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Big Mable Murphy
Scope 598
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Big Mable Murphy
ID: 9928

Label information
Grid list of Scope recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating4 (good)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Wes Wessinger     recordings by Wes Wessinger
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Cue Sheet


Four ladies promenade go once inside that ring
Get back home and swing your honey go round
Join hands, circle left around you go
Left allemande, weave around you go
Go in and out until you meet your own
Dosado and promenade
Big Mable Murphy, she's some kind of gal
So when you're home, you swing your honey go round

FIGURE (1)    C4, corner progression

Head couples promenade halfway round you go
Down the middle, curlique, boys run
Swing thru two by two
Boys run right you do
Wheel & deal and do a right & left thru
Dive thru, pass thru, corner you swing
Left allemande, come back and promenade
You promenade Big Mable Murphy
She's really everybody's gal

FIGURE (2)    Mainstream, corner progression

Head ladies chain, turn that girl and then
Heads you flutter wheel
Star thru, pass thru
Dosado the outside two full around
Swing thru, two by two
Boys trade and then
Scoot back and swing that corner round and round
Left allemande, promenade
Big Mable's gonna do her thing
So when you're home, everybody swing


Lyrics are provided for informational and educational purposes only. Lyrics are
subject to all U.S. copyright laws and remain property of their respective owners.

Big Mable Murphy Lyrics ID: 3819

Way back in twenty-nine, somewhere in Coffeeville
Was a honky tonk named Big Mable Murphy's
She had a sweetheart named Little Melvin
And hair would fly between them every night

They say Little Melvin got wild on bathtub gin
'Cause it made him grow to almost twice his size
He'd try to take over and sass Big Mable
And her great big fist would black Little Melvin's eyes

Big Mable Murphy, she loved Little Melvin
But he never did learn to do just what she said
'Cause poor Little Melvin woke up ev'ry morning
With two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head

Then late one rainy night Scarface Muzziola
Came in and started shovin' folks around
Big Mable Murphy was back in the kitchen
So just for fun he shot Little Melvin down

Early next morning down by the river
Scarface Muzziola was found real short of breath
They say that Scarface had died from a whoopin'
He had two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head

Big Mable Murphy's place raved on until she died
And they say sometimes a tear would fill her eye
And then she'd whisper, "Lord, I'd give anything
If once more I could black Little Melvin's eyes"

Lyrics by Dallas Frazier.
Recorded by Dallas Frazier; Tennessee Ernie Ford; Diana Ross; many others.



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