've Been Loved By The Best  Enis 2800  ExtraCopies=4
I've Been Loved By The Best  Hi Hat 5121  ExtraCopies=2
I've Been To Georgia On A Fast Train  Circle D 213  ExtraCopies=2
I've Got  Windsor 4996  ExtraCopies=2
I've Got A Hammer  Sets In Order 148  ExtraCopies=1
I've Got A Song To Sing  Blue Star 1926  ExtraCopies=1
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail  MacGregor 1066  ExtraCopies=9
I've Got A Winner In You  Royal 115  ExtraCopies=1
I've Got Bells On My Heart  Western Jubilee 556  ExtraCopies=10
I've Got Life To Live  Square Tunes 121  ExtraCopies=1
I've Got Mexico  Blue Star 2252  ExtraCopies=2
I've Got My Baby On My Mind  Thunderbird 116  ExtraCopies=3
I've Got Rhythm  Square Tunes 164  ExtraCopies=3
I've Got The Blues  Kalox 1186  ExtraCopies=1
I've Got The Music In Me  Ranch House 505  ExtraCopies=2
I've Got The World On A String  Thunderbird 179  ExtraCopies=1
I've Got You To Come Home To  Chinook 47  ExtraCopies=3
I've Got You To Thank For That  Chinook 55  ExtraCopies=1
I've Gotta Gal / Swingin' Dan  Balance 407  ExtraCopies=2
I've Loved You All Over The World  FTC 32002  ExtraCopies=2
I've Never Been So Loved  Rhythm 160  ExtraCopies=4
I've Never Been So Loved  Red Boot 270  ExtraCopies=3
I've Tried To Find A Partner  CW 2001  ExtraCopies=3
I.O.U.  Hi Hat 5063  ExtraCopies=2
Ice Cream Sodas & Lolly Pops  Blue Star 2268  ExtraCopies=1
Icy Fingers  Bogan 1252  ExtraCopies=1
Ida  H.A.T. 206  ExtraCopies=2
Ida  MacGregor 1012  ExtraCopies=3
Ida  Belco 106  ExtraCopies=2
Ida  Windsor 4917  ExtraCopies=2
Ida Red / Fishers Hornpipe  Blue Star 1746  ExtraCopies=1
Ida Red / Rider  Blue Star 2235  ExtraCopies=2
Ida Red Jump / Mississippi Sawyer  Square L 601  ExtraCopies=1
Idaho  Bogan 1186  ExtraCopies=2
Ideas  Top 25137  ExtraCopies=2
If Bubba Can Dance  Red Boot 3040  ExtraCopies=3
If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)  ESP 193  ExtraCopies=1
If Eggs Had Legs  Jocko 472  ExtraCopies=4
If I Ain't Got It  Big Mac 45  ExtraCopies=3
If I Could Be With You  Western Jubilee 569  ExtraCopies=1
If I Could Bottle This Up  4-Bar-B 6100  ExtraCopies=2
If I Could Bottle This Up  Hi Hat 5135  ExtraCopies=2
If I Could Write A Song  Jay-Bar-Kay 133  ExtraCopies=3
If I Could Write A Song  Elite (old) 104  ExtraCopies=1
If I Give My Heart To You  Red Boot 2996  ExtraCopies=2
If I Had My Way  Top 25078  ExtraCopies=2
If I Had To Do It All Over Again  Chaparral 401  ExtraCopies=11
If I Keep On Going Crazy  Riverboat 126  ExtraCopies=1
If I Keep On Going Crazy  D & R 161  ExtraCopies=2
If I Keep On Going Crazy  Circle D 216  ExtraCopies=1
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body  Red Boot Star 1249  ExtraCopies=4
If I Were A Rich Man  TNT 189  ExtraCopies=6
If I Were A Rich Man  Eagle 3413  ExtraCopies=1
If I Were You  ESP 1012  ExtraCopies=1
If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It  ESP 154  ExtraCopies=1
If It Ain't Got That Swing  Shakedown 202  ExtraCopies=2
If It Ain't Love  Ranch House 218  ExtraCopies=1
If It Ain't Love  Chaparral 407  ExtraCopies=8
If It Feels Good  Kalox 1133  ExtraCopies=4
If It Feels Good Do It  Dance Ranch 609  ExtraCopies=5
If It Was Cool To Be A Fool  ESP 1078  ExtraCopies=1
If It's Alright  Bogan 1238  ExtraCopies=1
If Love Is Just A Game  Ranch House 209  ExtraCopies=4
If Loving You Is Wrong  Blue Ribbon 237  ExtraCopies=2
If Loving You Is Wrong  Mustang 163  ExtraCopies=1
If The Devil Danced  Silver Sounds 141  ExtraCopies=1
If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets  Chaparral 812  ExtraCopies=3
If The South Woulda Won  Red Boot 3020  ExtraCopies=3
If The World Keeps On Turning  Bogan 1318  ExtraCopies=3
If The World Keeps On Turning  Blue Star 1535  ExtraCopies=1
If They Could See Me Now  Wagon Wheel 600  ExtraCopies=10
If They Could See Me Now  Rhythm 172  ExtraCopies=3
If Tomorrow Never Comes  Elite (new) 1003  ExtraCopies=1
If We Make It Through December  Jay-Bar-Kay 156  ExtraCopies=2
If We're Not Back In Love By Monday  Rhythm 113  ExtraCopies=8
If You Came Back From Heaven  Global Music 1013  ExtraCopies=1
If You Can Do Anything  ESP 1057  ExtraCopies=1
If You Come Back To Me  Longhorn 167  ExtraCopies=2
If You Come Back To Me  Longhorn 1019  ExtraCopies=2
If You Don't Someone Else Will  Old Timer 8174  ExtraCopies=1
If You Got The Money  Rhythm 111  ExtraCopies=10
If You Just Win One Time  Thunderbird 226  ExtraCopies=1
If You Knew Susie  Blue Star 1600  ExtraCopies=1
If You Knew Susie  Kalox 1061  ExtraCopies=3
If You Knew Susie  Longhorn 1034  ExtraCopies=3
If You Knew Susie  Bogan 1265  ExtraCopies=3
If You Knew Suzy  Jopat 803  ExtraCopies=2
If You Love Me Let Me Know  Bogan 1260  ExtraCopies=1
If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful  Global Music 1105  ExtraCopies=1
If You Think You Feel Lonesome  MacGregor 1075  ExtraCopies=2
If You Want Me  Hi Hat 5035  ExtraCopies=2
If You Want To Find Love  Red Boot Star 1352  ExtraCopies=1
If You Would Only Be Mine  Elk 10  ExtraCopies=2
If You'll Just Come Back  Top 25165  ExtraCopies=4
If You're Gonna Play In Texas  Chaparral 703  ExtraCopies=2
If You're Gonna Play In Texas  Shakedown 205  ExtraCopies=1
If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)  Lamon 10113  ExtraCopies=1
If You've Got The Money  Chaparral 208  ExtraCopies=4
If You've Got The Money  Kalox 1067  ExtraCopies=5
If You've Got The Money  Chaparral 2302  ExtraCopies=1
If You've Got The Money  Lightning S 5025  ExtraCopies=1
If You've Got The Money / Fire On The Mountain  TNT 130  ExtraCopies=1
If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time / When You're Smiling  MacGregor 8135  ExtraCopies=3
If You've Got Time  Top 25325  ExtraCopies=2
If Your Heart Should Ever Roll This Way Again  Cardinal 490  ExtraCopies=1
In A Letter To You  Eureka 1203  ExtraCopies=1
In A New York Minute  Dance Ranch 686  ExtraCopies=1
In America  C Bar C 565  ExtraCopies=2
In America  Mountain 8  ExtraCopies=1
In Dreamy Chinatown  Dance Ranch 715  ExtraCopies=4
In Fort Worth, Dallas Or Houston  Blue Star 1906  ExtraCopies=1
In It For The Love  Chaparral 315  ExtraCopies=7
In Love  Eagle 1902  ExtraCopies=1
In Old Monterey  Dance Ranch 703  ExtraCopies=2
In The Evening By The Moonlight  Top 25088  ExtraCopies=1
In The Good Old Summertime  Cardinal 27  ExtraCopies=1
In The Middle Of An Island  Lamon 10119  ExtraCopies=1
In The Morning Dew  Grenn 12131  ExtraCopies=2
In The Mud / Boogie Blues  Riverboat 102  ExtraCopies=1
In The Shadows Of Love  Chinook 40  ExtraCopies=7
In This Life  Global Music 115  ExtraCopies=1
In Times Like These  Solid Gold 203  ExtraCopies=1
In Times Like These  ESP 118  ExtraCopies=1
In Your Own Backyard  Top 25249  ExtraCopies=2
Indian Lake  Lightning S 7003  ExtraCopies=1
Indiana  Red Boot Star 1241  ExtraCopies=6
Indiana  Scope 528  ExtraCopies=2
Indiana Home  Sets In Order 133  ExtraCopies=1
Interstate 35 / Jet Stream  Kalox 1077  ExtraCopies=2
Iota  Blue Star 1929  ExtraCopies=1
Irresistible You  Global Music 916  ExtraCopies=2
Is Anybody Going To San Antone  Lone Star 603  ExtraCopies=1
Is It True (What They Say About Dixie)  County Line 1  ExtraCopies=3
Is It True What They Say About Dixie  Blue Star 1662  ExtraCopies=1
Is It True What They Say About Dixie  Big Mac 127  ExtraCopies=2
Is It True What They Say About Dixie  Chinook 81  ExtraCopies=2
Is We Going Somewhere Or Is We Ain't  Red Boot 3004  ExtraCopies=3
Is You Is  Top 25080  ExtraCopies=1
Island In The Sea  Big Mac 84  ExtraCopies=1
Island In The Sun  Grenn 12168  ExtraCopies=3
Island In The Sun  Grenn 12067  ExtraCopies=9
Island In The Sun  Blue Star 2215  ExtraCopies=1
Islands  Quadrille 885  ExtraCopies=3
Isn't She Lovely?  Sting 805  ExtraCopies=1
It Ain't Gonna Rain No More  Chinook 123  ExtraCopies=1
It Ain't Me  Chinook 7  ExtraCopies=3
It Ain't Nothing But Love  Big Mac 50  ExtraCopies=2
It Do Feel Good  MacGregor 2207  ExtraCopies=3
It Doesn't Matter  Chinook 15  ExtraCopies=2
It Doesn't Matter Any More  Ghost Town 4  ExtraCopies=1
It Doesn't Matter Anymore  Golden Eagle 24  ExtraCopies=2
It Doesn't Matter Anymore  Sting 307  ExtraCopies=1
It Don't Get Better Than This  Hi Hat 5023  ExtraCopies=4
It Don't Get No Better Than This  Ranch House 604  ExtraCopies=4
It Don't Mean A Thing  Belco 117  ExtraCopies=1
It Feels Good  Coyote 101  ExtraCopies=3
It Happened In Monterey  Top 25010  ExtraCopies=4
It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'  Eureka 1009  ExtraCopies=2
It Must Be Love  ESP 924  ExtraCopies=1
It Must Be Love  Red Boot 246  ExtraCopies=5
It Must Be Love  Windsor 5096  ExtraCopies=2
It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometime  Hi Hat 5259  ExtraCopies=1
It Only Hurts Me When I Cry  A Bar K 201  ExtraCopies=1
It Only Rains On Me  Sting 103  ExtraCopies=2
It Sounds Like Love To Me  Buckskin 1219  ExtraCopies=1
It Sure Is Monday  Red Boot Star 1350  ExtraCopies=1
It Sure Looks Good On You  Chinook 38  ExtraCopies=1
It Takes A Worried Man  Cardinal 4  ExtraCopies=1
It Takes All Kinds Of People  Kalox 1097  ExtraCopies=2
It Takes People Like You  Blue Star 1864  ExtraCopies=1
It'll Be Her  Prairie 1059  ExtraCopies=2
It'll Be Me  Quadrille 822  ExtraCopies=1
It'll Be Me  Lamon 10083  ExtraCopies=1
It'll Be Me  Mar Let 506  ExtraCopies=3
It'll Be Me  ESP 1053  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Good Day  ESP 1038  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Good Day  Rawhide 148  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Little More Like Heaven  Rockin' A 1363  ExtraCopies=7
It's A Little Too Late  Chinook 130  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Long Way Down  Lore 1141  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Long Way To Houston  Blue Star 1938  ExtraCopies=7
It's A Shame  MacGregor 1087  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Sin  MacGregor 981  ExtraCopies=2
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie  MacGregor 2423  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie  Chinook 90  ExtraCopies=4
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie  Lore 1181  ExtraCopies=3
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie  Blue Star 1992  ExtraCopies=1
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie  Dance Ranch 699  ExtraCopies=2
It's A Small World  Swinging Square 2342  ExtraCopies=8
It's A Small World  Blue Star 2269  ExtraCopies=1
It's All Over Now / Back Woods  Sets In Order 1112  ExtraCopies=1
It's All Right With Me  Rhythm 142  ExtraCopies=8
It's Almost Like Being In Love  Windsor 4829  ExtraCopies=3
It's Been A Great Afternoon  Rhythm 123  ExtraCopies=5
It's Been A Great Afternoon  Red Boot Star 1245  ExtraCopies=5
It's Been A Long Long Time  ESP 528  ExtraCopies=1
It's Been A Long Long Time  Jay-Bar-Kay 145  ExtraCopies=2
It's Been A Long Long Time  TNT 264  ExtraCopies=1
It's Been A Long, Long Time  Windsor 4812  ExtraCopies=3
It's Been A Long, Long, Time  Greenwood 9002  ExtraCopies=6
It's Been Too Long  Windsor 4860  ExtraCopies=2
It's Cryin' Time Again  4-Bar-B 6021  ExtraCopies=3
It's Enough  Ranch House 302  ExtraCopies=5
It's Four In The Morning  Bogan 1249  ExtraCopies=13
It's Gonna Be A Happy Day  Lore 1152  ExtraCopies=1
It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer  Jewel 153  ExtraCopies=1
It's Gotta Be That Way  Big Mac 32  ExtraCopies=1
It's Great To Be Single Again  Red Boot Star 1279  ExtraCopies=2
It's Hard To Be Humble  Rhythm 146  ExtraCopies=9
It's Hard To Be Humble  Kalox 1250  ExtraCopies=6
It's Hip To Be Square  Venture 101  ExtraCopies=1
It's Just A Matter Of Time  Dance Ranch 690  ExtraCopies=3
It's Just Like Grand Central Station  MacGregor 1063  ExtraCopies=3
It's Like Falling In Love  Red Boot 288  ExtraCopies=3
It's Like Having You Around  Lore 1090  ExtraCopies=1
It's Not For Me To Say  Chinook 100  ExtraCopies=4
It's Now Or Never  ESP 147  ExtraCopies=2
It's Now Or Never  Blue Ribbon 263  ExtraCopies=1
It's Raining Here This Morning  Lightning S 5021  ExtraCopies=1
It's So Nice  Top 25089  ExtraCopies=2
It's So Nice To Be With You  Royal 220  ExtraCopies=1
It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House  FTC 32055  ExtraCopies=1
It's The Stops That You've Made  Blue Star 2068  ExtraCopies=1
It's True  MacGregor 1098  ExtraCopies=2
It's Who You Love  Prairie 1061  ExtraCopies=1

J.R.  Red Boot 254  ExtraCopies=3
Ja Da  Top 25283  ExtraCopies=6
Ja-Da  White Knight 10  ExtraCopies=1
Jack In The Box  Blue Star 2001  ExtraCopies=2
Jack O' Diamonds / Straight Flush  Hi Hat 603  ExtraCopies=2
Jack Of Diamonds  Silver Sounds 103  ExtraCopies=1
Jack's Special  Square Tunes 161  ExtraCopies=4
Jackrabbit / The Ladies Fancy  Blue Star 1549  ExtraCopies=2
Jackson  Kalox 1079  ExtraCopies=3
Jackson  Longhorn 1024  ExtraCopies=3
Jackson  Ocean 27  ExtraCopies=2
Jackson  Chaparral 220  ExtraCopies=4
Jackson  Ponderosa 1  ExtraCopies=13
Jackson  Jewel 149  ExtraCopies=4
Jacques Pierre Bardeaux  Rhythm 184  ExtraCopies=6
Jaded Lover  Blue Star 2251  ExtraCopies=2
Jail House Rock  Blue Star 2180  ExtraCopies=1
Jake  Gaslight 8  ExtraCopies=1
Jamaica Farewell  Rhythm 209  ExtraCopies=3
Jambalaya  Blue Ribbon 279  ExtraCopies=1
Jambalaya  Bogan 1340  ExtraCopies=1
Jambalaya  Grenn 12139  ExtraCopies=1
Jambalaya  Top 25032  ExtraCopies=1
Jambalaya  Bogan 1138  ExtraCopies=5
Jambalaya / Pass The Buck  Blue Star 2030  ExtraCopies=1
James  Rockin' A 1374  ExtraCopies=3
James  Blue Star 1655  ExtraCopies=1
Jane / Millie  Blue Ribbon 208  ExtraCopies=1
Janie  Lore 1157  ExtraCopies=1
Java  Sets In Order 155  ExtraCopies=2
Jaws I / Jaws II  4-Bar-B 6109  ExtraCopies=3
Jealous Heart  Hi Hat 306  ExtraCopies=3
Jealous Heart  Lightning S 601  ExtraCopies=1
Jealous Heart  Top 25236  ExtraCopies=1
Jeepers Creepers  Scope 634  ExtraCopies=2
Jekyll Island Ride / Fast Otis  Thunderbird 515  ExtraCopies=8
Jelly Bean  Hi Hat 452  ExtraCopies=3
Jelly Bean  J-Bar-L 5003  ExtraCopies=2
Jellybean  Lore 1183  ExtraCopies=2
Jennifer's Jig / Ashes  Ghost Town 3  ExtraCopies=3
Jenny Lynn / Tee Jay  Riverboat 501  ExtraCopies=1
Jerico  Windsor 4807  ExtraCopies=2
Jesse James  Desert 7  ExtraCopies=2
Jessie Polka  Blue Star 1667  ExtraCopies=1
Jessie Polka  Blue Star 1998  ExtraCopies=1
Jessie Polka Square  Blue Star 2341  ExtraCopies=1
Jessie Polka Square  Folkraft 1263  ExtraCopies=1
Jezebel  Blue Ribbon 268  ExtraCopies=1
Jiffy Mixer / Hawaiian Charms  Windsor 4684  ExtraCopies=1
Jim Jam / Guitar Fancy  Sets In Order 41 / 42  ExtraCopies=6
Jim Jam / Guitar Fancy  Sets In Order 17 / 18  ExtraCopies=1
Jim-Jam / What A Gal  Hi Hat 608  ExtraCopies=3
Jimmy's Lowdown  Big Mac 31  ExtraCopies=1
Jingle Bell Rock  Bogan 1336  ExtraCopies=1
Jingle Bells  MacGregor 2046  ExtraCopies=6
Jingle Bells  Magic 1003  ExtraCopies=8
Jingle Bells  Blue Star 1637  ExtraCopies=8
Jingle Bells  MacGregor 2416  ExtraCopies=1
Jingle Bells  Gold Star 713  ExtraCopies=1
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle  Sets In Order 109  ExtraCopies=2
Joan Of Arkansaw  Windsor 4824  ExtraCopies=7
Joe / Chet  Rockin' M 4  ExtraCopies=2
Joe Knows How To Live  Jopat 231  ExtraCopies=2
Joggin' Bear  Top 25180  ExtraCopies=1
John Hardy / Black Mountain Rag  TNT 126  ExtraCopies=5
John Henry  Scope 576  ExtraCopies=3
John Henry  MacGregor 912  ExtraCopies=1
John Henry  Top 25207  ExtraCopies=2
John Law  Thunderbird 107  ExtraCopies=3
John's Patter / Reck Of The Old 97  Kalox 1263  ExtraCopies=3
Johnny B. Goode  Red Boot Star 1340  ExtraCopies=3
Johnny B. Goode  Stampede 202  ExtraCopies=1
Johnny Be Good  Cross Country 506  ExtraCopies=1
Johnny Cash Medley  Bee Sharp 123  ExtraCopies=1
Johnny Jingo  Blue Star 1615  ExtraCopies=3
Johnny Oh Polka Square  Top 25214  ExtraCopies=2
Johnny Will  Lore 1162  ExtraCopies=3
Johnston's Rag  Grenn 12037  ExtraCopies=1
Jole Blond / Rhythm Boys Special  Kalox 1108  ExtraCopies=4
Jole' Blon  Quadrille 859  ExtraCopies=2
Jolee Special / Jopat Special  Jopat 501  ExtraCopies=3
Jolly Is The Miller  Old Timer 8089  ExtraCopies=2
Jonny Up A Gum Stump / Water Boy Boogie  Kalox 1022  ExtraCopies=3
José Cuervo  4-Bar-B 6058  ExtraCopies=1
Jose  Kalox 1031  ExtraCopies=11
Jose Cuervo  Desert 11  ExtraCopies=1
Jose' / Good Hearted Woman  Kalox 1229  ExtraCopies=2
Josh / Ricky  Royal 401  ExtraCopies=2
Journey (Gets Sweeter Every Day)  TNT 185  ExtraCopies=1
Jousting / Swordplay  White Knight 1001  ExtraCopies=2
Joy In My Heart  Bogan 1368  ExtraCopies=1
Joy Joy Joy  Dance Ranch 605  ExtraCopies=3
Joy To The World  Rhythm 247  ExtraCopies=1
Joy To The World  Windsor 5084  ExtraCopies=1
Joy To The World  Chaparral 515  ExtraCopies=3
Joy To The World  Windsor 4982  ExtraCopies=3
Joyleg / Mohican  Top 25108  ExtraCopies=1
Juanita Jones  Bogan 1347  ExtraCopies=1
Juanita Jones  TNT 178  ExtraCopies=1
Juanita's Cantina  4-Bar-B 6117  ExtraCopies=2
Jubilation / Macarena  Global Music 502  ExtraCopies=2
Jude Hoedown  ESP 1064  ExtraCopies=1
Juke Box Samba  MacGregor 1054  ExtraCopies=1
Jukebox In My Mind  4-Bar-B 6110  ExtraCopies=2
Julianne  Square Tunes 172  ExtraCopies=2
July / August  Kalox 1252  ExtraCopies=2
July You're A Woman  Blue Star 2105  ExtraCopies=2
July You're A Woman  Windsor 4921  ExtraCopies=1
Jumbayla  Chaparral 410  ExtraCopies=6
Jump Right In Hoedown / Yama Hoedown  TNT 227  ExtraCopies=1
Jump Shout Boogie  Roadrunner 501  ExtraCopies=10
Jumpin' Jack / Ed's Guitar Dandy  Windsor 5012  ExtraCopies=1
Jumpin' Jack / Trailblazer  Blue Star 1536  ExtraCopies=3
June Night  Sets In Order 127  ExtraCopies=2
June Night  Blue Star 1907  ExtraCopies=1
Junita Jones  Bogan 1215  ExtraCopies=7
Just A Closer Walk With Thee  Royal 319  ExtraCopies=1
Just A Gadabout  Blue Star 1691  ExtraCopies=2
Just A Gadabout  Western Jubilee 565  ExtraCopies=1
Just A Gigolo  Chinook 77  ExtraCopies=1
Just A Little Lovin'  Windsor 4889  ExtraCopies=1
Just A Little Lovin'  Prairie 1106  ExtraCopies=1
Just A Little Lovin'  Chinook 6  ExtraCopies=2
Just A Stomp At Twilight  Grenn 12070  ExtraCopies=1
Just Another Day In Paradise  Rhythm 244  ExtraCopies=2
Just Another Polka  Bogan 1157  ExtraCopies=1
Just Another Polka  J-Bar-L 60001  ExtraCopies=1
Just Around The Corner / Magic Waltz  Windsor 4703  ExtraCopies=2
Just Because  ESP 123  ExtraCopies=5
Just Because  Kalox 1157  ExtraCopies=3
Just Being With You  Hi Hat 409  ExtraCopies=7
Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone  Rhythm 153  ExtraCopies=6
Just Enough Love For One Woman  El Dorado 401  ExtraCopies=3
Just Enough Rope  Red Boot Star 1353  ExtraCopies=1
Just Enough To Keep Me Hanging On  Red Boot 135  ExtraCopies=5
Just Hangin' Around  Red Boot Star 1274  ExtraCopies=2
Just In Case You Change Your Mind  Jopat 221  ExtraCopies=2
Just In Time  Hi Hat 354  ExtraCopies=1
Just In Time  Hi Hat 432  ExtraCopies=3
Just Like All The Other Times  Kalox 1147  ExtraCopies=3
Just Like All The Other Times  Wagon Wheel 205  ExtraCopies=10
Just Like Walking In The Sunshine  Red Boot 137  ExtraCopies=3
Just Lovin' You  Quadrille 855  ExtraCopies=5
Just Loving You  Lightning 902  ExtraCopies=1
Just One Time  4-Bar-B 6125  ExtraCopies=1
Just One Time  Kalox 1126  ExtraCopies=1
Just Pretend  Blue Star 2336  ExtraCopies=3
Just Rhythm / Ya Ready  Kalox 1262  ExtraCopies=1
Just Send Me One  ESP 102  ExtraCopies=8
Just Take The Gamble And Play The Game  Thunderbird 209  ExtraCopies=1
Just The Same  FTC 32017  ExtraCopies=1
Just The Same (Same Old Me)  Grenn 12039  ExtraCopies=5
Just The Way You Are  Chicago Country 20  ExtraCopies=4
Just The Way You Are  Chinook 71  ExtraCopies=3
Just To Be With You  Keeno 2280  ExtraCopies=2
Just To Satisfy Me  Kalox 1276  ExtraCopies=3
Just To See You Smile  ESP 1025  ExtraCopies=1
Just To Walk Away  Alliance 109  ExtraCopies=1
Just Waiting For A Train  Blue Star 2356  ExtraCopies=1
Just When I Needed You Most  Royal 110  ExtraCopies=2
Just When I Needed You Most  Dance Ranch 654  ExtraCopies=1
Just Wild  MacGregor 2102  ExtraCopies=4
Just You And Me  Blue Star 1845  ExtraCopies=1
Just You And Me  Hi Hat 392  ExtraCopies=3
Justin  Square Tunes 187  ExtraCopies=2

K. C. - My Old Home Town  Big Mac 82  ExtraCopies=2
K.C. Buddy / Flea Flicker  Royal 403  ExtraCopies=1
Kami Doll / Corbo Guy  Desert Gold 16  ExtraCopies=1
Kanawha / Hubris  Top 25087  ExtraCopies=6
Kansas City  Bogan 1251  ExtraCopies=4
Kansas City  ESP 905  ExtraCopies=3
Kansas City  4-Bar-B 6094  ExtraCopies=3
Kansas City  Thunderbird 228  ExtraCopies=2
Kansas City Lights  Blue Star 2185  ExtraCopies=1
Kansas City Special / Smoothie  Jay-Bar-Kay 105  ExtraCopies=3
Katie Did  Pioneer 116  ExtraCopies=3
Katie Hill / Goin' Up A Little Creek  MacGregor 7915  ExtraCopies=1
Katie Wants A Fast One  ESP 1055  ExtraCopies=1
Katy / Bubbles  Scope 313  ExtraCopies=2
Katy Did  Longhorn 199  ExtraCopies=2
Katy's Dream  Scope 565  ExtraCopies=3
Kauai / Hilo  Hi Hat 626  ExtraCopies=3
Kaw-Liga  4-Bar-B 6028  ExtraCopies=4
Kayla Rae/ Jake  Royal 402  ExtraCopies=3
Keep It In The Middle Of The Road  Royal 111  ExtraCopies=2
Keep Moving / Step On It  Hi Hat 629  ExtraCopies=1
Keep On Smiling  Blue Star 2093  ExtraCopies=3
Keep On The Firing Line  Longhorn 178  ExtraCopies=4
Keep On Truckin'  Square Tunes 152  ExtraCopies=3
Keep On Walking  Chaparral 327  ExtraCopies=3
Keep Smiling  MacGregor 2045  ExtraCopies=3
Keep Those Cards And Letters Coming In  MacGregor 1031  ExtraCopies=2
Keep Those Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me  Blue Star 1609  ExtraCopies=1
Keep Your Feet A-Smokin'  Big Mac 39  ExtraCopies=4
Keep Your Sunny Side Up  Grenn 12046  ExtraCopies=1
Kelly Keep The Lights A-Burning  Circle D 209  ExtraCopies=2
Kelly's Rag / Orange Blossum Special  Desert 9001  ExtraCopies=5
Kentucky Blues  Windsor 4959  ExtraCopies=1
Kentucky Gambler  Longhorn 1011  ExtraCopies=10
Kentucky In The Morning  4-Bar-B 6015  ExtraCopies=2
Key Largo  Rhythm 227  ExtraCopies=2
Key Largo  Lou Mac 216  ExtraCopies=1
Kickin' It Up / Cornfield Holler  Grenn 12080  ExtraCopies=5
Kids  Longhorn 180  ExtraCopies=1
Kids Of The Baby Boom  Silver Sounds 161  ExtraCopies=1
Kinda Keep It Country  Chaparral 527  ExtraCopies=2
Kindly Keep It Country  Ocean 31  ExtraCopies=1
Kindly Keep It Country  Square Dance USA 504  ExtraCopies=8
Kinfolks  Lucky 6  ExtraCopies=3
King Of Country Music  Big Mac 20  ExtraCopies=1
King Of The Road  Wagon Wheel 109  ExtraCopies=10
King Of The Road  Chaparral 303  ExtraCopies=6
Kingston Town  Grenn 12033  ExtraCopies=10
Kingston Town  Hi Hat 5067  ExtraCopies=1
Kirkwood / Whiteface  Blue Star 1756  ExtraCopies=3
Kiss An Angel Good Morning  Kalox 1129  ExtraCopies=4
Kiss Me Once Again  Rawhide 715  ExtraCopies=1
Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice  Rawhide 126  ExtraCopies=3
Kiss Of Fire  Rawhide 139  ExtraCopies=2
Kisses  Blue Star 2138  ExtraCopies=1
Kisses  Windsor 4862  ExtraCopies=2
Kisses For Me  Chinook 28  ExtraCopies=9
Kissin' Cousin  Kalox 1040  ExtraCopies=3
Knee Deep  Red Boot 232  ExtraCopies=3
Knee Deep In Love  D & R 128  ExtraCopies=1
Knock On Your Door  Mountain 15  ExtraCopies=2
Knock Three Times  White Lightning 501  ExtraCopies=2
Knock Three Times  Lore 1130  ExtraCopies=1
Knock, Knock, Knock  Rhythm 168  ExtraCopies=10
Kona / Katoomba  Hi Hat 625  ExtraCopies=4
Kwaliga  Top 25353  ExtraCopies=1
Kwaliga  Top 25142  ExtraCopies=3

L-O-V-E  Global Music 911  ExtraCopies=3
L-O-V-E  Blue Star 1859  ExtraCopies=5
L-O-V-E  Blue Star 2232  ExtraCopies=2
L.A. International Airport  Mustang 503  ExtraCopies=1
L.A. International Airport  Jay-Bar-Kay 125  ExtraCopies=3
L.O.A. (Love On Arrival)  ESP 164  ExtraCopies=4
Lacy / Pearl  Blue Star 2162  ExtraCopies=1
Lady Be Good  Grenn 12043  ExtraCopies=2
Lady In The Blue Mercedes  Hi Hat 5022  ExtraCopies=7
Lady Of Spain  Mountain 7  ExtraCopies=1
Lady Of Spain  Lou Mac 113  ExtraCopies=4
Lady Of Spain  Desert 39  ExtraCopies=1
Lamp Lighting Time  MacGregor 990  ExtraCopies=1
Lamplighting Time / Chain The Hey  MacGregor 300  ExtraCopies=4
Land Of My Dreams  Top 25008  ExtraCopies=2
Laredo  Red Boot 224  ExtraCopies=2
Las Vegas Lil  Lore 1159  ExtraCopies=3
Lasso The Moon  Global Music 202  ExtraCopies=1
Last Blues Song  Chinook 19  ExtraCopies=4
Last Farewell  Lou Mac 121  ExtraCopies=10
Last Farewell  Blue Star 2362  ExtraCopies=1
Last Laugh  Upbeat 9601  ExtraCopies=1
Last Night At The Square Dance  Bob Cat 106  ExtraCopies=1
Last Night At The Square Dance  Windsor 4802  ExtraCopies=2
Last Of The Outlaws  Ranch House 205  ExtraCopies=6
Last Of The Red Hot Lovers  Rawhide 108  ExtraCopies=1
Last Of The Silver Screen Cowboys  Global Music 106  ExtraCopies=1
Last Thing On My Mind  Lou Mac 102  ExtraCopies=9
Last Thing On My Mind  Jopat 1202  ExtraCopies=1
Last Thing On My Mind  Mustang 198  ExtraCopies=1
Last Thing On My Mind  Crown 120  ExtraCopies=1
Late Night Lovin' Man  Global Music 208  ExtraCopies=4
Late Nite Lovin Man  El Dorado 103  ExtraCopies=4
Laughing On The Outside  Red Boot Star 1287  ExtraCopies=5
Laura  Windsor 4980  ExtraCopies=2
Laura  Chinook 34  ExtraCopies=2
Laura / Tricia  Wagon Wheel 100  ExtraCopies=3
Laura / Tricia  Sets In Order 95 / 96  ExtraCopies=32
Law Enforcing Man  C Bar C 540  ExtraCopies=3
Lawdy Miss Clawdy  D & R 116  ExtraCopies=1
Lawdy Miss Clawdy  Rhythm 116  ExtraCopies=3
Lay Down Beside Me  Red Boot 244  ExtraCopies=3
Lay Down Sally  Lou Mac 130  ExtraCopies=2
Lay Me Down In Dixie  Rhythm 216  ExtraCopies=2
Lay Some Happiness On Me  Grenn 12095  ExtraCopies=1
Lazy River  Kalox 1051  ExtraCopies=5
Lazy River  Stampede 301  ExtraCopies=3
Lazy River / Ends Turn In / I Don't Know Why / Outing  Sets In Order 501  ExtraCopies=1
Lazy River / Waitin' For The Train To Come In  Sets In Order 2112  ExtraCopies=5
Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days  Pioneer 136  ExtraCopies=1
Lazy, Lazy River  Rawhide 716  ExtraCopies=1
Lean On Me  Rhythm 107  ExtraCopies=9
Leaning  Windsor 4868  ExtraCopies=7
Leaning On The Lamp Post  Windsor 4993  ExtraCopies=3
Leap Of Faith  Shakedown 230  ExtraCopies=1
Leave Me With A Smile  Sashay 107  ExtraCopies=2
Leave The World Behind  Lou Mac 165  ExtraCopies=1
Leaving On A Jet Plane  Riverboat 214  ExtraCopies=2
Left Foot / Right Foot  Riverboat 502  ExtraCopies=1
Legend In My Time  Hi Hat 5178  ExtraCopies=1
Lemon Tree  TNT 111  ExtraCopies=3
Lemon Tree  MacGregor 1042  ExtraCopies=2
Leona  Red Boot 3000  ExtraCopies=1
Leona  Mar Let 509  ExtraCopies=3
Let 'Er Ride  Windsor 4900  ExtraCopies=7
Let A Smile  Sets In Order 138  ExtraCopies=2
Let A Smile  Mar Let 526  ExtraCopies=1
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella  Cardinal 29  ExtraCopies=2
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella  Blue Star 2402  ExtraCopies=2
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella  Kalox 1027  ExtraCopies=5
Let It Be Me  Hi Hat 5143  ExtraCopies=1
Let It Be You  Global Music 302  ExtraCopies=1
Let It Roll  Red Boot Star 1285  ExtraCopies=5
Let It Roll / Rockin' Rhythm  Circle D 501  ExtraCopies=1
Let It Shine  Mountain 40  ExtraCopies=1
Let Me Be There  Global Music 401  ExtraCopies=2
Let Me Be There  Venture 113  ExtraCopies=2
Let Me Be There  Thunderbird 102  ExtraCopies=1
Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear  Square Tunes 156  ExtraCopies=2
Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear  Chicago Country 14  ExtraCopies=1
Let Me Call You Sweetheart  MacGregor 2100  ExtraCopies=3
Let Me Call You Sweetheart  J-Bar-L 5009  ExtraCopies=3
Let Me Call You Sweetheart  Scope 649  ExtraCopies=1
Let Me Into Your Heart  Global Music 205  ExtraCopies=4
Let Me Ride On That Ole Freight Train  Bogan 1382  ExtraCopies=1
Let Me Sing  Red Boot 143  ExtraCopies=4
Let Me Take You In My Arms  Lone Oak 101  ExtraCopies=1
Let Me Take You In My Arms Again  Chicago Country 19  ExtraCopies=1
Let The Fun Begin  Top 25327  ExtraCopies=5
Let The Good Times In  Longhorn 177  ExtraCopies=1
Let The Good Times Roll  Rhythm 162  ExtraCopies=6
Let The Hammer Down / Fancy Pants  Blue Star 1530  ExtraCopies=6
Let The Rest Of The World Go By  Blue Star 1784  ExtraCopies=2
Let The Rest Of The World Go By  Blue Star 2046  ExtraCopies=2
Let Your Little Light Shine  Bogan 1246  ExtraCopies=2
Let Your Love Flow  Square Tunes 175  ExtraCopies=2
Let Your Love Flow  Thunderbird 175  ExtraCopies=1
Let Your Love Flow  Sting 311  ExtraCopies=1
Let Your Love Flow  Prairie 1052  ExtraCopies=1
Let's All Go Down To The River  Bogan 1338  ExtraCopies=2
Let's All Go Down To The River  Dance Ranch 617  ExtraCopies=2
Let's All Go Down To The River  Royal 509  ExtraCopies=1
Let's All Go Down To The River  Lightning S 5015  ExtraCopies=2
Let's Chase Each Other 'Round The Room Tonight  Mountain 43  ExtraCopies=2
Let's Do It Right  Chaparral 815  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Do It Right  Coyote 401  ExtraCopies=4
Let's Face It  Old Timer 8133  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Fall To Pieces Together  Global Music 1008  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Get Away From It All  Global Music 603  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Get Down To It  Enis 2601  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Get It While The Gettin's Good  Blue Star 2284  ExtraCopies=2
Let's Get It While The Gettin's Good  Chinook 39  ExtraCopies=4
Let's Get It While The Gettings Good  Happy Tracks 101  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Go Fishin' Boys  Windsor 4958  ExtraCopies=2
Let's Go-o Back To Donegal  Top 25036  ExtraCopies=2
Let's Groove  Rocket 111  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Have An After Party / Old Buster  Longhorn 500  ExtraCopies=4
Let's Sing About Love  Dance Ranch 681  ExtraCopies=2
Let's Think About Livin'  Hi Hat 476  ExtraCopies=4
Let's Think About Living  Thunderbird 150  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Think About Living  Lore 1008  ExtraCopies=1
Let's Twist Again  Eureka 1302  ExtraCopies=1
Letter Overdue  MacGregor 962  ExtraCopies=1
Levis And Yellow Ribbons  D & R 170  ExtraCopies=1
Lies  Sets In Order 120  ExtraCopies=1
Life Or Love  Double M 101  ExtraCopies=1
Life Turned Her That Way  Buckskin 1252  ExtraCopies=1
Life's Too Long To Live Like This  ESP 172  ExtraCopies=3
Light At The End Of The Tunnel  Lou Mac 190  ExtraCopies=1
Light In The Window  MacGregor 2304  ExtraCopies=1
Light In The Window  Eagle 3302  ExtraCopies=1
Light In The Window  MacGregor 2022  ExtraCopies=6
Light In The Window  Western Jubilee 566  ExtraCopies=11
Light Of Your Love  Chaparral 817  ExtraCopies=1
Light The Candles Around The World  Aussie Tempos 1012  ExtraCopies=1
Lighted Lantern Scramble / Keep It Neat  MacGregor 7675  ExtraCopies=1
Lightnin  ESP 400  ExtraCopies=5
Lightnin' / Cripple Cricket  Blue Star 1896  ExtraCopies=4
Lights Of Denver  Mountain 14  ExtraCopies=2
Like Rhythm / So Glad  Grenn 12030  ExtraCopies=1
Lilith / Sharon  Red Boot 306  ExtraCopies=1
Linda Sue  Hi Hat 313  ExtraCopies=2
Lindy  Gold Wing 101  ExtraCopies=4
Linger Awhile  Blue Star 1879  ExtraCopies=5
Liquid Gold / Liquid Silver  Wild West 2-08  ExtraCopies=3
Lisa  Square Tunes 176  ExtraCopies=2
Listen To A Country Song  Dance Ranch 642  ExtraCopies=3
Listen To A Country Song  Windsor 5008  ExtraCopies=1
Listen To A Country Song  Wagon Wheel 127  ExtraCopies=5
Listen To The Music  Royal 218  ExtraCopies=3
Little Arrows  Blue Star 1842  ExtraCopies=1
Little Band Of Gold  Bogan 1153  ExtraCopies=1
Little Betty Brown / Quicksand  Kalox 1073  ExtraCopies=5
Little Betty Brown No. 2 / Deep Elm  Kalox 1287  ExtraCopies=3
Little Bit Is Better Than Nada  Global Music 107  ExtraCopies=2
Little Black Book  MacGregor 963  ExtraCopies=5
Little Black Book  Cow Town 101  ExtraCopies=1
Little Black Book  Square Tunes 148  ExtraCopies=3
Little Black Book / Big Bad John  Columbia 13-33051  ExtraCopies=3
Little Brown Gal  Scope 592  ExtraCopies=1
Little Brown Gal  Old Timer 8189  ExtraCopies=3
Little Coquette  Scope 608  ExtraCopies=2
Little Darlin' / The Best Things In Life Are Free  Windsor 4177  ExtraCopies=2
Little Farther Down The Road  Big Mac 8  ExtraCopies=1
Little Fiddle / Flowers Folly  Scope 310  ExtraCopies=1
Little Girl  Bogan 1365  ExtraCopies=3
Little Girl  Mustang 154  ExtraCopies=1
Little Girl  MacGregor 2401  ExtraCopies=1
Little Girl  MacGregor 909  ExtraCopies=5
Little Girl  TNT 129  ExtraCopies=3
Little Girl  ESP 157  ExtraCopies=5
Little Girl  Capitol 2270  ExtraCopies=2
Little Girl / Dancing Shadows  Windsor 4682  ExtraCopies=3
Little Golden Horseshoe  Dance Ranch 676  ExtraCopies=1
Little Green Apples  Wagon Wheel 114  ExtraCopies=6
Little Green Valley  Hi Hat 5081  ExtraCopies=4
Little Joe The Wrangler  Lightning S 703  ExtraCopies=1
Little Less Talk  Jopat 329  ExtraCopies=2
Little Liza Jane  Chinook 126  ExtraCopies=2
Little Liza Jane  Go 105  ExtraCopies=3
Little Lulu  Dash 2525  ExtraCopies=1
Little Miss Blue Eyes  Royal 1006  ExtraCopies=1
Little Miss Mischief  Bogan 1291  ExtraCopies=1
Little Molly G  Pioneer 105  ExtraCopies=4
Little Old Fashioned Karma  4-Bar-B 6059  ExtraCopies=1
Little Old Home In West Virginia / Sundown Polka  Sundown Ranch 108  ExtraCopies=1
Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane  Windsor 4844  ExtraCopies=2
Little Ole Winemaker  Kalox 1086  ExtraCopies=8
Little Pedro  Hi Hat 352  ExtraCopies=2
Little Rebel / Chaparral  Thunderbird 504  ExtraCopies=4
Little Red Sports Car  Windsor 4896  ExtraCopies=2
Little Red Wagon  Blue Star 2081  ExtraCopies=2
Little Red Wagon  Old Timer 8199  ExtraCopies=2
Little Red Wagon  Thunderbird 237  ExtraCopies=2
Little Red Wagon  MacGregor 2027  ExtraCopies=3
Little Red Wagon  Jopat 215  ExtraCopies=3
Little Red Wagon  R & R 104  ExtraCopies=1
Little Red Wagon  Frontier 2  ExtraCopies=1
Little Rock  TNT 194  ExtraCopies=2
Little Things Girls Should Know  Rockin' A 1336  ExtraCopies=1
Little Things Mean A Lot  Ocean 24  ExtraCopies=1
Little Things Mean A Lot  Chinook 59  ExtraCopies=2
Little White Lies  Big Mac 104  ExtraCopies=1
Live And Let Live  Longhorn 197  ExtraCopies=3
Live And Love Again  Riverboat 122  ExtraCopies=1
Live For The Good Times  Wagon Wheel 310  ExtraCopies=6
Live, Laugh, Love  ESP 1040  ExtraCopies=1
Livin' High  Windsor 4801  ExtraCopies=8
Livin' In Fast Forward  ESP 731  ExtraCopies=1
Livin' On Love  Cheyenne 402  ExtraCopies=1
Livin', Lovin', Laughin'  Hi Hat 321  ExtraCopies=3
Living In The Good Old Days  Blue Star 2166  ExtraCopies=3
Living In The Sunshine  Lou Mac 123  ExtraCopies=3
Living On Easy Street  Brahma 104  ExtraCopies=1
Living On Love Street  Wagon Wheel 900  ExtraCopies=2
Living With The Shades Pulled Down  Ranch House 203  ExtraCopies=6
Living With The Shades Pulled Down  Red Boot 199  ExtraCopies=4
Living' In The House  Chinook 104  ExtraCopies=2
Livingston Saturday Night  Roadrunner 301  ExtraCopies=3
Liza Jane  4-Bar-B 6053  ExtraCopies=1
Liza Jane  Golden Eagle 23  ExtraCopies=1
Liza Little / Annie Ragtime  Blue Star 2343  ExtraCopies=1
Load The Wagon  Longhorn 173  ExtraCopies=6
Lock My Heart  Pulse 1001  ExtraCopies=5
Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key)  Blue Star 1614  ExtraCopies=1
Lockwood / Tomball  Blue Star 1806  ExtraCopies=4
Lodi  Global Music 946  ExtraCopies=1
Loggin / Susie  Blue Star 1803  ExtraCopies=2
Lone Star Blues & Bob Wills Music  Hi Hat 470  ExtraCopies=4
Lone Star Dancing And Bob Wills Music  Red Boot 210  ExtraCopies=1
Lone Star Lovin' Night  Bounty 105  ExtraCopies=1
Lone Star Rag / Latin Hoedown  Kalox 1048  ExtraCopies=3
Lone Star State Of Mind  Circle D 261  ExtraCopies=1
Lonely Heart  Kalox 1106  ExtraCopies=7
Lonely Heart In Town  Rawhide 102  ExtraCopies=2
Lonesome 7-7203  Top 25274  ExtraCopies=3
Lonesome 7-7203  Top 25104  ExtraCopies=1
Lonesome For You  Hoedowner 126  ExtraCopies=1
Lonesome Indian  Square Tunes 162  ExtraCopies=5
Lonesome Pine  Elite (new) 1032  ExtraCopies=1
Lonesome Road  Blue Star 1562  ExtraCopies=2
Lonesome Road Blues  Red Boot 316  ExtraCopies=4
Lonesome Road Blues / I Saw The Light  Blue Star 1918  ExtraCopies=3
Lonesome Square  Old Timer 8198  ExtraCopies=2
Long Al / Long Pepperoni  Grenn 12098  ExtraCopies=6
Long Black Train  ESP 1080  ExtraCopies=1
Long Black Veil  Wagon Wheel 301  ExtraCopies=7
Long Gone  Lou Mac 198  ExtraCopies=2
Long John / Shortnin'  Blue Star 1787  ExtraCopies=1
Long John / Turkey In The Straw  Sunny Hills 148  ExtraCopies=4
Long Long Train  Jopat 238  ExtraCopies=2
Long Rocky Road  Grenn 12107  ExtraCopies=1
Long Rocky Road  Blue Star 1861  ExtraCopies=3
Long Tall Texan  ESP 1045  ExtraCopies=1
Long Time Ago  Hi Hat 435  ExtraCopies=6
Long Way To Daytona  Big Mac 43  ExtraCopies=2
Long Will / Long Buck  Grenn 12099  ExtraCopies=3
Long, Lonesome Highway  Wagon Wheel 309  ExtraCopies=14
Longer  Royal 213  ExtraCopies=2
Look At Me Now  Hi Hat 371  ExtraCopies=2
Look For The Silver Lining  Petticoat Patter 120  ExtraCopies=3
Look On The Bright Side  Windsor 4904  ExtraCopies=1
Look On The Good Side  Old Timer 8148  ExtraCopies=2
Lookin' Back To See  Dance Ranch 610  ExtraCopies=4
Lookin' For A Feeling  Riverboat 116  ExtraCopies=2
Lookin' For Love  Elk 11  ExtraCopies=6
Lookin' For Love  4-Bar-B 6036  ExtraCopies=1
Lookin' High And Low For Baby  Top 25285  ExtraCopies=8
Looking At The World  MacGregor 2054  ExtraCopies=10
Looking At The World Through A Windshield  Royal 808  ExtraCopies=1
Looking For A Corner  Blue Star 2084  ExtraCopies=1
Looking For A Reason  Royal 516  ExtraCopies=2
Looking Out My Back Door  Windsor 4956  ExtraCopies=2
Looking Out My Back Door  Jocko 991  ExtraCopies=2
Looks Like The Sun's Gonna Shine  D & ET 107  ExtraCopies=1
Loose Talk  Jewel 108  ExtraCopies=1
Loose Talk  Gold Star 704  ExtraCopies=1
Loose Talk / Beverly Hillbillies  Kalox 1297  ExtraCopies=4
Loose Talk / Yellow Rose Of Texas  MacGregor 7475  ExtraCopies=4
Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy  Quadrille 888  ExtraCopies=1
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good  ESP 105  ExtraCopies=2
Lord, Mr. Ford  Windsor 5025  ExtraCopies=3
Lost Weight / The Other Side  Pulse 102  ExtraCopies=5
Louise  Red Boot 227  ExtraCopies=3
Louisiana Fais Do Do  Royal 105  ExtraCopies=2
Louisiana Lou  4-Bar-B 6131  ExtraCopies=2
Louisiana Man  Prairie 1144  ExtraCopies=1
Louisiana Man  D & R 107  ExtraCopies=4
Louisiana Man  Blue Star 2158  ExtraCopies=1
Louisiana Man  Windsor 4977  ExtraCopies=2
Louisiana Red Dirt Highway  Quadrille 879  ExtraCopies=2
Louisiana Saturday Night  Chaparral 311  ExtraCopies=9
Louisiana Saturday Night  Bogan 1334  ExtraCopies=1
Louisiana Swing  MacGregor 1026  ExtraCopies=1
Louisiana Swing  Blue Star 1868  ExtraCopies=1
Love  MacGregor 2161  ExtraCopies=1
Love And Faith  Windsor 4914  ExtraCopies=1
Love Bug  ESP 532  ExtraCopies=2
Love Bug  Bogan 1192  ExtraCopies=1
Love Bug  Mar Let 604  ExtraCopies=2
Love Bug Itch  Blue Star 1982  ExtraCopies=4
Love Feels Good  Blue Star 1950  ExtraCopies=2
Love For Pennies  Blue Star 2014  ExtraCopies=1
Love Found You And Me  TNT 230  ExtraCopies=1
Love Has Made A Woman Out Of You  Jopat 207  ExtraCopies=1
Love In Every Happy Face  Bogan 1341  ExtraCopies=2
Love In The Country  Wagon Wheel 303  ExtraCopies=11
Love In The Country  Red Boot Star 1301  ExtraCopies=1
Love In The Country  Elite (new) 1007  ExtraCopies=3
Love Is  Buckskin 1228  ExtraCopies=3
Love Is All We Need  FTC 32003  ExtraCopies=2
Love Is Our Business  Crown 140  ExtraCopies=1
Love Is Strange  Chaparral 811  ExtraCopies=1
Love Is The Reason  Kalox 1084  ExtraCopies=4
Love Letters  MacGregor 955  ExtraCopies=2
Love Letters  Big Mac 61  ExtraCopies=2
Love Letters In The Sand  Jopat 217  ExtraCopies=2
Love Letters In The Sand  Aqua 124  ExtraCopies=1
Love Lifted Me  Royal 816  ExtraCopies=1
Love Love Love One More Time  Kalox 1211  ExtraCopies=2
Love Makes The World Go Round  Blue Star 1805  ExtraCopies=1
Love Makes The World Go Round  Petticoat Patter 117  ExtraCopies=2
Love Makes The World Go Round  Bogan 1287  ExtraCopies=2
Love Me Back Together One More Time  Blue Star 2202  ExtraCopies=2
Love Me Honey Do  Chaparral 525  ExtraCopies=1
Love Me Honey Do  Kalox 1049  ExtraCopies=4
Love Me Honey Do  Red Boot Star 1315  ExtraCopies=3
Love Me Honey Do / You Were Only Fooling  Kalox 1220  ExtraCopies=6
Love Me Or Leave Me  Windsor 5010  ExtraCopies=3
Love Me Over Again  Rhythm 144  ExtraCopies=4
Love Me Tonight  Pan Handle 107  ExtraCopies=3
Love Me Tonight  Jay-Bar-Kay 6014  ExtraCopies=6
Love Me Tonight  Hi Hat 489  ExtraCopies=2
Love Medley  4-Bar-B 6062  ExtraCopies=2
Love Never Dies  Petticoat Patter 112  ExtraCopies=1
Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run  Sting 323  ExtraCopies=2
Love Over Easy  Blue Star 2083  ExtraCopies=2
Love Potion Number 9  Longhorn 1035  ExtraCopies=2
Love Potion Number Nine  Blue Star 2392  ExtraCopies=1
Love Put A Song  Wild West 1-28  ExtraCopies=1
Love Put A Song In My Heart  Ranch House 301  ExtraCopies=4
Love Reunited  4-Bar-B 6090  ExtraCopies=3
Love Sick Blues  Fine Tune 110  ExtraCopies=1
Love Sure Feels Good  Kalox 1152  ExtraCopies=1
Love Takes Two  Chaparral 408  ExtraCopies=13
Love Takes Two  Bogan 1364  ExtraCopies=3
Love Talks  Desert 42  ExtraCopies=1
Love Talks  County Line 2  ExtraCopies=1
Love The Leavin From Your Mind  Blue Star 2058  ExtraCopies=1
Love Thief  Blue Star 1584  ExtraCopies=1
Love Will Turn You Around  Blue Star 2193  ExtraCopies=1
Love Ya  Windsor 4810  ExtraCopies=9
Love You More Than I Can Say  Square Tunes 212  ExtraCopies=2
Love You More Than I Can Say  Pioneer 137  ExtraCopies=1
Love You Right Outta The Blues  Eagle 1501  ExtraCopies=1
Love You Too Much  Lou Mac 189  ExtraCopies=2
Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me  Fine Tune 105  ExtraCopies=1
Love's Gonna Fall Here Tonight  4-Bar-B 6055  ExtraCopies=2
Love's Gonna Fall Here Tonight  Red Boot 287  ExtraCopies=3
Love's Gonna Live Here  Red Boot 175  ExtraCopies=5
Love's Gonna Live Here  ESP 167  ExtraCopies=1
Love's Gonna Live Here  MacGregor 1005  ExtraCopies=2
Love's Gonna Live Here Again  C Bar C 575  ExtraCopies=1
Love's Got A Hold On You  Jopat 235  ExtraCopies=2
Love, Me  Global Music 113  ExtraCopies=1
Loved More Than I've Hurt  Platinum 109  ExtraCopies=1
Lover In Disguise  ESP 312  ExtraCopies=7
Lover's Question  C Bar C 538  ExtraCopies=2
Lovers Live Longer  Prairie 1034  ExtraCopies=1
Lovers Live Longer  Prairie 1119  ExtraCopies=1
Lovers Song  MacGregor 2075  ExtraCopies=2
Lovin You Is A Natural High  Red Boot Star 1248  ExtraCopies=2
Lovin' / Near Beer  Mountain 5002  ExtraCopies=2
Lovin' Cajoun Style  D & R 147  ExtraCopies=1
Lovin' Cajun Style  Lore 1209  ExtraCopies=2
Lovin' Machine  Top 25134  ExtraCopies=2
Lovin' On  Global Music 303  ExtraCopies=2
Lovin' Up A Storm  Wild West 1-59  ExtraCopies=1
Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does To Me  Chinook 64  ExtraCopies=1
Lovin' You  Wagon Wheel 705  ExtraCopies=3
Lovin' You Baby  Chaparral 3502  ExtraCopies=17
Loving Her Was Easier  Rhythm 156  ExtraCopies=7
Loving Her Was Easier  Top 25287  ExtraCopies=23
Loving Her Was Easier  Hoedowner 106  ExtraCopies=5
Loving Is Gold  TNT 226  ExtraCopies=1
Loving You Is A Natural High  Rhythm 136  ExtraCopies=5
Loving You Is Always On My Mind  Mustang 180  ExtraCopies=2
Loving You Is Killing Me  Kalox 1123  ExtraCopies=1
Loving You Is Sunshine  Mustang 304  ExtraCopies=1
Low & Lonely  Fine Tune 118  ExtraCopies=1
Low And Lonely  Lore 1200  ExtraCopies=3
Lowdown Harp / Rollin' Harp  Kalox 1170  ExtraCopies=3
Lowground / Rollin'  Kalox 1179  ExtraCopies=1
Lucille  Red Boot Star 1237  ExtraCopies=9
Lucille It's A Fine Time To Leave Me  Bogan 1298  ExtraCopies=3
Luckenbach, Texas  Rhythm 112  ExtraCopies=5
Lucky / Booger Red  Blue Star 1624  ExtraCopies=1
Lucky Lips / The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise  Sets In Order 2115  ExtraCopies=1
Lucky Lips / The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise  Sets In Order 1110  ExtraCopies=1
Lucky Me  Longhorn 1027  ExtraCopies=1
Lucky Old Sun  Buckskin 1217  ExtraCopies=2
Lucky Son-Of-A-Gun  Jay-Bar-Kay 111  ExtraCopies=1
Lucy / Tootsie  Hi Hat 653  ExtraCopies=4
Ludwig Hoedown / Black Mountain Rag  TNT 195  ExtraCopies=1
Luv-A-Me  Windsor 4941  ExtraCopies=3
Luxury Liner  Rhythm 155  ExtraCopies=4

M.T.A.  Hi Hat 5190  ExtraCopies=2
Ma  Scope 530  ExtraCopies=1
Ma She's Making Eyes At Me  Red Boot 205  ExtraCopies=5
Ma She's Making Eyes At Me  Jopat 326  ExtraCopies=1
Mable  Kalox 1246  ExtraCopies=3
Macho Man  Lou Mac 212  ExtraCopies=2
Mack Is Back  TNT 112  ExtraCopies=5
Mack Is Back  Grenn 12048  ExtraCopies=1
Mack Is Back / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  Grenn 12014  ExtraCopies=1
Mack The Dancer  Keeno 2130  ExtraCopies=1
Mack The Knife  Royal 210  ExtraCopies=3
Mack The Knife  Aqua 117  ExtraCopies=4
Mack The Knife  Grenn 12135  ExtraCopies=3
Mack The Knife  Blue Ribbon 219  ExtraCopies=7
MacNamara's Band  Grenn 12236  ExtraCopies=1
MacNamarra's Band  FTC 32006  ExtraCopies=4
Made In America  Solid Gold 302  ExtraCopies=1
Magdalena  Mustang 178  ExtraCopies=1
Maggie  Lore 1124  ExtraCopies=1
Maggie, When You And I Were Young  ESP 130  ExtraCopies=7
Magic Carpet  Chinook 101  ExtraCopies=3
Magic Carpet  Roadrunner 202  ExtraCopies=4
Magic Carpet Ride  Fine Tune 136  ExtraCopies=1
Magic Of The Rain  Bob Cat 103  ExtraCopies=3
Magma  Chinook 505  ExtraCopies=1
Magnolia Melody / Trash Hash  Magnolia Melodies 201  ExtraCopies=1
Major Breakdown  Chaparral 113  ExtraCopies=2
Make Friends  Blue Star 1699  ExtraCopies=3
Make It All The Way  D & R 104  ExtraCopies=1
Make It Rain  Square Tunes 122  ExtraCopies=2
Make It Rain  Windsor 5004  ExtraCopies=5
Make The World Go Away  Red Boot 116  ExtraCopies=1
Make The World Go Away  Red Boot Star 1266  ExtraCopies=6
Make Yourself At Home  MacGregor 945  ExtraCopies=2
Makes No Difference Now  Lightning S 5034  ExtraCopies=2
Makes No Difference Now  Lore 1062  ExtraCopies=2
Makeup And Faded Blue Jeans  Bounty 101  ExtraCopies=2
Makin' Whoopee  Ranch House 1002  ExtraCopies=1
Makin' Whoopee  Top 25019  ExtraCopies=5
Making A Living  Ranch House 213  ExtraCopies=1
Making Believe  Rawhide 162  ExtraCopies=1
Mama Bear  Jay-Bar-Kay 140  ExtraCopies=2
Mama Bear  Mustang 147  ExtraCopies=3
Mama Bear  Swinging Square 2359  ExtraCopies=2
Mama Don't Allow  ESP 602  ExtraCopies=2
Mama Don't Allow  Dance Ranch 700  ExtraCopies=3
Mama Don't Allow It  Windsor 4826  ExtraCopies=5
Mama Don't Dance  Lou Mac 188  ExtraCopies=1
Mama Goodtimes  Chicago Country 29  ExtraCopies=1
Mama Tried  Kalox 1109  ExtraCopies=2
Mama Ucaro  Top 25094  ExtraCopies=2
Mama's Boy / Oh Golly  Sets In Order 2142  ExtraCopies=2
Mama's Little Boy / Walkin' The Floor  Sets In Order 45 / 46  ExtraCopies=10
Mame  Top 25148  ExtraCopies=3
Mamma Inez  Blue Star 1685  ExtraCopies=2
Mammy  Red Boot Star 1244  ExtraCopies=4
Mammy Song  Windsor 5062  ExtraCopies=2
Mamselle  Blue Star 1593  ExtraCopies=4
Man Around The House  Hi Hat 395  ExtraCopies=4
Man In Love  Quadrille 831  ExtraCopies=2
Man In The Little White Suit  Thunderbird 230  ExtraCopies=1
Man Of Constant Sorrow  Red Boot 3096  ExtraCopies=1
Man Of Me  ESP 1066  ExtraCopies=1
Man Smart (Woman Smarter)  Top 25040  ExtraCopies=2
Manaña  Windsor 4887  ExtraCopies=3
Manana  MacGregor 1017  ExtraCopies=1
Mandolin Barb / Banjo Lewis  Bogan 1388  ExtraCopies=1
Mandy  Square Tunes 168  ExtraCopies=1
Manhattan Merry Go Round  Pilgrim 1003  ExtraCopies=5
Mansion In The Sky  Quadrille 932  ExtraCopies=2
Mansion In The Sky  Mar Let 531  ExtraCopies=1
Mardi Gras  Top 25044  ExtraCopies=4
Mares Eat Oats  Royal 518  ExtraCopies=1
Margaritaville  Rhythm 185  ExtraCopies=4
Margie  Bogan 1165  ExtraCopies=1
Margie  Sunny Hills 145  ExtraCopies=1
Margie  Chicago Country 34  ExtraCopies=1
Margie From Australia  Top 25238  ExtraCopies=1
Marianne  Folkraft 1282  ExtraCopies=1
Marie  MacGregor 1003  ExtraCopies=2
Marie  Bogan 1111  ExtraCopies=2
Marilyn  Blue Star 1724  ExtraCopies=2
Marina  Grenn 12140  ExtraCopies=2
Marina  Top 25003  ExtraCopies=14
Marina  Scope 628  ExtraCopies=3
Marked Cards  MacGregor 8845  ExtraCopies=3
Marker "44" / Rhythm Examples  Hi Hat 652  ExtraCopies=2
Marlene  Windsor 5078  ExtraCopies=5
Married In Las Vegas  MacGregor 2209  ExtraCopies=2
Martha Ellen  Kalox 1137  ExtraCopies=11
Martha Ellen Jenkins / Cotton Eye Joe  Belco 257  ExtraCopies=1
Marty Robbins Medley  MW 201  ExtraCopies=4
Mary Ann  Windsor 4815  ExtraCopies=5
Mary Ann  Kalox 1107  ExtraCopies=10
Mary Ann  Square Tunes 223  ExtraCopies=1
Mary Lou  Roadrunner 302  ExtraCopies=1
Mary Lou  Sets In Order 149  ExtraCopies=2
Mary Lou / It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'  MacGregor 8275  ExtraCopies=1
Mason Dixon Line  Desert 29  ExtraCopies=1
Master Jack  Lamon 10106  ExtraCopies=1
Matador  ESP 175  ExtraCopies=3
Matamoras  Red Boot 158  ExtraCopies=14
Matilda  Desert 54  ExtraCopies=1
Matilda  Windsor 4817  ExtraCopies=6
Max's Hoedown / Eight Of January  TNT 209  ExtraCopies=2
May The Circle Be Unbroken  Grenn 12137  ExtraCopies=3
May The Circle Be Unbroken  Lucky 11  ExtraCopies=2
May The Circle Be Unbroken  Square Tunes 203  ExtraCopies=1
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You  Red Boot 3045  ExtraCopies=1
Maybe  Blue Star 1769  ExtraCopies=6
Maybe  Blue Star 1921  ExtraCopies=3
McCloud  4-Bar-B 6103  ExtraCopies=1
Me & Millie  Chinook 102  ExtraCopies=1
Me And Bobby Mc Gee  Red Boot Star 1324  ExtraCopies=1
Me And Bobby McGee  Jay-Bar-Kay 126  ExtraCopies=2
Me And Bobby McGee  Rhythm 218  ExtraCopies=3
Me And Millie  Square Dance USA 513  ExtraCopies=1
Me And My Gal  Blue Star 2224  ExtraCopies=1
Me And My RC  Red Boot 215  ExtraCopies=2
Me And My Shadow  ESP 520  ExtraCopies=1
Me And My Shadow  Hi Hat 426  ExtraCopies=2
Me And My Shadow  Windsor 4828  ExtraCopies=4
Me And Paul  Rhythm 133  ExtraCopies=2
Meadowcreek / Trailride  Blue Star 1587  ExtraCopies=4
Mean Woman Blues  Buckskin 1237  ExtraCopies=2
Mean Woman With Green Eyes  Kalox 1019  ExtraCopies=9
Mean Woman With The Green Eyes  Kalox 1310  ExtraCopies=1
Medley  Chaparral 3506  ExtraCopies=6
Medley  Pilgrim 1005  ExtraCopies=3
Medley Of Favorites  Aqua 129  ExtraCopies=3
Meet In The Middle  Hi Hat 5189  ExtraCopies=1
Meet Me In Memphis  Thunderbird 139  ExtraCopies=1
Meet Me In Stockholm  Sting 402  ExtraCopies=1
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe  Circle D 246  ExtraCopies=1
Melancholy Baby  ESP 303  ExtraCopies=13
Mele Kalikimaka  Scope 607  ExtraCopies=3
Mele Kalikimaki  Dance Ranch 664  ExtraCopies=3
Memories  Rhythm 190  ExtraCopies=6
Memories  Ghost Riders 1  ExtraCopies=4
Memories Are Made Of This  Big Mac 153  ExtraCopies=1
Memories Are Made Of This  Scope 629  ExtraCopies=2
Memories To Burn  Big Mac 70  ExtraCopies=1
Memories To Burn  Blue Star 2300  ExtraCopies=1
Memory  Silver Sounds 135  ExtraCopies=1
Memory Of You  Hi Hat 5031  ExtraCopies=6
Memory-Go-Round  Square Tunes 206  ExtraCopies=2
Memphis  Lou Mac 111  ExtraCopies=2
Memphis Gave Birth To Rock & Roll  Blue Star 2527  ExtraCopies=1
Memphis Gave Birth To Rock And Roll  Blue Star 2387  ExtraCopies=4
Mental Journey  Rockin' A 1372  ExtraCopies=2
Mental Journey  Windsor 4906  ExtraCopies=3
Mental Journey  MacGregor 2043  ExtraCopies=5
Mental Journey  Blue Star 1836  ExtraCopies=4
Mercy  Kalox 1194  ExtraCopies=6
Mercy  Chaparral 517  ExtraCopies=7
Merle's Gallop / Blue Hill Tunnel  Grenn 12028  ExtraCopies=3
Merrily Marry With Mary  Longhorn 1003  ExtraCopies=7
Merry Christmas  Circle D 241  ExtraCopies=1
Merry Christmas Everyone  Aussie Tempos 1026  ExtraCopies=1
Merry Christmas Here In My Hometown  Quadrille 848  ExtraCopies=4
Merry Christmas Polka  Four Squares 794  ExtraCopies=1
Merry Go Round Of Love  Dance Ranch 630  ExtraCopies=7
Merry Oldsmobile  TNT 148  ExtraCopies=3
Merry Oldsmobile  Blue Star 1902  ExtraCopies=3
Merry Oldsmobile  Blue Star 2132  ExtraCopies=2
Merry Oldsmobile Mixer / Sentimental Dream  Blue Star 1572  ExtraCopies=1
Merry Xmas Polka  TNT 228  ExtraCopies=2
Merry-Go-Round Of Love  Wagon Wheel 131  ExtraCopies=6
Mess Of The Blues  Chicago Country 50  ExtraCopies=1
Mexicali Blues  Hi Hat 5242  ExtraCopies=1
Mexicali Rose  Grenn 17021  ExtraCopies=1
Mexican Joe  Lore 1156  ExtraCopies=1
Mexican Joe  MacGregor 1035  ExtraCopies=3
Mexican Love Songs  Rhythm 175  ExtraCopies=1
Mexican Polka  Tahoe 501  ExtraCopies=1
Mexico  Bogan 1188  ExtraCopies=1
Mexico  Blue Star 1589  ExtraCopies=2
Mick's Cabbage / Journey Home  Thunderbird 506  ExtraCopies=5
Mickey Mouse Club March  Bee Sharp 114  ExtraCopies=1
Midnight / Wildwood Flower  Blue Star 2026  ExtraCopies=2
Midnight Fire  Quadrille 828  ExtraCopies=2
Midnight Flyer  Red Boot 230  ExtraCopies=2
Midnight Hour  Red Boot Star 1338  ExtraCopies=2
Midnight Me And The Blues  Blue Star 2036  ExtraCopies=3
Midnight Rodeo  Dance Ranch 701  ExtraCopies=1
Midnight Rodeo  ESP 101  ExtraCopies=2
Midnight Special  Circle D 206  ExtraCopies=1
Midnight, Me And The Blues  MacGregor 2158  ExtraCopies=3
Mighty Mississippi  Grenn 12073  ExtraCopies=2
Mighty Mississippi  Hi Hat 5141  ExtraCopies=4
Mighty Nice  Western Jubilee 561  ExtraCopies=3
Milk Cow Blues  Rockin' A 1342  ExtraCopies=1
Millenium / Databass  Chaparral 123  ExtraCopies=1
Million Dollar Baby  Buckskin 1221  ExtraCopies=2
Million Dollar Baby  4-Bar-B 6126  ExtraCopies=2
Million Dollar Jet  MacGregor 2032  ExtraCopies=4
Million Dollar Man  Silver Sounds 187  ExtraCopies=1
Milwaukee Here I Come  Rockin' A 1344  ExtraCopies=1
Milwaukee, Here I Come  Lou Mac 132  ExtraCopies=1
Mim / Stan  Red Boot 300  ExtraCopies=9
Mind Your Own Business  Royal 116  ExtraCopies=1
Minnie The Mermaid  Bogan 1142  ExtraCopies=1
Minor Breakdown / Penny Dancer  Chaparral 114  ExtraCopies=5
Minstrel Man  Jay-Bar-Kay 6018  ExtraCopies=3
Miracle Express  Ranch House 211  ExtraCopies=6
Mis'ry River  ESP 304  ExtraCopies=23
Miss Mollie Brown  Kalox 1064  ExtraCopies=14
Miss Molly Brown / Seashores Of Old Mexico  Kalox 1269  ExtraCopies=5
Missin' Mississippi  Prairie 1075  ExtraCopies=1
Mission Bells  Longhorn 141  ExtraCopies=8
Mission Bells  TNT 127  ExtraCopies=2
Mississippi  Wagon Wheel 603  ExtraCopies=14
Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town  Ute 33  ExtraCopies=1
Mississippi Squirrel  Blue Star 2278  ExtraCopies=1
Mississippi Squirrel Revival  Lamon 10118  ExtraCopies=2
Mississippi Squirrel Revival  Kalox 1305  ExtraCopies=1
Missouri  Jocko 274  ExtraCopies=3
Missouri Mule / Beaumont Rag  Sets In Order 59 / 66  ExtraCopies=5
Missy Jean / Bruno Special  Mustang 174  ExtraCopies=1
Mistakes  Quadrille 908  ExtraCopies=1
Mister Piano Man  Swinging Square 2373  ExtraCopies=3
Mister Piano Man  MacGregor 1061  ExtraCopies=3
Mister Sandman  Mustang 126  ExtraCopies=1
Misty  Hi Hat 5068  ExtraCopies=7
Misty  ESP 146  ExtraCopies=4
Misty  Windsor 5061  ExtraCopies=2
Misty  Riverboat 211  ExtraCopies=5
Misty  Ponderosa 6  ExtraCopies=9
Misty Moonlight  Quadrille 816  ExtraCopies=2
Mm Mm Good  Scope 573  ExtraCopies=1
Mm Mm Good  Kalox 1158  ExtraCopies=2
Mm Mm Good  Quadrille 930  ExtraCopies=2
Mockingbird Hill  Red Boot 147  ExtraCopies=2
Mockingbird Hill  TNT 207  ExtraCopies=2
Mockingbird Hill  Wild West 1-39  ExtraCopies=2
Mod Hoedown / Funky Bass  Pulse 103  ExtraCopies=7
Moffitt Oklahoma  Kalox 1104  ExtraCopies=2
Mohair Sam  Kalox 1226  ExtraCopies=1
Mollie Brown  Red Boot 3016  ExtraCopies=1
Molly Brown  Top 25133  ExtraCopies=3
Molly Brown  Blue Star 2145  ExtraCopies=2
Moments To Remember  Blue Star 2035  ExtraCopies=2
Moments To Remember  Lore 1059  ExtraCopies=1
Mona Lisa  Longhorn 129  ExtraCopies=4
Monday Morning Secretary  Red Boot 140  ExtraCopies=12
Money In The Bank  ESP 188  ExtraCopies=1
Monkey Business  MacGregor 1097  ExtraCopies=2
Monongahela / Whiffletree  Top 25068  ExtraCopies=16
Monorail / Tank Train  Top 25194  ExtraCopies=6
Monster Holiday  Cheyenne 821  ExtraCopies=1
Monster Mash  Lamon 10109  ExtraCopies=1
Montana Cafe  Lamplighter 1001  ExtraCopies=2
Moody Blue  Sting 403  ExtraCopies=1
Moody Blue  Square Tunes 183  ExtraCopies=4
Moon Over Her Shoulder  Global Music 915  ExtraCopies=1
Moonlight Bay  Red Boot Star 1330  ExtraCopies=1
Moonlight Saving  Top 25136  ExtraCopies=3
More And More Every Day  Swinging Square 2372  ExtraCopies=1
More Than I Can Say  Blue Star 2140  ExtraCopies=3
More Than One Kind Of Love  MacGregor 2200  ExtraCopies=3
Morkords  Sets In Order 131  ExtraCopies=4
Morning After  Bogan 1263  ExtraCopies=1
Morning Dew  Jopat 403  ExtraCopies=1
Morning Glory Do  Blue Star 2220  ExtraCopies=3
Morning Of My Mind  Blue Star 1866  ExtraCopies=3
Morning Of My Mind  Dance Ranch 665  ExtraCopies=4
Morning Ride  Venture 103  ExtraCopies=2
Morning Ride  Hi Hat 5097  ExtraCopies=4
Morning Sky  Royal 303  ExtraCopies=1
Morning Sun  ESP 1051  ExtraCopies=1
Most Wanted Woman  Thunderbird 135  ExtraCopies=1
Mostly Guitar / Blue Moon Special  Bogan 1389  ExtraCopies=2
Motel Six  Dance Ranch 730  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Dew  Chaparral 409  ExtraCopies=11
Mountain Dew  Chaparral 108  ExtraCopies=9
Mountain Dew  Blue Star 2037  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Dew  4-Bar-B 6049  ExtraCopies=5
Mountain Dew  Blue Star 1713  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Dew / Boomerang  MacGregor 2048  ExtraCopies=6
Mountain Dew / Cimarron Special  Cimarron 202  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Greenery  Desert Gold 17  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Man  Bogan 1326  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Music  Lou Mac 214  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Music  Mountain 19  ExtraCopies=2
Mountain Music  4-Bar-B 6052  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Music  Top 25031  ExtraCopies=3
Mountain Music  Top 25304  ExtraCopies=2
Mountain Music  Rhythm 196  ExtraCopies=3
Mountain Music  Bogan 1306  ExtraCopies=2
Mountain Of Love  Red Boot Star 1267  ExtraCopies=3
Mountain Of Love  Rawhide 103  ExtraCopies=1
Mountain Pass  Chaparral 516  ExtraCopies=8
Mountain Railway  Jopat 239  ExtraCopies=1
Move It On Over  Buckskin 1250  ExtraCopies=2
Movin' On  Ranch House 201  ExtraCopies=10
Movin' On  Chaparral 329  ExtraCopies=2
Movin' On  Hi Hat 454  ExtraCopies=4
Moving On Up  Lazy Eight 17  ExtraCopies=1
Mr. Fiddle Man  Kalox 1138  ExtraCopies=4
Mr. Piano Man  Bogan 1296  ExtraCopies=4
Mr. Piano Man  Blue Star 2310  ExtraCopies=3
Mr. Piano Man  Silver Sounds 217  ExtraCopies=1
Mr. Piano Man  Kalox 1311  ExtraCopies=2
Mr. Right  Rawhide 154  ExtraCopies=2
Mr. Sandman  Lore 1037  ExtraCopies=3
Mr. Sandman  Big Mac 24  ExtraCopies=5
Mr. Sandman  Kalox 1301  ExtraCopies=3
Mr. Sandman  Scope 580  ExtraCopies=2
Mr. Sandman  Big Mac 107  ExtraCopies=1
Mr. Santa (Sandman)  Blue Ribbon 256  ExtraCopies=1
Mrs. Johnson's Happiness Emporium  Blue Star 1977  ExtraCopies=1
Much Too Young  A Bar K 105  ExtraCopies=1
Mud On The Tires  ESP 1084  ExtraCopies=1
Muddy Boggy Banjo Man  Thunderbird 204  ExtraCopies=2
Muddy Bottom  Top 25246  ExtraCopies=2
Muddy Water  Jopat 224  ExtraCopies=1
Muddy Water  Dance Ranch 634  ExtraCopies=4
Muggsy / Willy  Chicago Country 101  ExtraCopies=2
Music Box Dancer  TNT 211  ExtraCopies=1
Music Is My Woman  Wagon Wheel 508  ExtraCopies=2
Music Is My Woman  Chaparral 204  ExtraCopies=10
Music Is My Woman  Rhythm 131  ExtraCopies=4
Music Music Music  Bob Cat 500  ExtraCopies=1
Music, Music, Music  Silver Sounds 137  ExtraCopies=1
Music, Music, Music  Big Mac 121  ExtraCopies=1
Music, Music, Music  Scope 621  ExtraCopies=1
Musigals' Medley / Blue Mountain Melody  Best 109  ExtraCopies=1
Mustache Jack / The Joker  Hi Hat 602  ExtraCopies=6
Mutual Admiration  FTC 32004  ExtraCopies=1
My Baby  MacGregor 965  ExtraCopies=3
My Baby Just Cares For (Swings With) Me  Top 25022  ExtraCopies=3
My Baby Loves Me  Silver Sounds 182  ExtraCopies=1
My Baby's Gone Away  Chaparral 507  ExtraCopies=10
My Baby's Got Good Timing  ESP 314  ExtraCopies=8
My Barkin' Dog  MacGregor 2179  ExtraCopies=2
My Best Friend  Windsor 5123  ExtraCopies=2
My Best Gal / Big Boom  Sets In Order 2139  ExtraCopies=7
My Best Girl / Gosh  Blue Ribbon 206  ExtraCopies=6
My Blue Heaven  Red Boot Star 1302  ExtraCopies=2
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean  Square Dancetime 3  ExtraCopies=6
My Confession  Kalox 1058  ExtraCopies=1
My Darling Dixie Lee  Rockin' A 1333  ExtraCopies=1
My Ding-A-Ling  White Knight 3  ExtraCopies=1
My Dixie Darlin'  Silver Sounds 131  ExtraCopies=1
My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time  Lore 1056  ExtraCopies=1
My Favorite Memory  Hi Hat 5047  ExtraCopies=4
My Feets Too Big  Lucky 8  ExtraCopies=1
My Front Door  Western Jubilee 567  ExtraCopies=3
My Front Door Is Open  Lore 1211  ExtraCopies=1
My Gal  MacGregor 973  ExtraCopies=1
My Gal Country Style  Longhorn 166  ExtraCopies=2
My Gal Country Style  MacGregor 2012  ExtraCopies=1
My Gal Sal  Pulse 1009  ExtraCopies=1
My Girl  Blue Ribbon 289  ExtraCopies=1
My Grandfather's Clock  MacGregor 1067  ExtraCopies=3
My Guiding Star  Blue Star 2375  ExtraCopies=1
My Heart  Hi Hat 5021  ExtraCopies=2
My Heart  Mountain 29  ExtraCopies=1
My Heart Keeps Going Back To Nashville  Windsor 5030  ExtraCopies=2
My Heart Skips A Beat  MacGregor 1033  ExtraCopies=12
My Heart Skips A Beat  Royal 311  ExtraCopies=1
My Heart Skips A Beat  Kalox 1164  ExtraCopies=3
My Hero  Silver Sounds 112  ExtraCopies=2
My Hometown  Global Music 917  ExtraCopies=1
My Ideal  Blue Ribbon 251  ExtraCopies=1
My Ideal  Blue Star 1649  ExtraCopies=2
My Indiana Girl  Hi Hat 429  ExtraCopies=7
My Kind Of Girl  Kalox 1178  ExtraCopies=1
My Kind Of Girl  Shakedown 226  ExtraCopies=1
My Kind Of Love  Red Boot 130  ExtraCopies=2
My Lady Loves Me  Big Mac 56  ExtraCopies=1
My Lady Loves Me  ESP 311  ExtraCopies=6
My Life  Hi Hat 5006  ExtraCopies=2
My Life's A Dance  Red Boot Star 1300  ExtraCopies=6
My Life's Been A Pleasure  Blue Star 1542  ExtraCopies=1
My Melody Of Love  Windsor 5064  ExtraCopies=1
My Next Broken Heart  Cardinal 12  ExtraCopies=2
My Old Kentucky Home  Top 25190  ExtraCopies=1
My Own Kind Of Hat  Hi Hat 5019  ExtraCopies=3
My Pretty Girl  Blue Star 2233  ExtraCopies=4
My Pretty Girl / Marching Through Georgia  Windsor 4112  ExtraCopies=5
My Pride  Hi Hat 400  ExtraCopies=1
My Pride  Blue Star 1924  ExtraCopies=2
My Reason For Livin'  Longhorn 192  ExtraCopies=6
My Rock  Red Boot 3079  ExtraCopies=3
My San Francisco Gal  Lucky 13  ExtraCopies=2
My Ship's Comin' In 4:15  Dynamic 4  ExtraCopies=1
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You  Global Music 310  ExtraCopies=1
My Sister Kate  Old Timer 8176  ExtraCopies=5
My Sweet Baby  Eureka 1017  ExtraCopies=1
My Sweet Gypsy Rose  Hi Hat 5120  ExtraCopies=2
My Sweet Lady  Rhythm 213  ExtraCopies=2
My Toot Toot  Blue Star 2282  ExtraCopies=4
My Train Of Thought  Hi Hat 5144  ExtraCopies=1
My Train Of Thought  4-Bar-B 6099  ExtraCopies=2
My Two Open Arms  Blue Star 2359  ExtraCopies=1
My Very Own Lucky Star  Snow 702  ExtraCopies=1
My Wagon  MacGregor 953  ExtraCopies=2
My Way  ESP 210  ExtraCopies=3
My Way  Grenn 12157  ExtraCopies=10
My Wife's House  Dance Ranch 646  ExtraCopies=2
My Window Faces The South  Blue Star 2364  ExtraCopies=1
My Window Faces The South  MacGregor 2193  ExtraCopies=2
My Window Faces The South  Belco 115  ExtraCopies=3
My Window Faces The South  Jopat 120  ExtraCopies=3
My Window Faces The South  Kalox 1324  ExtraCopies=1

Nanakuli  Scope 597  ExtraCopies=2
Nancy / Lisa  Red Boot 110  ExtraCopies=6
Naomi  Bogan 1378  ExtraCopies=2
Nashville  Red Boot 152  ExtraCopies=1
Nashville / Average People  Jay-Bar-Kay 505  ExtraCopies=1
Natural High (I Can Fly)  Hi Hat 5076  ExtraCopies=2
Natural Urge  Thunderbird 123  ExtraCopies=2
Naughty Angeline  Blue Star 1855  ExtraCopies=2
Naughty Lady  Kalox 1143  ExtraCopies=4
Naughty Lady  Aqua 119  ExtraCopies=22
Near You  Lore 1018  ExtraCopies=1
Near You  Bob Cat 113  ExtraCopies=1
Needam Special / Diagonal Contra  Red Boot 171  ExtraCopies=2
Nellie  Lou Mac 118  ExtraCopies=2
Neon Moon  Shakedown 219  ExtraCopies=2
Neon Moon  Hi Hat 5195  ExtraCopies=1
Neon Rainbow  Golden Eagle 6  ExtraCopies=1
Neon Rose  Blue Star 1945  ExtraCopies=3
Never Again  Bogan 1259  ExtraCopies=2
Never Been So Loved  4-Bar-B 6046  ExtraCopies=1
Never Coming Back Again  Bogan 1271  ExtraCopies=1
Never Did Like Whiskey  Rhythm 135  ExtraCopies=5
Never Ending Love  C Bar C 573  ExtraCopies=2
Never Ending Love  C Bar C 806  ExtraCopies=1
Never Ending Song Of Love  TNT 140  ExtraCopies=1
Never Ending Song Of Love  MacGregor 2096  ExtraCopies=7
Never Ending Song Of Love  Chaparral 219  ExtraCopies=5
Never Ending Song Of Love  Blue Bolt 102  ExtraCopies=1
Never Going To Tampa  Eagle 3401  ExtraCopies=1
Never The Less (I'm In Love With You)  Rhythm 206  ExtraCopies=6
Never, Ever And Forever  Global Music 1106  ExtraCopies=1
Nevertheless  Jopat 111  ExtraCopies=2
Nevertheless  MacGregor 2110  ExtraCopies=1
New Alabama Jubilee / New My Little Girl  Old Timer 8159  ExtraCopies=1
New Ashmoleon Band  Hi Hat 301  ExtraCopies=2
New Attitude  Rhythm 198  ExtraCopies=10
New Bill Bailey  MacGregor 982  ExtraCopies=3
New Caribbean  MacGregor 958  ExtraCopies=2
New Craze / Chug-Chug  Sets In Order 2138  ExtraCopies=1
New Craze / Cross The Mountain  Sets In Order 53 / 54  ExtraCopies=9
New Craze / Flop-Eared Mule  Sets In Order 29 / 30  ExtraCopies=3
New Cut Road  ESP 302  ExtraCopies=3
New England March  Silver Sounds 110  ExtraCopies=1
New Kid In Town  ESP 1024  ExtraCopies=1
New Lady Of Spain  Old Timer 8128  ExtraCopies=2
New Lady Of Spain  Big Mac 73  ExtraCopies=2
New Lady Of Spain / Candy-Store Lady  Old Timer 101  ExtraCopies=1
New Looks From An Old Lover  ESP 121  ExtraCopies=3
New Moon  Kalox 1224  ExtraCopies=2
New Moon  Windsor 4880  ExtraCopies=1
New Moon Over My Shoulder  Lore 1027  ExtraCopies=1
New Moon Over My Shoulder  ESP 125  ExtraCopies=5
New Mule / Pine Tree Stomp  Sets In Order 2132  ExtraCopies=3
New Patches  Mountain 82  ExtraCopies=1
New Patches Old Garments  El Dorado 104  ExtraCopies=1
New River Train  Prairie 1098  ExtraCopies=1
New River Train  Lou Mac 135  ExtraCopies=1
New River Train  Jopat 602  ExtraCopies=1
New Selfish  Jopat 901  ExtraCopies=1
New World Coming On  Blue Star 2367  ExtraCopies=1
New World In The Morning  Blue Star 2144  ExtraCopies=3
New World In The Morning  Pioneer 128  ExtraCopies=1
New World In The Morning  Wagon Wheel 209  ExtraCopies=7
New York  Big Mac 6  ExtraCopies=2
New York City  Rhythm 110  ExtraCopies=7
New York Minute  Eagle 2008  ExtraCopies=1
New York Minute  Pan Handle 109  ExtraCopies=1
New York, New York  Jay-Bar-Kay 6020  ExtraCopies=2
New York, New York  D & R 167  ExtraCopies=3
Newtron Dance  Chaparral 321  ExtraCopies=8
Next Door To Alice  Royal 138  ExtraCopies=1
Next Door To An Angel  Down Under 101  ExtraCopies=1
Nice And Gentle  TNT 147  ExtraCopies=1
Nickel For The Fiddler  Riverboat 221  ExtraCopies=1
Nickelodeon Rag  Prairie 1066  ExtraCopies=1
Nickels And Dimes  Square Tunes 201  ExtraCopies=3
Nickels And Dimes  Quadrille 900  ExtraCopies=1
Night Coach  Bogan 1261  ExtraCopies=1
Night Coach Out Of Dallas  C Bar C 546  ExtraCopies=1
Night Train  Windsor 5126  ExtraCopies=1
Night Train / Milenburg Joy  Kalox 1072  ExtraCopies=5
Night Train / Water Boy Blues  Kalox 1284  ExtraCopies=1
Night Train To Memphis  Kalox 1294  ExtraCopies=1
Night Train To Memphis  Red Boot 173  ExtraCopies=9
Night Train To Memphis  Square L 107  ExtraCopies=3
Night Train To Memphis  Bogan 1351  ExtraCopies=1
Nighttime And My Baby  Ranch House 208  ExtraCopies=3
Nighty Night  MacGregor 2175  ExtraCopies=2
Nineteen Minutes To Go  Longhorn 161  ExtraCopies=4
Ninety Days  Hi Hat 414  ExtraCopies=2
No Blues Is Good News  FTC 32008  ExtraCopies=1
No Matter What  Global Music 1101  ExtraCopies=1
No More, No Less  Blue Ribbon 229  ExtraCopies=1
No More, No Less  Hi Hat 344  ExtraCopies=3
No News  Shakedown 247  ExtraCopies=1
No No Nora  Lore 1029  ExtraCopies=3
No No Nora  Scope 626  ExtraCopies=3
No No Nora  Big Mac 93  ExtraCopies=1
No No Nora  Windsor 4840  ExtraCopies=2
No Tear Drops Tonight  Blue Star 1594  ExtraCopies=5
No Teardrops Tonight  Dance Ranch 662  ExtraCopies=2
No Tears Milady  Red Boot 228  ExtraCopies=1
No Tears Milady  Hi Hat 349  ExtraCopies=1
No Way To Tie A Tiger Down  Jopat 625  ExtraCopies=1
Nobody  Top 25143  ExtraCopies=1
Nobody / Swinging Bill  Scope 305  ExtraCopies=2
Nobody But A Fool  Blue Star 1893  ExtraCopies=1
Nobody Knows But Me  Longhorn 184  ExtraCopies=1
Nobody Knows Ya  Windsor 4852  ExtraCopies=4
Nobody Wants You  Blue Star 2361  ExtraCopies=2
Nobody's Baby / You've Got Me Wondering  Windsor 4182  ExtraCopies=3
Nobody's Business  Kalox 1214  ExtraCopies=2
Nobody's Business / Bully Of The Town  Old Timer 8013  ExtraCopies=1
Nobody's Sweetheart Now  ESP 211  ExtraCopies=2
Nora / Stay A Little Longer  Square Tunes 306  ExtraCopies=1
Normally  Scope 526  ExtraCopies=1
Normally Norma Loves Me  Swinging Square 2348  ExtraCopies=1
Norman  Blue Star 1596  ExtraCopies=9
Norman  Blue Star 2096  ExtraCopies=2
North To Alaska  Blue Star 1569  ExtraCopies=1
Northlands  Square Tunes 129  ExtraCopies=2
Not Counting You  Circle D 242  ExtraCopies=2
Not Gonna Cry Again  Lou Mac 107  ExtraCopies=1
Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now  Global Music 1007  ExtraCopies=2
Nothing But The Best For My Baby  Blue Star 1983  ExtraCopies=1
Nothing Can Stop My Loving You  Hi Hat 5125  ExtraCopies=1
Nothing Can Stop My Loving You  Windsor 5060  ExtraCopies=1
Nothing Could Be Finer  Jay-Bar-Kay 113  ExtraCopies=5
Nothing Ever Hurt Me  Rhythm 108  ExtraCopies=1
Nothing On But The Radio  ESP 1085  ExtraCopies=1
Nothing To Do With You  Blue Star 1565  ExtraCopies=2
Nothing's New  MacGregor 2002  ExtraCopies=2
Now That's Country  ESP 179  ExtraCopies=2
Now They Call Her May  Scope 561  ExtraCopies=3

Oakie From Muskogee  Kalox 1100  ExtraCopies=11
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da  Global Music 807  ExtraCopies=1
Oblah-Di Oblah-Da  Top 25198  ExtraCopies=6
Occasional Rose  Hi Hat 5036  ExtraCopies=2
Ocean Of Love  Mason Dixon Line 4  ExtraCopies=2
Oh Baby Mine  Ranch House 603  ExtraCopies=4
Oh Baby Mine  Blue Star 2221  ExtraCopies=6
Oh By Jingo  Old Timer 8152  ExtraCopies=1
Oh Johnny  Big Mac 69  ExtraCopies=7
Oh Johnny  Grenn 12127  ExtraCopies=2
Oh Johnny  MacGregor 2042  ExtraCopies=5
Oh Lonesome Me  Jopat 219  ExtraCopies=2
Oh Lonesome Me  Rhythm 183  ExtraCopies=8
Oh Lonesome Me  Alliance 110  ExtraCopies=1
Oh Lonesome Me  Hi Hat 398  ExtraCopies=4
Oh Lonesome Me  Dance Ranch 660  ExtraCopies=3
Oh Lonesome Me  Bogan 1283  ExtraCopies=3
Oh Lonesome Me  Hi Hat 484  ExtraCopies=1
Oh Sally / Rockin'  Kalox 1200  ExtraCopies=2
Oh Susanna  ESP 911  ExtraCopies=1
Oh What A Beautiful Love Song  ESP 113  ExtraCopies=4
Oh What A Love  Silver Sounds 117  ExtraCopies=1
Oh Why Must We Ever Say Goodbye  Royal 304  ExtraCopies=1
Oh You Beautiful Doll  ESP 715  ExtraCopies=1
Oh You Beautiful Doll  Nickel 55  ExtraCopies=2
Oh! Happy Lucky Me  Longhorn 163  ExtraCopies=2
Oh! Johnny  Blue Star 1690  ExtraCopies=1
Oh, Lonesome Me  Windsor 4863  ExtraCopies=11
Oh, Lonesome Me  Old Timer 8134  ExtraCopies=8
Oh-So Walk In The Barn  Kalox 1205  ExtraCopies=2
Okeechobee  Pioneer 108  ExtraCopies=2
Okey Dokey / Buddy's Hoedown  Sunny Hills 137  ExtraCopies=6
Okie From Muskogee  4-Bar-B 6102  ExtraCopies=2
Okie From Muskogee  Kalox 1247  ExtraCopies=2
Okie From Muskogee  Roofers 110  ExtraCopies=1
Okies Coming Home  Blue Star 2318  ExtraCopies=1
Oklahoma  Red Boot 229  ExtraCopies=2
Oklahoma Borderline  Hi Hat 5084  ExtraCopies=2
Oklahoma Borderline  Chaparral 804  ExtraCopies=6
Oklahoma Borderline  Quadrille 846  ExtraCopies=1
Oklahoma Borderline  Blue Star 2308  ExtraCopies=1
Oklahoma Hills  MacGregor 2143  ExtraCopies=1
Oklahoma Hills  Crow 2  ExtraCopies=1
Oklahoma Hills  Chaparral 716  ExtraCopies=3
Oklahoma Morning  Petticoat Patter 116  ExtraCopies=1
Oklahoma Morning  Hi Hat 481  ExtraCopies=1
Ol' Showboat  Prairie 1041  ExtraCopies=1
Old Black Magic  Blue Ribbon 228  ExtraCopies=4
Old Black Magic  Hi Hat 339  ExtraCopies=3
Old Black Magic  Blue Star 2295  ExtraCopies=2
Old Buster Hoedown  Buckskin 1513  ExtraCopies=1
Old Cape Cod  Global Music 118  ExtraCopies=1
Old Chunk Of Coal  Blue Star 2136  ExtraCopies=4
Old Cowhand  Top 25219  ExtraCopies=1
Old Dan Tucker / Big Boss  Blue Star 1573  ExtraCopies=5
Old Dan Tucker / Big Chief  Blue Star 1932  ExtraCopies=5
Old Dogs, Children, & Watermelon Wine  Quadrille 858  ExtraCopies=5
Old Enough To Know Better  Royal 134  ExtraCopies=2
Old Enough To Know Better  ESP 198  ExtraCopies=1
Old Fashion Love  D & R 163  ExtraCopies=1
Old Fashion Love  Blue Star 1580  ExtraCopies=1
Old Fashioned  Longhorn 1014  ExtraCopies=10
Old Fashioned Girl  ESP 508  ExtraCopies=2
Old Fashioned Girl / Hurry, Hurry, Hurry  Windsor 4105  ExtraCopies=4
Old Fashioned Love  Hi Hat 5011  ExtraCopies=2
Old Fashioned Love  Top 25235  ExtraCopies=1
Old Fashioned Love  Big Mac 102  ExtraCopies=1
Old Fashioned Love  Longhorn 189  ExtraCopies=2
Old Fashioned Rose  MacGregor 1006  ExtraCopies=2
Old Gang Of Mine  Rawhide 109  ExtraCopies=3
Old Grey Bonnet  MacGregor 998  ExtraCopies=1
Old Heckler  Blue Star 1642  ExtraCopies=1
Old Hippie  Chinook 98  ExtraCopies=2
Old Joe / The Devil  Hi Hat 609  ExtraCopies=4
Old Joe Clark / Blue Mountain Rag  Sets In Order 9 / 10  ExtraCopies=5
Old Joe Clark / Blue Mountain Rag  Sets In Order 75 / 76  ExtraCopies=8
Old Lamplighter  Eagle 1209  ExtraCopies=1
Old Man River  Mar Let 510  ExtraCopies=5
Old Man River  Blue Ribbon 214  ExtraCopies=2
Old Man River  Top 25290  ExtraCopies=8
Old Man River  Top 25100  ExtraCopies=2
Old Man River (I've Come To Talk Again)  Hi Hat 5062  ExtraCopies=2
Old Mexico  Swinging Stars 102  ExtraCopies=1
Old Monterey  Lore 1110  ExtraCopies=3
Old Mother Nature  Blue Star 1635  ExtraCopies=1
Old Mountain Dew / High Gear  Sunny Hills 170  ExtraCopies=3
Old Phonograph Records  Blue Star 1807  ExtraCopies=1
Old Piano Hoedown  Blue Ribbon 203  ExtraCopies=1
Old Pine Tree  Top 25146  ExtraCopies=3
Old Red Barn  Red Barn 101  ExtraCopies=1
Old River Line  Square L 101  ExtraCopies=1
Old Rocking Chair  Scope 533  ExtraCopies=2
Old Shep  Blue Ribbon 242  ExtraCopies=1
Old Side Of Town  Blue Star 2108  ExtraCopies=1
Old Slew Foot  Gaslight 5  ExtraCopies=3
Old Time Family Blue Grass Band  Hi Hat 5034  ExtraCopies=3
Old Time Loving  Rhythm 179  ExtraCopies=7
Old Time Loving  Circle D 214  ExtraCopies=1
Old Time Medley  TNT 161  ExtraCopies=2
Old Time Rock And Roll  Rhythm 173  ExtraCopies=2
Old Time Rock and Roll  Circle D 273  ExtraCopies=1
Old Times  MacGregor 1048  ExtraCopies=7
Older Women  Blue Star 2150  ExtraCopies=2
Ole China Doll  MacGregor 2041  ExtraCopies=1
Ole Joe Clark / Ole Sal  Kalox 1234  ExtraCopies=2
Ole Slew Foot (Slew Foot The Bear)  4-Bar-B 6005  ExtraCopies=1
Ole Time Rock And Roll  Eagle 2301  ExtraCopies=2
Olinda / Mick's Chicken Pluckin'  Wild West 2-05  ExtraCopies=2
On A Hi-Way Headin' South  Thunderbird 215  ExtraCopies=1
On A Highway Headed South  Dance Ranch 627  ExtraCopies=1
On And On  Royal 307  ExtraCopies=4
On Broadway  Rhythm 165  ExtraCopies=6
On Life's Highway  Chinook 75  ExtraCopies=3
On Second Thought  Circle D 243  ExtraCopies=2
On The Boulevard  Hi Hat 646  ExtraCopies=5
On The Other Hand  Red Boot 3011  ExtraCopies=2
On The Rebound  Ranch House 206  ExtraCopies=7
On The Road Again  ESP 207  ExtraCopies=2
On The Road Again  D & R 155  ExtraCopies=2
On The Road Again  Sting 802  ExtraCopies=2
On The Road Again  Erin 101  ExtraCopies=6
On The Road To Loving Me Again  Red Boot Star 1254  ExtraCopies=3
On The Road To Loving Me Again  D & R 153  ExtraCopies=1
On The Southbound  Desert 37  ExtraCopies=1
On The Street Where You Live  Bogan 1297  ExtraCopies=1
On Top Of The World  Hi Hat 431  ExtraCopies=7
Once Again  MacGregor 1028  ExtraCopies=2
Once In A Lifetime Thing  Ponderosa 9  ExtraCopies=3
Once In A Lifetime Thing  Silver Eagle 105  ExtraCopies=1
Once More  MacGregor 2171  ExtraCopies=1
Once Upon A Time  Hi Hat 5092  ExtraCopies=4
One Cup Of Happiness  Blue Star 1860  ExtraCopies=2
One Day At A Time  Hi Hat 5027  ExtraCopies=2
One For The Money  Eureka 1002  ExtraCopies=2
One Has Your Heart  Lore 1043  ExtraCopies=1
One Horse Reel / Taos  Grenn 12062  ExtraCopies=3
One Hundred Degree Plus  Blue Star 2389  ExtraCopies=2
One In A Million  Rhythm 170  ExtraCopies=3
One Less Day  Jopat 325  ExtraCopies=2
One More Hill To Climb  Kalox 1190  ExtraCopies=3
One More Last Chance  Chaparral 225  ExtraCopies=1
One More Nail  MacGregor 1009  ExtraCopies=2
One More Payment  ESP 171  ExtraCopies=4
One More Ride  Top 25183  ExtraCopies=1
One More Time  Lightning S 502  ExtraCopies=3
One More Time  Grenn 12104  ExtraCopies=4
One More Time / Li'l Rachel  Hi Hat 615  ExtraCopies=4
One More Town  Chinook 118  ExtraCopies=1
One Night At A Time  ESP 1017  ExtraCopies=4
One Night Stands  C Bar C 533  ExtraCopies=1
One Of Those Songs  Global Music 932  ExtraCopies=2
One Of Those Songs  MacGregor 1088  ExtraCopies=3
One Of Those Songs  Silver Sounds 101  ExtraCopies=2
One Of Those Wonderful Songs  MacGregor 2144  ExtraCopies=1
One Of Those Wonderful Songs  Unicorn (old) 301  ExtraCopies=1
One Of You In Every Size  Red Boot Star 1347  ExtraCopies=1
One Promise Too Late  Rhythm 234  ExtraCopies=2
One Rose  Kalox 1094  ExtraCopies=3
One Step Forward  Eureka 1001  ExtraCopies=4
One Thin Dime  Chaparral 706  ExtraCopies=3
One Time Too Many  MacGregor 1089  ExtraCopies=4
One Time Too Many  Swinging Square 2374  ExtraCopies=3
One Time Too Many / It's All Over Now  Sets In Order 2117  ExtraCopies=2
One Way Rider  Blue Star 2245  ExtraCopies=1
One Way Rider  Hi Hat 5057  ExtraCopies=2
One Woman Man  Hi Hat 5101  ExtraCopies=9
One Woman Man  MacGregor 2184  ExtraCopies=2
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line  Rhythm 226  ExtraCopies=6
Only One You  Petticoat Patter 101  ExtraCopies=2
Only One You  Lou Mac 143  ExtraCopies=2
Only You  Chaparral 213  ExtraCopies=7
Only You  Mason Dixon Line 3  ExtraCopies=4
Ontario / Hot Pepper  Grenn 12006  ExtraCopies=1
Oo-Wee Baby  Chaparral 711  ExtraCopies=4
Ooga Ooga Mooshka  TNT 138  ExtraCopies=1
Ooh La La  Chaparral 513  ExtraCopies=6
Ooh La La  Lightning S 5011  ExtraCopies=1
Open Up Your Heart  MacGregor 2011  ExtraCopies=2
Open Up Your Heart  Chinook 13  ExtraCopies=3
Open Your Heart  Royal Canadian 905  ExtraCopies=1
Operator Operator  Lou Mac 181  ExtraCopies=2
Opus One  Ocean 71  ExtraCopies=1
Orange Blossom Special / Big Valley  Gold Star 401  ExtraCopies=2
Orange Blossom Special / Possum Sop  Top 25320  ExtraCopies=1
Orange Blossom Special / Possum Sop  Grenn 12045  ExtraCopies=5
Ordinary Man  Hi Hat 486  ExtraCopies=2
Oregon Mist  Chinook 506  ExtraCopies=1
Original Dixieland One-Step / On My Mind  MacGregor 7575  ExtraCopies=1
Otto's Hoedown  Buckskin 1517  ExtraCopies=2
Ouch / Molly  Jewel 137  ExtraCopies=3
Our Day Will Come  Ranch House 307  ExtraCopies=3
Our Little Ranch House  Blue Star 1876  ExtraCopies=2
Our Neighbor / Buster Has Arrived  Longhorn 501  ExtraCopies=1
Out Behind The Barn  Dance Ranch 713  ExtraCopies=1
Out Of The Blues  ESP 514  ExtraCopies=2
Out Of Your Mind  Blue Star 1777  ExtraCopies=1
Out On The Texas Plains  Blue Ribbon 239  ExtraCopies=1
Outlaw / Breezin' Easy  Ranch House 104  ExtraCopies=8
Over And Over Again  Hi Hat 5212  ExtraCopies=1
Over Yonder / Rockin' Momma  Rockin' A 203  ExtraCopies=1
Ozark Romp  4-Bar-B 6003  ExtraCopies=2

Pack Up Your Troubles  ESP 906  ExtraCopies=1
Paddlewheeler  Square Tunes 137  ExtraCopies=1
Paddlin Maddlin Home  Blue Star 1755  ExtraCopies=1
Paddlin' Maddlin' Home  ESP 523  ExtraCopies=4
Paddlin' Madelin  Hi Hat 377  ExtraCopies=1
Paddlin' Madelin' Home  Blue Star 2455  ExtraCopies=2
Paid In Advance  Chinook 24  ExtraCopies=3
Pain In My Past  Mountain 112  ExtraCopies=2
Painful Beat / Cajun Hoedown  Ocean 3006  ExtraCopies=1
Paint The Town & Hang The Moon  Hi Hat 5116  ExtraCopies=1
Painted Ladies  Global Music 912  ExtraCopies=2
Paintin This Ole Town Blue  Thunderbird 198  ExtraCopies=1
Paintin' The Ole Town Blue  Blue Star 2275  ExtraCopies=1
Paintin' This Old Town Blue  4-Bar-B 6002  ExtraCopies=5
Palisades Park  Silver Sounds 118  ExtraCopies=2
Paloma Blanca  Hi Hat 457  ExtraCopies=8
Paloma Blanco  Bogan 1284  ExtraCopies=3
Pamela / Honeytoast  Hi Hat 631  ExtraCopies=4
Pamela Brown  Hi Hat 462  ExtraCopies=1
Pancho And Lefty  Cross Country 512  ExtraCopies=1
Papa  Sets In Order 104  ExtraCopies=1
Papa Jean's Blues  Crown 134  ExtraCopies=1
Papa Joe's  Top 25179  ExtraCopies=3
Paper Doll  Windsor 4936  ExtraCopies=3
Paper Doll  Blue Star 1698  ExtraCopies=1
Paper Doll  Chinook 3  ExtraCopies=2
Paper Doll  A Live 3  ExtraCopies=1
Paper Roses  Red Boot Star 1281  ExtraCopies=1
Paper Roses  ESP 720  ExtraCopies=2
Paper Roses  MacGregor 2151  ExtraCopies=1
Paradise Called Tennessee  Blue Star 2223  ExtraCopies=1
Paradise Tonight  Ponderosa 5  ExtraCopies=5
Paralyze My Mind  Square Tunes 142  ExtraCopies=2
Partners, Brothers and Friends  Quadrille 862  ExtraCopies=6
Pass Me By  TNT 271  ExtraCopies=2
Pass Me By  Blue Star 2337  ExtraCopies=4
Pass Me By  Ocean 30  ExtraCopies=1
Pass Me By  MacGregor 1064  ExtraCopies=1
Pass The Buck / Blue Eyed Myrtle  Blue Star 1586  ExtraCopies=6
Pass The Udder Udder  Blue Star 2112  ExtraCopies=1
Patriotic Medley  Blue Star 2025  ExtraCopies=1
Patter I  ESP 404  ExtraCopies=3
Patty Jo  Best 108  ExtraCopies=1
Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow  Windsor 4983  ExtraCopies=1
Pay Day  Sets In Order 151  ExtraCopies=2
Paying Off The Interest  Kalox 1042  ExtraCopies=1
Peaceful Easy Feeling  DJ 117  ExtraCopies=1
Pearly Shells  Jewel 133  ExtraCopies=1
Pearly Shells  Silver Sounds 120  ExtraCopies=1
Pecos Promenade  Chaparral 406  ExtraCopies=24
Peg O' My Heart  Blue Star 2437  ExtraCopies=1
Peg O' My Heart  Sets In Order 106  ExtraCopies=1
Peg Of My Heart  Blue Star 2493  ExtraCopies=1
Peg Of My Heart  Red Boot 282  ExtraCopies=1
Peg Of My Heart  Lucky 15  ExtraCopies=1
Pencil Thin Moustache  Rhythm 251  ExtraCopies=1
Penn Polka  Windsor 4836  ExtraCopies=2
Penn Polka  TNT 220  ExtraCopies=5
Pennies From Heaven  Chaparral 816  ExtraCopies=2
Pennies From Heaven  Jay-Bar-Kay 147  ExtraCopies=1
Pennies From Heaven  4-Bar-B 6057  ExtraCopies=2
Pennsylvania Polka  Silver Sounds 175  ExtraCopies=1
Pennsylvania Polka  Golden Square 6007  ExtraCopies=1
Penny Candy  Lightning S 504  ExtraCopies=1
Pepper  Red Boot 311  ExtraCopies=9
Perfect Harmony  Pilgrim 1011  ExtraCopies=3
Personality  Silver Sounds 134  ExtraCopies=1
Petticoat Hoedown  Hi Hat 661  ExtraCopies=1
Petticoat Junction  Royal 812  ExtraCopies=1
Petticoat Junction  Red Boot 310  ExtraCopies=3
Petunia  Blue Star 1871  ExtraCopies=2
Phoenix  Hi Hat 375  ExtraCopies=3
Phrase Craze / Pavalon Stomp  Sets In Order 2114  ExtraCopies=4
Phrase Craze / Up Jumped The Devil  Sets In Order 23 / 24  ExtraCopies=2
Phyllis / Kathy  Red Boot 305  ExtraCopies=2
Piano Roll Blues  Blue Ribbon 294  ExtraCopies=1
Piano Roll Blues  Red Boot 297  ExtraCopies=4
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down  Fine Tune 103  ExtraCopies=9
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down  Fine Tune 128  ExtraCopies=1
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down  Lore 1021  ExtraCopies=1
Pick The Wildwood Flower  Red Boot 252  ExtraCopies=3
Pick Up The Tempo  Blue Star 2179  ExtraCopies=1
Pick-A-Dilly / Saxy Lady  A Live H001  ExtraCopies=3
Picker Patter / Picker Patter  Ranch House 103  ExtraCopies=7
Pickin  ESP 407  ExtraCopies=2
Pickin' & Grinnin' / Go Man Go  Sets In Order 2140  ExtraCopies=5
Pickin' & Grinnin' / Go Man Go  Sets In Order 5 / 6  ExtraCopies=13
Pickin' Up Strangers  Fine Tune 101  ExtraCopies=4
Pickle Up A Doodle  Windsor 4823  ExtraCopies=8
Pickle Up A Doodle  Blue Star 2101  ExtraCopies=1
Pickles  Blue Star 1581  ExtraCopies=2
Picture Window Facing South  Go 107  ExtraCopies=1
Pictures  Hi Hat 5216  ExtraCopies=2
Pierre' / Buffalo Swing  Lore 1005  ExtraCopies=1
Pigtails And Ribbons  Windsor 4839  ExtraCopies=1
Pigtails and Ribbons  Blue Star 2349  ExtraCopies=2
Pine Tree  Top 25293  ExtraCopies=1
Ping Pong Hoedown / Milk Cow Blues  Kalox 1105  ExtraCopies=6
Pink Cadillac  Red Boot 3017  ExtraCopies=3
Pins And Needles  Petticoat Patter 118  ExtraCopies=3
Pins And Needles  Rawhide 122  ExtraCopies=4
Pippi  Hi Hat 669  ExtraCopies=1
Pirates And Poets  Circle D 223  ExtraCopies=3
Pittsfield Drum & Bugle Corps  Ute 1  ExtraCopies=2
Plastic Saddle  Hi Hat 406  ExtraCopies=5
Play Her Back To Yesterday  Hi Hat 5010  ExtraCopies=3
Play It By The Rules  Circle D 217  ExtraCopies=2
Play Me A Song  Sets In Order 132  ExtraCopies=1
Play Me Some Rag  Chinook 82  ExtraCopies=3
Play Ruby, Play  Blue Ribbon 266  ExtraCopies=1
Playground In My Mind  Kalox 1153  ExtraCopies=2
Playmate  Blue Star 1743  ExtraCopies=2
Please Don't Ever Get Tired Of Lovin' Me  Cardinal 101  ExtraCopies=1
Please Don't Leave Me  Square L 108  ExtraCopies=2
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone  Bogan 1127  ExtraCopies=1
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone  Chaparral 704  ExtraCopies=12
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone  Lore 1149  ExtraCopies=1
Please Help Me I'm Falling  Mustang 144  ExtraCopies=1
Please Mr. Please  Red Boot 193  ExtraCopies=1
Please Pass The Kisses  MacGregor 934  ExtraCopies=2
Pledge Of Allegiance Plus Grand Old Flag  Big Mac 30  ExtraCopies=1
Plenty Of Money And You  MacGregor 2033  ExtraCopies=4
Plenty Of Money And You  Rawhide 131  ExtraCopies=2
Plenty Of Money And You  Windsor 4831  ExtraCopies=2
Pocket Full Of Dreams  Bogan 1112  ExtraCopies=1
Pocket Full Of Dreams  Swinging Square 2353  ExtraCopies=1
Poetry In Motion  Solid Gold 402  ExtraCopies=2
Polka Dots And Moonbeams  MacGregor 2133  ExtraCopies=2
Polka On An Old Banjo  Prairie 1036  ExtraCopies=1
Polly Ann  Lou Mac 119  ExtraCopies=6
Ponderosa Patter  Ponderosa 7  ExtraCopies=8
Poor Boy  Old Timer 8124  ExtraCopies=2
Poor Boy  Cardinal 103  ExtraCopies=1
Poor Boy Blues  Thunderbird 195  ExtraCopies=1
Poor Boy Hoedown / Evergreen Hoedown  Aqua 315  ExtraCopies=23
Poor Boy Shuffle  ESP 1034  ExtraCopies=3
Poor Folks  Kalox 1127  ExtraCopies=1
Poor Little Robin  Windsor 4861  ExtraCopies=9
Poor Man's Riches  Windsor 4882  ExtraCopies=2
Poor Rich Man  Square Tunes 180  ExtraCopies=1
Popcorn / Royal Hawaiian  Royal 413  ExtraCopies=1
Popeye  Rockin' M 2006  ExtraCopies=1
Poppin' It / Stringing Along  Mustang 152  ExtraCopies=5
Popps Hoedown / Popps Hoedown (Rhythm)  Yellow Rose 102  ExtraCopies=3
Portugal  Grenn 12054  ExtraCopies=4
Portugal  FTC 32018  ExtraCopies=1
Possom Sop / Clamor  Sets In Order 64 / 65  ExtraCopies=9
Powder Your Face  Jay-Bar-Kay 102  ExtraCopies=1
Powder Your Face  TNT 103  ExtraCopies=1
Pray For The Light To Go Out  Longhorn 135  ExtraCopies=2
Preacher & Bear / Brownie  Pulse 100  ExtraCopies=12
Preacher And Bear  Windsor 5039  ExtraCopies=2
Preachin' Up A Storm  Bob Cat 116  ExtraCopies=2
Preaching Up A Storm  ESP 104  ExtraCopies=4
Precious And Few  Alliance 102  ExtraCopies=1
Pretty Baby  MacGregor 977  ExtraCopies=1
Pretty Blue Eyes  Blue Star 2110  ExtraCopies=2
Pretty Lady / Earl's Hoedown  Blue Star 1521  ExtraCopies=15
Pretty Little Miss  Kalox 1037  ExtraCopies=3
Pretty Little Woman  Lou Mac 145  ExtraCopies=2
Pretty Maid (Pagan Love Song)  Grenn 12065  ExtraCopies=1
Pretty Woman  Ranch House 504  ExtraCopies=5
Pretty World Today  Red Boot 122  ExtraCopies=1
Pride  Bogan 1324  ExtraCopies=2
Pride  Red Boot Star 1265  ExtraCopies=4
Primrose Lane  Jopat 7006  ExtraCopies=1
Primrose Lane  MacGregor 2081  ExtraCopies=1
Prisoner Of Hope  Big Mac 35  ExtraCopies=1
Prisoner Of The Highway  Red Boot Star 1276  ExtraCopies=10
Progressive Kansas City  Red Boot 183  ExtraCopies=2
Promenade Mixer (Slowly I'm Falling)  Longhorn 1023  ExtraCopies=1
Promised Land  Wagon Wheel 403  ExtraCopies=1
Promised Land  Global Music 304  ExtraCopies=2
Promises Promises  Scope 529  ExtraCopies=1
Prop Me Up By The Jukebox  Royal 512  ExtraCopies=1
Proud Mary  4-Bar-B 6050  ExtraCopies=4
Proud Mary  Kalox 1116  ExtraCopies=10
Proud Mary  Rhythm 197  ExtraCopies=6
Proud Mary  Rambler 101  ExtraCopies=1
Proud To Be Her Man  C Bar C 576  ExtraCopies=1
Puddy Cat Square  Windsor 4895  ExtraCopies=3
Puff The Magic Dragon  Blue Star 2040  ExtraCopies=2
Puff The Magic Dragon  Bogan 1159  ExtraCopies=3
Puka Shells  Scope 590  ExtraCopies=2
Pure Love  Red Boot Star 1312  ExtraCopies=1
Pure Love  Cross Country 500  ExtraCopies=2
Pure Love  Chicago Country 41  ExtraCopies=2
Pushed In A Corner  MacGregor 1058  ExtraCopies=1
Pushing  MacGregor 1025  ExtraCopies=4
Pussy Cat / Rosabella  Windsor 4173  ExtraCopies=12
Pussy Cat / Rosabella  Windsor 4473  ExtraCopies=2
Put A Little Love In Your Heart  Royal 209  ExtraCopies=1
Put A Rainbow In Your Pocket  Top 25289  ExtraCopies=17
Put A Ring On Her Finger / The Ladies  Windsor 4170  ExtraCopies=5
Put Another Log On The Fire  Thunderbird 132  ExtraCopies=4
Put Another Log On The Fire  Bogan 1281  ExtraCopies=1
Put On A Happy Face  MacGregor 1023  ExtraCopies=3
Put On In A / Put On In G  Blue Star 2396  ExtraCopies=1
Put On Your Dancing Shoes  Blue Star 2149  ExtraCopies=1
Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet  ESP 162  ExtraCopies=1
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet  Scope 595  ExtraCopies=1
Put Your Arms Around Me  Scope 535  ExtraCopies=2
Put Your Arms Around Me  ESP 120  ExtraCopies=2
Put Your Arms Around Me  Blue Star 1712  ExtraCopies=1
Put Your Arms Around Me  Top 25212  ExtraCopies=3
Put Your Hand In The Hand  Jay-Bar-Kay 129  ExtraCopies=3
Put Your Hand In The Hand  Eagle 1210  ExtraCopies=1
Put Yourself In My Shoes  Rockin' M 101  ExtraCopies=3
Puttin Us On  Hi Hat 416  ExtraCopies=1
Puttin' On The Dog / Lone Star Rag  Blue Star 1761  ExtraCopies=5
Puttin' On The Style  Grenn 12118  ExtraCopies=3

Q.R.T.  Hi Hat 649  ExtraCopies=5
Quando, Quando, Quando  Lone Oak 201  ExtraCopies=1
Quarter Chain Quadrille  Square Dancetime 6  ExtraCopies=1
Queen Bee of Honky Hive / Walk Right Up  Scope 319  ExtraCopies=5
Queen Of The Hop  Bob Cat 108  ExtraCopies=3
Queen Of The Silver Dollar  Chinook 14  ExtraCopies=2
Queen Of The Square Dance Hall  Blue Star 1561  ExtraCopies=4
Queen Victoria / The Bonnets Of Bonnie Dundee  Lloyd Shaw 173 / 174  ExtraCopies=1
Queen's Quadrille  MacGregor 2301  ExtraCopies=5
Quicksilver  Blue Star 1576  ExtraCopies=1

Rabbit Dog / Caution  Big Mac 16  ExtraCopies=2
Rabbit In A Log / Whirlpool  Sets In Order 2127  ExtraCopies=5
Racket / Rain  Blue Star 1882  ExtraCopies=6
Rag Mopp / Happy Rattle  Kalox 1035  ExtraCopies=3
Rag Time Annie / Old Coon Dog  Sunny Hills 131  ExtraCopies=2
Ragged But Right  Lore 1065  ExtraCopies=1
Ragged But Right  Gold Star 721  ExtraCopies=1
Ragged But Right  Ranch House 402  ExtraCopies=3
Ragged But Right  Lore 1145  ExtraCopies=1
Raggin' A Call  Windsor 4856  ExtraCopies=13
Raggin' A Call  Petticoat Patter 109  ExtraCopies=3
Ragtime / Charlotte's Downbeat  Grenn 12032  ExtraCopies=3
Ragtime Anne / James  Square Tunes 302  ExtraCopies=5
Ragtime Annie  Riverboat 509  ExtraCopies=1
Ragtime Annie / Cindy  Blue Star 1744  ExtraCopies=1
Ragtime Annie / S.K.G.  Gold Star 402  ExtraCopies=2
Ragtime Annie / Sasafrass  Blue Star 1612  ExtraCopies=3
Ragtime Banjo Ball  Top 25370  ExtraCopies=2
Ragtime Banjo Ball  Top 25035  ExtraCopies=3
Ragtime Call  Lucky 19  ExtraCopies=1
Ragtime Call  Eagle 1206  ExtraCopies=1
Ragtime Cowboy Joe  Rawhide 129  ExtraCopies=1
Ragtime Cowboy Joe  Grenn 12055  ExtraCopies=2
Ragtime Cowboy Joe  Chinook 21  ExtraCopies=5
Ragtime Gal  Windsor 4991  ExtraCopies=1
Ragtime Piano  Cimarron 109  ExtraCopies=2
Ragtime Piano  Windsor 4803  ExtraCopies=8
Railey Special  Grenn 12214  ExtraCopies=1
Railey Special / Sally G  Grenn 12057  ExtraCopies=1
Railey Two / Sally Forth  Top 25322  ExtraCopies=3
Railroad Bum  Rockin' A 1350  ExtraCopies=1
Railroad Bum  Bogan 1268  ExtraCopies=1
Railroad Bum  D & ET 111  ExtraCopies=1
Rain On My Parade  D & R 154  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbow Connection  Sagebrush Music 1001  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbow Connection  Jopat 700  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbow Girl  Golden Square 6005  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbow Girl  MacGregor 2065  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbow Girl  Blue Star 1867  ExtraCopies=4
Rainbow Ride  Hi Hat 5003  ExtraCopies=2
Rainbow Ride  Rockin' M 102  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbow Rider  Rhythm 174  ExtraCopies=3
Rainbow Round My Shoulder  Kalox 1033  ExtraCopies=3
Rainbow Stew  Big Mac 34  ExtraCopies=1
Rainbows Are Back In Style  Blue Star 1831  ExtraCopies=3
Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head  Jay-Bar-Kay 107  ExtraCopies=8
Raintree County  TNT 122  ExtraCopies=3
Rainy Day People  Chinook 35  ExtraCopies=2
Rainy Day People  Blue Star 2344  ExtraCopies=2
Rainy Days And Stormy Nights  Red Boot Star 1252  ExtraCopies=5
Rainy Days And Stormy Nights  Longhorn 1031  ExtraCopies=2