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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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{anything} Reaction [C3A]
   (upphovsman okänd)

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Do the anything call leaving off the final Extend, then do a full Chain ReactionEN: 10
Gör anything callet och utelämna den slutliga Extend, gör sedan en full Chain ReactionSE: 10

The anything call is usually a Scoot Back variation of a Tagging call. EN: 20
Anything callet är vanligen en Scoot Back variant av ett Tagging call. SE: 20
For example, EN: 30
Till exempel, SE: 30
Flip Reaction:
From Parallel Waves. EN: 40
Från Parallel Waves. SE: 40
Flip Back Centers To A Wave
then all Chain Reaction. EN: 50
sedan gör alla Chain Reaction. SE: 50
Tag Reaction:
From Parallel Lines. EN: 60
Från Parallel Lines. SE: 60
Tag Back Centers To A Wave
then all Chain Reaction. EN: 70
sedan gör alla Chain Reaction. SE: 70
Load The Boat Reaction: Från Facing Lines (or R-H Tidal Wave). Load The Boat Centers To A Wave
then all Chain Reaction. EN: 80
sedan gör alla Chain Reaction. SE: 80

Se också Tagging Calls

Scoot Reaction
Scoot Back Centers To A Wave &
Outsides adjust to form a Couple EN: 90
Outsides justerar till ett Couple SE: 90
Chain Reaction

  • For Tagging calls, there is an unspoken 'Back' (Scoot Back) in them (e.g., Tag Reaction means Tag Back Reaction). EN: 100
    För Tagging calls, finns det ett outtalat 'Back' (Scoot Back)  (t.ex, Tag Reaction betyder Tag Back Reaction). SE: 100
  • The outsides should adjust to form an In-facing Couple before doing the Chain Reaction. EN: 110
    Outsides bör justera till ett Couple som tittar in innan man gör Chain Reaction. SE: 110
  • Don't rush this call! Teamwork is required for successful completion. Wait for all dancers to form the 1/4 Tag formation before starting the Chain Reaction. EN: 120
    Jäkta inte igenom detta call! Det krävs teamwork för att lyckas. Vänta tills alla dansarna har bildat en 1/4 Tag formation innan ni börjar med Chain Reaction. SE: 120



Instead of Reaction, the caller may give another call such as EN: 130
I stället för Reaction, kan callern ange ett annat call som SE: 130

Chain Reaction [A1,C1] (Lee Kopman 1975):
From an applicable Generalized 1/4 Tag. Very Centers and the directly facing Outside dancers Pass Thru as the End of the Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4 (on the Outside); Centers of each side Hinge; Center 4 Star 1/4 as Outsides Trade; Those who meet Cast Off 3/4 as Others move up (Phantom Hourglass Circulate). Ends in Parallel Lines | Waves. EN: 190
Från en tillämplig generaliserad 1/4 Tag. Very Centers och de Outside dansare de direkt tittar på Pass Thru medan End på Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4 (på utsidan); Centers på varje sida Hinge; Center 4 Star 1/4 medan Outsides Trade; De som möts Cast Off 3/4 medan de andra går upp (Phantom Hourglass Circulate). Slutar i Parallel Lines | Waves. SE: 190

CALLERLAB definition for Anything Reaction

Choreography för anything Reaction

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