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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Shakedown [C1]
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Shakedown -- [C1]
   (Lee Kopman 1976)

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From Back-to-Back Couples or a T-Bone 2 x 2 in which everyone is a Leader. EN: 10
Z formace Back-to-Back Couples nebo T-Bone 2 x 2, ve kterých jsou všichni Leader. CZ: 10

As one movement, Belles 1/4 Out & Run as Beaus Run & Roll. EN: 20
Jako jeden pohyb Belles 1/4 Out & Run, Beaus Run & Roll. CZ: 20

Left Shakedown:
As one movement, Beaus 1/4 Out & Run as Belles Run & Roll. EN: 30
Jako jeden pohyb Beaus 1/4 Out & Run, Belles Run & Roll. CZ: 30

Back-to-Back Couples ends in Facing Couples. EN: 40
Back-to-Back Couples končí ve Facing Couples. CZ: 40

Left Shakedown

Alternative definition: As one movement, 1/4 Right (if Shakedown) or 1/4 Left (if Left Shakedown); Box Counter Rotate 1/4 & Roll. EN: 50
Alternativní definice: Jako jeden pohyb 1/4 Right (při Shakedown) nebo 1/4 Left (při Left Shakedown); Box Counter Rotate 1/4 & Roll. CZ: 50

Note: EN: 60
Poznámka: CZ: 60
  • On Shakedown, everyone moves clockwise one position and turns 3/4 to the Right. EN: 70
    Při Shakedown jdou všichni o jednu pozici po směru hodinových ručiček a točí se o 3/4 doprava. CZ: 70

Single Shakedown [C4] (Lee Kopman 1979):
From Back-to-Back Dancers. As one movement, Right Roll To A Wave & Roll. Ends in Facing Dancers. EN: 345
Z formace Back-to-Back Dancers. Jako jeden pohyb Right Roll To A Wave & Roll. Končí ve Facing Dancers. CZ: 345

Single Shakedown

Shake & Rattle [C3B] (Lee Kopman 1978):
From any 2 x 2. Leaders Shakedown as Trailers Reverse Split Swap. Ends in a 2 x 2. EN: 515
Z libovolných formací 2 x 2. Leaders Shakedown, Trailers Reverse Split Swap. Končí v 2 x 2. CZ: 515

Counter Shake [C4] (Lee Kopman 1979):
From Completed Double Pass Thru. Centers Shakedown, Veer Left & As Couples Extend as Outsides 1/4 Right, Counter Rotate 1/4 & Curve In [C4] (as one movement, Press In & Face In). Ends in Parallel R-H Two-Faced Lines. Counter Shake is a 3-part call. EN: 516
Z formace Completed Double Pass Thru. Centers Shakedown, Veer Left & As Couples Extend. Outsides 1/4 Right, Counter Rotate 1/4 & Curve In [C4] (jako jeden pohyb Press In & Face In). Končí v Parallel R-H Two-Faced Lines. Figura Counter Shake má tři části. CZ: 516

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