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Zero Line ==> Resolve -- C1
Zero Line ==> Resolve -- C1
ID: 1195

Right And Left Thru,
Pass The Ocean,
Single Hinge,
Split Circulate,
Cross Your Neighbor,
Bend The Line,
Fan The Top & Spread,
Left Swing Thru,
Ends Bend,
Peel The Top (point to point diamonds),
Diamond Circulate,
Flip The Diamond,
Triple Trade,
Relay The Shadow (lefty),
Allemande Left
Submitted ByLloyd Lewis

Uses left relay the shadow to an allemande left; also an unusual use of Peel the Top
Handle List
 865  Right & Left Thru  [Basic]
737 Pass The Ocean [Basic]
990 Slip [A2]
564 Hinge [Mainstream]
1030 Split Circulate [Basic]
358 Cross Your Neighbor [C1]
161 Bend The Line [Basic]
480 Fan The Top [Plus]
1054 Spread [Plus]
631 Left Swing Thru [Basic]
453 Ends Bend [A1]
748 Peel The Top [Plus]
403 Diamond Circulate [Plus]
502 Flip The Diamond [Plus]
1224 Triple Trade [A1]
808 Relay The Shadow [C1]
1429 Allemande Left [Basic]

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ID: 1195
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