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Cotton Candy
MacGregor 957
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Cotton Candy
ID: 4684

Label information
Grid list of MacGregor recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Bob Van Antwerp (picture)     recordings by Bob Van Antwerp

Bob Van Antwerp

Cue Sheet

BREAK    Basic, unknown progression

Docey your corner, to your partner bow down
Swing your honey on the merry go round
Allemande left, turn a right hand round your own
Right hands round the next, the gents star left across and swing
The ladies promenade inside, the same gent you're gonna swing
Hey why don't you allemande your corner, and a right & left grand
Walk around the ring, it's like a circus land
Your partner box the gnat, the girls star left around
Same gent, you box the gnat and promenade around
You're bound to sing a happier tune
If you've got cotton candy and a toy balloon


Head couples forward and come back to the ring
You promenade about 1/2 of the ring
Right & left thru and turn with your girl
You circle 8, well now, her head's in a whirl
The gents star right, and swing your corner fair
Promenade her home and toss your troubles in the air
Well now you walk around your corner, she's the sweetest in the land
See saw your partner, then a left allemande
Go right & left around the ring and look for your maid
Dosado around her, then you all promenade
You're bound to sing a happier tune
If you've got cotton candy and a toy balloon



ID: 4684
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