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Vertical {anything} [C2]
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Vertical anything -- [C2]
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From a non-T-Bone 2 x 2. EN: 10
Z formací, které nejsou T-Bone 2 x 2. CZ: 10

Lead Couples (if any) Single Wheel as Trailing Couples (if any) do 1/2 of a Half Sashay as Mini-Wave dancers (if any) do an 'adjusting' Leads Fold; all do the anything call. Typically the anything call is done from the resulting 1 x 4. EN: 20
Pár koukající ven (pokud existuje) Single Wheel. Pár koukající dovnitř (pokud existuje) udělá 1/2 of a Half Sashay. Tanečníci v mini-vlně (pokud existuje) udělají Leads Fold. Pak všichni udělají figuru anything. Typickou figuru anything lze provést z formace 1 x 4. CZ: 20




  • From a Mini-Wave, Vertical is an 'adjusting' Leads Fold. I.e., Leaders 1/2 Box Circulate and Roll as Trailers 1/2 Dodge. EN: 30
    Z mini-vlny Vertical znamená Leads Fold. Tgo znamná Leaders 1/2 Box Circulate and Roll, Trailers 1/2 Dodge. CZ: 30
  • From an Out-Facing Couple, Vertical is a Single Wheel. EN: 40
    Pro pár koukající ven Vertical znamená Single Wheel. CZ: 40
  • From an In-Facing Couple, Vertical is 1/2 of a Half Sashay (Belle goes in front of Beau). EN: 50
    Pro pár koukající dovnitř Vertical znamená 1/2 of a Half Sashay (Belle jsou před Beau). CZ: 50

Vertical Dixie Style To A Wave
Dixie Style To A Wave

Single Shuffle [C4] (Willard Orlich):
From a Couple. 1/2 of a Half Sashay. I.e., the Beau sidesteps behind the Belle as the Belle sidesteps in front of the Beau. Ends in Tandem dancers. EN: 923

Viz také Vertical (fraction) Tag (The Line) [C1].

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