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C.O.D. / Rocky Mountain Express
MacGregor 8535
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C.O.D. / Rocky Mountain Express
ID: 8873
   Side A  
   Side B  

Label information
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TypeSinging Call (two instrumentals)
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Cue Sheet side A


Well you allemande left your corner
Turn a right hand round your own
Then allemande left just once again
Go back and swing your own
Now the four little ladies promenade
Go once around that ring
Get on home and box the gnat
Step right up and swing
Then allemande left, grand right & left
You promenade, when you meet your pet
You promenade that package, she's special delivery
Take her on home and balance out
Swing her C.O.D.

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Now 1 & 3 go up and back
And do a 1/2 square thru
A right & left thru with the outside two
Then you dive thru
Box the gnat, then face to the middle
Left square thru you do
Go all the way round to the corner gal
Swing that girl you do
Then allemande left, grand right & left
You promenade, when you meet your pet
I ain't no college professor, ain't go no Ph.D.
Just promenade 'em P.D.Q., swing 'em C.O.D.


Take her on home and balance out
Swing her C.O.D.

Cue Sheet side B


Walk all around your corner lady, gonna see saw your taw
The gents star right one time
Turn your partner by the left, your corner box the gnat
Dosado the same girl around
Pass her by and swing the next, you swing this lady round
Give 'er a twirl and promenade, go walking round the town
Promenade the ring, take this lady home and swing
On the Rock Mountain Express

FIGURE    Basic, no progression

Your corner left hand around, now dosado round your own
The gents star left one time
Turn your partner by the right, your corner by the left
Let's do a little dopaso
New corner by the right, new partner left hand swing
Keep this lady, promenade, go walking round the ring
Promenade the town, he will follow you around
On the Rocky Mountain Express


On that Rocky Mountain, that rollicking mountain
That Rocky Mountain Express


This is the double-sided instrumental. The double-sided vocal with Earl Johnston
on C.O.D. and Bob van Antwerp on Rocky Mountain Express is on MacGregor 8545.

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