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Rolling Ripple {n} By {n} (By {n}) [C4]
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Rolling Ripple n By n (By n) -- [C4]
   (Lee Kopman 1984)

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From a Line.

Designated dancer Ripple the first given number; new dancer occupying designated dancer's original starting position Ripple the next given number; repeat part 2 for each additional given number.

#1 Boy ()
Rolling Ripple 3 By 1 & 1/2
#1 Boy ()
Ripple 3
#1 Girl ()
Ripple 1 & 1/2

Note: Rolling Ripple should be danced piece by piece. Wait until each Ripple has been completed before starting the next Ripple. This is especially true from Lines or Alamo Rings. For example, from a Tidal Wave, consider a Very Ends Rolling Ripple 6 By 3.

Ripple (The Line | Wave) | n [C2] (Royce Waugh 1966): Z formace Line a Alamo Ring. Označení tanečníci začnou směrem ke středu Line a dělají Partner Trade s každým tanečníkem, dokud se nedostanou na druhý konec Line. Ripple n znamená Trade s n tanečníky. n může obsahovat zlomek (např. Ripple 2 & 1/2 znamená Partner Trade se dvěma tanečníky a pak 1/2 Partner Trade s tím třetím).

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