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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Cross Trail Thru [A1]
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Cross Trail Thru -- [A1]
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From Facing Couples (or a R-H Wave). EN: 10
Z formace Facing Couples (nebo R-H Wave). CZ: 10

Pass Thru and Half Sashay. EN: 20
Pass Thru and Half Sashay. CZ: 20

Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 30
Končí v Back-to-Back Couples (páry zády k sobě). CZ: 30

Z Facing Couples:

Cross Trail Thru
Pass Thru
(po 3/4 Cross Trail Thru)
Z R-H Wave:

Cross Trail Thru
Pass Thru
Half Sashay

  • Remember that the Belle slides in front of the Beau for a Half SashayEN: 40
    Pamatujte si, že při Half Sashay jsou Belle před BeauCZ: 40
  • Try to blend the Pass Thru and Half Sashay into one smooth movement. Anticipate the Half Sashay so that immediately after you pass right-shoulders for the Pass Thru, start sliding towards each other for the Half SashayEN: 50
    Snažte se udělat Pass Thru and Half Sashay jako jeden plynulý pohyb. Navažte Half Sashay hned poté, jak se v rámci Pass Thru minete pravým ramenem. CZ: 50
  • Remain facing the same wall throughout the entire call. Do not turn. EN: 60
    Koukejte se pořád na tu samou zeď během celé figury. Netočte se. CZ: 60
  • Cross Trail Thru was originally named Trail ThruEN: 70
    Figura Cross Trail Thru se původně jmenovala Trail ThruCZ: 70

Half Sashay [Basic]:
From a Couple. Without changing your facing direction, exchange places by having the Belle sidestep in front of the Beau as the Beau sidestep behind the Belle. Ends in a Couple. From a Mini-Wave, do your part (i.e., from a L-H Mini-Wave, exchange places by sliding back-to-back; from a R-H Mini-Wave, exchange places by sliding nose-to-nose). EN: 80
Z formace Couple. Beze změny směry pohledu si tanečníci v páru vymění místo. Belle se posunuje před Beau, Beau se přesunuje za Belle. Končí v Couple. Z formace Mini-Wave udělejte svou část(např. z L-H Mini-Wave se prohoďte zády k sobě, z R-H Mini-Wave čelem k sobě). CZ: 80

Cross Trail Thru To The Corner [A1V]:
Cross Trail Thru and 1/4 Out (turn 1/4 in place away from your partner). Cross Trail Thru To The Corner is sometimes called from normal (1P2P) Facing Lines prior to an Allemande Left. Alternative definition: Pass Thru and Left-shoulder Partner Tag. EN: 135
Cross Trail Thru and 1/4 Out (otočka o 1/4 na místě směrem od partnera). Cross Trail Thru To The Corner se občas calleruje z normálních (1P2P) Facing Lines před Allemande Left. Alternativní definice: Pass Thru and Left-shoulder Partner Tag. CZ: 135

Cross Trail Thru is used within the definition of many calls. Some examples are listed below. EN: 80
Cross Trail Thru je součást definic mnoha figur. Zde je uvedeno několik příkladů. CZ: 80

Cross The "K" [C2] (Bill White 1970):
From Facing Lines, Eight Chain Thru, or other applicable formations. Cross Trail Thru; Centers Trade as Ends U-Turn Back by turning away from the Center (i.e., 1/4 Out & Roll). EN: 136
Z formace Facing Lines, Eight Chain Thru a dalších vhodných formací. Cross Trail Thru; Centers Trade, noví Ends U-Turn Back tak, že se točí směrem od Center (také 1/4 Out & Roll). CZ: 136

Scramble [C3B] (Lee Kopman 1971):
From Back-to-Back Lines or other applicable formations. Outsides do an Ends Bend and Turn Thru as Centers 1/4 In and Cross Trail Thru. Back-to-Back Lines end in Back-to-Back Lines. EN: 137
Z formace Back-to-Back Lines a dalších vhodných formací. Outsides udělají Ends Bend and Turn Thru, Centers 1/4 In and Cross Trail Thru. Z Back-to-Back Lines končí v Back-to-Back Lines. CZ: 137

Cross Chuck-A-Luck [C3B] (Lee Kopman 1971):
From Parallel Lines with the Centers facing out. Centers Cross Run and Pass In as Ends Face In, Step Forward, and Cross Trail Thru. Ends in an Eight Chain Thru formation. EN: 138
Z formace Parallel Lines s Centers koukající ven. Centers Cross Run and Pass In, Ends Face In, Step Forward, and Cross Trail Thru. Končí ve formaci Eight Chain Thru. CZ: 138

Cross Horseshoe Turn [C4]:
From a 2 x 4 with the Ends in Columns facing Out. Ends Cross Cloverleaf (as one movement, Half Sashay and Cloverleaf) as the Centers 1/4 In and Cross Trail Thru. Generalized Columns end in an Eight Chain Thru. This is a 2-part call for the Centers. EN: 95
Z formace 2 x 4 s Ends v Columns koukající ven. Ends Cross Cloverleaf (jako jeden pohyb Half Sashay a Cloverleaf), Centers 1/4 In and Cross Trail Thru. Obecný Columns končí v Eight Chain Thru. Tato figura má pro centers dvě části. CZ: 95

Cross Trail [obsolete]:
From a Couple. Left-shoulder Partner Tag. Ends in Back-to-Back Dancers. EN: 141
Z formace Couple. Left-shoulder Partner Tag. Končí v Back-to-Back Dancers (tanečníci zády k sobě). CZ: 141

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