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Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- C4
Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- C4
ID: 7304

Heads Pass The Sea,
Jay Left On 2,
Triple Columns Working Right Double Pass Your Leader,
Parallelogram Walk Out To A Wave,
The Key,
Initially Triple Boxes Cover Up,
Mirror Reverse Checkpoint Recycle By Recycle,
Oddly Once Removed Change The Centers,
Centers Cross Roll,
Two-Faced Relay Your Pleasure,
Cross Reactivate,
Mirror Short And Sweet,
Replace The Column,
Link Up,
Flip Back,
Pair The Line,
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Handle List
1431  Head(s) IDENTIFIER
738 Pass The Sea [A1]
616 Jay CONCEPT [C3A]
20 (Right|Left) On (n) [C4]
1480 2 (number)
1657 Triple (setups) Working (direction) [C3B]
1596 Column FORMATION
1472 Right DIRECTION
435 Double Pass Thru [Basic]
54 (anything) Your Leader [C3A]
726 Parallelogram FORMATION [C2]
1269 Walk Out To A Wave [C2]
1565 (anything) The Key [C3B]
1807 Initially CONCEPT [C3A]
1215 Triple Box FORMATION [C1]
279 Cover Up [C4]
630 Left (used as Mirror) CONCEPT
828 Reverse Checkpoint (any) By (any) [C3B]
1750 Recycle (generic) [Mainstream]
1750 Recycle (generic) [Mainstream]
795 Oddly CONCEPT [C3B]
703 Once Removed CONCEPT [C2]
217 Change The Centers [C3B]
1442 Center(s) IDENTIFIER
341 Cross Roll (To A Line|Wave) [C1]
98 Two-Faced CONCEPT [C3B]
805 Relay Your Pleasure [C4]
339 Cross Reactivate [C3B]
630 Left (used as Mirror) CONCEPT
938 Short & Sweet [C4]
820 Replace The Column [C4]
647 Link Up [C3A]
497 Flip Back [C1]
722 Pair The Line [C4]
1356 Right & Left Grand [Basic]

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