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{anyone} Hop [C3A]
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anyone Hop -- [C3A]
   (Lee Kopman 1980)

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From an applicable non T-Bone 2 x 2 (usually Facing Couples). EN: 10
Z vhodných non T-Bone 2 x 2 (obvykle Facing Couples). CZ: 10

Designated dancers Walk as others Dodge; all Hinge. EN: 20
Označení tanečníci Walk, ostatní Dodge; všichni Hinge. CZ: 20

Ends in a Wave or Inverted Line. This is a 2-part call. EN: 30
Končí ve Wave nebo Inverted Line. Figura má dvě části. CZ: 30

Beau Hop:

Beau Hop
Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge

Trailer Hop:

Trailer Hop
Trailers Walk, Leaders Dodge


  • Everybody Hop
    From Facing Couples: Everybody Walk (Pass Thru), Hinge. EN: 40
    Z formace Facing Couples: Všichni Walk (Pass Thru), Hinge. CZ: 40
  • Nobody Hop
    From a Mini-Wave or Couple: Everybody Dodge (Half Sashay), Hinge. EN: 50
    Z formace Mini-Wave nebo Couple: Všichni Dodge (Half Sashay), Hinge. CZ: 50
  • Trailer Hop
    From a Mini-Wave Box: Walk & Dodge; Hinge. EN: 60
    Z formace Mini-Wave Box: Walk & Dodge; Hinge. CZ: 60
  • Grand anyone Hop
    From a 1/4 Box or other applicable Columns. Those designated Walk (Circulate) as Others Dodge; Hinge. For example, from a Squared Set: Heads Touch 1/4; Grand Beau Hop (six Beaus Walk, two Belles Dodge; Hinge). EN: 70
    Z formace 1/4 Box a vhodných Columns. Označení tanečníci Walk (Circulate), ostatní Dodge; Hinge. Například z formace Squared Set: Heads Touch 1/4; Grand Beau Hop (šest Beaus Walk, dva Belles Dodge; Hinge). CZ: 70
  • Magic (Column) anyone Hop

Cross anyone Hop [C4]:
Designated dancers Cross Walk (Split Trade Circulate) as others Dodge; all Hinge. This is a 2-part call. EN: 304
Označení tanečníci Cross Walk (Split Trade Circulate), ostatní Dodge; všichni Hinge. Tato figura má dvě části. CZ: 304

Cross Boy Hop:

Cross Boy Hop
( = Boy, = Girl)
Boys Cross Walk, Girls Dodge

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