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Circle ({fraction}) To A Wave [C2]
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Circle (fraction) To A Wave -- [C2]
   (Lee Kopman 1976)

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From Facing Couples. EN: 10
Från Facing Couples. SE: 10

  1. Circle Left 1/4 (or the given fraction); EN: 20
    Circle Left 1/4 (eller den givna fraction); SE: 20
  2. Beaus Walk as Belles Dodge. EN: 30
    Beaus Walk medan Belles Dodge. SE: 30

Ends in a R-H Mini-Wave Box. EN: 40
Slutar i en R-H Mini-Wave Box. SE: 40

Circle To A Wave is a 2-part call. EN: 50
Circle To A Wave är ett 2-delars call. SE: 50

Circle To A Wave
Circle Left 1/4
Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge


  • Circle To A Wave is the same as (in your group of 4) Circle Left 1/4 With The FlowEN: 60
    Circle To A Wave är samma som (i din grupp om 4) Circle Left 1/4 With The FlowSE: 60
  • Perhaps Circle To A Wave should have been named Circle To A Mini-Wave or Circle To A Box since it ends in a Mini-Wave Box, not in a Wave. From Facing Lines, Circle To A Wave ends in Columns, not in Waves. EN: 70
    Kanske Circle To A Wave skulle ha kallats Circle To A Mini-Wave eller Circle To A Box eftersom det slutar i en Mini-Wave Box, inte i en Wave. Från Facing Lines, slutar Circle To A Wave i Columns, inte i Waves. SE: 70
  • It is interesting to note that in our copy of BURLESON'S SQUARE DANCE ENCYCLOPEDIA, this call is listed as Circle To A Wave | Column. According to Burleson's, Circle To A Wave starts from an Eight Chain Thru and ends in Parallel Waves, whereas Circle To A Column starts in Facing Lines and ends in Columns. We have never heard any caller call a Circle To A ColumnEN: 80
    Det är intressant att notera att i vårt exemplar av BURLESON'S SQUARE DANCE ENCYCLOPEDIA, listas detta call som Circle To A Wave | Column. Enligt Burleson's, börjar Circle To A Wave från en Eight Chain Thru och slutar i Parallel Waves, medan Circle To A Column börjar i Facing Lines och slutar i Columns. Vi har aldrig hört någon caller calla en Circle To A ColumnSE: 80
  • The call Single Circle To A Wave [Plus] is not related to Circle To A Wave. At C3 however, the Single CONCEPT can be applied to the call Circle To A Wave which sometimes results in confusion. EN: 90
    Callet Single Circle To A Wave [Plus] är inte besläktat med Circle To A Wave. Emellertid på C3 , kan Single CONCEPT appliceras på callet Circle To A Wave vilket ibland kan resultera i förvirring. SE: 90

Mirror Circle (fraction) To A Wave [C3B]:
From Facing Couples. Circle Right 1/4 (or the given fraction); Belles Walk as Beaus Dodge. Ends in a L-H Mini-Wave Box. This call has historically been known as Reverse Circle (fraction) To A WaveEN: 595
Från Facing Couples. Circle Right 1/4 (eller den givna fraction); Belles Walk medan Beaus Dodge. Slutar i en L-H Mini-Wave Box. Detta call har historiskt varit känt som Reverse Circle (fraction) To A WaveSE: 595

Circle The (fraction) Tag [C4] (Vic Ceder):
From Facing Couples. Circle 1/4 Left; Beaus 1/2 Walk as Belles 1/2 Dodge (this is Circle The 1/4 Tag); Extend to the given fractional Tag formation. If no fraction is given, complete a full Tag The Line. Circle The 1/2 Tag is equivalent to Circle To A WaveEN: 594
Från Facing Couples. Circle 1/4 Left; Beaus 1/2 Walk medan Belles 1/2 Dodge (detta är Circle The 1/4 Tag); Extend till den givna fractional Tag formationen. Om ingen fraction ges, avsluta en full Tag The Line. Circle The 1/2 Tag är ekvivalent med Circle To A WaveSE: 594

Se också With The Flow [C1].

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