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Lift Off [C3B]
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Lift Off -- [C3B]
   (Ron Schneider a Lee Kopman 1976)

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Z formace Static Set se dvěma protilehlými páry Facing Out, nebo z formace 2 x 4 získané z formace Static Set po Heads Pass Thru.

Leaders As Couples 1/4 Right, ostatní Left Dodge; Belles Distorted Box Circulate; As Couples Extend; Couples Circulate.

Končí v Parallel R-H Two-Faced Lines.

Lift Off
Leaders As Couples 1/4 Right
jako Others Left Dodge
Belles Distorted Box Circulate;
As Couples Extend
Couples Circulate

Lift Off But anything [C3BV]: Replace Couples Circulate with the anything call.

Lift Off But 3/4 Tag
Lift Off But Nothing
3/4 Tag

Choreography for Lift Off

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