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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Cast A Shadow -- [A1]
   (Lee Kopman 1973)
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From Parallel Lines with the Ends in Tandem or from Promenade (in which case designated dancers act as Leaders in Parallel Two-Faced Lines). EN: 10
Aus Parallel Lines mit den Ends in einem Tandem oder aus einem Promenade (in welcher die benannten Tänzer als Leaders in Parallel Two-Faced Lines fungieren). DE: 10

1/2 Zoom, Cast Off 3/4 und Spread
(to become Ends of Lines); EN: 20
(um Ends von Lines zu werden); DE: 20

Out-Facing Centers:

In-Facing Centers:
Extend, Arm Turn 1/4, und Extend.

Adjust as necessary to end in Parallel Lines. EN: 30
Gegebenenfalls ausrichten, um in Parallel Lines zu enden. DE: 30

The following illustrates the Ends part of Cast A ShadowEN: 40
Die folgenden Illustrationen zeigen die Rolle der Ends beim Cast A ShadowDE: 40

Ends Cast A Shadow
1/2 Zoom
Cast Off 3/4
Spread to become Ends of Lines EN: 50
Spread um Ends von Lines zu werden DE: 50
Aus Parallel Two-Faced Lines:

Cast A Shadow
Ends 1/2 Zoom
während Lead Centers 1/3 Cloverleaf
während Trailing Centers Extend
Ends Cast Off 3/4
as Lead Centers complete the Cloverleaf EN: 60

während Trailing Centers Arm Turn 1/4
Original Ends Spread
as Original Centers step into the vacated space EN: 70
Aus Parallel Waves:

Cast A Shadow
Aus Parallel 3 & 1 Lines:

Cast A Shadow
Aus Promenade:
(see note below): EN: 80

Heads (lead) Cast A Shadow
Heads Step Forward
as Sides bend in behind EN: 90
Cast A Shadow

  • Ends remain Ends, Centers remain Centers. EN: 100
    Ends bleiben Ends, Centers bleiben Centers. DE: 100
  • Cast A Shadow converts Parallel Two-Faced Lines into Parallel Waves and vice-versa. EN: 110
    Cast A Shadow wandelt Parallel Two-Faced Lines in Parallel Waves um und umgekehrt. DE: 110
  • Ends meet with original outside hands. EN: 120
    Die Ends treffen sich immer mit den originalen outside hands. update DE: 120
  • The Ends' part is EN: 130
    Der Ends-part ist zu update DE: 130
    1. 1/2 Zoom (Lead End flip away from the Center & Extend as Trailing End 1/2 Circulate to meet with original outside hands); EN: 140
      1/2 Zoom (Lead End flip away from the Center & Extend as Trailing End 1/2 Circulate, um sich mit den originalen outside hands zu treffen); DE: 140
    2. Cast Off 3/4 (think "half, then a quarter more"); EN: 150
      Cast Off 3/4 (denke "halb, dann ein Viertel mehr"); DE: 150
    3. and Spread (allow enough space for two dancers). EN: 160
      and Spread (genug Platz für zwei Tänzer ermöglichen). update DE: 160
  • Out-Facing Centers (the "Shadowers") should make a wide arc for the Cloverleaf so at not to interfere with the Ends. Out-Facing Centers end in the near center position. EN: 170
    Out-Facing Centers (the "Shadowers") sollten einen weiten Bogen für das Cloverleaf machen, so dass sie die Ends nicht behindern. Out-Facing Centers enden in der near center position. DE: 170
  • In-Facing Centers Extend to join inside hands, Arm Turn 1/4 with each other, wait for about two beats to allow the Ends to finish their Cast Off 3/4, and then Extend. Be sure to use only one hand for the Extend & Arm Turn 1/4. We have frequently seen overly-excited dancers step forward, join both hands, whoop and kick, and then forget which way to turn and consequently have no idea where they belong. EN: 180
    In-Facing Centers Extend um die inside hands zu verbinden, Arm turn 1/4 miteinander ausführen, warte für ungefähr zwei Takte, um den Ends zu ermöglichen, ihr Cast Off 3/4 und dann Extend zu beenden. Sei sicher, nur eine Hand für das Extend & Arm Turn 1/4 zu benutzen. Wir haben öfters übernervöse Tänzer gesehen, die vortreten, beide Hände fassen, juhu und trampel, und dann vergessen, in welche Richtung zu drehen ist und folglich keine Idee haben, wo sie hingehören. DE: 180
  • When Cast A Shadow is called from Promenade, the designated Couple (Leaders) should continue Promenading until they are squared off to a wall and then Step Forward as the others bend in behind them to form Parallel Two-Faced Lines; then everyone Cast A Shadow. Executing the call in this manner guarantees that the ending formation (Parallel Waves) is squared off to the walls. EN: 190
    Wenn Cast A Shadow aus einem Promenade gecallt wird, sollte das angewiesene Couple (Leaders) weiterpromenieren, bis es zu einer Wand ausgerichtet ist und dann vortreten, während die anderen hinter ihnen einklappen, um Parallel Two-Faced Lines zu bilden; dann macht jeder Cast A Shadow. Die Ausführung des Calls in dieser Art und Weise garantiert, dass die Endformation (Parallel Waves) winkelig ausgerichtet zu den Wänden ist. update DE: 190

    How to dance Cast A Shadow from Promenade: EN: 200
    Wie Cast A Shadow aus einem Promenade zu tanzen ist: DE: 200
    1. If you are designated, identify yourself; EN: 210
      Wenn du angesprochen bist, identifiziere dich. DE: 210
    2. Square off to a wall; EN: 220
      Richte dich zu einer Wand aus. DE: 220
    3. Do the call. EN: 230
      Führe den Call aus. DE: 230
  • If all Centers start facing out, they do a Cloverleaf. If all Centers start facing in, they do their part of the call (danced as a Pass Thru & Partner Tag). EN: 240
    Wenn alle Tänzer beginnen facing out, machen sie ein Cloverleaf. Wenn alle Centers Beginnen facing in, machen sie ihren Teil des Calls, getanzt als all Pass Thru & Partner Tag DE: 240
  • It is considered inappropriate for the caller to call Cast A Shadow from formations in which the Ends start facing or back-to-back. EN: 250
    Es gilt als unsachgemäß für den Caller Cast A Shadow aus Formationen zu callen in welchen die Ends beginnen facing oder back-to-back. DE: 250
  • Cast A Shadow has a tendency to expand the size of the square. Therefore, after completing the call, tighten up your formation. EN: 260
    Cast A Shadow hat die Tendenz, die Ausmaße des Squares zu vergrößern. Deshalb zieht eure Formation nach Beendigung des Calls wieder zusammen. DE: 260


  • Ends Cast A Shadow But Don't Spread
  • Cast A Shadow, Trailing Centers Cast 3/4

Criss Cross The Shadow [C2] (Ross Howell 1974):
From Parallel Lines with the Ends in Tandem or from Promenade (in which case designated dancers act as Leaders in Parallel Two-Faced Lines). Ends 1/2 Zoom & Slide, Cast Off 3/4 and Spread as Out-Facing Centers Cloverleaf and Slither as In-Facing Centers Cross Extend, Arm Turn 1/4, & Extend. Adjust as necessary to end in Parallel Lines. EN: 149

Relay The Shadow [C1] (Lee Kopman 1975):
From a Tidal Wave, Facing Lines, or other applicable formations. Arm Turn 1/2; Center 6 Cast Off 3/4 as Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4; resulting Center Wave Arm Turn 1/4 & Spread (to become Ends of Parallel Waves) as Others do the Centers part of Cast A Shadow (Leaders Cloverleaf as Trailers Extend; Arm Turn 1/4; Extend). Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 150
Aus einer Tidal Wave, Facing Lines oder anderen passenden Formationen. Tanze einen Arm Turn 1/2; die 6 Center Tänzer tanzen Cast Off 3/4, während die Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4 tanzen; die resultierende Wave in der Mitte tanzt Arm Turn 1/4 & Spread (um Ends von parallelen Waves zu werden), während die Anderen den Teil der Centers von Cast A Shadow tanzen (d. h. Leaders tanzen Cloverleaf, während die Trailers Extend; Arm Turn 1/4; Extend tanzen). Endet in parallelen Waves. DE: 150

Shadow The Column [C4] (Jack Lasry):
From Columns. #1 and #3 dancers act as Ends while #2 and #4 dancers act as Centers of Parallel Two-Faced Lines, and all Cast A ShadowEN: 151

Shadow To A Diamond [C4]:
From applicable Parallel Lines. Ends Cast A Shadow as Lead Centers Run & Extend (making a wide arc as in Cast A Shadow) as Trailing Centers 1/2 Circulate & Trade. Ends in Twin Diamonds. The Centers' part of Shadow To A Diamond is an exaggerated Peel & TrailEN: 152

Shadow formation anything [C4]:
From applicable Parallel Lines, applicable Twin Diamonds, or other applicable formations. Outsides Cast A Shadow But Don't Spread (1/2 Zoom, Cast Off 3/4) as Centers do the anything call. Formation is the name of the center formation. For example, from Twin Diamonds, a Shadow Wave Spin The Top has the Ends Cast A Shadow But Don't Spread as the Center Wave does a Spin The Top. EN: 153

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