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Zero Line ==> Zero Line -- Basic
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Zero Line ==> Zero Line -- Basic
ID: 8725

Pass The Ocean,
Swing Thru,
Ladies Trade,
Men Run,
Couples Circulate,
Bend The Line
(Zero Line)
Submitted ByCalvin Campbell

This is a Technical Zero. . If it starts in a 1P2P line, it moves from a 1P2P line to a 4P1P line.
Handle List
 737  Pass The Ocean  [Basic]
1121 Swing Thru [Basic]
1436 Girl(s) IDENTIFIER
1175 Trade [Basic]
1435 Boy(s) IDENTIFIER
891 (anyone) Run [Basic]
274 Couples Circulate [Basic]
161 Bend The Line [Basic]

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ID: 8725
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