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At Two To Two Today
MacGregor 2072
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At Two To Two Today
ID: 5988

Label information
Grid list of MacGregor recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Tommy Stoye (picture)     recordings by Tommy Stoye

Tommy Stoye

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Cue Sheet


Allemande left your corner girl, your partner dosado
Circle to the left go walkin' around
Allemande left that corner, your partner dosado
4 men star by the left, one time around
Turn partner by the right, your corner allemande
Come back and promenade with me
Then promenade that lady fair, run home and swing her there
My baby's due at two to two today

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

4 ladies gonna chain the ring, turn 'em there and let's roll away
Circle the square
Allemande left that corner, your partner dosado
Then bow to her, you're gonna weave around the ring
Move in and out around until you meet again
Swing that girl and promenade
Promenade that lady home, run back and swing her there
My baby's due at two to two today


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My Cutey's Due At Two To Two Today Lyrics ID: 951

My cutey's due at two-to-two
She's comin' through on a big choo choo
She's been away for months
But I haven't cheated once.

Stayed home nights, didn't dance
I wasn't takin' any chance
Didn't flirt, and you know that hurt
But I just couldn't do my cutey dirt.

Days were blue
And nights were black
But I just knew
She'd come back
'Cause I love her and she loves me,
And say,

Don't think there ain't no Santa Claus
I know darn well there is because
My cutey's due at two-to-two today,

My cutey's due at two-to-two today.

Lyrics by Albert Von Tilzer, Irving Bilbo and Leo Robin. 



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