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 CSDS Sequence Databases 

CSDS Sequence Databases
Download CSDS Sequence Databases generated via the Choreography Database.

Note:  CSDS version 1.50 or later is required.

To download a database,

  1. Click on a database link below (e.g., xxx.seq)
  2. Save the downloaded file into the csds application data folder, historically C:\SQDATA\SEQ

TypeDatabase# seqsLast updatedadmin
Basic Singing Callswbscs.seq210 21-Sep-2014
Basic Static Setwb.seq123 21-Sep-2014
Basic Zero Boxwbzb.seq87 21-Sep-2014
Basic Zero Linewbzl.seq113 21-Sep-2014
Mainstream Singing Callswmscs.seq456 21-Sep-2014
Mainstream Static Setwm.seq288 21-Sep-2014
Mainstream Zero Boxwmzb.seq187 21-Sep-2014
Mainsream Zero Linewmzl.seq275 21-Sep-2014
Plus Singing Callswplscs.seq579 21-Sep-2014
Plus Static Setwpl.seq713 21-Sep-2014
Plus Zero Boxwplzb.seq342 21-Sep-2014
Plus Zero Linewplzl.seq409 21-Sep-2014
A1 Singing Callswa1scs.seq158 21-Sep-2014
A1 Static Setwa1.seq355 21-Sep-2014
A1 Zero Boxwa1zb.seq179 21-Sep-2014
A1 Zero Linewa1zl.seq209 21-Sep-2014
A2 Singing Callswa2scs.seq107 21-Sep-2014
A2 Static Setwa2.seq152 21-Sep-2014
A2 Zero Boxwa2zb.seq145 21-Sep-2014
A2 Zero Linewa2zl.seq130 21-Sep-2014
C1 Singing Callswc1scs.seq37 21-Sep-20140
C1 Static Setwc1.seq411 21-Sep-2014
C1 Zero Boxwc1zb.seq126 21-Sep-2014
C1 Zero Linewc1zl.seq56 21-Sep-2014
C2 Singing Callswc2scs.seq19 21-Sep-20140
C2 Static Setwc2.seq54 21-Sep-2014
C2 Zero Boxwc2zb.seq3 21-Sep-20140
C2 Zero Linewc2zl.seq5 21-Sep-20140
C3A Singing Callswc3ascs.seq0 
C3A Static Setwc3a.seq4 21-Sep-20140
C3A Zero Boxwc3azb.seq2 21-Sep-20140
C3A Zero Linewc3azl.seq50 21-Sep-20140
C3B Singing Callswc3bscs.seq0 
C3B Static Setwc3b.seq31 21-Sep-2014
C3B Zero Boxwc3bzb.seq29 21-Sep-2014
C3B Zero Linewc3bzl.seq2 21-Sep-20140

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