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Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- C4
Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- C4
ID: 10259

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All 4 Couples Rollaway,
Heads Central Walk The Clover,
Sandwich Sashay Thru Around Reverse The Top,
Mimic Beaus Swing An Anchor,
Catch Rewind Reach Out 3,
Wind The Bobbin,
Split Phantom Columns Explosion,
Skewsome Lock The Hinge,
Echo Phantom Butterfly Or O Loop And Tag Back,
Tunnel Couple Up,
Submitted Byanonymous

Handle List
 880  Rollaway (With A Half Sashay)  [Basic]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
209 Central CONCEPT [C3B]
1270 Walk The Clover [C4]
1870 Sandwich (anything Around anything) [C4]
897 Sashay Thru [C4]
857 Reverse The Top [C3B]
2008 Mimic CONCEPT [C4]
158 Beau(s) IDENTIFIER [A1]
1122 Swing An Anchor [C4]
203 Catch (anything) (n) [C3A]
862 Rewind CONCEPT [C4]
797 Reach Out [C3A]
1481 3 (number)
1296 Wind The Bobbin [C3A]
1039 Split Phantom Columns FORMATION [C3A]
471 Explosion [C4]
983 Skewsome CONCEPT [C4]
651 Lock The Hinge [C3A]
1871 Echo CONCEPT [C3B]
1531 Phantom "O" Or Butterfly CONCEPT [C4]
656 Loop & (fract) Tag [C3B]
33 (any Tag call) Back (To A Wave) [C1]
1233 Tunnel (anything) [C4]
272 Couple Up [C3A]
1508 HOME

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