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Checkover [C1]
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Checkover -- [C1]
   (Al Appleton 1978)

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From Columns. EN: 10
Från Columns. SE: 10

First Two Checkmate The Column as Last Two Extend (using Circulates) to a Box, Cast Off 3/4, Slither, and As Couples Extend. EN: 20
De första två Checkmate The Column medan de sista två Extend (använd Circulates) till en Box, Cast Off 3/4, Slither, och As Couples Extend. SE: 20

Ends in Parallel Two-Faced Lines. EN: 30
Slutar i Parallel Two-Faced Lines. SE: 30

First Two Checkmate
as Last Two Circulate EN: 40
De första två Checkmate
medan de sista två Circulate SE: 40
Centers Cast Off 3/4
och Very Centers Slither
As Couples Extend

Checkover But Hold The Two-Faced Line [C1V]:
Do a Checkover but omit the As Couples Extend. EN: 386
Gör en Checkover men utelämna As Couples Extend. SE: 386

1 By 2 Checkover [C2V]:
#1 'Checkmate' as #2 and #3 1/2 Circulate, Cast Off 3/4 & Slither, and 'As Couples' Extend. EN: 387
#1 'Checkmate' medan #2 och #3 1/2 Circulate, Cast Off 3/4 & Slither, och 'As Couples' Extend. SE: 387

1 By 2 Checkover

Turn Over [C4]:
From a Mini-Wave Box. Cast Off 3/4 and Slither. Ends in a Two-Faced Line. EN: 388
Från en Mini-Wave Box. Cast Off 3/4 och Slither. Slutar i en Two-Faced Line. SE: 388

Cast Off 3/4

Checkmate The Column [A2] (H.P. Williams 1975):
From Columns. First Two Circulate 4 spots & 1/4 In as Last Two Circulate twice, 1/4 In, & Circulate. Normal Columns end in Parallel Two-Faced Lines. EN: 295
Från Columns. De första två Circulate 4 positioner & 1/4 In medan de sista två Circulate två gånger, 1/4 In & Circulate. Normala Columns slutar i Parallel Two-Faced Lines. SE: 295

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