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CSDS Sequence Databases
CSDS2 version 2.50 or later is required

To downloaded sequence databases within CSDS,
select System | Download seq databases from web...

Or... to manually download an individual database,
  1. Click on a database link below (e.g., xxx.SeqMdb)
  2. Save the downloaded file into the CSDS application data folder into subfolder SEQ
    (e.g., C:\Csds2Data\SEQ or C:\SQDATA\SEQ)

    This folder can be found in CSDS via
    Help | About Csds2 | Open Application Data Folder.
    Then navigate to subfolder SEQ.
TypeDatabasebytesLast updated
Basic Singing CallsWBSCS.SeqMdb212,992 12-Feb-2024
Basic Static SetWB.SeqMdb323,584 12-Feb-2024
Basic Zero BoxWBZB.SeqMdb147,456 12-Feb-2024
Basic Zero LineWBZL.SeqMdb163,840 12-Feb-2024
Mainstream Singing CallsWMSCS.SeqMdb339,968 12-Feb-2024
Mainstream Static SetWM.SeqMdb495,616 12-Feb-2024
Mainstream Zero BoxWMZB.SeqMdb196,608 12-Feb-2024
Mainsream Zero LineWMZL.SeqMdb241,664 12-Feb-2024
Plus Singing CallsWPLSCS.SeqMdb421,888 12-Feb-2024
Plus Static SetWPL.SeqMdb647,168 12-Feb-2024
Plus Zero BoxWPLZB.SeqMdb278,528 12-Feb-2024
Plus Zero LineWPLZL.SeqMdb307,200 12-Feb-2024
A1 Singing CallsWA1SCS.SeqMdb188,416 12-Feb-2024
A1 Static SetWA1.SeqMdb376,832 12-Feb-2024
A1 Zero BoxWA1ZB.SeqMdb192,512 12-Feb-2024
A1 Zero LineWA1ZL.SeqMdb200,704 12-Feb-2024
A2 Singing CallsWA2SCS.SeqMdb159,744 12-Feb-2024
A2 Static SetWA2.SeqMdb446,464 12-Feb-2024
A2 Zero BoxWA2ZB.SeqMdb176,128 12-Feb-2024
A2 Zero LineWA2ZL.SeqMdb167,936 12-Feb-2024
C1 Singing CallsWC1SCS.SeqMdb131,072 12-Feb-2024
C1 Static SetWC1.SeqMdb856,064 12-Feb-2024
C1 Zero BoxWC1ZB.SeqMdb176,128 12-Feb-2024
C1 Zero LineWC1ZL.SeqMdb143,360 12-Feb-2024
C2 Singing CallsWC2SCS.SeqMdb118,784 12-Feb-2024
C2 Static SetWC2.SeqMdb270,336 12-Feb-2024
C2 Zero BoxWC2ZB.SeqMdb114,688 12-Feb-2024
C2 Zero LineWC2ZL.SeqMdb114,688 12-Feb-2024
C3A Static SetWC3A.SeqMdb126,976 12-Feb-2024
C3A Zero BoxWC3AZB.SeqMdb114,688 12-Feb-2024
C3A Zero LineWC3AZL.SeqMdb143,360 12-Feb-2024
C3B Static SetWC3B.SeqMdb159,744 12-Feb-2024
C3B Zero BoxWC3BZB.SeqMdb131,072 12-Feb-2024
C3B Zero LineWC3BZL.SeqMdb114,688 12-Feb-2024
25-May-2024 03:24:16
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