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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Two-Faced CONCEPT [C3B]
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From various formations. EN: 10
Från varierande formationer. SE: 10

Replace each Arm Turn 1/2 (i.e., Swing or Slip) with a Partner Trade and do the given call. (E.g., Two-Faced Spin The Top would start from a Two-Faced Line and would be a Partner Trade; Fan The Top.) EN: 20
Byt ut varje Arm Turn 1/2 (dvs., Swing eller Slip) mot en Partner Trade och gör det givna callet. (T.ex, Two-Faced Spin The Top skulle starta från en Two-Faced Line och skulle vara en Partner Trade; Fan The Top.) SE: 20

Here is a partial list of calls that might be done Two-Faced at C3B: EN: 30
Här är en ofullständig lista på call som kan göras Two-Faced på C3B: SE: 30

Alter & Circulate Alter The Wave Change The Centers | Wave
Delight | Dilemma Peel Chain Thru Relay The Deucey
Relay The Shadow Relay The Top Reverse The Top
Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears Spin Chain The Gears Spin Chain The Line
Spin Chain Thru Spin The Top Spin The Windmill
Swing & Circle Swing & Mix Swing Chain Thru

Two-Faced Spin The Top:

Two-Faced Spin The Top
Partner Trade
Fan The Top

  • Calls that normally start with the right hand (such as Swing Thru) become Any Hand calls. EN: 40
    Call som normalt börjar med R-H (såsom Swing Thru) blir Any Hand call. SE: 40
  • Cast Off 3/4 often becomes a 'Push Cast.' EN: 50
    Cast Off 3/4 blir ofta en 'Push Cast.' SE: 50
  • The given call does not have to begin with an Arm Turn 1/2 (e.g., Two-Faced Reverse The Top). EN: 60
    Det givna callet behöver inte börja med en Arm Turn 1/2 (t.ex, Two-Faced Reverse The Top). SE: 60
  • In calls which involve a Star (e.g., Relay The Top), the Star often becomes a facing Star (or Diamond). Do one Star Circulate (facing Diamond Circulate) for each 1/4 Turn of the Star. EN: 70
    I call som innehåller en Star (t.ex, Relay The Top), blir denna Star ofta en facing Star (eller Diamond). Gör en Star Circulate (facing Diamond Circulate) för varje 1/4 Turn av denna Star. SE: 70
  • Two-Faced does not mean that the starting formation must consist entirely of Couples. It simply means that somewhere in the given call someone will have to Replace an Arm Turn 1/2 with a Partner Trade. For example, from a 3 & 1 Tidal setup, on a Two-Faced Spin Chain The Line, some dancers would start with a normal Arm Turn 1/2. Our point is that the caller can say 'Two-Faced anything' instead of 'Some Work Two-Faced, all anything'. EN: 80
    Two-Faced betyder inte att startformationen måste helt bestå av Couples. Det betyder helt enkelt att någonstans i det givna callet måste någon byta ut en Arm Turn 1/2 mot en Partner Trade. Till exempel, från en 3 & 1 Tidal uppställning, vid en Two-Faced Spin Chain The Line, börjar några dansare med en normal Arm Turn 1/2. Vår 'point' är att callern kan säga 'Two-Faced anything' istället för 'Some Work Two-Faced, alla anything'. SE: 80

Choreography för Two-Faced CONCEPT

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