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Big City
Gold Star 708
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Big City
Gold Star 708

ID: 4626

TypeSinging Call
Label information
Grid list of Gold Star recordings
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Cal Golden
Old Call(s)
Cue Sheet


Do an allemande left with the corner
Come on back, do a dosado
4 men star by the left, go once around the town
Star promenade, go walking with your maid
Well the girls turn back, go twice around the ring
And then the second time you meet her,
turn thru, left allemande
Come back, swing your partner, promenade
You promenade her home big city
Just looking for the one you took from me

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads square thru and get 4 hands around you go
Around the corner lady, dosado, make an ocean wave
Swing thru, and then those boys run to the right
Now couples ferris wheel, and then a right & left thru tonight
Turn the girl, square thru 3/4 round you go
Swing the corner lady, promenade
I'm walking the streets again, big city
Looking for that girl you took away from me


Heads star the route*
I'm walkin' and talking, big city
You know what I've got on my mind
I'm checkin' every place and every face

Start looking for your corner, left allemande
Touch 1/4, boys run right, left allemande
Swing your partner, and promenade
You know I'm gonna love you big city
If you will bring my baby back to me

*Star the route: by Don Williamson
The heads will right hand star 3/4 to meet the couple on their right
with a left hand star one full turn...heads will meet back in the center
of the set to star right 1/2 way to meet the other sides with a left hand
star one full turn...Heads meet in the center for a right hand 3/4 star
back to home or to the corner for a left allemande. The action times at
32 beats, so it fits the singing call breaks nicely.



ID: 4626
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