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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Hourglass Formation | Circulate [A2]
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An Hourglass FORMATION can be set up from Parallel Lines with the Centers in a Mini-Wave, by having the Centers do a 1/2 Circulate. EN: 10
Hourglass FORMATION může být vytvořena z formace Parallel Lines s Centers v Mini-Wave, když Centers udělají 1/2 Circulate. CZ: 10

Hourglass FORMATION 
Typical facing directions
within an Hourglass EN: 20
Typické směry pohledu
ve formaci Hourglass CZ: 20

An Hourglass FORMATION consists of a Diamond inside of a Box. Dancers in the Diamond are the Centers of the Hourglass; dancers in the Box are the Ends (or Points) of the Hourglass. EN: 30
Hourglass FORMATION je složená z Diamond uvnitř Box (diamant uvnitř boxu). Tanečníci v Diamond jsou Centers ve formaci Hourglass; tanečníci v Box(u) josu Ends (nebo Points) ve formaci Hourglass. CZ: 30

Hourglass Circulate [A2]:
From an Hourglass. The Circulate path of an Hourglass consists of 8 spots. Move forward to the next position in the Hourglass, moving from a Diamond position to a Box position or vice-versa. Change your facing direction (by 90°) if and only if you are moving to or from the Point of the Center Diamond. If the Circulate does not involve dancers ending on the same spot, then Hourglass Circulate ends in an Hourglass. EN: 377
Z formace Hourglass. Cirkulační cesta ve formaci Hourglass má 8 míst. Jděte dopředu na další pozici v Hourglass, přesunujete s z diamantu do boxu a naopak. Směr pohledu (o 90°) tehdy a pouze tehdy, pokud jdete z nebo na pozici Point středového diamantu. Pokud Circulate nepřivede některé tanečníky na stejné místo, tak Hourglass Circulate končí v Hourglass. CZ: 377

Z R-H Hourglass:

Hourglass Circulate
Z Facing Hourglass:

Hourglass Circulate

Cut The Hourglass [A2] (Tim Ploch):
From an Hourglass. Points slide together and Trade as Centers Hourglass Circulate. Usually ends in Parallel Lines. EN: 378
Z formace Hourglass. Points ukročí k sobe a udělají Trade, Centers Hourglass Circulate. Obvykle končí v Parallel Lines. CZ: 378

Flip The Hourglass [A2] (Tim Ploch):
From an Hourglass. Outsides flip in (Phantom Run) as Centers Hourglass Circulate. Usually ends in Parallel Lines. EN: 379
Z formace Hourglass. Outsides udělají flip dovnitř (Phantom Run), Centers Hourglass Circulate. Obvykle končí v Parallel Lines. CZ: 379

Switch To An Hourglass [A2] (Sandy Knowles 1975):
From Parallel Waves (or applicable Parallel Lines). Centers Run as Ends do your part Hourglass Circulate (Lead Ends 1/2 Circulate as Trailing Ends Veer Inward to end in a Mini-Wave with their opposite). Ends in an Hourglass. EN: 382
Z formace Parallel Waves (a vhodných Parallel Lines). Centers Run, Ends dělají svoji část Hourglass Circulate (Lead Ends 1/2 Circulate, Trailing Ends Veer Inward tak, aby skončíli v Mini-Wave se svým opposite). Končí v Hourglass. CZ: 382

Squeeze The Hourglass [C1] (Dave Hodson 1976):
From an Hourglass. Points slide together and Trade as Very Centers Trade and slide apart. The Point of the Center Diamond does not move. Ends in a Galaxy. EN: 380
Z formace Hourglass. Points úkrok k sobě a Trade, Very Centers Trade a úkrok od sebe. Points středového diamantu se nehýbou. Končí ve formaci Galaxy. CZ: 380

Unwrap The Hourglass [C2] (Jim Rager 1976):
From an Hourglass. Trailing points walk straight ahead while moving slightly inward to become #1 in a Column. Other dancers do Hourglass Circulates until reaching the trailing point's starting position and then walk straight ahead to form Columns. EN: 381
Z formace Hourglass. Point koukající se dovnitř jde rovně a trochu dovnitř tak, aby se stal #1 v Column. ostatní tanečníci jdou Hourglass Circulates dokud se nestanou point koukající dovnitř. Pak jdou rovně a formují Columns. CZ: 381

Relocate The Hourglass [C2] (Tim Ploch):
From an Hourglass. Very Centers Arm Turn 3/4 as the Others Counter Rotate 1/4. EN: 383
Z formace Hourglass. Very Centers Arm Turn 3/4, ostatní Counter Rotate 1/4. CZ: 383

Reverse Flip The Hourglass [C4]:
From an Hourglass. Those in the Diamond flip away from the Center of the set as the Others Hourglass Circulate. A normal Hourglass ends with a Center Wave between two Mini-Waves (i.e., like a Thar, but with some dancers further from the Center). EN: 384
Z formace Hourglass. Ti, co jsou v Diamond udělají Flip směrem od středu čtverylky, ostatní Hourglass Circulate. Normální Hourglass končí ve formaci Wave mezi dvěma Mini-Waves (tzn. jako Thar, ale s některými tanečníky dále od středu). CZ: 384

Viz také Galaxy FORMATION [C1]

which consists of a Box inside a Diamond. EN: 40
Galaxy je box v diamantu. CZ: 40

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