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Reactivate [C3B]
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Reactivate -- [C3B]
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From an applicable Generalized 1/4 Tag.

Very Centers and directly-facing Outside dancers Pass Thru as the End of the Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4 around the outside; Center 6 Trade; Very Outsides and the Very Centers Phantom Hourglass Circulate.

Ends in Parallel Lines or Parallelogram Parallel Lines (if dancers come to the same spot).

Very Centers a Facing Dancers Pass Thru
jako End of Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4
Center 6 Trade
Very Outsides a Very Centers
move up (Phantom Hourglass Circulate)


  • Those doing the Pass Thru should point at each other before moving.
  • Be careful not to get Reactivate mixed up with Reaction. Some dancers shout 'Toe' when the call is Reactivate ('Reac-TOE-vate') and 'Shun' when the call is Reaction ('Reac-SHUN').

Cross Reactivate [C3B]: From an applicable Generalized 1/4 Tag. Same as Reactivate, except that the Very Centers Diagonal Pass Thru with the diagonally-facing Outside dancers. Ends in Parallel Lines or Parallelogram Parallel Lines.

anything (Cross) Reactivate [C3B]: Do the anything call leaving off the final Extend, then do a full (Cross) Reactivate. The anything call is usually a Scoot Back variation of a Tagging call.

Tag (Back) Reactivate
Tag Back To A Wave To A Wave

Viz také anything Reaction [C3A].

Choreography for Reactivate

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