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All Of The Time
MacGregor 943
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All Of The Time
ID: 5214

Label information
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TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Don Stewart (picture)     recordings by Don Stewart

Don Stewart

Cue Sheet

FIGURE    C4, unknown progression

All 4 ladies chain across, turn the girls just like your own
Gents star left inside the set, once around, don't roam
Promenade her, serenade her, don't slow down
Keep walking the girls around
Heads you wheel around, square thru 3/4 then
Pull 'em by, go to the next, left square thru and then
Count to 5 now, when you're through now (On to the next), star thru, dosado
Then a right & left thru in time
Turn your girl and cross trail, u-turn back and then
Star thru, do an eight chain thru, just halfway across
Then the ol' star thru, allemande the corner
Grand right & left you go, till you meet your baby then you promeno
Promenade her, serenade her all the time

BREAK    Mainstream

Side ladies chain the way, head couples 1/2 sashay
Heads go right & circle 4, ladies break that way
Make a line now, walking up and back,
Pass thru, wheel & deal, double pass thru
The lead 2 a u-turn back, opposites box the gnat
A right & left thru and turn the girl, then you dive thru
Square thru 3 hands you do
Then face the middle, back away, sides face grand square
Walk 2, 3, face, walk 2, 3, face
Walk 2, 3, face, walk 2, 3, reverse
Walk 2, 3, face, walk 2, 3, face
Walk 2, 3, face, walk 2, 3, face
Allemande the corner, grand right & left you go
Till you meet your baby, then you promeno
Promenade her, serenade her, all of the time



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