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Zero Line ==> Resolve -- C3A
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Zero Line ==> Resolve -- C3A
ID: 5374

Pass Thru,
Taggers Dilemma,
Couple Up,
Pass Thru,
Tag Chain Thru,
1/4 Thru,
End Girl Run,
Eight By Couple Up,
Centers Step To A Wave,
Diamond Chain Thru,
   Outsides Circulate Once,
Scatter Circulate,
Trade The Deucey,
Submitted ByVic Ceder

Handle List
 735  Pass Thru  [Basic]
1144 Tagger's Dilemma [C3A]
272 Couple Up [C3A]
735 Pass Thru [Basic]
1140 Tag The Line (full) (dir) [Mainstream]
30 (any Tag call) Chain Thru [C3A]
91 1/4 Thru [A1]
1441 End(s) IDENTIFIER
1436 Girl(s) IDENTIFIER
891 (anyone) Run [Basic]
450 Eight By (anything) [C3A]
272 Couple Up [C3A]
1442 Center(s) IDENTIFIER
1399 Step To A Wave [Basic]
402 Diamond Chain Thru [A2]
1437 Outer 4 IDENTIFIER
242 Circulate [Basic]
899 Scatter Circulate [C3A]
1182 Trade The Deucey [C3A]
1429 Allemande Left [Basic]

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ID: 5374
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