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Our wish list
22-March-2019 01:46

If you have any of these square dance records, we'd be interested in trading with
you for some of the records on our Excess Records listing.  Contact Debbie
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3269 records.

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Über Den Wolken  Gramophone Productions 910

'Til Darkness Fades Away  Solid Gold 511
'Til My Get Up Has Got Up And Gone  Square Tunes 104

12th Of Never  Royal 273
12th Street Rag  Old Timer 8094
12th Street Rag / Open Up Your Heart  Old Timer 8095
18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses  Ute 36
1973  Gramophone Productions 812

20 Miles  GR8 Trax 005

50 Amp Man  Royal 192
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover  Royal 710
50 Ways To Say Goodbye  Arrowhead 114
500 Miles / Up  TNT 310
50s Medley  Riverboat 454
57 Chevrolet  Platinum 217
57 Hoedown / Britches  Pioneer 5033
5c Special Hoedown / Blue Mountain Rag  Triangle 501

634-5789  Beat4Dance 200

A & B Hoedown / A Bluegrass Song  TNT 294
A Beautiful Life  Double M 150
A Block Hoedown  Chicago Country 125
A Bottle Of Rum And My Old Six String  Double M 163
A Boy And A Girl Thing  Rhythm 344
A Brighter Day  Royal 193
A Change Would Do You Good  Solid Gold 607
A Few Cents Short  Beat4Dance 251
A Fire I Can't Put Out  Elite (new) 1051
A Girl Like Emmylou  Ostrich M 2
A Little Biddy Tear Let Me Down  GR8 Trax 004
A Little Bit Of Soap  Miracle 109
A Little Less Conversation  Arrowhead 118
A Place In The Choir  Double M 195
A Song In The Night  Seven C's 107
A Taste of the Wind  Hi Hat 9030
A Taste Of The Wind  Classics 137
A Working Man  Double M 258
A World Of Our Own  Sting 21601
ABC  Beat4Dance 101
Abilene  Chinook 233
Above And Beyond  Royal 161
Abra  Mesa Apache 1001
Abracadabra  New Beat 515
Abracadabra  Mesa Apache 104
According To My Heart  Chinook 230
Act Naturally  Token 18
Act Naturally  Square L 117
Addicted To Love  Crest Recordings 138
Adriene  Riverboat 483
After Midnight  Royal 711
After The Ball / Fore-N-Aft  Blue Star 2580
After The Last Goodbye  Seven C's 221
After The Lovin'  Rawhide 1054
After They've Seen Paree  MacGregor 762
After They've Seen Paree'  Black Mountain 173
After You've Gone  Lore 1113
Ain't Misbehavin'  Riverboat 534
Ain't Necessarily So  ESP 803
Ain't No Cure For The Rock & Roll  Ocean 59
Ain't No Grave  A & S 111
Ain't Too Proud To Beg  Royal 276
Alabam  Kalox 1307
Alabama Jubilee  Western Jubilee 900
Alabama Jubilee  Four Squares 798
Alabama Jubilee / Black Mountain Banjo Rag  Black Mountain Valley 4
Alabama Jubilee / McNamara's Band  Windsor 4403
Alabama Jumpin' Jubilee / Nobody's Sweetheart  Black Mountain 119
Alabama Jumpin' Jubilee / Nobody's Sweetheart  Black Mountain 118
Alabama Woman  Desert 75
Alice Blue Gown  Square L 121
All Alone Dear  Kalox 1340
All American Promenade / Fascination Tango  Western Jubilee 721
All Because Of You  BVR 136
All Day Sucker  Hoedowner 218
All Hat, No Cattle  Rockin' M 2017
All I Ask Of You  Double M 193
All I Can Do  Square Dance USA 510
All I Can Do  Flying Records 141
All I Ever Need Is You  Square Tunes 1106
All I Have To Do Is Dream  Riverboat 464
All I Want For Christmas Is A Hippo  Lou Mac 243
All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan  Double M 165
All I Want For Christmas Is You  Blue Star 2559
All I'll Ever Need  C Bar C 525
All Night Long  Miracle 170
All Night Long  Rhythm 343
All Over The World / Ragtime Shuffle  Family Squares 42006
All Over Town  Step On Records 474
All Right Okay  Blue Star 2591
All Shook Up  Eagle 1005
All Summer Long  EP Tunes 11
All That Jazz  Blue Star 2555
All The Gold  Double M 197
All The Right Moves  Arrowhead 111
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down  Double M 156
All You Really Need Is Love  Crown 155
All You Wanna Do Is Dance  Silver Sounds 247
Almost Like  Windsor 4953
Alone  Gramophone Productions 914
Alone With You  Tarheel 147
Alone With You  Royal 705
Along For The Ride  Chinook 211
Along For The Ride  Hoedowner 129
Alright Allready  Flying Records 139
Always  Square Dancetime 10
Always On My Mind  Marble 105
Am I Asking Too Much  Warwick 176
Am I Losing You / Walk On Hoedown  Dance Ranch 1126
Amanda  Riverboat 512 X
Amapola  Grenn 12413
Amarillo By Morning  EP Tunes 7
Amarillo By Morning  Cheyenne 507
Amazing  Riverboat 582
Amazing Grace  Golden Eagle 25
American Dream  Elite (new) 1063
American Honey  Rhythm 327
American Honky-Tonk Bar Association  EP Tunes 1
American Pie  Blue Square 101
American Pie  Royal 150
Amie  Blue Star 2593
Amway / Better Let It Go  Ocean 3016
An Attitude Of Gratitude  Lou Mac 222
Anabelle / Barbara  Hi Hat 623
And I Love Her  Silver Sounds 296
Angel  Acme 117
Angeline  Big Mac 119
Angry  Stirrup 302
Ann Marie Reel / Miss McCloud's Reel  Folkraft 1335
Annie / Mule Town Race  Black Mountain Valley 3072
Annie's Song  10 + 1 101
Annie's Song  Silver Sounds 258
Anniversary Song  Square Tunes 1004
Another Day  Hansell Nilsson 4
Another You  Square Tunes 1018
Any Old Time  Royal 227
Any Way You Want It  EGO 105
Anytime You're Feeling Lonely  MacGregor 2438
Aoi Sanmyaku  Riverboat 439
Apache  Miracle 119
Appalachian Hollow / Dew Gum Hoedown  Double M 227
Applause Hoedown  Ranch House 1207
April Showers  Blue Star 2449
Are You Teasing Me  Double M 252
Are You Washed In The Blood  Double M 236
Arizona Stomp / Mountain Dew  Dash 2507
Arkansas State Line  Folkraft 203
Arkansas Traveler / Dance Around Molly  Black Mountain 110
Arkansas Traveler / Orange Blossom Hoedown  Black Mountain Valley 3067
Arkansas Traveler / Rainbow Square Dance  Apex 26432
Arms Turns / Split The Opposite / Friends Quadrille / Gonna Build A Mountain  Square Dancetime 505
Around The World  Cloverleaf 11
Around The World  Kalox 1336
As She's Walking Away  Rhythm 282
As Tears Go By  Unicorn (new) 301
Ask Marie  Swinging Square 2325
Atlantic Coastal Line  Riverboat 567
Atom Boy / Sindbat On The Beach  TNT 306
Auld Lang Syne  Square Tunes 1026
Auld Lang Syne  Grenn 12420
Auld Lang Syne  Grenn 16018
Aura Lee  Riverboat 433
Awwright / Awwright Too  Lazy Eight 12
AXE  EGO 901
Azzurro  BVR 111

B H Patter 1 / B H Patter 2  Square Tunes 2050
Baby I Love Your Way  Crest Recordings 108
Baby I Need Your Lovin'  Miracle 141
Baby We're Really In Love  Black Hat 9
Baby Won't You Please Come Home / Star Box  Sets In Order 1116
Baby You've Got What It Takes  Rhythm 299
Baby's Due At Two PM  MacGregor CD 2422
Back In Baby's Arms  C Bar C 88-3
Back In Town Again  Kalox 1342
Back On My Mind Again  C Bar C 544
Back To Donegal  Grenn 12239
Back To Donegal  Grenn 12424
Back Trackin' / Roll Back  Square 'N Round 525
Back Up And Push It / Flip Flop  Black Mountain Valley 3078
Bad Habits  GR8 Trax 023
Bad Moon Rising  Rawhide 227
Bad Road  Miracle 145
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown  Cimarron 101
Baker Street  BVR 106
Ball And Chain / Pistol Packin' Mama  Windsor 4427
Ballad Of John & Yoko  Marble 220
Bang A Gong  Shindig Productions 1056
Banjo Bread / Square Up The Gals  Black Mountain Valley 13
Banjo Breakup / Chap's Hoedown  Chaparral 125
Banjo Buddies / Guitar Buddies  Chicago Country 80
Banjo Creek #1 / Banjo Creek #2 / Down The Creek  Black Mountain Valley 3043
Banjo Harmony / Eddy's Tuba  Wild West 2-10
Banjo Man  Wild West 1-09
Banjo On The Turnpike / Slipping Slippers  Black Mountain Valley 3066
Banjo Pickers Ball  Hi Hat 5292
Barbed Wire And Roses  Mesa Apache 110
Bare Necessities  Blue Star Retro 152
Bare Necessities  Grenn 12414
Bare Necessities  Square L 127
Barefootin  Silver Sounds 263
Barefootin'  Rhythm 284
Barnacle Bill  Lloyd Shaw 519 / 520
Barnacle Bill  Black Mountain Valley 38
Barnacle Bill / Fiddle  Black Mountain Valley 3038
Barnicle Bill / Dip & Dive  E-Z School Rhythm 5006
Barnyard Reel / Clogging Cindy  Black Mountain Valley 15
Barnyard Reel / Highlander's Clogging  Black Mountain Valley 3054
Barnyard Stomp  Mountain 146
Barrel Clown / No Bull  Chicago Country 81
Basin Street Blues  Big Mac 150
Battle Hymn Of The Republic  Circle D 270
Bayou Jubilee  Imperial (new) 102
Bazbooza  Hansell Nilsson 6
BBQ Beans  Shindig Productions 1039
Be A Football Hero  MacGregor 2427
Be Glad  Blue Star Retro 1147
Be Happy  Grenn 12411
Be Nobody's Darlin' But Mine  Crown 167
Be Sure It's True / All She Wants  Grenn 12011
Be-Bop-A-Lu-La  Rawhide 1056
Beaches Of Cheyenne  Miracle 108
Beat It  Rhythm 348
Beatless  Hansell Nilsson 19
Beautiful Katie  White Lightning 502
Beautiful Lady  Dance Ranch 726
Beautiful Loser  Crest Recordings 139
Beautiful Sunday  Blue Star 2553
Beaver Creek / Jig Saw  Grenn 12806
Because I Love You Most Of All  Mountain 96
Beer Barrel Polka  Blue Star 2547
Beer Barrel Polka  Pioneer 6030
Beer For My Horses  Gramophone Productions 913
Before I Met You  Rockin' M 902
Before I Met You  Crown 173
Before I Met You  Riverboat 458
Before The Next Teardrop Falls  Square Tunes 1059
Before You Accuse Me  Acme 113
Beg, Steal Or Borrow  Unicorn (new) 202
Behind Closed Doors  Ocean 79
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon  MacGregor 2455
Believe Me  Chaparral 720
Bell Bottom Trousers / Old Fashioned Girl  Old Timer 8056
Bells / Bahamas  Desert 9011
Bells 1, 2, 3 / Christmas On It's Way  Pioneer 5042
Bells Of Christmas  Square Tunes 2010
Bells On My Heart  Pioneer 6001
Bells On My Heart  Scope 545
Bells On My Heart  Royal 423
Belly Up / Back In The Swing / Shiek  Chicago Country 117
Berry Blossom / Jubilee In Jackson  Black Mountain Valley 3032
Best Old Coon Dog / Old Time Medley  Black Mountain Valley 3060
Best Things In Life Are Free / I've Got That Honeymoon Feeling  MacGregor 2424
Better Than This  Beat4Dance 250
Better Than Today  Rhythm 295
Between Winston Salam And Nashville  Square Tunes 1156
Big Boss Man  Rhythm 330
Big Daddy  Grenn 12240
Big Old Drum / Caren  Square Tunes 2039
Big River  Double M 133
Big Ship  GR8 Trax 029
Big Time Hoedown / Grande Colonel  Blue Star 2554
Bill Bailey  Tarheel 141
Bill Bailey  TNT 289
Bill Bailey  Blue Star Retro 1140
Bill Bailey / Ballin' The Jack  Windsor 4420
Bill Bailey / St. Louis Blues  Dash 2401
Bill Cheatum / Gray Eagle  Black Mountain 138
Bill Cheatum / Gray Eagle  Black Mountain 3136
Bill Cheatum / Gray Eagle  Black Mountain 4541
Bill's Boil The Cabbage  White Lightning 600
Billy Does Your Bulldog Bite  Royal 151
Billy Jo Ray / Emma Jean  Chicago Country 72
Biloxi  Square Tunes 1153
Bingo / Oh Johnny / Patty Cake Polka  Square Dancetime 503
Bird Dog  Silver Sounds 276
Birdie In The Cage (Traditional) / Cast Off Six  E-Z School Rhythm 6005
Birthday Stars / Golden Arches  Dance Ranch 1026
Biting My Fingernails  Bogan 1134
Bitter / Uncle Buck  Square Tunes 2040
Black And White  Miracle 113
Black Coffee  Double M 247
Black Horse & Cherry Tree / Down The Road  Silver Sounds 303
Black Mountain Banjo Rag / Dance Around Molly  Black Mountain Valley 3035
Black Mountain Hop / Front Porch Fiddle  Black Mountain Valley 3063
Black Mountain Music / Five Foot Two  Black Mountain 112
Black Mountain Music / Five Foot Two  Black Mountain 111
Black Mountain Rag / Flap Jack Whirl  Black Mountain 100
Black Or White  Toddy's Tunes 14
Black Sheep  Royal 1603
Blackboard Of My Heart  GR8 Trax 013
Blackfoot Country / Turkey In The Straw  Black Mountain Valley 3036
Blame It On The Bossa Nova  Shindig Productions 1034
Blaze Of Glory  Silver Sounds 259
Bless The Broken Road  Double M 170
Bloody Mary Morning  Rhythm 321
Blowin' In The Wind  Riverboat 477
Blowing In The Wind  Lore 1173
Blowing In The Wind  Down Under 116
Blowing In The Wind  Elite (new) 1048
Blu-Jean Hoedown / Plaid Hoedown  Chicago Country 90
Blue & Windy / Sandy  Blue Star 2597
Blue Bayou  Riverboat 453
Blue Boy  Marble 201
Blue Christmas  Double M 208
Blue Eyes (Cryin' In The Rain)  Windsor 5107
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain  Black Hat 7
Blue Hawaii  Tarheel 163
Blue Heaven / Blue Shadow  TNT 317
Blue Jeans  GR8 Trax 024
Blue Magic  Solid Gold 701
Blue Moon Nights  Desert Gold 22
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Pioneer 6010
Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Rawhide 1058
Blue Mountain  Riverboat 495
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues  Tarheel 142
Blue Stripe  Hansell Nilsson 12
Blue Suede Shoes  Dash 2539
Blue Virginia Blues  Royal 703
Blueberry Hill / The Other Side  B Bar H 20501
Bluebirds Are Singing For Me  Chinook 214
Bluegrass Breakdown / Ginny / Ginnyville  Pioneer 5022
Blueridge Mountains  Wild West 1-16
Boat On The River  Gramophone Productions 926
Bob Wills Is Still The King  Double M 243
Bobby McGee  Riverboat 452
Bobby McGee  Lou Mac 244
Boil Them Cabbage / Whiffletree  Grenn 12801
Bombshell Stomp  Riverboat 674
Bonanza  Jopat 626
Bonner Hoedown / Hopper  Double M 186
Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl  GR8 Trax 014
Boogie Shoes  Rhythm 275
Boogie With Me / Chickens  Pioneer 5047
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy  Chicago Country 47
Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train  Square Tunes 1024
Bop  Rhythm 274
Borderline Crazy  Shindig Productions 1019
Born Again American  Royal 350
Born in the Country  Circle D 203
Born On The Bayou  Crest Recordings 111
Born This Way  Ranch House 1208
Born To Be Alive  Marble 205
Born To Drive  Shindig Productions 1062
Born To Fly  Royal 172
Born To Lose  Double M 242
Bossa Groove  Miracle 137
Bottom Of A Bottle  Blue Ribbon 232
Bouncing Off The Ceiling  Royal 187
Bouquet Of Roses  MacGregor 2181
Bourbon Street  Dance Ranch 1134
Bourbon Street Parade  Hi Hat 9013
Brand New Clementine  Benz 4022
Brand New Girlfriend  Royal 158
Brandy  Double M 207
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)  Miracle 160
Brandy Glass / HH Hornpipe  Hi Hat 5321
Break My Stride  BVR 113
Bright Lights, Big City  Black Hat 1
Bring Back  Hi Hat Retro 527
Bringing Down The Moon  Unicorn (new) 302
Bringing In The Sheaves  Double M 129
Broken Stones  Acme 120
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show  Gold Wing 123
Brotherhood  Hi Hat 213
Brown Eyes  Bogan 1144
Brown Girl In The Ring  BVR 119
Brown's Ferry Blues / Old Dan Tucker  Black Mountain 4557
Brush Arbor Meeting  D & R 118
Brushy Creek / Gray Eagle  Bel Mar 5014
Buckeye Hoedown  Grenn 12203
Buddy And A Pal  Black Mountain 160
Buffalo Creek / Redgate  Chicago Country 109
Bully Of The Town  Dash 2527
Bully Of The Town / Ida Red  Black Mountain 107
Bully Of The Town / Ida Red  Black Mountain 4563
Bundle Of Southern Sunshine  Blue Star 1527
Burnin' Love  Royal 1205
Bury The Hatchet  Yellow Rose 306
Busy Buzzy  EGO 903
Busy Doing Nothing  Sting 382
Butcher Boy / Highland Clogging #3  Black Mountain Valley 3055
Buttercup  Royal 707
Bye Bye Blues  Riverboat 544
Bye Bye Love  Gold Wing 145

Cadillac Ranch  Royal 606
Cadillac Style  Golden Eagle 15
Cage The Bird / Heel And Toe Polka  MacGregor 2-4
Cajun Rock / Sundown  Imperial (new) 117
Calendar Girl  Silver Sounds 268
Calendar Girl  Miracle 174
Calendar Girl  Imperial (new) 106
Calico Girl  Bogan 1163
Calico Maid  Western Jubilee 543
Calico Maid  Western Jubilee 823
California Blue  Desert 99
California Dreamin'  Double M 152
Call Me Maybe  Rhythm 301X
Calling Baton Rouge  Rhythm 339
Calm After The Storm  Shindig Productions 1060
Calypso Cow Bell  Miracle 143
Camptown Races  Pioneer 6002
Can I See You Tonight  Royal 615
Can't Buy Me Love  Snow 602
Can't Even Get The Blues  Royal 168
Can't Get Enough  Crest Recordings 109
Can't Get Up Ourself  Square Tunes 1154
Can't Stop Me Now  Marble 219
Can't Stop Me Now  Shindig Productions 1068
Can't Stop The Feeling  Rhythm 346
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You  Miracle 161
Can't Take My Eyes Off You  Blue Star 2561
Candida  Imperial (new) 104
Cape Cod  Windsor 4985
Carolina In The Morning  Silver Sounds 261
Carolina In The Pines  Double M 119
Carolina Sunshine  Double M 128
Carribean  Square Tunes 1053
Casanova  Desert 107
Cash Rhythm  Mesa Apache 1004
Cast The Big Ones (May Not Work) / Roll The Hoop  Square 'N Round 544
Casting My Lasso  Crown 158
Catch A Falling Star  Sting 341
CCR Medley  Lou Mac 246
Cecelia  Flip 108
CenterField  Chinook 225
Chain Gang Of Love  4-Bar-B 6024
Chains  Royal 197
Changing Partners  GR8 Trax 028
Chapel Of Love  Hi Hat 5325
Charlie Brown  Square Tunes 109
Chattahoochee  Double M 154
Chattanooga Dog  Pioneer 6056
Check Yes Or No  Cheyenne 506
Cheek To Cheek  GR8 Trax 019
Cheerleader  Sharpshooter 1031
Cherish  Unicorn (new) 701
Chewing Gum  Dash 2538
Chicago  BVR 131
Chicken Fried  Double M 192
Chicken In The Grass  Chicago Country 131
Chicken Plucker / Ramble  Pioneer 5038
Child Of The Fifties  Double M 257
Childhood Memories  Double M 261
Chilly  Riverboat 490
Chime Bells  Grenn 12429
China Grove  Royal 267
China Town  Black Mountain 150
Chinese / Light  Square Tunes 2033
Chinese Breakdown / That Certain One  Dance Ranch 1128
Chinese Breakdown / Townsend Medley  Black Mountain Valley 3037
Chinook's Ramble / Mammals  Chinook 148
Chopsticks  Blue Star 101
Christmas Comes But Once A Year  Acme 102
Christmas Cookies  Rhythm 268
Christmas In Killarney  Silver Sounds 245
Christmas Island  Grenn 12434
Christmas Sounds  Sunny Hills 111
Christmas Sounds  Tarheel 111
Christmas Town Train  Lou Mac 217
Cinco De Mayo In Memphis  Silver Sounds 257
Cindy  Dash 2544
Cindy Balance  Blue Star 1503
Cindy Balance  Blue Star 1504
Cindy-Clark / Swinging Dolly  Big Mac 1009
Cinnamon Girl  Shindig Productions 1076
Circassian Circle  Folkraft 1247
City Blues  Chinook 221
City Blues  Chinook 140
City Of New Orleans  Token 2
City Of New Orleans  Elite (new) 1041
Clair  BVR 110
Clap Your Hands  Mar Let 1103
Clark's Fiddle Time / Tennessee Wagoner  Black Mountain Valley 3065
Class Of 57  Gold Rush 120
Clayton Delaney  Wild West 1-64
Clear Track Special / Crosshatch  Grenn 12807
Clogging #1 / Clogging #2 / Dew In The Mountains  Black Mountain Valley 3046
Clover Leaf / Running Deal  Square 'N Round 523
Club Clear  Hansell Nilsson 16
Cock A Doodle Don't  Mesa Apache 1025
Cocoanut Grove  Tahoe 506
Cocoanuts  Hi Hat 9037
Cocoanuts  Pioneer 6024
Coconut Tree  Rhythm 307X
Coconuts  Tarheel 145
Cod Roe Hoe  1 World 1
Coffee / Thunder  Rainbow 902
Cold Cold Heart  Old Timer 8098
Cold Cold Heart  Rhythm 254
Cold Cold Heart / Piano Roll Blues  Belco 418
Cold Shot  Crest Recordings 103
Colors Of The Wind  Hi Hat Retro 532
Colors Of The Wind  Rawhide 1130
Columbus Stockade Blues  Pioneer 6003
Columbus Stockade Blues  Elite (new) 1085
Come Away With Me  Mesa Apache 1026
Come Dance With Me  Flying Records 134
Come Early Morning  Riverboat 554
Come From The Heart  Royal 266
Come Go With Me  Royal 173
Come Monday  Rhythm 243
Come On Ring Those Bells  Double M 139
Come On Ring Those Bells  EGO 801
Come Sail Away  Royal 607
Come See What's Happening  JR 114
Come To Me  Rhythm 270
Come To Me  Hi Hat Retro 518
Comin Round The Mountain  Square Tunes 1003
Coming Back As A Man  Shindig Productions 1047
Coming Round The Mountain / Sugar Foot Hoedown  Black Mountain Valley 28
Commitment  Cardinal 2039
Completely  Shindig Productions 1080
Consider Yourself  GR8 Trax 009
Cookin' / River Rock  Double M 167
Coon Creek Party Line  Dash 2540
Coonhound / Baby O  Square Tunes 2029
Copa Cabana  Unicorn (new) 501
Coral Sands / Layin' Back  Double M 209
Corner Line / Squaremurder  Sets In Order 1120
Coronado Quadrille  Lloyd Shaw 33
Cotton Eyed Joe 1, 2 / Cowboy Happy  Pioneer 5037
Cotton Jenny  Royal 347
Cotton Pickin Polka Square  Old Timer 8192
Cotton Pickin' Polka  Old Timer 1003
Country As A Boy Can Be  Double M 264
Country Boy  Royal 611
Country Boys Roll  Shindig Productions 1050
Country Christmas  Gold Rush 117
Country Crazy  Solid Gold 604
Country Is  Unicorn (old) 501
Country Man  Rhythm 298
Country Music Is Here To Stay  Black Hat 12
Country Side  Desert 78
Country Sunshine  Riverboat 551
County Fair  Double M 168
Couple Up Acey / Swing & Twirl  Square 'N Round 535
Cowboy  Hi Hat Retro 510
Cowboy Beat  Double M 246
Cowboy Casanova  Shindig Productions 1017
Crawdad Song / Wagon Wheel  E-Z School Rhythm 6006
Crawdad Square  Chinook 127
Crawdad Square / Cindy Lou  Black Mountain 115
Crawdad Square / Cindy Lou  Black Mountain 114
Crazy Heart  Black Hat 6
Cricket / Grass  Square Tunes 2045
Cripple Chicken  Riverboat 442
Cripple Creek / Back Up & Push  Sundown Ranch 113
Criss-Cross Swing / Slide It Man  Square 'N Round 557
Crocodile Rock  Elite (new) 1031
Crocodile Shoes  Desert 102
Cross Run / Slip and Anything  Square 'N Round 540
Cross The Road / Slingshot  Black Mountain 4544
Crosscut Hoedown  Ranch House 512
Crossfire  Crest Recordings 112
Crowning Of The King  Dawn 4020
Cruise  Rhythm 316
Cruising Down The River  Rawhide 209
Cryin' Waitin' Hopin'  Shindig Productions 1051
Crystal Chandeliers  Ocean 65
Cuidado  Mesa Apache 1003
Cumberland Square Dance  Folkraft 1241
Cunnamulla Fella  Shindig Productions 1004

Da Bop  Shindig Productions 1065
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast  Royal 268
Daddy Dumplin'  Scope 581
Daddy's Hands  Cheyenne 520
Daddy's Little Girl  Silver Sounds 278
Daddy's Money  Silver Sounds 265
Dallas Darling  Lore 1102
Dance Pretty Lady  Black Mountain 4549
Dance Ranch Round-up #1  Dance Ranch 1001
Dance Ranch Round-up #2  Dance Ranch 1032
Dance The Night Away  Cardinal 2047
Dance The Night Away  Arrowhead 109
Dance Till You Drop / Wild West Round Up  Pioneer 5032
Dance Tonight  Rhythm 311
Dance With Me One More Time  Square Tunes 1038
Dance With Me Tonight  Blue Star 2579
Dancin' In The Streets  Lou Mac 215
Dancing Moon  Bob Cat 503
Dancing Queen  Riverboat 675
Dancing The Polka With You  Blue Star 1511
Danger, Heartbreak Ahead  Chicago Country 146
Daniel  Silver Sounds 252
Daniel  Royal 1606
Danny's Song  Royal 352
Darren's Breakdown / Red Handkerchief  Hi Hat 5318
Dashing White Sergeant / Lamb Skinnet  Folkraft 1501
Davy's On The Road Again  Unicorn (new) 801
Daydream Believer  Sting 1203
Debbie  Riverboat 484
Debut / Linda Sue  B Bar H 10001
December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)  Mountain 134
Deck The Halls / Jingle Hoe  TNT 299
Deep Blue Sea / Pea-Pickin' Heart  Sunny Hills 139
Deep Shady / Pepper Sprouts  Desert 9015
Deep Water  Hi Hat 5253
Delta Dawn  Royal 1208
Desperation Samba  Silver Sounds 302
Devil / Sasquatch  Mountain 5023
Devil On The Stump / Joe's Breakdown  Black Mountain Valley 3056
Devil Went Down To Georgia / Smokey Bear Hoedown  Dance Ranch 1125
Devil Woman  I Am Music 001
Devil Woman  Elite (new) 1036
Devil's Dream / Maggie Valley Blues  Black Mountain Valley 3079
Devil's Dream / Sugar Foot Rag  Black Mountain 3121
Dewday  GR8 Trax 017
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend  Pioneer 6004
Diana  Double M 107
Diana  Double M 181
Diana  Silver Sounds 279
Did I Tell You  Marble 101
Diggin' / Something For Kathie  Double M 169
Diggin' Up Bones  Pioneer 6005
Digi Tec  Crown Alternative Music 4
Dime A Dozen  Dash 2533
Dime A Dozen  Blue Star 1676
Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas / Ghost Riders In The Sky  Windsor 4413
Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas / Ghost Riders In The Sky  Windsor 4113
Dirty Martini  Mesa Apache 1016
Disco Beat  Miracle 126
Disco Patter  Riverboat 493
Ditty-Bitty Go / Bamm  Silver Sounds 209
Dive For The Oyster / Rye Waltz  MacGregor 2-1
Divorce Her C.O.D.  Dash 2549
Dixie Daisy / Slide The Wave  Square 'N Round 558
Dixie Daisy Workshop / Pair The Line Workshop  Grenn 12001
Dixie Darling / Nellie Gray  Windsor 4436
Dixie Hoedown / Fiddler's Dream / Chain Lightening  Black Mountain Valley 3068
Dixie On My Mind  Square Tunes 1169
Dixie Road  Royal 708
Dixie Road  Tarheel 164
Dixie Turn Thru / This And That  Square 'N Round 560
Dixieland Swing  Chicago Country 132
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind  Hi Hat Retro 515
Do Me Right  Unicorn (new) 106
Do Rae Me  Down Under 110
Do Run Run  Royal 152
Do Wah Diddy  Hi Hat Retro 525
Do What You Do Do Well  Square Tunes 1057
Do Ya  Royal 160
Do You Ever Think Of Me?  Square Tunes 1034
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans  Rawhide 224
Do You Know You Are My Sunshine  Double M 260
Do You Love As Good As You Look?  Rhythm 315
Do You Mind  Greenwood 9005
Doctor Doctor  Royal 1010
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is  Royal 264
Does Your Mother Know  Double M 256
Doin' Dirt  Arrowhead 112
Doing What Comes Naturally  Aqua 116
Don Juan  Silver Sounds 240
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark  Toddy's Tunes 15
Don't Be Angry  Riverboat 103
Don't Be Stupid  ABC 21
Don't Blame It All On Me  Tarheel 161
Don't Blame Me  MacGregor 2121
Don't Blame Me / Far Away  Blue Star 2556
Don't Bring LuLu  Pioneer 6021
Don't Bring Me Down  Arrowhead 105
Don't Come Cryin'  Silver Streak 110
Don't Do Me Like That  Crest Recordings 137
Don't Fence Me In  Longhorn 1050
Don't Fight The Feeling Of Love  Blue Star 1981
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue  TNT 308
Don't Know Much  Marble 212
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  Gramophone Productions 906
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By  Tarheel 178
Don't Let The Good Times Pass You By  Square Dancetime 4001
Don't Let The Good Times Pass You By  Diamond 4001
Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You  Flying Records 137
Don't Say Goodbye  Sounds 2000 2011
Don't She Look Good  Pioneer 6042
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree  Keeno 2110
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree  Riverboat 507 X
Don't Slam The Door  Flying Records 142
Don't Stop  Solid Gold 504
Don't Stop Doin' What You Do  EGO 107
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough / Beat It  TNT 328
Don't Sweetheart Me  Black Mountain Valley 3008
Don't Think Of Me  Heartland Records 1
Don't Think Twice  Square Tunes 1019
Don't Think Twice  Coyote 820
Don't Think Twice  Rhythm 288
Don't Worry About Me  Quadrille 934
Don't You Ever Get Tired?  Riverboat 463
Don't You Forget About Me  Crest Recordings 134
Dooley  Double M 198
Double Arky Swivet / A Cross Trail Congo Style (Gross Trail)  Square 'N Round 547
Double Trouble / Wheel & Merge  Square 'N Round 546
Double Vision  Crest Recordings 141
Down Among The Sheltering Palms / Drivin' Nails  MacGregor 7795
Down And Dirty / Bad Bone Hoedown  Pioneer 5017
Down By The Ohio  Grenn 12158
Down By The River  BVR 124
Down By The River Side  Pioneer 6054
Down Home  Cheyenne 511
Down In Dixie  Tarheel 160
Down In Mexico  Royal 337
Down In The Valley  EGO 301
Down On Bourbon Street  Blue Star Retro 1134
Down On The Corner  Marble 229
Down On The Corner  Riverboat 471
Down On The Corner  Rhythm 279
Down Stream  Miracle 169
Down The Line (2-Couple Plus) / Irish Washerwoman (A-1)  Blue Star 2574
Down To My Last Teardrop  Royal 1213
Down Town  Riverboat 635
Down Yonder  Magic 1011
Down Yonder  MacGregor 2135
Down Yonder  Old Timer 8064
Down Yonder #1 / Down Yonder #2  Black Mountain Valley 3033
Down Yonder / California, Here I Come  Windsor 4414
Down Yonder / Londonderry Hornpipe  Black Mountain Valley 23
Down Yonder, Alamo Style / Take It Easy  Black Mountain 157
Downhill Hoe / Raymond's Banjo Rag  Black Mountain Valley 3045
Downtown Train  EGO 205
Draggin' Chains  Riverboat 118
Dream A Little Dream  Royal 608
Dream On  Square Tunes 1020
Dreamin'  Miracle 159
Dreaming Again  Stampede 203
Dreaming My Life Away  Double M 234
Dreams Are Ten A Penny  Gramophone Productions 916
Drift Away  Silver Sounds 288
Driftin'  Miracle 168
Driftwood  Gold Star 722
Drinkenstein  Gold Rush 127
Drinking Champagne  Riverboat 456
Drinking Champagne  Classics 141
Drive  Blue Star 104
Drive By  New Beat 516
Drivin' Nails In My Coffin  Talon 1202
Driving Home For Christmas  Double M 251
Dry Branch 1, 2, 3, 4  Square Tunes 2064
Dueling Violins  Shindig Productions 1007
Duff Ruff  Hansell Nilsson 15
Durango / Heart Beats  Desert 9014
DX Land HD (Plus) / Give it Away HD (A1)  Blue Star 2562

E.A.R. & H. (East Africa Rail & Harbor)  Ocean 49
Eagle Rock  GR8 Trax 040
Early Morning Rain  Pioneer 6027
Early Morning Rain  JR 122
Earth Angel  Royal 261
Easter Parade  Square Tunes 1028
Easy Does It  Hi Hat 5314
Easy Like ABC / Swing Happy  Family Squares 42002
Easy Lovin'  Gold Wing 111
Easy Money  Rockin' M 2018
Edge Of Seventeen  Gramophone Productions 939
El Paso City  CW 1001
El Paso City  Square Dancetime 4005
El Rancho Grande  Riverboat 455
Electric Sunday  Hansell Nilsson 27
Elenore  Silver Sounds 298
Ellie K / Shake It  Silver Sounds 270
Elvira  Windsor 5115
Emily  Gramophone Productions 409
Emotions  Hi Hat 5313
Engine #9  Hi Hat Retro 507
Engine #9  Bob Cat 507
Enjoy Yourself  Black Mountain 164
Escape (Pina Colada Song)  Rhythm 265
Euphoria  Beat4Dance 350
Even Cowboys Like A Little Bit Of Rock And Roll  Double M 228
Even The Nights Are Better  Riverboat 474
Evergreen  EGO 114
Everlasting Love  Gramophone Productions 921
Every Breath You Take  Double M 173
Every Day With You Girl  Silver Sounds 231
Every Man Likes You  Flying Records 127
Every Rhythm  Mesa Apache 1002
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime  Blue Star Retro 1148
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven  Royal 170
Everybody's Got Somebody But Me  Rhythm 312
Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone  Double M 196
Everyday Will Be Sunday By And By  Royal 1605
Everything  Flying Records 147
Everything Changes  Double M 153
Everything Changes  Double M 151
Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About  Double M 229
Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City  Desert Gold 25
Ewe Turn / Pot Luck Special  Sets In Order 1039 / 1040
Ex's & Oh's  New Beat 413
Ex-Old Man  Shindig Productions 1012
Excuse Me  Flying Records 125
Explode The Line / Tea-Cup Hash  Square 'N Round 527
EZ Square / Mixer  Dance Ranch 1010
EZ Stars / Trio  Dance Ranch 1008

Faddle / Fiddle  Gold Wing 113
Faded Love  Stirrup 402
Fairytale  Marble 206
Faithful Heart  Shindig Productions 1061
Fall In Love With You  GR8 Trax 006
Falling / Popping  Blue Star 2582
False Hearted Girl  Square Tunes 1133
False Hearted Girl  EGO 803
Fame  EGO 204
Fantasy Girl  Crest Recordings 113
Fare-Thee-Well  Rhythm 290
Farther Down The River  Chinook 226
Feel Again  Arrowhead 104
Feel The Beat / Lee  Pioneer 5028
Feeling Fine  Double M 203
Feeling Mighty Fine  C Bar C 832
Feels Like Love  Crown 166
Feels Like The First Time  Crest Recordings 117
Feels So Right  Blue Star Retro 150
Feliz Navidad  ABC 10
Feliz Navidad  Riverboat 703
Fever  Rhythm 319
Fiddle And Guitar Man  EP Tunes 5
Fiddlers Hoedown / Road Hog Take Two  Pioneer 5029
Fightin' Side Of Me  Royal 190
Fill 'Er Up / Cielito Lindo  Blue Star 2548
Find Your Man / Corner Hash  Dash 2503
Fins  Rhythm 333
Fire It Up  Royal 1608
Fire On The Mountain  Shindig Productions 1038
Fireball / Wildflower  Blue Star 2586
Firecracker  Tarheel 175
First Steps: Shoemaker / Bluebird / Tin Soldier  Square Dancetime 1001
First We Take Manhattan  Toddy's Tunes 16
Fisher's Hornpipe / St. Anne's Reel  Black Mountain Valley 3050
Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue  Rawhide 220
Five Minutes  Miracle 144
Five Thirty Breakdown / Boil Them Cabbage  Longhorn 307
Flipped  GR8 Trax 026
Flop Eared Mule / Ranger's Hoedown  Black Mountain 3120
Flowers In The Dirt  Silver Sounds 267
Flowers On The Wall  Square Tunes 1021
Fly On The Wings Of Love  Marble 226
Foggy Run Along / Sundown2  Imperial (new) 116
Follow Me  Silver Streak 114
Follow That Dream  Chicago Country 122
Fond Affection  D & ET 113
Fools Rush In  Coyote 818
Fools Rush In  Hi Hat 9004
Footloose / Fancy Free  Sting 517
Footsteps  GR8 Trax 002
For Me And My Gal  Ocean 51
For Once In My Life  Silver Eagle 401
For You  Unicorn (new) 105
Forest Lawn  Square Tunes 1100
Forever  Mesa Apache 1005
Forever And Always  Royal 175
Forever In Blue Jeans  Stirrup 104
Forever Young  Mesa Apache 101
Forked Deer  Blue Star 100
Forst-1 / Forst-2  Square Tunes 2068
Fortunate Son  Crest Recordings 102
Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff  4-Bar-B 6011
Forward Six And Back  Folkraft 1279
Four In The Morning  Rawhide 1027
Four In The Morning  Bob Cat 506
Four Leaf Clover  ESP 7005
Four Leaf Clover  Blue Star 2444
Four Leaf Clover  MacGregor 2431
Four Leaf Clover  Pioneer 6035
Four Leaf Clover  Blue Star Retro 1135
Four Leaf Clover / Sailing Down The Ol' Green River  Windsor 4426
Four Strong Winds  Double M 106
Fox Hunt  Miracle 130
Freaky  Miracle 167
Freckles And Pollywog Days  Riverboat 447
Free Ride  Royal 1501
Free-Wheelin Hobo  Sashay 109
Freelin'  Hansell Nilsson 22
Freight Train  Tarheel 152
Friday Night Blues  Peak 103
Friendship Ring / Easy Achy Breaky / Chasin' Rainbows  Square Dancetime 510
From Paris  Hansell Nilsson 30
From The Bottom Of My Heart  Red Boot Star 1321
From This Valley  Rhythm 325
Fun, Fun, Fun  Double M 230
Funk'D  Hansell Nilsson 3
Funky Hoedown / Touch Me Hoedown  Chinook 520
Funtastic  Hansell Nilsson 1
Fuzzle  Hansell Nilsson 14

G Train / Sugar Foot Wild  Grenn 12804
Gal From Tennessee  Old Timer 1005
Galaxy  Miracle 131
Gale / Hotel Pacific  Blue Star 2599
Garden Party  Wild West 1-14
Generation X  Rawhide 527
Gentle On My Mind  Big J 1006
Gentle On My Mind  Bob Cat 502
Georgia Girl  Red Boot 3092
Georgia Polka / Near You  Western Jubilee 726
Get Back / Day Tripper  TNT 302
Get Down  Miracle 166
Get Down  Gold Wing 144
Get Down Tonight  Royal 249
Get It Right  Blue Star 1979
Get It Right / Miracle  Unicorn (new) 103
Get-R-Done Hoedown / Earl  Pioneer 5043
Getting You Home  Rhythm 287
Ghost Riders In The Sky  MacGregor 2464
Ghost Train  Chicago Country 129
Giddap / Cedar Break  Blue Star 1524
Giddy Up / Stars And Stripes  Blue Star 2544
Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen by the Sea  GR8 Trax 033
Gimme All Your Lovin'  Crest Recordings 118
Gimme Gimme Gimme  Rhythm 271
Gimme Hope Joanna  Shindig Productions 1005
Gimme Three Steps  Royal 1008
Ginny Come Lately  GR8 Trax 012
Girl Talk  Miracle 129
Girl With Gardenias  Silver Sounds 281
Girl You're Gonna Love Me  Mesa Apache 116
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun  Shindig Productions 1029
Girls With Red Hair  Double M 122
Girls, Girls, Girls  Double M 142
Girls, Girls, Girls  Toddy's Tunes 2
Git-Fiddle Rag / Jingle Bells  Black Mountain 104
Git-Fiddle Rag / Jingle Bells  Black Mountain 103
Gitfiddle / Tumbleweed  Top 25309
Give A Little Bit  BVR 118
Give A Little Love  Acme 111
Give It Away  Solid Gold 510
Give It Up  Unicorn (new) 702
Give My Regards To Broadway  Jay-Bar-Kay 137
Give Them Bass / Beach Party  Sonic Productions 1
Glendale Train  Silver Sounds 115
Gliding  Miracle 132
Globe Trekker  Shindig Productions 1011
Gloom, Despair And Agony On Me  Red Boot 3101
Glory Days  Royal 610
Glory Halleiujah  4-Bar-B 16088
Glow Co  Hansell Nilsson 17
Glowworm  Windsor 5018
Go Tell It On The Mountain  EGO 112
Go Tell The World  JR 115
Go West  Gramophone Productions 946
God Bless America  Coyote 807
God Bless America  Silver Sounds 224
God Bless The USA  Riverboat 542
God Must Be A Cowboy  Tarheel 118
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  Acme 128
Goin Down The Road  Old Timer 8188
Goin' Home to Julie  Royal 1702
Going Home  Miracle 177
Going To Arkansas / Quest  Pioneer 5026
Golden Memories  Classics 139
Golden Slippers / Ragtime Annie  Black Mountain Valley 3044
Gone / Seeing Nellie Home  MacGregor 8625
Gone Away  Elite (new) 1030
Gone Away, Gone Away  Ute 24
Gone With The Wind  C Bar C 530
Gone With The Wind  Seven C's 211
Gonna Getcha Good  Gramophone Productions 907
Gonna Love You Back To Lovin' Me Again  Desert 66
Goober Peas  Double M 253
Good Day / Jurassic Park  Double M 202
Good Friends  Grenn 12405
Good Friends  Tarheel 165
Good Intentions / Let The Bells Keep Ringing  Windsor 4471
Good Little Girls  Shindig Productions 1021
Good Luck Charm  Desert Gold 4
Good Morning Country Rain  Top 25365
Good N' Smokey / Sally Goodin  10 + 1 106
Good Night Cincinnati  Western Jubilee 545
Good Night, My Someone  Silver Sounds 285
Good Old Summertime  Blue Star Retro 1105
Good Time / Los Danza  Blue Star 2596
Good Times  Riverboat 487
Good Times Gonna Roll Again  MacGregor 2432
Good To Go To Mexico  Gold Rush 110
Goodbye  Riverboat 494
Goodbye Earl  GR8 Trax 036
Goodbye My Lady Love  Grenn 12408
Goodnight Sweetheart  Red Boot 3067
Goodwin Hoedown / Clackin Fiddle  Black Mountain Valley 3062
Gospel Medley  Square Tunes 1081
Gospel Medley  Lou Mac 236
Got No Reason For Going Home  Royal 167
Grand Colonel Spin  Classics 153
Grand Old Flag  Rawhide 1138
Grand Square / EZ Circle  Dance Ranch 1009
Grandfather's Clock  Cardinal 2010
Grandma  Riverboat 498
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer  4-Bar-B 16030
Grandma's Feather Bed  Ocean 28
Grandpa  Royal 188
Grandpa  Riverboat 497
Grange Hall Dance  Double M 185
Greatest American Hero  Pioneer 6013
Green Beret  Mustang 115
Green Door  Aussie Tempos 1029
Green Green Grass Of Home  Elite (new) 1035
Green Green Grass Of Home  Flying Records 132
Green Onions  Miracle 148
Green River Call  Black Mountain 156
Green, Green Grass Of Home  Gold Label 1003
Greener Pastures  Silver Spur 113
Grossvatter / Easier  Desert 9013
Grubby Hands / Pick That Cotton  Ocean 3009
Guantanamera  Mesa Apache 1006
Guilty Of The Crime  Beat4Dance 201
Guitar Fancy / Steave Green  Pioneer 5045
Guitars Cadillacs And Hillbilly Music  Eagle 2101
Gum Log / Pine Log  Crown 121
Gypsy  Riverboat 436

H Cadillac  Mesa Apache 1022
H Lose My Mind  Mesa Apache 1024
Hakuna Matata  Bob Cat 501
Hallelujah  Alter-EGO 201
Hallelujah  Blue Star 2595
Hallelujah I Love Her So  Royal 712
Hambone / One More Time  Big Mac 1020
Hammer Head Hoedown / Pepper Pot Hoedown  Ranch House 516
Hand Me Down Heart  Flying Records 103
Hands Up / Smile  Sonic Productions 2
Handy Man  Double M 123
Handy Man  Miracle 164
Hank Williams Medley  Square Tunes 1011
Happy / Cactus Special  Rainbow 901
Happy Birthday  Royal 1100
Happy Birthday (Song & Dance)  Blue Star 2411
Happy Boy  New Beat 23
Happy Together  Rhythm 308X
Happy Together  Miracle 152
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby  Rawhide 228
Harbour Hoedown / Steamer  Rhythm 310
Hard Hearted Hannah  Sets In Order 147
Hard To Handle  4-Bar-B 16157
Harden My Heart  Acme 107
Hark The Herald Angels Sing  Royal 339
Harvest Of Sunshine  Windsor 4984
Has Anybody Seen My Gal  TNT 329
Hash 'N Breaks #2 / Rollaway Star  Black Mountain 126
Hash 'N Breaks #3 / Do Paso What  Black Mountain 128
Hash 'N Breaks #4 / Middle Of The Mound  Black Mountain 131
Hash 'N Breaks #5 / Little Wonder  Black Mountain 137
Hash 'N Breaks #6 / Tapiwingo Twister  Black Mountain 152
Hash 'N Breaks #7 / Star Route  Black Mountain 158
Hash 'N Breaks #8 / Hashin' Up The Cross-Trails  Black Mountain 162
Hash 'N Breaks #9 / Allemande Pass-Thru  Black Mountain 168
Hashin' The Breaks #10 / Little Red Hen  Black Mountain 171
Hashin' The Breaks #11 / Wrappin' It Up  Black Mountain 172
Hashin' Up The Teacup Gizmo  Black Mountain 159
Hasta Manana  Rawhide 229
Haunted  Mesa Apache 1020
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You  Black Hat 14
Have Mercy  Lone Star 606
Have You Ever Seen The Rain  Chinook 145
Hawaii 5-0  Mesa Apache 1007
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride  A & S 118
He'll Have To Go  Square Tunes 1158
He'll Have To Go  Sting 333
He's Got A Way With Women  Rockin' M 2019
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands  Riverboat 532
Headed For A Heartache  Royal 353
Heard It In A Love Song  Silver Streak 117
Heard It In A Love Song  Stirrup 601
Heard It In A Love Song  Rhythm 331
Heart Of My Heart  Classics 148
Heart Of My Heart / Belle Of San Antone / Saints Come Marching Home  Windsor 4434
Heart Of My Heart / Poor Little Robin  Old Timer 8102
Heartaches  Rawhide 117
Heartbeat In The Darkness  Riverboat 461
Heartbreak Hotel  Classics 142
Heartbreak Mountain  Pioneer 6039
Heartbreaker  MacGregor 2137
Hearts Don't Forget Something Like That  Double M 137
Heave-Ho  C Bar C 610
Heaven  Sharpshooter 1032
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel  Unicorn (new) 601
Hecksapoppin'  Windsor 4694
Hello Love  Tarheel 149
Hello Trouble  Chinook 150
Hello Trouble  Kalox 1341
Hello! / Tavern in the Town  Windsor 4118
Hello, Hello  Square Tunes 5001
Help  Hi Hat 5328
Help Is On The Way  Ocean 81
Help Me Make It Through The Night  Quadrille 993
Her Strut  Arrowhead 115
Here Comes Peter Cottontail  Coyote 803
Here Comes The Sun  Gold Rush 128
Here You Come Again  Royal 1403
Heros Have Always Been Cowboys  Rainbow 202
Hey Baby  Royal 335
Hey Baby  Pioneer 6026
Hey Deanie  EGO 202
Hey Good Lookin'  Grenn 12419
Hey Good Lookin'  Royal 602
Hey Good Lookin'  Grenn 12430
Hey Li Lee  Tarheel 146
Hey Li Lee, Li Lee  Riverboat 555
Hey Look Me Over  Gold-N-Star 1002
Hey Look Me Over  Lore 1040
Hey Mickey / Rock & Roll Music  TNT 303
Hey There Delilah  Silver Sounds 287
Hey, Look Me Over  Classics 146
Hey, Mr. Feeney  Black Hat 8
Hi Diddle Diddle  Gramophone Productions 911
Hi Ho Silver Lining  Sting 352
High Horse  Toddy's Tunes 3
High Tech Redneck  Jopat 812
High Time  Lou Mac 242
Highlander's Clogging Medley / Gear It Up  Black Mountain Valley 3053
Highway Headed South  Pioneer 6032
Highway To Hell  Gramophone Productions 949
Hillbilly Fever  Mountain 116
Hilly Billy  GR8 Trax 030
Hindustan  Bogan 1114
Hip To Be Square  Alter-EGO 101
Hit Me With Your Best Shot  Crown 183
Hit The Road Jack  Royal 704
Hitchhike  Bogan 1399
Ho, Ho, Hoe / Silver Bells  4 C's 4
Hobo / Uncle  Pioneer 5046
Hoedancing  Gold Wing 140
Hoedown Fancy 1, 2, 3 / Fiddle Dust  Pioneer 5006
Hoedown Kelly / Smokey Mt. Hoedown  Black Mountain 125
Hoedown Medley Side A / Hoedown Medley Side B  MacGregor 2073
Hoedown Of The Phantom / Hot Brakes  Blue Star 2600
Hoedown Texas Style / Sugar  Pioneer 5036
Hold Everything / Houston Hoedown  Blue Star 1507
Hold Me Close  GR8 Trax 034
Hold Tight  Wild West 1-57
Holes In The Floor Of Heaven  Royal 1604
Holiday / The Daughter  TNT 314
Holley / Pepper Twist  Pioneer 5021
Home  EGO 106
Home In San Antone  Black Mountain 116
Home In San Antone  Solid Gold 210
Home On The Range  TNT 291
Home On The Range  Riverboat 504 X
Home To You  Gold Wing 141
Home Town  Old Timer 8168
Homeland  C Bar C 831
Hometown Jubilee / Little Red Caboose  Windsor 4421
Hometown Jubilee / Little Red Caboose  Windsor 4121
Hometown Square  Old Timer 8085
Homeward Bound  Rhythm 326
Honest Bowl Of Red  Chinook 213
Honey  Royal 614
Honey Honey  Rhythm 258
Honey You're The Reason  Royal 1211
Honeycomb Fiddler / Sunset  Blue Star 2588
Honeymoon Feelin'  Eagle 2105
Honeysuckle Rose  Chinook 234
Honk If You Honky Tonk  Flying Records 101
Honk If You Honky Tonk  Lou Mac 238
Honk If You Honky Tonk  Elite (new) 1043
Honky Tonk Angels  Buckskin 1263
Honky Tonk Blues  Classics 147
Honky Tonk Christmas  Square Tunes 1075
Honky Tonk Heroes  Crown 143
Honky Tonk Heroes  Rhythm 263
Honky Tonk Man  Heartland Records 4
Honky Tonk Moon  Riverboat 553
Hooked On A Feeling  Arrowhead 101
Hooked On A Feeling  Bob Cat 505
Hooked On You  Aussie Tempos 1020
Hooray For Hazel  Double M 161
Hopi Rain Dance  Arrowhead 902
Hot Brakes / Steel Guitar Rag  Blue Star 2552
Hot Britches / Picking Strings  Black Mountain Valley 3064
Hot Hot Hot  Mesa Apache 1008
Hot Rod Lincoln  Yankee Fiddle Records 1
Hot Stuff  Rhythm 335
Hot Time / Outtasight  Blue Star 2594
Hot Time In The Old Town (Traditional) / Indian Square (Traditional)  E-Z School Rhythm 4009
Hot Time In The Old Town / Swing Ol' Adam, Swing Ol' Eve  MacGregor 1-4
Hot, Hot, Hot  C Bar C 601
Hot, Hot, Hot  Lou Mac 240
Hotel California  Sounds 2000 2002
Hound Dog  Silver Sounds 162
Hound Dog / Here And There  Old Timer 8118
House Of Blue Lights  Royal 354
How 'Bout Them Cowgirls  Elite (new) 1055
How 'Bout You  Rhythm 329
How 'Bout You  Platinum 229
How Blue Can I Feel  Royal 163
How Do Ya Like Your Eggs!  Shindig Productions 1064
How Do You Do It?  Sting 328
How Do You Like Me Now  MLS 101
How High The Moon  Rawhide 230
How I Love Them Old Songs  Windsor 4979
How Long  Elite (new) 1062
How Mountain Girls Can Love  Square Tunes 1045
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)  Miracle 157
Howlin' At The Moon  Riverboat 231
Humble Hoedown  MacGregor 905
Hummingbird  Royal 359
Hungry Heart  Royal 1506
Hungry Like The Wolf  Crest Recordings 140
Hurricane / Chain The Line  Black Mountain 130
Hurts So Good  Royal 717
Hushabye  Miracle 156

I Ain't Got Nobody  Royal 612
I Ain't Never  Double M 262
I Always Get Lucky With You  Black Hat 5
I Always Have A Song To Sing  Royal 269
I Am The Dreamer  Lightning S 201
I Believe In America  Double M 179
I Believe In Santa Claus  Magnolia Melodies 106
I Break For Brunettes  Double M 118
I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me  Chinook 141
I Can See Clearly Now  Silver Sounds 215
I Can't Feel At Home  Solid Gold 1004
I Can't Fight This Feeling  Royal 164
I Can't Help It  Cheyenne 513
I Can't Help It  Rawhide 1069
I Can't Quit  Blue Star 1514
I Catch 'Em, God Cleans 'Em  Tarheel 168
I Could Have Danced All Night  Sting 363
I Do (Cherish You)  Double M 189
I Don't Care  MacGregor 2461
I Don't Even Know His Name  Hi Hat Retro 519
I Don't Even Know Your Name  Rhythm 261
I Don't Know What She Said  Flying Records 102
I Don't Know Why  Lightning S 510
I Don't Know Why  Hi Hat Retro 522
I Don't Know Why  Rawhide 1117
I Don't Know Why  Tarheel 136
I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore  GR8 Trax 021
I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore  A & S 120
I Don't Need Nothing  Royal 132
I Don't Want To Live On The Moon  Silver Sounds 254
I Dream Of You  Dash 2510
I Fall To Pieces  Mountain 167
I Fall To Pieces  Cardinal 2018
I Feel Like Buddy Holly  Unicorn (new) 506
I Feel Lucky  Riverboat 466
I Feel The Earth Move  EGO 201
I Fell In Love Again Last Night  Desert 70
I Forgot To Remember To Forget  Black Hat 13
I Fought The Law  Double M 216
I Get Off Here / Poor Man's Lincoln  Desert 9010
I Get The Blues When It Rains / Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes  Black Mountain 145
I Get The Blues When It Rains / Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes  Black Mountain 143
I Got You  Rhythm 296
I Gotta Get To You  Rhythm 273
I Gotta Get To You  Flying Records 120
I Gotta Get To You  Double M 238
I Hate Myself For Loving You  Crown 206
I Have A Dream  A & S 115
I Haven't Met You Yet  Shindig Productions 1025
I Hear That Southland Calling Me  Hi Hat Retro 523
I Heard It Through the Grapevine  Crest Recordings 123
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day  Silver Sounds 264
I Hope You Dance  Rhythm 260
I Just Called To Say I Love You  Shindig Productions 1036
I Just Called To Say I Love You  Miracle 134
I Know That I'm The Only One  Rhythm 336
I Left My Heart In San Francisco  Bogan 1282
I Like Girls That Drink Beer  Shindig Productions 1023
I Love A Rainy Night  Shakedown 345
I Love Christmas  Double M 141
I Love The Night Life  Royal 194
I Love You Because  Black Hat 11
I Love You Because  Eagle 3502
I Love You Drops  GR8 Trax 007
I May Be Used  Blue Star Retro 1132
I May Hate Myself In The Morning  Double M 136
I Need A Breather  Flying Records 111
I Need You Now  Rhythm 280
I Never Knew  Blue Star Retro 1030
I Overlooked An Orchid  Blue Star 1543
I Promised Myself  BVR 107
I Saw Mommy  Shindig Productions 1054
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus  Rawhide 233
I Saw The Light  Tarheel 157
I Saw The Light  Hi Hat 5310
I See A Boat On The River  Riverboat 587
I Should Have Known Better  Shindig Productions 1016
I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)  Sashay 102
I Think I'd Like To Square Dance  Cascade 1008
I Think I'll Take Off Walkin'  Quadrille 933
I Think I'm In Love  Lou Mac 234
I Walk The Line  Grenn 12418
I Want A Girl  Blue Star Retro 1144
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas  Pioneer 6020
I Want To Be A Country Boy Again  J-Walker 001
I Want To Be Happy  Silver Sounds 248
I Want To Hold Your Hand  Sting 344
I Was Born To Love You  ABC 11
I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool  Acme 105
I Will Follow Him  Rhythm 322
I Will Follow Thee  Silver Sounds 255
I Will Survive  Silver Sounds 246
I Wish  Rhythm 340
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free  Toddy's Tunes 1
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday  GR8 Trax 015
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight  Square Tunes 1067
I'd Choose You Again  A & S 121
I'd Do It All Over Again  D & R 144
I'd Rather Be In Carolina  Royal 1215
I'd Really Love to See You Tonight  Royal 714
I'll Be Home For Christmas  Square Tunes 1084
I'll Be Home For Christmas  Riverboat 572
I'll Be Satisfied  Royal 184
I'll Be Swinging Home For Christmas  Square Tunes 1023
I'll Be The One  Stampede 304
I'll Be Your Rhinestone Cowboy  Cheyenne 521
I'll Fly Away  Lightning S 5002
I'll Fly Away  Crown 172
I'll Follow The Sun  Royal 1209
I'll Get My Loving On The Run  C Bar C 804
I'll Get Over You  Pioneer 6006
I'll Go Steppin' Too  Crown 178
I'll Go To My Grave  Double M 231
I'll Go To My Grave Loving You  Mountain 119
I'll See You In My Dreams  Gold Wing 116
I'll See You In My Dreams  Blue Star Retro 1139
I'll See You In My Dreams  Blue Star 2441
I'll Sit This One Out  4-Bar-B 6148
I'll Tell Me Ma  TJ 2000
I'm A Believer  Bren-don 101
I'm A Little Man  Lazy Eight 801
I'm A Stand By My Woman Man  Pioneer 6038
I'm A Swinger  Belco 113
I'm A Swinger  Square Tunes 110
I'm Alive  Elite (new) 1050
I'm Alive  Silver Sounds 262
I'm Already Blue  Big Mac 14
I'm Alright  Royal 154
I'm At Home On The Range  A & S 117
I'm Beginning To Forget You  Lazy Eight 15
I'm Coming Home Tonight  Token 10
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles  Grenn 12402
I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles  Desert 92
I'm Happy / Kinda Nice To Know  Grenn 12003
I'm Having Fun  Toddy's Tunes 5
I'm In Love Again  Windsor 5035
I'm Into Something Good  Eagle 3411
I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal  4-Bar-B 6150
I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane  ABC 17
I'm Little But I'm Loud  Tarheel 148
I'm Little But I'm Loud  Seven C's 227
I'm Never Gonna Tell / My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time  Windsor 4475
I'm Not Young And Sexy Anymore  Double M 140
I'm Only Gonna Love You Tonight  Chinook 149
I'm Only In It For The Love  Royal 159
I'm Pretty Good At Drinking Beer  Hi Hat 5300
I'm Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms  Tarheel 169
I'm Still A Guy  Gold Rush 115
I'm The One  Chicago Country 48
I'm The One  Hi Hat 5254
I'm Walkin'  Sting 331
I'm Walking The Floor Over You  Sets In Order 1105
I've Always Been Crazy  Chinook 217
I've Always Been Crazy  Chinook 231
I've Been Hurt  Platinum 231
I've Been To Georgia (On A Fast Train)  Bronc Recordings 78101
I've Been Working On The Railroad  TNT 287
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts  Rawhide 1139
I've Got It Made  Eagle 3002X
I've Got My Baby On My Mind  Crown 125
I've Got Rhythm  Square Tunes 1012
I've Got Rhythm  Square Tunes 1093
I've Got This Feeling  Black Hat 10
I've Got You To Come Home To  Wild West 1-40
I've Got You Under My Skin  EGO 110
I've Loved Them Every One  Royal 257
I've Never Been So Loved  Square Tunes 1040
Ice Cream Sodas & Lollypops  Grenn 12421
Ida  MacGregor 2126
If Heaven  Hi Hat 5297
If Hollywood Don't Need You  Gold Rush 111
If I Could Bottle This Up  Diamond 777
If I Could Make A Living  Solid Gold 209
If I Could Make A Living (Out Of Loving You)  4-Bar-B 6132
If I Could Write A Song  Wild West 1-47
If I Had To Do It All Over Again  Square Tunes 1090
If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body  Marble 225
If I Were A Rich Man  Classics 138
If It Ain't One Thing - It's Another  Double M 145
If My Friends Could See Me Now  Royal 1609
If That's The Way You Want It  Hoedowner 133
If They Could See Me Now  Wagon Wheel 915
If Tomorrow Never Comes  Marble 222
If We Hold On Together  Hi Hat 5293
If You Ain't Lovin'  Crown 169
If You Came Back from Heaven  Double M 240
If You Can't Give Me Love  Marble 224
If You Could Read My Mind  Arrowhead 106
If You Knew Susie  Token 4
If You Knew Susie  Rawhide 193
If You Knew Susie  Capitol 4023
If You're Irish  Tarheel 126
If You've Got The Money  Capitol 4022
If Your Heart Should Ever Roll This Way Again  Cardinal 1
Iko Shake  Blue Star 2575
In My Robe Of White  Gold Wing 126
In The Air / Twenty Miles Hoedown  Blue Star 2568
In The Cool, Cool Of The Evening  Double M 188
In The Dark / Mix It Up  Sonic Productions 3
In The Good Old Summertime  MacGregor 2127
In The Good Old Summertime  Magic 1001
In The Groove / Up Jumped The Devil  Pioneer 5008
In The Middle Of The Night  C Bar C 528
In The Midnight Hour  Riverboat 547
In The Misty Moonlight  Silver Sounds 208
In The Moonlight  Old Timer 1104
In The Sweet By And By  Crown 136
In The Sweet By And By  Royal 1206
In The Year 2525  BVR 114
Independence Day  Sounds 2000 2004
Independence Day  Royal 169
Indian Outlaw  Hit Kicker 1
Indiana / My Little Girl  Decca 40245
Injun Hoedown / Romping Molly  Black Mountain Valley 3077
Inside Out  Royal 819
Invisible Tears  GR8 Trax 032
Ipo  Hi Hat 667
Irish Eyes  MacGregor 2166
Irish Stew  Royal 185
Irish Washerwoman  Black Mountain Valley 3047
Is It Still Over  Cheyenne 509
Is It True What They Say About Dixie  Scope 582
Is This The Way To Amarillo  Heartland Records 6
Is You Is  Grenn 12404
Island Party Song / Lovin' It  Ozark Productions 62
Islands In The Stream  Royal 1701
It Ain't Me  Chinook 224
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear  Royal 351
It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing  Faultline 1001
It Pays To Advertise  Silver Spur 114
It's A Great Day For The Irish  Square Tunes 1041
It's A Heartache  Acme 127
It's A Marshmallow World  Rhythm 323
It's A Small World  Square Tunes 213
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas  Royal 329
It's Gonna Be A Good Day  Double M 259
It's Good To Be Me  Hi Hat 5307
It's Got To Be A Habit  Kalox 1076
It's My Life  Gramophone Productions 928
It's My Life Hoe  BVR 117
It's My Party  Silver Sounds 271
It's Only Make Believe  Lightning 102
It's So Easy  Gold Wing 119
It's So Nice to Be With You  Silver Sounds 170
It's Such A Pretty World Today  Royal 1210
It's The Little Things  Black Hat 3
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year  Royal 272
It's The Way You Make Me Feel  Double M 217
Itsy Bitsy Bikini  Longhorn 131

J&J Hoedown  Platinum 105
Jack Knife  Square Tunes 106
Jack Of Diamonds  Silver Sounds 243
Jackson  Riverboat 502 X
Jackson  Longhorn 1053
Jailhouse Rock  Crown 204
Jake  Desert Gold 9
Jamaica Farewell  Hi Hat 9020
Jamaica Hoedown / Bo Funk Hoedown  Rawhide 529
Jane / A Romp / F Romp  Square Tunes 2032
Jane / Millie  Hi Hat 208
Jazzie  Unicorn (new) 104
Jeans On  Shindig Productions 1058
Jekyll / Ring  Pioneer 5050
Jelly Roll  Rockin' M 122
Jenny 867-5309  Arrowhead 117
Jerry's Breakdown / Jerry's Romp  Square Tunes 116
Jesus Hold My Hand  Imperial (new) 118
Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven  Imperial (new) 103
Jet Airliner  Shakedown 324
Jim Jam / Whirlpool  Pioneer 5044
Jingle Bell Rock  Mesa Apache 112
Jingle Bells  Blue Star Retro 1019
Jingle Bells  Rawhide 1007
Jingle Bells / Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  TNT 311
Jingle Jingle / Walter's Rag  Black Mountain Valley 37
Jive Talkin'  Silver Sounds 297
John Henry  Black Mountain 218
John Henry  Black Mountain 169
John's Rhythm / John's Picking  Square Tunes 2044
Johnny Be Good  Chicago Country 105
Johnny Be Good  Heartland Records 5
Johnny Remember Me  Shindig Productions 1074
Johnson Rag  Bogan 1103
Joy  Miracle 150
Juke Box And A Country Song  Square Tunes 1017
Julia  Toddy's Tunes 13
Julianne / Popping Hoedown  Square Tunes 2034
Jumboreggae  Hansell Nilsson 11
Jump (For My Love)  Mountain 135
Jump Right In  Rhythm 306X
Jump Shout Boogie  Platinum 228
Just A Kiss  Rhythm 328
Just A Little Talk With Jesus / Faster Horses  Coyote 821
Just Another Polka  Hi Hat Retro 514
Just Because / Haul Off And Hoedown  Black Mountain 132
Just Because / Ramblin' Wreck  Windsor 4404
Just Because You Ask Me To  Lightning S 5024
Just Dropped In  Rhythm 285
Just In Case  Cheyenne 517
Just In Time For Christmas  Riverboat 440
Just Inside Your Arms  Token 14
Just Loafin'  Miracle 124
Just One Of Those Things  Rawhide 912
Just Playing Possum  GR8 Trax 035
Just The Way You Are  Blue Star 2569
Just The Way You Are  EGO 113
Just To See You Smile  Elite (new) 1052
Just Walk On By  Ocean 34
Just Walkin' / Joe Clark  Hi Hat 614
Just What I Needed  Crest Recordings 132
Justin / So Long  Square Tunes 2035

K.K. Kountry / U.R. 1  Mountain 5018
Kalimba / Victory  Imperial (new) 113
Kanawha / Old Joe Clark  Grenn 12803
Kangaroo Jack / Joey  Chicago Country 78
Kansas City Gal / Uptown And Downtown  Windsor 4425
Kansas City Lights  Shakedown 344
Kansas City Lights  Classics 140
Katy Hill / Thar's A Bar  Black Mountain 4545
Kaw-Liga  EP Tunes 2
Kawliga  Country Charm 14
Kawliga  Token 22
Keep On Dancing  Shindig Productions 1022
Keep On Singing  Royal 348
Keep On Smiling  MacGregor 2459
Keep On Smiling  Silver Sounds 274
Keep Your Feet A Smoking  Square Tunes 1146
Keep Your Hands To Yourself  Royal 180
Kentucky Moonshine  Sundown Ranch 101
Key Largo  Chinook 218
Kicking / Downtown  Crown Alternative Music 5
Kids Say The Darndest Things  Jay-Bar-Kay 283
Kind Of Hush  Hoedowner 132
Kind Of Hush  Hi Hat 5324
King Of The Road  Rhythm 305X
Kingston Town  Grenn 12220
Kiss An Angel Good Morning  New Beat 119
Kiss and Fly / Cotton Eye Joe  Imperial (new) 115
Kiss Him Goodbye  Sounds 2000 2012
Kissing In The Backrow  Snow 1004
Knee Deep  Double M 183
Knock Out  Mesa Apache 1009
Kopps On The Loose  J-Bar-L 1001

L'Italiano  Gramophone Productions 954
L-O-V-E  Hi Hat 5309
L.A. International Airport  BVR 112
L.O.V.E.  Grenn 12407
La Aranita / Macarena  Blue Star 2601
La Bamba / Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy  Royal 418
La Raspa / Jarabe Tapatio  Folkraft 1119
Ladies Love Outlaws  Eagle 8-101
Ladies Love Outlaws  Wild West 1-37
Ladies Night  Mesa Apache 102
Ladies Night  Mesa Apache 1015
Lady  Alter-EGO 204
Lady - O / Loose Talk  Western Jubilee 541
Lady In Black  BVR 103
Lady Of Spain / Smoke On The Water  Western Jubilee 816
Lady Round The Lady / Inside Arch, Outside Under  MacGregor 1-2
Lady-O  Western Jubilee 822
Land Of Enchantment  Flying Records 105
Las Mananitas / C'mon  Silver Sounds 286
Last Christmas  Double M 232
Last Christmas  BVR 108
Last Christmas  Marble 213
Last Christmas  Blue Star 2551
Last Date  Silver Sounds 269
Last Farewell  Royal 1202
Last Thing On My Mind  Elite (new) 1065
Last Time I'll Feel Blue  Silver Sounds 226
Late In The Evening  Silver Sounds 284
Latin Rhythms  Miracle 176
Laura  Chinook 202
Lay Back 'N Low Key  Flying Records 104
Lay Down Sally  Rhythm 259
Lay Some Happiness On Me / Ten O'Clock Mixer  Grenn 12180
Layla  Mesa Apache 114
Lean Mean Lovin' Machine  Eagle 3301
Lean, Mean Lovin' Machine  Silver Eagle 201 X
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms  Double M 182
Leaning On The Lamp Post  Riverboat 573
Learning To Fly  Arrowhead 119
Leaving In Your Eyes  Shindig Productions 1067
Legend In My Time  Desert 77
Lend A Hand / Not So Handy  Gold Wing 137
Lessons Learned  Flying Records 110
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella  Blue Star Retro 1151
Let It Be Me  Miracle 117
Let It Be Me  Stampede 501
Let It Go  Alter-EGO 401
Let It Go  EGO 401
Let It Go  Double M 249
Let It Go  Riverboat 520
Let It Snow  Silver Sounds 166
Let It Snow  Miracle 179
Let Me Be There  Miracle 162
Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear  Square Tunes 1086
Let Me Down Easy  GR8 Trax 016
Let Me Entertain You  Double M 205
Let Me Entertain You  Gramophone Productions 919
Let Me Entertain You  Marble 302
Let Me Go  New Beat 514
Let Me Take You In My Arms  Stirrup 103
Let The Good Times Roll  Blue Star 2563
Let The Sunshine In  Mustang 111
Let Your Heart Rule Your Head  Double M 263
Let Your Light From The Lighthouse Shine On Me  B1 Music 1
Let Your Love Flow  Square Tunes 1083
Let Your Love Flow  Pioneer 6036
Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room Tonite  Token 24
Let's Get Loud  Solid Gold 218
Let's Go RV'ing  Double M 176
Let's Marvin Gaye  Blue Star 2589
Let's Think About Living  Double M 265
Liberty / Maple Sugar  Black Mountain Valley 3034
Lickety Split  Mesa Apache 1010
Life In A Northern Town  Double M 200
Life Is A Highway  Rhythm 292
Life Oh Life  Marble 221
Life On The Ocean Wave  Faultline 10035
Life Turned Her That Way  Rawhide 906
Life With You  Double M 201
Life's A Dance  Riverboat 533
Light At The River  Solid Gold 507
Light In The Window  Swinging Square 2337
Lighting / Rockabout  Pioneer 5039
Lights Of Denver  Mountain 98
Like She's Not Yours  Crown 164
Lily Of The Valley  Royal 604
Limbo Rock  Ocean 67
Linda On My Mind  Falcon 501
Linda Put The Coffee On  Shindig Productions 1035
Linda Was A Lady / Little Old Square Dancer  Kalox 1332
Linger Awhile  Blue Star 2438
Listen To The Radio  Solid Gold 610
Listen To Your Senses  Rhythm 334
Little Bit In Love With You  Cheyenne 518
Little Bitty  Heartland Records 3
Little Black Book  Square Tunes 1035
Little Brown Gal  Pioneer 6007
Little Cowboy's Lullaby  Double M 206
Little Darlin' / The Best Things In Life Are Free  Windsor 4477
Little Girl Dressed In Blue  Old Timer 8149
Little Girl In Calico  Lore 1015
Little Joe The Wrangler  Chinook 200
Little Liza's Hoedown / Kentucky Dew  Black Mountain Valley 3073
Little Molly G  Pioneer 6040
Little Nash Rambler  Silver Sounds 291
Little Old Cabin In The Lane (Traditional) / Life On The Ocean Wave (Traditional)  E-Z School Rhythm 4005
Little Queenie  Beat4Dance 100
Little Red Corvette  Arrowhead 116
Little Red Riding Hood  Stampede 401
Little Rock  Windsor 4978
Little Spanish Restaurant  Dash 2505
Little Things Mean A Lot  Rawhide 222
Little White Church  Elite (new) 1046
Little White Church  JR 116
Little Willy  EP Tunes 6
Live Forever  Silver Streak 119
Livin' It Up  Miracle 127
Living And Living Well  Double M 245
Living Next Door To Alice  Hearties 3
Living On Love  Blue Star 2571
Load The Boat / Gimmicks  Square 'N Round 556
Lock My Heart  Black Mountain 151
Locomotive Breath  Gold Rush 149
Locomotive Breath / Robert's Rag  Lou Mac 813
Lodi  Desert 91
Lois  Riverboat 485
Londonderry Hornpipe / Rock Valley  Black Mountain Valley 3051
Lonely Bull  Miracle 146
Lonely Goatherd  Riverboat 510 X
Lonely Women  Miracle 102
Lonesome 77203  Rawhide 815
Long John / Chase The Rabbit / Old Joe Clark  Black Mountain Valley 3000
Long John / Rattler  Big Mac 1013
Long Train Running  Marble 217
Long Way To Go  Imperial (new) 114
Long, Long Texas Road  Windsor 4967
Look For Me  Solid Gold 508
Look For The Silver Lining  Blue Star 2446
Look For The Silver Lining  Blue Star Retro 1141
Lookin' Back  Old Timer 8119
Looking For Love  Windsor 5112
Looking For Love  Elite (new) 1047
Looking Out My Back Door  Eagle 2601
Looks Like The Sun's Gonna Shine  Crown 176
Loose Talk  Old Timer 8121
Loose Talk / Yellow Rose Of Texas  MacGregor 7465
Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy  Tarheel 153
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good  Royal 720
Lord Of The Dance  Silver Sounds 236
Lord Of The Dance  Sting 806
Lost Colony / Plain Wild  Black Mountain 4547
Lost In Love  Hi Hat Retro 531
Loud Mouth  Dash 2511
Louie Louie  Miracle 151
Louisiana Swing  Western Jubilee 538
Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man  Double M 120
Love Boat  Square Tunes 1031
Love Generation  Shindig Productions 1002
Love In The Country  Riverboat 445
Love In The First Degree  Miracle 116
Love Is In the Air  Acme 116
Love Is In The Air  Tennyshoe 2000
Love Is On A Roll  Gramophone Productions 403
Love Letters In The Sand  4-Bar-B 6119
Love Me Do  Shindig Productions 21406
Love Me Tender  Wild West 1-45
Love My Life Away  Mesa Apache 1027
Love Or Something Like It  Golden Eagle 11
Love Really Hurts Without You  Unicorn (new) 703
Love Runs Out  Blue Star 2577
Love Shack  JR 118
Love She Found In  Blue Star Retro 1060
Love Talks  Desert 74
Love Train  Miracle 135
Love Will Keep Us Alive  Acme 119
Love You Too Much  Flying Records 136
Love Yourself  New Beat 216
Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me  Flying Records 159
Love's Found You And Me  Lightning S 102
Love's Found You And Me  Desert 68
Love's Gonna Live Here  Royal 195
Love's Sweeter The Second Time Around  Old Timer 1504
Lovers Live Longer  Rhythm 266
Lovin On  D & R 148
Lovin' Her Was Easier  Chinook 152
Lovin' On  Silver Eagle 301 X
Lovin' Things  Unicorn (new) 504
Lovin' You  Kimbo 606
Loving Her Was Easier  Mountain 106
Loving You Is Sunshine  Square Tunes 1155
Lovingworth  Scope 543
Lowdown Hoedown / Carry On Hoedown  Blue Star 2576
Lucille  Chinook 229
Lucky Strike  Arrowhead 102
Lumber Yard  Ranch House 1206
Lyin' Eyes  Miracle 114
Lying Eyes  Rhythm 342

M.T.A.  Heartland Records 8
Ma & Pa Finnegan (Traditional) / Heads To The Center  E-Z School Rhythm 3005
Ma She's Making Eyes At Me  White Knight 11
Ma, She's Making Eyes At Me  Rawhide 225
Macarena  Mountain 148
Macho Man  Rawhide 219
Macho, Macho Man  Rawhide 206
Mack Is Back  Grenn 12224
Mack The Knife  Aqua 227
Made In Japan  Black Hat 2
Made In Japan  GR8 Trax 003
Maggie May  Rhythm 309
Maggie May  Shindig Productions 1033
Maggie's Slippers / Hell Among The Yearlings  Black Mountain Valley 3081
Magic Carpet Ride  Royal 253
Magic Carpet Ride  Chinook 207
Major Mackey's Jig / My Love Is But A Lassie Yet  Folkraft 1456
Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song  Flying Records 126
Make Love Around The Square  Black Mountain 149
Make The World Go Away  Riverboat 479
Make You Feel My Love  Acme 109
Mama / Rose  Jopat 506
Mama Bear  Big Mac 210
Mama Told Me (Not To Come)  Arrowhead 107
Mama's Broken Heart  MLS 102
Mama's Hoedown  Riverboat 489
Mamba #5  Desert 108
Mambo  Gramophone Productions 948
Mambo Jumbo Drum  Hansell Nilsson 20
Mamma Maria  ABC 18
Mamma Mia  Marble 104
Man Of Constant Sorrow  Riverboat 437
Man Trouble  Square Tunes 102
Man Trouble  Square One 102
Mandy  Gramophone Productions 936
Mansion On The Hill  Rawhide 210
Maple Sugar Queen  Sundown Ranch 104
Marching Through Georgia  Pioneer 6008
Marching Through Georgia / Buffalo Gals  Folkraft 1145
Margaritaville  Hi Hat 5294
Mariah  Riverboat 506 X
Marina  Tanz 17003
Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht  Gramophone Productions 929
Marry You  Blue Star 2581
Martha Campbell / Wake Up Susan  Folkraft 1149
Mary Ann Regrets  Riverboat 673
Mary's Boy Child  Double M 147
Marzy Doats  Lore 1057
Mason Dixon Line  Desert 73
Massachusetts  ABC 23
Massachusetts  Miracle 138
Matamoras  Riverboat 446
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You  Riverboat 472
May You Always  Silver Sounds 238
Maybe  Sets In Order 1057
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner  Token 1
Maybelline  Royal 177
Me & Millie  Chinook 203
Me & You & A Dog Named Boo  Wild West 1-19
Me And Julio  Silver Sounds 280
Mean Old Woman  Tarheel 182
Mean Woman With The Green Eyes  Kalox 1333
Medley  Blue Star Retro 1137
Meet In The Middle  Double M 244
Meet Me In Montana  Royal 1602
Mega Dance  Shindig Productions 1073
Mele Kalikimaka  Blue Star Retro 1004
Mele Kalikimaka  Big Mac 203
Mele Kalikimaka  Pioneer 6009
Mele Kalikimaka  MacGregor 2434
Melodee In E  Mesa Apache 1014
Melody / Xanado  TNT 318
Memories To Burn  Dakota Territory 7365
Memories To Burn  Blue Star Retro 1149
Memphis Tennessee  Royal 1503
Mend Your Broken Heart  Old Timer 1002
Mental Journey / Let Me Call You Sweetheart  MacGregor 2422
Mention My Name  Bob Cat 504
Mercedes Benz  Shindig Productions 1009
Mercury Blues  Cheyenne 525
Merely Tokens  Tarheel 151
Merry Christmas Baby  Acme 110
Merry Christmas Everyone  Double M 126
Merry Christmas Rag  Silver Sounds 256
Merry Christmas Strait To You  Double M 190
Mex-Mouse-Hoedown  Gramophone Productions 904
Mexican Girl / Stinging Bee  Mountain 5020
Mexican Joe  Tarheel 130
Mexican Love Song  Circle D 212
Mexico  Flying Records 117
Miami, My Amy  Miracle 101
Michi / Rocking Chair  Blue Star 2584
Midnight / Smiley Face  Royal 420
Midnight Hour  Square Tunes 2219
Midnight Special  Royal 603
Miles Away From Home  Hi Hat 5317
Miller's Reel / Soldier's Joy  Folkraft 1152
Minnie The Moocher  BVR 123
Miracle  Big J 1007
Miss Kitty  Silver Sounds 242
Missing You  Rainbow 201
Mission Impossible  Chinook 525
Mississippi  Wagon Wheel 923
Mississippi Sawyer / Oh Them Dancers  Black Mountain Valley 3061
Mississippi Squirrel Revival  Lou Mac 247
Misty  Riverboat 232
Misty  Lightning 306
Mockingbird  Royal 182
Mockingbird / Rachel  Black Mountain Valley 3039
Mockingbird Hill  Silver Sounds 260
Moe Down / Benny's Nightmare  Blue Star 1532
Molly Brown  Riverboat 552
Molly's Back  Magnum 901
Mom And Pop Hoedown / Shoe Shine  Pioneer 5025
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile  Double M 218
Monday Morning Secretary  Riverboat 468
Money Marbles And Chalk  Blue Star 1568
Money Money Money  Gramophone Productions 955
Monkey Around  Acme 122
Mononqahela / Molly Ann  Grenn 12810
Montego Bay  Stirrup 304
MoonGlow  Paid 512
Moonlight Shadow  Shindig Productions 1040
More Than A Name On A Wall  EGO 115
More Than I Can Say  Sun Ra 1013
Morning Girls  1 World 2
Most Of All A Friend  Scope 588
Most People I Know  GR8 Trax 041
Most Wonderful Time Of The Year  Royal 719
Motivator / Make A Wish  Blue Star 2566
Motoho  Hansell Nilsson 2
Motorcycle Cowboy  Chaparral 331
Mountain Dew  Blue Star Retro 1152
Mountain Dew / River Side Hoedown  Old Timer 8206
Mountain Music / Back to Donegal  Windsor 4430
Mountain Music Madness / Rod's Right & Left  Apex 26431
Mountain Of Love  Riverboat 711
Move It / Fishing  Pioneer 5035
Moving On  Shindig Productions 1028
Mr. Blue  Blue Star Retro 151
Mr. Postman  Gold Wing 114
Mr. Sandman  Square Tunes 1001
Mr. Sandman  Old Timer 8104
Mrs. Brown  Riverboat 508 X
Mt Banjo Hoedown / Cindy  Big Mac 1008
MTA  Rockin' M 2010
MTA  Hi Hat Retro 524
Muddy Boggy Banjo Man  Square Tunes 1148
Muddy Water  Rhythm 264
Mule Skinner  Shindig Productions 1010
Murder On Music Row  Riverboat 539
Murder On Music Row  Red Boot 3098
Mustang Sally  Royal 355
My Blue Heaven  Kalox 1011
My Bonnie  Royal 334
My Cherie Amour  Royal 262
My Ding-A-Ling  Gold Wing 112
My First My Last My Everything  Mesa Apache 1018
My Gal Sal / Roanoke  Black Mountain Valley 3058
My Girl  Bob Cat 513
My Girl  Hi Hat Retro 513
My Girl  Rawhide 1057
My Girl  Miracle 180
My God  Royal 183
My Grandfather And Me  Riverboat 101
My Happiness  Rawhide 218
My Heart / Yakty Yank  Pioneer 5018
My Heart Skips A Beat  Eagle 2901
My Heart Skips A Beat  G & W 710
My Horse Is A Harley  Royal 157
My Kind Of Crazy  Desert 101
My Kind Of Crazy  Upbeat 9701
My Kind Of Girl  Royal 713
My Kind Of Love  Rockin' M 2009
My Life  Chicago Country 54
My Life  Double M 237
My Little Girl  E-Z School Rhythm 5007
My Melody Of Love  Elite (new) 1054
My Melody Of Love  Hi Hat 5291
My Name Is America  EGO 111
My Next Broken Heart  Chinook 227
My Next Broken Heart  Square Tunes 1015
My Poor Old Heart  Ocean 80
My Pretty Girl / Marching Through Georgia  Windsor 4412
My Rifle My Pony & Me  C Bar C 828
My Song  Silver Sounds 189
My Square Dance Girl  Longhorn 1052
My Way  Double M 241

Nachts, Wenn Alles Schläft  Gramophone Productions 953
Native Spirit  Arrowhead 901
Nautical Wheelers  Gold Rush 108
Neon Moon  Hi Hat Retro 511
Neon Moon  Royal 336
Never Been Any Reason  Arrowhead 110
Never Bit A Bullet Like This  Double M 148
Never Gonna Give You Up  Royal 179
Never Loved Before  Rhythm 277
Never Loved Before  Flying Records 107
Never Loved Before  Crown 205
New Alabama Jubilee / New My Pretty Girl  Old Timer 8157
New Lady Of Spain  Big Mac 146
New Shade Of Blue  Shindig Productions 1072
New World In The Morning  Blue Star Retro 1143
New York New York  Blue Star 2431
Newman / Sonic  Sonic Productions 4
Newtron Dance  Token 6
Next Big Thing  Tarheel 132
Next Time  Hansell Nilsson 24
Next To You, Next To Me  Unicorn (new) 203
Night Moves  Crest Recordings 114
Night Train To Memphis  Gold Rush 103
Night Train To Memphis  Big Mac 95
Night Train To Memphis / Death Of Willie  Token 9
Ninety-Nine Ways  GR8 Trax 008
No Blues Is Good News  Token 12
No Help Wanted  Black Mountain 148
No Milk Today  Toddy's Tunes 11
No No Never  Gramophone Productions 920
No No Never  Shindig Productions 1014
No One Else On Earth  Silver Sounds 272
No Place Like Hawaii  MacGregor 2448
No Trespassing  GR8 Trax 022
Nobody But Me  Solid Gold 215
Nobody Gets Off In This Town  Shindig Productions 1048
Nobody's Baby / You've Got Me Wondering  Windsor 4482
Nobody's Lonesome For Me  Rawhide 208
Nobody's Sad On A Saturday Night  Shindig Productions 1026
North American Square Dances / Second Steps In NA Square Dancing  Family Squares 43001
North Carolina Cabbage / Lonesome Road Blues  Black Mountain Valley 3074
North Star Quadrille  Grenn 16009
North To Alaska  Desert 88
North Wind  Wild West 1-08
Norwood Is Coming Home  ABC 6
Not A Brick Out Of Place  Rockin' M 2012
Not My Mule Hoedown / Vato Loco Hoedown  Chicago Country 107
Nothin But A Good Time  EGO 207
Nothing But A Good Time  Hi Hat 5326
Nothing New Today  MacGregor 2450
Now That's All Right With Me  Toddy's Tunes 12
Nursery Rhymes  Cascade 1012

Oak Lawn Merry-go-round / The Route  Old Timer 8106
Oblah-Di, Oblah-Da  Grenn 12410
Ocean Front Property  Cheyenne 512
Ode To Chet  Stampede 703
Oh Come All Ye Faithful / Red Wing  Black Mountain Valley 19
Oh Johnny  Grenn 12423
Oh Lonesome Me  Square Tunes 1132
Oh Lonesome Me  Big Mac 111
Oh Lonesome Me  Old Timer 1401
Oh Lonesome Me  MacGregor 2460
Oh No! Hoedown  Elite (new) 1016
Oh Pretty Woman  August 103
Oh Susanna  Riverboat 540
Oh Suzanna  Crown 213
Oh What A Night  Royal 259
Oh! Bret Nelli / Salty Dog Hoedown  TNT 312
Oh, Elizabeth  Miracle 103
Oh, What A Lonesome Life It's Been  Token 3
Okeechobee  Pioneer 6041
Okie From Muskogee  Tarheel 122
Okie From Muskogee  Acme 123
Oklahoma Star (Traditional) / Forward Six, Fall Back Eight  E-Z School Rhythm 6007
Old Age And Treachery  Rhythm 250
Old Alabama  Rhythm 293
Old Army Hat  JR 123
Old Buster / Old Buster Answer  Blue Star 9002
Old Christmas Card  Token 26
Old Country Church  Red Boot 3090
Old El Paso  Kalox 1339
Old Enough To Know Better  Tarheel 173
Old Fashioned Girl  Blue Star 1695
Old Fashioned Love  Rockin' M 204
Old Guy / Young Guy  Chicago Country 79
Old Joe Clark / Running Chords  Black Mountain 4559
Old Kentucky Home  Elite (new) 1037
Old Lamp Lighter  Riverboat 672
Old Man From The Mountain  Imperial (new) 111
Old Man River  Grenn 12403
Old Man River  Mar Let 110
Old Pine Tree  Grenn 12412
Old Time Religion  Mar Let 902
Old Time Rock & Roll  Chicago Country 73
Old Time Rock And Roll  Royal 277
Old Town Hall  Dash 2513
Older Women  Quadrille 814
Oldham County Line  Bogan 1286
On Broadway  Miracle 105
On Broadway  Shakedown 329
On My Way  A & S 110
On Second Thought  4-Bar-B 6152
On The Move  Hansell Nilsson 5
On Top Of The World  Riverboat 645
On Top Of The World  Riverboat 645J
Once A Day  Chinook 228
Once More / Ruby  Sunny Hills 1
One Call Away  New Beat 412
One Evening With You  MacGregor 2083
One Eyed Joe / Valley Mountain Romp  Black Mountain Valley 3069
One Has My Heart  Grenn 12467
One In A Million  Rockin' M 2100
One Last Kiss  Mountain 149
One Long Saturday Night  JR 113
One Man Band  GR8 Trax 010
One More Night  Sundown Ranch 200
One More Time  Wild West 1-31
One Of These Nights  Shindig Productions 1069
One Of Those Wonderful Songs  Hi Hat Retro 528
One Of Those Wonderful Songs  MacGregor 2444
One Shot  Shindig Productions 1059
One Step At A Time  Tarheel 139
One Time Too Many  Sets In Order 1111
One Toke Over The Line  JR 119
One Way Rider  Blue Star Retro 1130
Online  Gold Rush 114
Only If  ABC 13
Only In America  Elite (new) 1058
Only Make Believe  Royal 245
Only You  Royal 1502
Open Up Your Heart  Chinook 206
Operator  Hi Hat Retro 533
Operator  Rawhide 1113
Opie / Blue Eyes  Royal 412
Oppolca  Hansell Nilsson 18
Orange Blossom Special  Flip 103
Orange Blossom Special  Grenn 12186
Orange Blossom Special / Black Mountain Rag  Old Timer 7002
Orange Blossom Special / Cotton Eyed-Joe  Black Mountain Valley 17
Orange Blossom Special / Orange Blossom Fiddle  Square Tunes 2063
Orange Blossom Special / Running Away  Blue Star 2598
Osaka Nights  Riverboat 500
Our Own Sweet Sonata  Token 7
Out Shine Them All  Kalox 1343
Outers Are In / Trade Thru  Square 'N Round 551
Over EZ / US Medley Mixer  Dance Ranch 1027
Over The Mountains  BVR 126
Over The Rainbow  Rainbow 301

Pacified / Sauggy Bottom  Chicago Country 82
Paddelin Madeline  Blue Star Retro 1131
Paddlin' Madelin' Home / Down On The Farm  Windsor 4437
Paddy on the Turnpike / Devil's Dream  Folkraft 1151
Paddy's Pub / Dublin Molly  Silver Sounds 300
Pair Thru / Wave The Star  Square 'N Round 543
Paloma Blanca  Blue Star 2557
Pancho And Lefty  Chicago Country 95
Pancho And Lefty  Lou Mac 237
Paper Doll  Windsor 7448
Paper Roses  Wild West 1-12
Paper Roses  MacGregor 2447
Papillon / Red Wing  TNT 305
Paramour / Trouble  Blue Star 2558
Pardon Me  Stampede 702
Partner Trade / Pass The Clover  Square 'N Round 555
Party Crowd  Solid Gold 801
Party For Two Hoedown  Gramophone Productions 903
Party's Over  Hi Hat 9021
Partyday  Hansell Nilsson 8
Patriotic Medley  Square Tunes 1014
Patter No. 1 / Patter No. 2  Eagle 1575
Paul Jones  Hi Hat Retro 117
Peg O' My Heart  Riverboat 435
Pennies From Heaven  Grenn 12417
People Like Us  Shindig Productions 1018
People Loving People  Go 116
People Loving People  EGO 116
Perfect Fool  Blue Star Retro 1142
Perfect Fool  Big Mac 196
Personality  Miracle 155
Peter Piper  Royal 424
Petticoat Patter  Blue Star 105
Philadelphia, U.S.A.  Blue Star 1531
Photograph  Arrowhead 108
Piano Pickin'  Riverboat 476
Piano Roll Blues  Riverboat 475
Pickin Paul  EGO 904
Pickin Up A Storm / Detour  Keeno 2230
Picnic  Riverboat 491
Pictures  Hi Hat Retro 516
Pink Cadillac  Riverboat 431
Pink Cadillac  Shakedown 346
Pink Houses  Crest Recordings 115
Pink Shoelaces  Shindig Productions 1044
Pioneer Breakdown / Bacon And Eggs  Pioneer 5020
Pistol Packin' Mama  Old Timer 1103
Pistol Packing Mama  Crown 2007
Pitter Patter  Riverboat 499
Pittsfield Drum & Bugle Corp.  Desert 83
Pizziricco  Double M 250
Play A Song For Me Applejack  Desert 64
Play Me A Good Ole Country Song  Grenn 12401
Play Me Some Rag  Chinook 208
Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)  Lou Mac 231-MP3
Playin' With My Friends  Silver Sounds 237
Playmates  Flip 112
Please Come Home  Longhorn 1054
Please Mister, Please  Miracle 163
Plowboy Mountain / Hash It Up  Black Mountain Valley 3075
Plowboy Mountain / Hash It Up  Black Mountain Valley 3076
Poison Ivy  GR8 Trax 038
Poison Sugar  Stampede 2001
Poke County Hoedown / Cripple Creek  Black Mountain 153
Pontoon  Ranch House 1204
Pontoon  Cheyenne Gold 701
Poor Poor Pitiful Me  Royal 1214
Pop Goes The Weasel / Salior's Hornpipe  Folkraft 1329
Possom Slop / Haulover  Grenn 12808
Possum Sop  Grenn 12210
Powder Your Face  Old Timer 8187
Powder Your Face With Sunshine  Black Mountain 161
Power In The Blood  Elite (new) 1040
Pretend  Golden Square 6002
Pretty Belinda  BVR 125
Pretty Blue Eyed Blond  Best 106
Pretty Blue Eyes  Rhythm 252
Pretty Irish Girl  Tarheel 127
Pretty Little Angel Eyes  Royal 139
Pretty Little Girl From Omagh  B Bar H 20006
Pretty Little Thing  Kalox 1006
Pretty Paper  Double M 223
Pretty Woman  EGO 203
Pride (In The Name Of Love)  EGO 101
Pride And Joy  Royal 527
Proud Mary  Elite (new) 1039
Proud Mary  Rawhide 231
Proud Mary  Silver Eagle 402 X
Proud Of You  GR8 Trax 025
Pub With No Beer  Chicago Country 127
Puff The Magic Dragon  Desert Gold 7
Puff The Magic Dragon  Silver Streak 113
Pure Blue Star / Lonely Goatherd  Blue Star 2546
Push / Yell 1 & 2  Pioneer 5041
Put Another Log On The Fire  Pioneer 6019
Put It There  Silver Sounds 241
Put On Your Dancing Shoes  JR 121
Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet  Square Tunes 1060
Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet / Down South  Windsor 4422
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet  Coyote 811
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet  Big Mac 143
Put Some Drive In Your Country  Red Boot 1342
Put Some Drive In Your Country  Rhythm 303X
Put Your Hand In The Hand  Royal 346
Put Your Hand In The Hand  Square Dance USA 511
Put Your Records On  Gramophone Productions 927

Quando Quando  Hi Hat 5312
Que Sera, Sera  Sting 334
Queen Of Hearts  Royal 356
Queen's Quadrille / Shuffle Your Feet  Windsor 4400
Quicksand  Shindig Productions 1066

Radio Dancing  GR8 Trax 011
Ragged But Right  Blue Star 1512
Raggin' The Call  Old Timer 8112
Ragtime / Thumping Banjo  Blue Star 2592
Ragtime Annie / Smitty  Sets In Order 2143
Ragtime Annie / Smokey Mountain Fiddler  Square Tunes 2000
Ragtime Gal  MacGregor 2445
Ragtime Melody  Black Mountain 117
Rain Dance  Mesa Apache 1011
Rain Dance / Melodee In E  Mesa Apache 103
Rainbow Rider  EP Tunes 10
Rainy Day / Big Bam Hoedown  Blue Star 2604
Rainy Day People  Blue Star Retro 1051
Rainy Day People  Rawhide 1017
Rainy Day Woman  Royal 198
Rainy Rainy Day  Kalox 1338
Rama Lama Ding Dong  Unicorn (new) 503
Ramblin' Fever  Bogan 1398
Ramblin' Man  Square Tunes 1009
Ramblin' Rose  Big Mac 139
Ramblin' Wreck  Dash 2550
Rambling Rose  Square Tunes 1109
Rambling Rose / Too Young To Marry  J-Bar-L 111
Range Rider's Romp  Blue Star 1529
Razza Matazz  Token 8
Reach Out A Hand Make A Friend  Royal 1216
Ready For The Times  Hi Hat 9009
Rebel Rouser Hoedown (Plus) / Caribbean Hoedown (A1)  Blue Star 2564
Red Bandana  Wild West 1-48
Red Headed Baby Of Mine  John's 12
Red Hot Susie  Flip 116
Red Neck Girl  Royal 823
Red Pepper Atouffer  Chicago Country 106
Red River Girl  Tarheel 166
Red River Valley  Grenn 12234
Red River Valley (Traditional)  E-Z School Rhythm 3003
Red River Valley / "Y'All Come"  Black Mountain 146
Red River Valley / "Y'All Come"  Black Mountain 144
Red Roses For A Blue Lady  Riverboat 548
Red Sails In The Sunset  Blue Star Retro 1146
Red Sails In The Sunset  Silver Sounds 229
Red White & Bluegrass  Double M 225
Red White And Blue (And Proud Of It Too)  Blue Star 2028
Red Wing  Grenn 12427
Redemption  Blue Star 106
Redneck Girl  Marble 106
Redneck Girl  Rhythm 262
Reeds' Mountain Dew  Riverboat 117
Reel Hoedown / Pokes  Double M 178
Reggae Cowboy  Shindig Productions 1008
Relay The Deucy  Bee Sharp 207
Remember  Elite (new) 1057
Render  Miracle 175
Reno Cross / Rollaway Hash  Black Mountain 106
Rhiannon  EGO 206
Rhythm Christmas Medley  Rhythm 302X
Rhythm Drums / Circle Of Fours  Windsor 5117
Rhythm Of My Heart  JR 120
Rhythm Of The Night  Double M 215
Rhythm Of The Rain  Miracle 118
Rhythm Of The Rain  Tarheel 128
Ribbon Of Darkness  Cloverleaf 10
Ribbon Of Highway  Cardinal 2046
Rich Piano / Come Back  Blue Star 2590
Ride Like The Wind  Acme 108
Ride The Train  D & R 171
Ride, Ride, Ride  Grenn 12409
Riding Alone  C Bar C 223
Riding My Thumb  Riverboat 603
Riding On A Cloud  TNT 266
Right Or Wrong  Blue Star Retro 1136
Right Or Wrong  Bonanza 4
Right String, Baby, Wrong Yo-Yo  Blue Star 2560
Ring Around Your Neck  Longhorn 1047
Ring Around Your Neck  Hi Hat Retro 526
Ring Of Fire  Hi Hat 5117
Ring Of Fire  Hi Hat 9022
Rip Rip Woodchip  A & S 112
River Of Love  Imperial (new) 101
River Train  Square Tunes 133
Riverboat Polka  Riverboat 482
Riverboat Romp / Paddle Wheelin'  Riverboat 443
Rivers Of Babylon  Token 16
Road Dance / A Latin Dance  Ozark Productions 65
Road Tech / Tropical Temptation  Double M 171
Robbie's Jig  Riverboat 481
Robert E. Lee  Classics 136
Robin Hood  Sting 357
Robinson Crusoe  Riverboat 478
Rock 'N Me  Crest Recordings 104
Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy  Crest Recordings 119
Rock A Billy Bop / Ain't Misbehavin' / From A Jack To A King / Everyday / Missing You / Keep A Dre  Lou Mac 504
Rock And Roll Again  Peak 102
Rock And Roll All Nite  Crest Recordings 105
Rock And Roll Girls  Crest Recordings 131
Rock And Roll Lullaby  Acme 124
Rock Around The Clock  Hi Hat Retro 534
Rock Around The Clock  Rawhide 1120
Rock Island Ride  Riverboat 448
Rock Some More / High Octane  Blue Star 2572
Rock With You  Acme 112
Rock'n Roll / Rockin' My Life Away  Chicago Country 111
Rockin'  Blue Star 107
Rockin' All Over The World  Crest Recordings 135
Rockin' Along  Golden Square 6017
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree  Double M 191
Rockin' Little Christmas With You  Heartland Records 2
Rockin' My Life Away  Heartland Records 12
Rockin' Robin  Rhythm 272
Rockin' The Jailhouse  Silver Sounds 273
Rocking Around The Christmas Tree  Shindig Productions 1032
Rocking In Rosalie's Boat  Chaparral 1001
Rocking With The Rhythm Of The Rain  Eagle 1702
Rocky Mountain Goat / Ragtime Annie  Black Mountain 140
Rocky Mountain Goat / Ragtime Annie  Black Mountain 3139
Rocky Mountain Goat / Ragtime Annie  Black Mountain 4542
Rocky Pond / Stony Creek  Crown 131
Rocky Tech / Smootches  Mountain 5022
Rocky Top  Red Boot 3062
Rocky Top  Royal 241
Rocky Top  Blue Star 2583
Rocky Top  Bayou Records 102
Roll Me Away  Crest Recordings 121
Roll Out The Barrel  Jopat 212
Roll Out The Barrel  Square Tunes 1029
Roll Truck Roll  Wild West 133
Rollin'  Flying Records 123
Rollin' On  Mustang 122
Rolling High / Breaken  Grenn 12800
Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms  Hi Hat Retro 509
Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms  Bob Cat 509
Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms  Coyote 801
Rolling In The Deep  EGO 103
Rolly Polly  Longhorn 1048
Roly Poly  4-Bar-B 6008
Rosa Rio  Square Tunes 1157
Rosalia  Tarheel 119
Rose Ann  Golden Square 6009
Roses / On The Beach  Unicorn (new) 101
Roses And Love Songs  Pioneer 6034
Rotary Chain / Slide Thru Hash  Square 'N Round 550
Rotary Tea-Cup Chain / Hashin' It Up  Square 'N Round 559
Rough Rider  Shindig Productions 1043
Round And Round  Grenn 12216
Row Row Row  Grenn 12406
Row, Row, Row  MacGregor 690
Roxy / Road Hog  Pioneer 5002
Royal Billy John  Royal 429
Royal Boogie Hoedown  Royal 426
Royal Hallelujah Hoedown  Royal 428
Royal Irish Hoedown  Royal 427
Royal Mama  Royal 430
Royal Oh Suzanna  Royal 431
Royal Secret  Royal 432
Royal Te Quiero Mas  Royal 425
Rubber Dolly  MacGregor 2443
Rubber Dolly / Rocking Dolly  Pioneer 5040
Rubber Neckin'  Rhythm 313
Ruby Slipper / Wheels  Hi Hat 5319
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  Grenn 12422
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  Grenn 16019
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  Grenn 12183
Run Run Rudolph  Imperial (new) 119
Runnin' On Empty  Crest Recordings 116
Running Bear  Grenn 12428
Ryan / Alison  Riverboat 457

S(l)inging Hash / The Thing  Windsor 4406
S-A-V-E-D  Gold Rush 118
S.O.S. / U.F.O.  TNT 304
Sadie The Cleaning Lady  Token 13
Sailing Down That Old Green River  Old Timer 8110
Sally Forth / Rubber Dolly  Grenn 12802
Sally Gooden / Swing In The Center, Swing On The Sides  MacGregor 2-2
Sally Goodin' / Low Down Billy  Square Tunes 2046
Sally Johnson / Old Joe Clark  Dash 2502
Sally's Harp / Rockin' Harp  Kalox 1173
Saloon Hash  Mountain 5014
Salty Creek / Dash  Pioneer 5030
Samba Hoedown  Gramophone Productions 959
San Antonio Rose  Folkraft 1272
San Antonio Stroll  Riverboat 535
San Fernando Valley  Double M 158
San Fran Disco  Hansell Nilsson 7
Sanbona  Shindig Productions 1049
Sandy  Shindig Productions 1079
Santa Fe  Chicago Country 130
Santa Maria  Shindig Productions 1041
Satellit  Marble 210
Saturday / Sunday  Blue Star 2578
Saturday In The Park  Royal 191
Saturday Picture Show  Double M 160
Save The Last Dance For Me  Hi Hat 5311
Save The Last Dance For Me  Gold Wing 115
Savin' My Love For You  Heartland Records 7
Sax  Unicorn (new) 102
SAX  EGO 902
Say Goodbye To Hollywood  Down Under 113
Say It Again  Riverboat 460
Say You Love Me  Royal 1404
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow  Riverboat 546
Sayonara  Riverboat 521
Sayonara  Riverboat 521J
Sayyad  Hansell Nilsson 21
Sea Cruise  C Bar C 802
Sea Of Heartbreak  Rhythm 237
Sea Of Heartbreak  Hi Hat Retro 529
Sea Of Heartbreak  Rawhide 1099
Sea Of Love  EGO 104
Sea Of No Cares  Wightsite 101
Sealed With A Kiss  Alliance 115
Seashores Of Old Mexico  Riverboat 459
Seasons In The Sun  ABC 25
Second Fiddle  Prairie 1006
Second Fling  Old Timer 8190
Secret Agent Man  Lou Mac 213
Secret Love  Red Boot 3046
Secret Love  Blue Star Retro 149
See You Later Alligator  Mesa Apache 1023
Seems It Never Rains In Southern California  Gold Rush 119
Seems Like Old Times  MacGregor 2118
Seminole Wind  ESP 808
Send Her Roses  Classics 145
Send Me Your Pillow  Blue Star 1570
Sentimental Journey  Buckskin 901
Sentimental Old You  Blue Star Retro 1150
Seven Bridges Road  Royal 1505
Seven Little Girls  Sting 356
Seventh Son  Royal 196
Seventy Six Trombones  Blue Star 2416
Shades Of Graceland  Shindig Productions 1013
Shaggin'  Miracle 125
Shake Shake Shake  Elite (new) 1022
Sharp  Mesa Apache 1012
Sharp Dressed Man  Mesa Apache 108
SharpShooting Someone  Sharpshooter 1034
She Called Me "Baby"  Crown 165
She Called Me Baby, Baby All Night Long  Square Tunes 1022
She Can Dance Her Shoes Over My Way  Square Fare 103
She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed Anytime  Acme 106
She Can't Say That Anymore  C Bar C 825
She Got Away With My Heart  Blue Star Retro 1145
She Had Me  Eagle 1802
She Just Started Likin' Cheating Songs  Flying Records 118
She Likes Swinging  Blue Star 1519
She Used To Sing On Sunday  Heartland Records 9
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain  Token 23
She'll Dance  Marble 301
She's A Lady  Royal 1004
She's A Lady  Arrowhead 120
She's A Miracle  Royal 613
She's Always On Your Mind  Blue Star 1510
She's Cool  Lyn-Spin 2001
She's Crazy For Leaving  Rawhide 216
She's Got What Gets Me  Double M 213
She's Not Really Cheating  Flying Records 113
She's Ready For Someone To Love Her  Double M 117
She's So California  Shindig Productions 1015
Sheik Of Araby  Old Timer 8116
Sheik Of Araby / Simplicity Hash  Black Mountain 133
Sheik Of Araby / Take Me Back To Tulsa  Black Mountain 135
Sheik Of Chicago  Square Tunes 1123
Sheila  Unicorn (new) 505
Shindig In the Barn  Crown 145
Shine Your Way  Shindig Productions 1077
Shinin' In  Royal 1507
Shochoko  Hansell Nilsson 13
Shoot The Moon / Uncle Bud  Blue Star 1693
Shortnin Bread 1, 2, 3, 4  Square Tunes 2065
Shortnin' Bread  Wagon Wheel 929
Shot Gun Boogie / Fiddlin' Rag  Black Mountain 3163
Shotgun !  Miracle 165
Should I Do It  Silver Streak 115
Shout Lula / Square Up The Gals & Bile Them Down  Black Mountain Valley 3070
Shucking The Corn  Bayou Records 101
Shuffle Star / Mount Vernon Star  Black Mountain 124
Shuffle Star / Twirl Back  Square 'N Round 541
Shuffle The Deck Workshop / Dogbone  Grenn 12015
Side By Side  Sting 206
Side By Side  MacGregor 2125
Side By Side / Sherbrooke  Grenn 12023
Silhouettes  Double M 221
Silver And Gold  Silver Sounds 292
Silver Dollar / Well Now Flotsam  J-Bar-L 4121
Silver Threads  Cheyenne 515
Silver Wings  Hi Hat Retro 508
Simon Says  Gold Rush 122
Simple Gifts  Riverboat 513
Simple Gifts (Lord Of The Dance)  Riverboat 513 X
Simple Man  Crest Recordings 125
Simple Song Of Freedom  Gold Rush 121
Sincerely  Double M 175
Sing The Blues To Daddy  Royal 148
Sing The Blues To Daddy  Kalox 1347
Singing Hash Medley #1 / Singing Hash Medley #2  Black Mountain 155
Singing The Blues  Desert 46
Singing The Blues  Riverboat 462
Singing The Blues  Rawhide 1052
Singing The Cowboy Blues  Hi Hat Retro 535
Singing The Cowboy Blues  Rawhide 1122
Sioux City Sue / Shanty In Old Shantytown  Windsor 4424
Sister Kate  Token 25
Sister Kate  Scope 640
Sittin Back  Bogan 1275
Sittin On Top Of The World  Chinook 210
Sittin' On Go  Riverboat 501 X
Six White Boomers  Pioneer 6015
Sixteen Tons  Double M 212
Ski Resort  Riverboat 492
Skii-Ritzle  Hansell Nilsson 31
Skye Boat Song  Double M 255
Slammer / New Orleans #1 / New Orleans #2  Pioneer 5027
Sleeping In A Box Car  Desert 53
Sleeping Shadows  GR8 Trax 027
Sleigh Ride  Square Tunes 1025
Slide And Swing / The High Priced Spread  Square 'N Round 538
Slip And Wheel / Centers Thru-Close The Gate  Square 'N Round 533
Slippin' Away  Riverboat 469
Slipping 'Round  Black Mountain 167
Sloop John B  La Bandito 201
Sloop John B  Rhythm 291
Sloop John B  Grenn 12228
Slow Boat To China  Royal 709
Slow Hand  Acme 125
Small Town Southern Man  Tarheel 174
Small World  Big Mac 194
Small World  Silver Streak 105
Smile  Riverboat 543
Smiles  Benz 4028
Smiles Special / Resin Dust  Longhorn 306
Smoke On The Water  Old Timer 8108
Smoke On The Water  E-Z School Rhythm 526
Smokey Mountain Boy  Windsor 4922
Smokey Mountain Hoedown 1, 2  Buster Moore Productions 1
Smokey Mountain Smoke  Red Boot 2212
Smooth And Easy  Blue Star 102
Snap Dragon  Arrowhead 900
Snoopy For President  Gold Rush 123
Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron  Gold Rush 129
Snow Flake  Square L 126
Snowbird  Gold Rush 105
Snowflake Reel  Cloverleaf 8
So Happy Together  Silver Sounds 283
So Long It's Been Good To Know You  Coyote 806
So This Is Christmas  ABC 27
Soak Up The Sun  Rhythm 294
Soca Salsa  Shindig Productions 1031
Soldier's Joy  Riverboat 537
Soldier's Joy  E-Z School Rhythm 6001
Soldier's Joy / Rolling High  Grenn 12805
Some Beach  Flying Records 122
Some Broken Hearts Never Mend  Tarheel 134
Some Days Are Diamonds  Classics 143
Some Enchanted Evening  Riverboat 538
Some Kind Of Trouble  Royal 1703
Some Kind Of Wonderful  Crest Recordings 120
Some Kind Of Wonderful  Miracle 106
Some Nights  Lou Mac 804
Some Old Day  D & ET 105
Somebody Like You  Mountain 137
Somebody Loves You  Dash 2521
Somebody Loves You  Tarheel 155
Somebody Touched Me  Royal 820
Someday Soon  EP Tunes 8
Someday Soon  Square Tunes 1071
Something 'Bout You Baby I Like  Square Dance USA 509
Something In The Water  GR8 Trax 042
Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good  Solid Gold 503
Something To Brag About  C Bar C 535
Something To Do  Silver Sounds 304
Something To Talk About  Diamond 201
Something With A Ring To It  Eagle 2904
Something's Got A Hold On Me  Royal 357
Somewhere Wonderful  Rhythm 289
Song And Dance Man  Cross Roads 103
Song For A Winter's Night  Royal 1402
Song Of The Patriot  Double M 146
Song Of The South  Double M 222
Sorta Wondering  Old Timer 1601
Sourwood / Burning Leather  Square Tunes 108
South Of The Border  Rawhide 908
South To Louisiana  Grenn 12466
Space Wood  Hansell Nilsson 28
Spanish Cavaliero (Traditional) / Captain Jinks (Traditional)  E-Z School Rhythm 4006
Spin Chain Spoofs  Riverboat 486
Spin Thru / Swap & Trade  Square 'N Round 548
Spirit In The Sky  Royal 341
Spirit In The Sky  BVR 101
Spring Fever  Shindig Productions 1070
Square Chain Thru  Bee Sharp 208
Square Dance Boogie / Take Me Back To Tulsa  Black Mountain 4567
Square Dance Gal  Lore 1154
Square Dance Honeymoon  Dash 2517
Square Dance More  Chinook 143
Square Dance Party / Margie  Keeno 2122
Square Dance Tonight  MacGregor 2452
Square Dancing Blues / Oklahoma Hills  MacGregor 8645
Square Dancing Gal  Square Tunes 101
Square Dancing Gal  Royal Canadian 901
Square Trance  Shindig Productions 1020
Stairway To Paradise  Grenn 12419CD
Stampede  Toddy's Tunes 9
Stand By Me  Miracle 172
Stand By Your Man  Gramophone Productions 912
Stand On It  Desert 45
Standing In  Double M 155
Start The Fire  Desert 109
Statues Without Heart  Wild West 1-36
Stay A Little Longer / Bendin The Strings  Black Mountain 4564
Stay A Little Longer / Saddle Pucker  Square Tunes 2022
Steamer Lane  Big Mac 40
Steel Guitar / Steel Guitar Meets Joe / Double Eagle  Black Mountain Valley 3057
Step Aside  Triangle 109
Step Into Christmas  Double M 121
Step That Step  Royal 343
Still Feelin Fine  Royal 1508
Still Rock And Roll To Me  Double M 184
Still The Same  Crest Recordings 133
Still Water  Longhorn 132
Stomp Them Grapes  Riverboat 444
Stompin' Hoedown / Rocky Mountain Goat  Black Mountain Valley 3048
Stone Cold  Crest Recordings 130
Stone In Love  Peak 101
Stop And Smell The Roses  Royal 251
Stop In The Name Of Love  Marble 223
Stop The World  Wild West 1-18
Stormy  Royal 716
Straight Tequila  Flying Records 140
Stranger In My House  Shakedown 328
Strawberry Blonde  Token 15
Stray Cat Strut  Toddy's Tunes 6
Streamlined Cannonball  Pioneer 6012
Streets Of Baltimore  Tarheel 137
Streets Of London  Gold Rush 132
String Of Pearls  Mountain 131
Strings / Traps  Chicago Country 161
Strolling  GR8 Trax 020
Stronger  EGO 108
Stuck In The Middle With You  Royal 137
Stuck In The Middle With You  Arrowhead 122
Stuff 'N Which / Double Pass Thru Hash  Black Mountain 170
Stumblin In  Marble 211
Stumblin' In  Acme 129
Such A Night  Royal 358
Sugar  Hi Hat 673
Sugar and Pai  Flying Records 124
Sugar Daddy  Riverboat 465
Sugar Foot Rag / Durang's Hornpipe  Black Mountain 127
Sugar Hill / Back Up And Push  Black Mountain Valley 3059
Sugar Sugar  Blue Star 2573
Sugarfoot Rag  Red Boot 3094
Sugartime Square  Old Timer 8127
Summer Holiday  Toddy's Tunes 8
Summer Of '69  BVR 120
Summer Real  Hi Hat 675
Summer Sounds  Sun Ra 1014
Summer Sounds  Mesa Apache 1021
Summer Wind  Quadrille 926
Summertime Blues  Cardinal 2042
Summertime Blues  Cheyenne 524
Sun Hoedown / Sun Hoedown (Rhythm Track)  Yellow Rose 104
Sundown  Mesa Apache 1013
Sundown  Mesa Apache 106
Sunny  Hi Hat 5290
Sunny  Royal 274
Sunny Side  Rockin' M 116
Sunny Side Of The Street  Blue Star Retro 1129
Sunny Side Of The Street  Blue Star 1526
Sunshine In The Rain  Desert 111
Sunshine, Lollipops, And Rainbows  4-Corners 3
Superstition  EGO 802
Supper Time  Sonshine Square 1007
Surfin' U.S.A.  Double M 177
Susan When She Tried  Chinook 219
Susie Q  Crest Recordings 110
Suspicious Minds  Double M 159
Suspicious Minds  Rhythm 283
Suzie  MacGregor 2451
Suzy  Riverboat 496
Swanee  Riverboat 545
Swanee Hoedown / Wild Flower Rag  Black Mountain 4546
Swap Around / Ocean Chain  Square 'N Round 537
Sway  Gramophone Productions 942
Sweet Caroline  Alter-EGO 301
Sweet Country Music  Royal 244
Sweet Dreams  Miracle 171
Sweet Dreams  Kalox 1304
Sweet Georgia / Beaumont  Square Tunes 2061
Sweet Georgia Brown  Grenn 12172
Sweet Georgia Brown / Nobody's Business  Windsor 4419
Sweet Jennie Lee  Dash 2501
Sweet Melinda  D & R 146
Sweet Pea  Gold Rush 125
Sweet Sue  MacGregor 2453
Sweet Sue  Belco 101
Sweet Susan Square / Way Out There  MacGregor 8605
Sweet Sweet Smile  Big Mac 116
Sweet Thang  Tarheel 167
Sweetheart Of Mine  Blue Star 1505
Sweety Tweety  Hansell Nilsson 9
Swing & Trade #1 / Swing & Trade #2  Square 'N Round 552
Swing All Eight  Western Jubilee 588
Swing Back Star Thru / Cracked Tea-Cup  Square 'N Round 539
Swing C.O.D.  MacGregor 2458
Swing Down Chariot  Chinook 215
Swing Star Thru / Crazy Things  Square 'N Round 528
Swing Wide  Triangle 106
Swing Your Baby  Blue Star 1506
Swing Your Bundle Of Love  Bogan 1132
Swinging On A Star  Sting 380
Swinging On The Robert E Lee  Golden Square 6013
Switched On Santa  White Knight 2
Sylvia's Mother  Grenn 12238
Syncopated Spoons  Buckskin 1518

Tahitian Holiday  Blue Star 1880
Tainted Love  Gramophone Productions 922
Take A Breath  Shindig Productions 1071
Take A Chance On Me  Royal 263
Take A Gamble  Shindig Productions 1081
Take A Peek / Right Hand Over, Left Hand Under  MacGregor 1-3
Take Good Care Of My Baby  Miracle 158
Take Me Home Country Roads  Rawhide 1016
Take Me Home Country Roads  Riverboat 531
Take Me Home Country Roads  Buckskin 1262
Take Me Home Country Roads  Rawhide 910
Take Me Out To The Ball Game  TNT 284
Take Me Out To The Ballgame  Big Mac 193
Take My Breath Away  Rhythm 297
Take This Job And Shove It  Wild West 1-58
Taking It Easy  Elite (new) 1060
Tall Cool One  Miracle 147
Tan Shoes And Pink Shoe Laces  Royal 247
Tavern In Town  Bogan 1162
Tea Cup Chain  Bee Sharp 211
Teardrops  Riverboat 636
Teasin'  Old Timer 8109
Teddy Bear  TNT 285
Tell Me Ma  ABC 22
Tell The World  Riverboat 505 X
Tempted  Marble 103
Ten O'Clock Postman  BVR 104
Ten O'Clock Postman  Double M 254
Tennessee Bird Walk  Black Hat 15
Tennessee Flat Top Box  Mountain 163
Tennessee Gal  Black Mountain 154
Tennessee Polka  Western Jubilee 908
Tennessee Stud / Crippled Cabbage  Mountain 500
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off  Gold Rush 109
Tequila Sheila  C Bar C 827
Tequila Shelia  Royal 176
Tequila Sunrise  Miracle 136
Teton Mountain Stomp / Calico Melody  Western Jubilee 725
Texarkana Star / Yucaipi Roll Away  Black Mountain 147
Texas Cowboy Night  Square Tunes 1082
Texas Plains  Old Timer 8069
Texas Star  E-Z School Rhythm 5013
Texas Star / I'll Swing Yours And You'll Swing Mine  MacGregor 1-1
Texas Star Fun / Teton Mountain Two Step  Old Timer 8164
Texas Two Step  GR8 Trax 018
Thank God For Kids  Solid Gold 707
Thank God I'm A Country Boy  Double M 219
Thank You For The Music  Marble 214
Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me  Riverboat 470
Thank You World  JR 117
Thank You World  Scope 586
Thanks A Lot  MacGregor 2456
That Don't Impress Me Much  Sounds 2000 2006
That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy  Flying Records 121
That Lucky Old Sun  MacGregor 2153
That Old Gang Of Mine  Black Mountain 203
That Rock Won't Roll  Royal 186
That'll Be The Day  Royal 540
That'll Be The Day  Aqua 104
That's Amore  Blue Star 2565
That's Amore  C Bar C 830
That's How Much I Love You  Red Boot Star 1308
That's Life  Blue Star 2432
That's Rock 'n' Roll  GR8 Trax 031
That's The Way Love Goes  Silver Sounds 289
That's Where I Belong  Flying Records 135
The American Way  Top 25328
The Best Of My Love  Rhythm 278
The Best Things In Life Are Free  Blue Star 2451
The Big One  Hi Hat Retro 536
The Big One  Rawhide 1124
The Bird  Red Boot 3085
The Black Horse And The Cherry Tree  Gramophone Productions 902
The Blues  Desert 67
The Bull And The Beaver  Show Me 1003
The Carnival Is Over  A & S 114
The Cat's In The Cradle  Lou Mac 232
The Christmas Song  Crown 197
The Christmas Song  Blue Star Retro 1127
The Christmas Song / Up The Creek Hoedown  Dance Ranch 1127
The Cowboy Suit / Just Gotta Get Away  Ocean 3010
The Cutest Little Baby Face  Windsor 4973
The Danville Bank Robbery  Tarheel 105
The Door Is Always Open  Crown 203
The Door Is Still Open  GR8 Trax 037
The Dragon  Toddy's Tunes 4
The Edge Of Glory  Shindig Productions 1046
The Edge Of Glory  EGO 102
The Elvis Trilogy  Chicago Country 108
The First Cut Is The Deepest  Square Tunes 1030
The French Song  Silver Sounds 249
The Galaxy Song  Aussie Tempos 1021
The Gambler  Rhythm 281
The General Lee  Gold Rush 104
The Golden Rocket  Folkraft 201
The Great Pretender  Gramophone Productions 915
The High Road  Pioneer 6029
The Hokey Pokey Queen  Ozark Productions 43
The Hulk Hoedown  Chicago Country 76
The Kansas City Song  MacGregor 2189
The Last Blues Song  Chinook 204
The Last Country Song  Rainbow 105
The Last Farewell  Blue Star Retro 1133
The Lazy Horse Hoedown  Chicago Country 77
The Least You Can Do  Flying Records 108
The Locomotion  Shindig Productions 1030
The Long Run  Royal 1405
The Longest Time  Royal 718
The Longest Time  Chinook 138
The Magic Is There  A & S 119
The Mask / Rawhide  TNT 316
The Motown Song  JR 112
The Night Owls  Crest Recordings 129
The Nights  Shindig Productions 1063
The Nine Pin (Traditional) / The Ladies Chain  E-Z School Rhythm 5008
The Old Home Place  Chinook 223
The Old Lamp Lighter  Chinook 209
The Party Is Over  Kalox 1335
The Power Of Love  Shindig Productions 1045
The Proposal  Blue Ribbon 221
The Quiet Dance / Old Fashioned Girl  Balance 108
The River  Gramophone Productions 943
The Rose Of San Joaquin  BVR 116
The Same Old Song  Unicorn (new) 201
The Sheik Of Araby  Heartland Records 10
The Shifting Whispering Sand  EP Tunes 3
The Spud Island Breakdown / Kiley's Reel (Breakdown)  Apex 26345
The Sun Always Shines When It Rains  Double M 149
The Unicorn  Riverboat 509 X
The Way  Alter-EGO 102
The Way You Do The Things You Do  Royal 260
The Way You Make Me Feel  Rhythm 320
The Wind  Ranch House 1202
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise  Desert Gold 8
The Yellow Rose Of Texas  Old Timer 8115
The Zumba Song  Riverboat 503 X
Them Golden Slippers / Banjo Mania / Keep It Going / Billy In Low Ground / Funkydown  MacGregor 2449
Theme from Jurassic Park / AJ Hoedown  Rawhide 300
Then He Kissed Me  Hi Hat Retro 530
Then He Kissed Me  Rawhide 1103
Then I Kissed Her  Miracle 120
There Goes My Baby  Royal 265
There Won't Be Anymore  Thunderbird 106
There You Go  Seven C's 201
There'll Be Some Changes Made  Capitol 4024
There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere  Double M 239
There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere  Rawhide 909
There's No Business, Like Show Business  Heartland Records 11
There's No Place Like Hawaii  MacGregor 2426
There's Nothin' As Sweet As My Baby  Dash 2526
They Call Me The Breeze  Chinook 220
They Dance  Rhythm 255
Things (We wUsed To Do)  Blue Star Retro 1013
Things We Said Today  Shindig Productions 1052
This And That / Get It  Pioneer 5034
This Can't Be Love  Golden Square 6010
This House Runs On Sunshine  Bogan 1278
This Is My Country  Solid Gold 1007
This Land Is Your Land  Tarheel 162
This Land Is Your Land  Grenn 12426
This Land Is Your Land  Crown 181
This Little Light  Riverboat 438
This Little Light  Crown 128
This Magic Moment  Miracle 104
This Ole House / It's A Good Day  Windsor 4439
This One's For The Girls  Shindig Productions 1024
This Time I'm In It For The Love  Chinook 232
Those Were The Days  Blue Star 2605
Three Steps To Heaven  Snow 1002
Thriller  Shindig Productions 1082
Thru The Shadows Of My Mind  Ocean 36
Thunder Island  Arrowhead 121
Ticks  Double M 180
Tie A Yellow Ribbon  Riverboat 549
Tie Your Dreams To Mine  Pioneer 6033
Tiger By The Tail  Royal 822
Tiger Paws  Riverboat 480
Til The Answer Comes  Crown 129
Till The Answer Comes  Diamond 101
Time Changes Everything  Chinook 205
Time Is Tight  Shindig Productions 1042
Time Is Tight  Miracle 149
Time Out / Ragtime Annie  Pioneer 5024
Time Passages  Gold Wing 142
Time Passes Me By  Double M 174
Tiny Bubbles  Kalox 1337
Tiny Bubbles  Riverboat 511 X
Tiptoe Thru The Tulips  Alter-EGO 203
To All The Girls  Riverboat 432
To Be With You / Better Man  Hi Hat 9023
To Make You Feel My Love  4-Bar-B 6140
Toad-In-The-Hole / Spam Fritter  Sting 515
Today I Started Loving You Again  Mountain 154
Today I Started Loving You Again  Pioneer 6014
Together Again  Blue Star 2567
Together Again  Square Tunes 1077
Token Of Your Love  Lightning S 702
Tom And Jerry / Houghton Hustler  Black Mountain 134
Tom Dooley  Royal 616
Tom Tom Twister / Please Stay Home  Family Squares 42005
Tomorrow Night In Baltimore  Square Tunes 139
Tonight Carmen  Rawhide 1014
Tonight My Baby's Coming Home  MacGregor 2182
Too Long To Say Goodbye  Jopat 223
Too Old To Cut The Mustard  Cardinal 2017
Tootenany Square  Top 25085
Tootie Fruity / I Like You Too  Sonic Productions 6
Top Model / Move Your Body  Sonic Productions 5
Topsail Island By The Sea  Double M 157
Touch 1/4, 1/2, 3/4  Bee Sharp 206
Traces  Acme 114
Track One, Two, Three, Four  Bee Sharp 204
Track Two  Bee Sharp 203
Tracks Of My Tears  Solid Gold 506
Tracy's Hoedown / Brian's Hoedown  Square Tunes 2004
Train, Train  Crest Recordings 124
Trans Atlantic  Shindig Productions 1037
Travel On  Blue Star Retro 1048
Travel Thru / Loopy - Loopy - Loop  Square 'N Round 532
Travelin' On  Old Timer 1102
Travelin' Prayer  Silver Sounds 293
Tribal Hoedown  Blue Star 103
Trickle Trickle  Royal 1401
Triple Centers In / High In The Clover  Square 'N Round 524
Tropical Depression  Flying Records 109
Troubador  Chinook 129
Trouble In My Arms  Bogan 1175
Truck Driver's Queen  Double M 135
Truck Stop  MacGregor 2119
Try  A & S 116
Try Everything  Rhythm 345
Tuff Enough  Lyn-Spin 2005
Tuff Enuff  Rhythm 324
Tulsa Square  Old Timer 8129
Turkey In The Straw / Star Flicker  Dance Ranch 737
Turkey In The Straw / Virginia Reel  Coyote 805
Turn Back To Swanee / Double Orbit  Family Squares 42004
Turn It Loose  Lone Star 604
Turn It Loose / Put On Your Shouting Shoes  Eagle 2013
Turn Me Loose And Let Me Sing  Rhythm 300
Turn On The Radio  Rhythm 276
Turn On Your Light And Let It Shine  Riverboat 536
Turn Up The Radio  Crest Recordings 127
Turnin'  Lucky 201
Twelfth Of Never  Double M 248
Twelfth Street Rag  Chaparral 2202
Twelve Days Of Christmas / Stompin' Hoedown  Black Mountain Valley 20
Twist & Shout  Shakedown 327
Twistin' The Night Away  Shindig Productions 1078
Two Dozen Roses  Royal 706
Two Of A Kind  Bogan 1039
Two Sides Of Hash  MacGregor 1209
Two Sleepy People  Desert Gold 10
Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree  Double M 166
Two Tickets To Paradise  Crest Recordings 106
Two Timin' Gal  Pioneer 6022
Two Timing Two Stepper  Double M 134

U-Huh / Clog/U-Huh  Lazy Eight 11
Una Paloma Blanca  Prairie 1115
Unbreakable Hearts  Yellow Rock 3001
Uncle Jim  Riverboat 488
Uncle Jim / Haste To The Weddin'  Apex 26346
Uncle Pen / Fancy Fiddler  Pioneer 5000
Uncloudy Day  Double M 235
Uncloudy Day  Elite (new) 1026
Under The Influence Of Love  Flying Records 114
Undercover Angel  Gold Rush 126
Understand Your Man  MacGregor 2404
Understanding  Crest Recordings 136
Up  New Beat 317
Up Around The Bend  Crest Recordings 107
Up Jumped The Devil  Riverboat 434
Up Jumped The Devil / Tennessee Wagoner  Black Mountain 102
Up Jumped The Devil / Whirlpool Hoedown  Old Timer 8081
Upside Down  Gramophone Productions 940
Uptight (Everything Is Alright)  Rhythm 347
Uptown Girl  Snow 706
UpTown Girl  Blue Star 2587

Valentine  EP Tunes 4
Varsouvienna / Schottische  MacGregor 2-3
Vaya Con Dios  Rawhide 905
Vegas In The Hills / Blue Stone Rag  Blue Star 2570
Venus  Royal 609
Vertical Expression  Flying Records 115
Victory In Jesus  Imperial (new) 112
Virginia Reel / Form An Arch  E-Z School Rhythm 706
Virginia Reel  Square Dancetime 506
Volcano  Riverboat 679
Voyage Voyage  Gramophone Productions 950

Wabash Cannon Ball  Crown 196
Wabash Cannonball  TNT 290
Wagon Race  Shindig Productions 1075
Wagon Wheel  Lone Star 605
Wagon Wheel  Double M 226
Wah-Whistle  Hansell Nilsson 10
Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie  Tarheel 185
Wait A Minute  Royal 178
Wait For The Light To Shine  Tarheel 140
Wait For The Wagon  Pairs 'N Squares 803
Waiting For The Sunrise  Pioneer 6031
Wake Me Up  Shindig Productions 1027
Wake Me Up  Rhythm 314
Wake Me Up When September Ends  Gramophone Productions 958
Wake Up Little Suzie  Chicago Country 100
Wake Up Susan / Eighth Of January  Black Mountain 105
Walk Across Texas  Bob Cat 515
Walk In  MacGregor 2437
Walk Out Backwards  Solid Gold 702
Walk Right Back  Royal 275
Walk Right Back  Square Tunes 1104
Walk Right In  Royal 270
Walk Right In  Seven C's 207
Walk This Way  Royal 344
Walkin Dream  Hi Hat 201
Walkin' / Running Fiddle  Blue Star 1583
Walkin' After Midnight  Riverboat 541
Walkin' Hoedown  D & R 165
Walkin' My Baby Back Home  Rawhide 907
Walking  MacGregor 2454
Walking / Sawing On The Fiddle  Square Tunes 2030
Walking A Broken Heart  Rhythm 317
Walking After Midnight  Cheyenne 514
Walking On Sunshine  Blue Star 2585
Walking On The Fighting Side Of Me  Triangle 102
Walking The Floor Over You  Pioneer 6011
Waltz Across Texas  Hi Hat Retro 520
Waltzing Matilda  Lore 1041
Wandering Eyes  Tarheel 154
Washington Square  Hi Hat 5308
Watch The Baby Elephants Go By  Double M 214
Watching Shania Grow  Riverboat 473
Water  Double M 204
Waterloo  Roamin' 104
WaterLoo  Golden Eagle 39
Wave The Star / Ole' Busters Once & Half  Square 'N Round 549
We Ain't Out Of Love Yet  Cheyenne 510
We Didn't Start The Fire  Silver Sounds 266
We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This  Crown 168
We'll Build A Bungalow / Left - Right  Windsor 4472
We'll Sing In The Sunshine  Classics 144
We'll Sing In The Sunshine  Rawhide 1078
We'll Sing In the Sunshine  Hi Hat 9040
We're From The Country  Cardinal 2038
We've Got Tonight  Acme 115
Wear A Happy On Your Face  Tarheel 117
Wear My Hat  Mountain 139
Wearing Of The Green  Old Timer 8071
Weeping Willow  Dash 2509
Welcome To My World  Riverboat 550
Well, The Door Is Always Open  Mountain 91
Wendy's Gone  Ranch House 1203
Western Bay  Hi Hat 5316
What A Beautiful Love Song  Platinum 117
What A Day For A Daydream  Solid Gold 512
What A Friend We Have In Jesus  Elite (new) 1029
What A Wonderful World  Coyote 813
What Am I Doing Hanging Round?  Gold Rush 106
What Is To Be Will Be  Lightning S 5010
What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am?  Solid Gold 708
What Makes You Beautiful  Arrowhead 103
What Part Of No  Miracle 173
What Say You?  Shindig Productions 1003
What She Left Behind  Flying Records 106
What's A Man Gotta Do To Get A Girl In This Town  Silver Sounds 244
What's A Nice Guy Like Me Doin' In A Place Like This  FTC 32038
What's Going On In Your World  Bob Cat 512
What's Going On In Your World?  Hi Hat Retro 512
What's The Reason?  Blue Star 1520
What's Your Name  Crest Recordings 101
Whatcha M'Callit / Yakity Hoedown  Hi Hat 617
Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love  Acme 104
Wheel In The Sky  Crest Recordings 128
Wheelin' / No Mo  Silver Sounds 282
Wheeling Pairs / Half Sashay  Grenn 12031
Wheeling Thar / Hashin' The Breaks  Black Mountain 101
Wheels  BRE-Music 1
Wheels Hoedown / Wake Up Hoedown  Double M 220
When A Child Is Born  Down Under 107
When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More)  Imperial (new) 120
When I'm 64  Chinook 212
When I'm Sixty-Four  Seven C's 228
When I'm With My Baby  Lore 1105
When It's Christmas Time In Texas  Rhythm 338
When Johnny Comes Home  Hi Hat 403
When My Baby Smiles At Me  Sunny Hills 166
When My Baby Smiles At Me / Teasin'  MacGregor 7505
When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter  Double M 194
When The Bloom Is On The Sage  Balance 116
When the Saints Go Marching In  Square Dancers For Katrina 001
When There's A Fire In Your Heart  Crown 147
When Will I Be Loved  Double M 210
When You Say Nothing At All  Down Under 104
When You Wore A Tulip / Sweet Sue  Windsor 4435
When You're Smilin'  Old Timer 8117
Where The Sidewalk Ends  Crown 194
Where The Soul Never Dies  Token 17
Whirlpool Square / Tunnel Through  Black Mountain 108
Whiskers / Paws Up  Blue Star 2550
Whiskey In The Jar  BVR 102
Whiskey In The Jar  Toddy's Tunes 10
Whiskey In The Jar  Silver Sounds 299
Whispering Sands  Dash 2512
Whistling Piano Man  Grenn 12415
White Christmas  Acme 118
White Christmas  Miracle 115
White Christmas  Royal 230
Who Can I Count On?  Pioneer 6037
Who Licked The Red Off My Candy  Square Tunes 103
Who Needs You Baby  Lou Mac 233
Who Put The Bomp  Silver Sounds 250
Who Sorry Now  Square Tunes 1121
Who Were You Thinking Of  Double M 164
Who'll Stop the Rain  Crest Recordings 142
Who's On First / Form A "T"  Square 'N Round 554
Who's Sorry, Who's Crying Now  Kalox 1334
Whole World In His Hands  Red Boot 3100
Why Don't We Just Dance  Hi Hat 5296
Why Don't You Love Me  Riverboat 450
Why Haven't I Heard From You  Royal 1212
Why?  Cheyenne 505
Wild About  MacGregor 2462
Wild As A Wildcat  MacGregor 2435
Wild Colonial Boy  Riverboat 449
Wild Horses  Royal 1601
Wild Montana Skies  A & S 113
Wildwood Flower  Dash 2534
Will O Wisp / Marldon  Grenn 12809
Will The Circle Be Unbroken  Crown 174
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?  Miracle 142
Willenlos  Gramophone Productions 935
Winchester Cathedral  Grenn 12416
Window On The World  Rhythm 304X
Windy Town  Toddy's Tunes 7
Wings  Cardinal 2031
Wings Of An Angel  Go 109
Winter Wonderland  Coyote 814
Winter Wonderland  Miracle 178
Winter Wonderland  Double M 224
Winter Wonderland  Riverboat 441
Winter Wonderland  Shindig Productions 1055
Wir Zwei Fahren Irgendwo Hin  Gramophone Productions 956
Wishing / I Don't Know Why  Sets In Order 1119
Witch Doctor  C Bar C 604
With A Tail / Without A Tail  Chicago Country 128
Without A Doubt / Quartet  Black Mountain 129
Wizard On The Hill  Token 5
WKRP In Cincinnati  Acme 126
Woke Up In Love  Royal 1504
Wolverton Mountain  Old Timer 8183
Wolverton Mountain  Square Tunes 1033
Woman Of The Country  D & R 135
Woman, Woman  Miracle 139
Wonder Could I Live Here Anymore  Tarheel 124
Wonderful Tonight  Sting 804
Wonderful Tonight  Silver Sounds 228
Wonderful World  Red Boot 3095
Woo Mama 1 / Woo Mama 2  Pioneer 5031
Wooden Heart  BVR 133
Work Of The Weavers  Desert 104
Workin' Man Blues  Royal 199
World Of Our Own  Elite (new) 1044
Worried Man  Sundown Ranch 105
Would You Go With Me  Tarheel 159
Would You Lay With Me  Royal 721
Wrap It Up  Crest Recordings 122
Wrapped  Royal 166
Wreck Of The Old 97  Gold Rush 124
Wrecking Ball  Hi Hat 5329
Wreckless  Hansell Nilsson 29
Write Myself A Letter  Royal 271
Write This Down  Rhythm 286
WWW.Memories  Tarheel 114

Y Yo Sigo Aqui (And I Continue Here)  Desert 105
Y'All Come  Lamon 10078
Y'All Come  Chicago Country 113
Y'All Come / Honky Hoedown  Windsor 4431
Y'all Come Back Saloon  D & R 122
Ya Ya / Mrs. Sazae  TNT 315
Ya' All Come  Square Dancetime 504
Yakety Yak / Ketar  Royal 414
Yankee Doodle Boy / Old Pine Tree  Windsor 4428
Yankee Doodle Dandy  Grenn 12156
Yankee Doodle Dandy  Grenn 12425
Yellow Bird  Token 20
Yellow River  Marble 216
Yellow River  BVR 109
Yellow Rose Of Texas  Crown 113
Yellow Submarine  Down Under 112
Yo Yo / Split Your Sides  Black Mountain 109
You Again  Hansell Nilsson 25
You All Come  Bogan 1191
You And Me  Shindig Productions 1057
You And Me  Shindig Productions 21412
You Are My Special Angel  Solid Gold 216
You Are My Special Angel  Square Tunes 1052
You Are My Sunshine  Rawhide 203
You Are My Sunshine / Shoo-Fly  MacGregor 8045
You Ask Me To  Token 21
You Baby  Arrowhead 113
You Belong To Me  Rhythm 337
You Call Everybody Darling  Eagle 2903
You Call Everybody Darling / Somebody Stole My Gal  Sets In Order 2047
You Can Eat Crackers  Flower 301
You Can Have Her  Royal 1509
You Can Have Her, I Don't Want Her  Gold Label 1001
You Can Never Tell  Marble 215
You Can Never Tell  Riverboat 114
You Can't Have Your Kate & Edith, Too  Magic 1010
You Can't Hurry Love  Sting 1204
You Can't Make Old Friends  Rhythm 341
You Can't Read My Mind  Flying Records 119
You Decorated My Life  Royal 165
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice  Miracle 111
You Do My Heart Good  Solid Gold 204
You Do Some Thing To Me  Square Tunes 1150
You Do Something To Me  MacGregor 2157
You Don't Care  Big Mac 189
You Don't Care  Blue Star Retro 1138
You Don't Know Me  Cardinal 2041
You Don't Know Me  Chinook 201
You Gave Me Time  Double M 211
You Got It  Silver Sounds 277
You Got What It Takes  Shindig Productions 1006
You Gotta Love That  Cardinal 2035
You Just Don't Know How Good You Got It  Mountain 147
You Keep Me Hanging On  Aussie Tempos 1030
You Look So Good In Love  Royal 248
You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance  Royal 189
You May Be Right  Alter-EGO 202
You Me And Us  Riverboat 467
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby  Good Vibrations 201
You Need A Man Around Here  Flying Records 128
You Put The Beat In My Heart  Unicorn (new) 401
You Raise Me Up  Riverboat 524
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This  Bob Cat 514
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This  Hi Hat Retro 521
You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often  Sashay 110
You Wear It Well  Acme 103
You Were Meant For Me  MacGregor 2124
You Were Meant For Me  Square Tunes 1006
You Win Again  Black Hat 4
You'll Accomp'ny Me  Crest Recordings 126
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine  Acme 101
You're A Real Sweetheart  Black Mountain 166
You're My Best Friend  Acme 121
You're My Mate  BVR 105
You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You / The Grand Square Quadrille  Lloyd Shaw 34
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You  Big Mac 195
You're Nobody's Sweetheart / Pride-O-Dixie  Sets In Order 1113
You're Not Mine Anymore  Black Mountain 165
You're Sixteen  Chinook 222
You're The First, My Last, My Everything  Unicorn (new) 502
You're The First, My Last, My Everything  Ute 502
You're The One  Gold Wing 120
You're The One That I Want  Gold Wing 143
You've Got A Friend  Royal 1607
You've Got A Friend  Rockin' M 304
You've Got Me Thinking Of You  Royal 338
Young Love  Silver Sounds 290
Young Man Singing  1 World 6
Young Man's Game  Royal 605
Your Cheating Heart  Token 11
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad  Sting 375
Your Little Sweetheart  Keeno 2140
Your Love  Royal 181
Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher  Royal 349
Your Man  Mountain 153
Your Man  Flying Records 116
Your Man  Double M 144
Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby  Crown 146
Your Wildest Dream  Hi Hat Retro 517
Yoy Hoedown  ABC 28

Zat You Santa  Gold Wing 136
Zieh Die Schuh Aus  Gramophone Productions 944
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah  Hi Hat 5323
Zoom, Zoom  1 World 3
Zoomdog / Nodog  Silver Sounds 239
Ztarztarc (Christmas Edit)  Hansell Nilsson 23
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