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Wheel Thru [A1]
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Wheel Thru -- [A1]
   (Paul Moore 1962)

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Aus Facing Couples.

Wheel Thru [A1]:
Belles 1/4 Right während Beaus diagonal Pass Thru indem man 1/4 nach rechts abdreht.

Left Wheel Thru [A1]:
Beaus 1/4 Left während Belles diagonal linksschultriges Pass Thru indem man 1/4 nach links abdreht.

Endet in Back-to-Back Couples.

Wheel Thru:

Wheel Thru
  nach 1/2   (fertig)

Left Wheel Thru:

Left Wheel Thru
  nach 1/2   (fertig)


  • Bei Wheel Thru, bewegt sich jeder nach rechts.
    Bei Left Wheel Thru, bewegt sich jeder nach links.
  • Wheel Thru ist das gleiche wie Lead Right [Basic], abgesehen davon, dass die Beaus rechtsschultig aneinander vorbeigehen anstelle von linksschultrig.
  • Tänzer klatschen oft einmal in die Hände bei der Ausführung des Calls.

Questionable usages of Wheel Thru:

We've seen Wheel Thru used by callers in the following questionable situations:

In our opinion, neither of these situations should be called. They are illustrated here so that callers can be aware of them and avoid them.

Aus einer T-Bone 2 x 2:

Wheel Thru

From this position, dancers must strictly follow the definition of Wheel Thru (i.e., Belles 1/4 Right).

We don't like this usage because it violates the gestalt that Wheel Thru is a Lead Right.

Aus einer L-H Wave:

Wheel Thru
 Assume you are here!
(take a step backward)

From this position, the caller is attempting to apply the Facing-Couples/Ocean-Wave rule to Wheel Thru.

However, the Facing-Couples/Ocean-Wave rule is not applicable to Wheel Thru because the call does not start with a Pass Thru, Pull By or Arm Turn. In addition, Wheel Thru is defined in terms of Beaus and Belles, and from a L-H Wave all dancers are Belles: therefore, perhaps all dancers should just 1/4 Right!

Wheel Fan Thru [C1]: Aus Facing Couples. Die Beaus tanzen Extend (zur rechten Handverbindung), Arm Turn 3/4 und Extend, während die Belles 1/4 Right tanzen. Endet in Back-to-Back Couples.

Wheel Fan & Cross Thru [C4]: Aus Facing Couples. Wheel Fan Thru; Half Sashay (der Tänzer, welcher das 1/4 Out tanzt, geht dabei vor dem Tänzer, welcher den Arm Turn 3/4 tanzt, vorbei). Endet in Back-to-Back Couples.

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