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Grand Colonel Spin
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Grand Colonel Spin
ID: 16408

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Label information
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TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Buddy Weaver (picture)     recordings by Buddy Weaver

Buddy Weaver

Cue Sheet

Sequence: A, B, A, B


Allemande Left Alamo Style, balance up and back
Swing Thru, right and left, balance up and back
Swing Thru - Turn your partner by the Right
Allemande Left your corner girl - Weave around tonight
Weave 'em out; weave 'em slow, till you meet
Promenade that partner on around the ring
Promenade around that ring - all the way back home again

- - -


Sides Face, Grand Spin
(Directions for Grand Spin below matched with musical beats. Actions may be cued or
the dancers may memorize the call and move to the music as the vocal track allows.)

Beats 1-16
Sides face partner and back up three steps as in Grand Square;
Face In on the fourth step then moving forward and Dosado to face; then Star Thru
Heads Pass the Ocean (or Slide Thru and step to a wave);
Spin the Top; blending into a Star Thru; walk forward and California Twirl

Beats 17-32
Repeat the above actions with the "new" Sides and Heads

Beats 33-64
Repeat all of the above returning to original home with original partner on the
64th beat.

Styling notes:
1 Dosado is best done back-to-back
2 Keep the square compact to keep up



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