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Bye Bye Blues
Pulse 1003
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Bye Bye Blues

ID: 2844

Label information
Grid list of Pulse recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating5 (excellent)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Bruce Johnson (picture)     recordings by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

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Cue Sheet


Walk all around your corner, turn partner by the left
Men star, ladies promenade outside the set
Everybody reverse, pass 'em once and then
When you meet that same girl, swing the lady, swing and whirl
Left allemande and a grand ole right & left
Hand over hand till you meet across the set
Promenade that lady, go walkin' home in 2's
Bye, bye blues

FIGURE    Mainstream, no progression

All 4 ladies chain across and
Couples 1 & 3 Promenade outside the ring halfway round you see
Pass thru and cloverleaf, sides square thru 3/4 round my friend
Left allemande and then, get home and dosado
The corner you can swing, swing that pretty gal and promenade the ring
Don't cry, don't sigh
Bye, bye blues


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Bye Bye Blues Lyrics ID: 523

We're say-in'

Bye Bye Blues, Bye Bye Blues
Bells ring, birds sing,
Sun is shin-in', no more pin-in'.

Just we two, Smil-in' through
Don't sigh, don't cry
Bye Bye Blues

(counterpoint): Bye Bye to all your Blues and sorrow,
(lead): Bye Bye Blues

(counterpoint): Bye Bye 'cause they'll be gone to-mor-row.
(lead): Bye Bye Blues

(counterpoint): Bells will ring and birds all sing
(lead): Bells ring, birds sing

(Both:) Stop your mop-in', Keep on hop-in'

The two of us together, just me and you
will keep smil-in' smil-in' through
So don't you sigh, and don't you cry
Bye Bye Blues

Lyrics by Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown and Chauncey Gray. 



ID: 2844
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