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Flip The Diamond [Plus]
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Flip The Diamond -- [Plus]
   (Deuce Williams 1973)

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From a Diamond.

Centers do your part Diamond Circulate as Points Flip In (180°) towards the the nearest Center position.

A normal Diamond ends in a Wave; a Facing Diamond ends in a Two-Faced Line.

Från en R-H Diamond:

Flip The Diamond

Från en Facing Diamond:

Flip The Diamond

Från en Funny Diamond:

Flip The Diamond

Från another Funny Diamond:

Flip The Diamond

The original centers end on the same spot,
so they step to right hands, and the overall
ending formation is offset


  • Flip In means to slide inward one position while turning 180° toward that direction.

    Flip is similar to a Run, except that Flip is done along the same plane, whereas Run has the dancer moving along an arc.

  • Points take the inside path (since they are flipping toward the center),
    and Centers take the outside path (since they are moving in an arc).

Reverse Flip The Diamond [C2]: Från en Diamond. Centers Phantom Run (Flip bort från varandra) medan Points Diamond Circulate. Slutar i en Line.

Cut The Diamond [Plus] (Lee Kopman 1973): Från en Diamond. Centers gör sin del av Diamond Circulate medan Points glider samman och Trade för att sluta på Center positionen längst bort. En normal Diamond slutar i en Two-Faced Line.

Flip The Hourglass [A2] (Tim Ploch): Från ett Hourglass. Outsides flippar in (Phantom Run) medan Centers Hourglass Circulate. Slutar vanligen i Parallel Lines.

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