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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Horseshoe Turn [A1]
   (Doug Johnston 1965)
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From Columns with the Ends Facing Out, or from other applicable formations. EN: 10
Z formace Columns s Ends Facing Out a dalších vhodných formací. CZ: 10

Ends Cloverleaf as Centers Partner Tag (turn 1/4 to face each other & Pass Thru). EN: 20
Ends Cloverleaf, Centers Partner Tag (otočit se o 1/4 k sobě & Pass Thru). CZ: 20

Columns end in an Eight Chain Thru. EN: 30
Columns končí v Eight Chain Thru. CZ: 30

Horseshoe Turn
Horseshoe Turn
Horseshoe Turn

  • Center dancers may want to give each other a slight tug with their joined hands, as an assist toward moving in the correct direction. EN: 40
    Tanečníci uprostřed se mohou lehce zatáhnout za spojené ruce a navést se tak vzájemně do správného směru. CZ: 40
  • Don't get in the habit of doing a Cloverleaf just because you are facing out. Horseshoe Turn is defined in terms of Ends and Centers. If you are a Center, your part is to Partner Tag, even if you're facing out and not looking at anybody. EN: 50
    Nenaučte se dělat Cloverleaf jen proto, že koukáte ven. Horseshoe Turn je definován pro Ends a Centers zvlášť. Pokud jste Center, je vaše část Partner Tag, i když koukáte ven a ne na někoho. CZ: 50
  • Horseshoe Turn is not the same as Clover And Partner Tag. Consider a Squared Set after Heads Pass Thru. From this formation, the call Clover And Partner Tag is legal, but Horseshoe Turn is not. EN: 60
    Horseshoe Turn není to samé jako Clover And Partner Tag. Představte si formaci Squared Set po Heads Pass Thru. Z této formace je povel Clover And Partner Tag legální, ale Horseshoe Turn ne. CZ: 60
  • We once saw a caller call Horseshoe Turn from Out-Facing Lines. The caller wanted the Ends to do a 3/4 Out (like a Cloverleaf in place) as the Centers Partner Tag. From this formation, Horseshoe Turn is not legal since the Ends are not starting as if they were in Columns (i.e., the Ends must start as an Out-Facing Couple). EN: 70
    Jednou jsme viděli někoho callerovat Horseshoe Turn z Out-Facing Lines. Ten caller chtěl po Ends udělat 3/4 Out (jakoby Cloverleaf na místě) a Centers Partner Tag. Z této formace není Horseshoe Turn legální, protože Ends nezačínají jakoby z Columns (tzn. Ends musí začínat jako Out-Facing Couple). CZ: 70
  • We also once saw a caller call Horseshoe Turn, Centers go 1 & 1/2. He wanted the Centers to end in a R-H Wave. We believe he was wrong. The Centers should do a Partner Tag 1 & 1/2 which is a 1/4 In + Pass Thru + 1/4 In. This ends in Facing Couples, not in a Wave. EN: 80
    Také jsem viděli někoho callerovat Horseshoe Turn, Centers go 1 & 1/2. Chtěl, aby Centers skončili v R-H Wave. Věříme, že je to špatně. Centers měli udělat Partner Tag 1 & 1/2, což je 1/4 In + Pass Thru + 1/4 In. Toto končí ve Facing Couples, ne ve Wave. CZ: 80
  • Dancers verbally respond to Horseshoe Turn by repeating the first part of the call name (i.e., 'Horseshoe') as if they were sneezing. Think about pronouncing 'Horseshoe' with a silent 'H'. EN: 90
    Tanečníci při Horseshoe Turn většinou opakují první část jména figury (tzn. 'Horseshoe') jakoby kýchli. Zkuste vyslovit 'Horseshoe' bez 'H'. CZ: 90

Partner Tag [A1] (Willard Orlich 1970):
From a Couple or Mini-Wave. Turn 1/4 in place to face the adjacent dancer (1/4 In); Pass Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Dancers. EN: 94
Z formace Couple nebo Mini-Wave. Otočte se o 1/4 na místě směrem k vedlejšímu tanečníkovi (1/4 In); Pass Thru. Končí v Back-to-Back Dancers. CZ: 94

Cross Horseshoe Turn [C4]:
From a 2 x 4 with the Ends in Columns facing Out. Ends Cross Cloverleaf (as one movement, Half Sashay and Cloverleaf) as the Centers 1/4 In and Cross Trail Thru. Generalized Columns end in an Eight Chain Thru. This is a 2-part call for the Centers. EN: 95
Z formace 2 x 4 s Ends v Columns koukající ven. Ends Cross Cloverleaf (jako jeden pohyb Half Sashay a Cloverleaf), Centers 1/4 In and Cross Trail Thru. Obecný Columns končí v Eight Chain Thru. Tato figura má pro centers dvě části. CZ: 95

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