Choreography Database
Choreography Database
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 CSDS Sequence Databases 

Welcome to the Choreography Database
  • The Choreography Database is a repository for Square Dance Choreography.
  • The database currently contains 9105 sequences.
  • To locate specific sequences, use a link from the menu bar above.
  • Callers:
    Please add some choreography to the database.
  • The Choreography Database is a relational database.

    • Callers can submit choreography, and view the choreography of others.
    • Comments may be added to existing sequences.
    • Updated information is immediately available to others.
    • Search queries can locate specific kinds of sequences.
  • Inappropriate choreography will be deleted from database. This includes sequences that are too long, contain calls from illegal positions, have bad flow, or have timing issues (singing call sequences).
  • Please send us comments about the database via Feedback.

  • The goals of the Choreography Database are:

    • To be an online repository for square dance choreography. Callers can submit choreographic material so that others may use it. Callers may download material for their own use.
    • To allow callers to quickly locate specific kinds of sequences. Callers can search for choreographic material by type, level, call, etc.

  • Although all choreography has been checked via the CSDS program, occasionally a sequence may be incorrect. Use sequences at your own risk.
  • Before using a sequence, check the sequence to ensure that the level of difficulty is appropriate for your group.
  • The database administrator will attempt to ensure that
    • Sequences contain reasonable choreography
    • Sequences correctly resolve
    • Sequences are marked with the correct level
    • Duplicate sequences are avoided
    • Data format appears consistent across the dataset
  • Should you encounter any incorrect information, please Contact Vic

  • The Choreography Database project started in March 2000.
  • The project is implemented with a MySQL database using the PHP scripting language.
  • Author: Vic Ceder
  • The Choreography Database has been designed to be general purpose so as to encompass a wide variety of choreography.

  • Search by Sequence Type, Level, Call, and Author (the caller who submitted the sequence).
  • Anyone can add comments to an existing record. To do so, click the Complete Record link to display the entire data record for the sequence. Then click on the 'add comments' button.
  • To print a sequence, click on the 'printable page' link (visible from either the normal view or the single record view). A new browser window is opened and the sequence displayed in a large font. Click your browser's print button to print it.
  • CSDS users can click the 'Import sequences into CSDS' link located near the top of the normal view page.
Editor's Comments

  • Sequences from a squared set always begin with Heads, unless the sequence is asymmetric and requires Sides to start.
  • Sequences marked "*** not validated ***" have not been checked for:
    1. valid choreography
    2. level (i.e., CALLERLAB "program")
    3. bad flow, overflow, bad hand usage
    4. duplicate entry in database

    The contributor sets the difficulty field. This is changed only if blatantly wrong.

    Individual singing call figures are not checked for timing.

    However, if I find one that is too long I will fix or remove it.
    If I find one that is too short, I will add fluff such as 'dosado', 'forward & back', or an extra 'scoot back'.

    Sequences containing calls that are on multiple levels (e.g., Extend, Recycle, Explode, Chain Reaction, Rotates) sometimes are listed with the wrong level. Please notify me if you find one, and I will manually change the level.

  • Sequences deemed inappropriate or controversial, having bad flow, or are too long are removed from the database.
23-August-2019 18:05:31
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