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C3A -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7486   Print 
Heads Wheel Thru Veer Left,
Couples Hinge,
Initially Once Removed Spin Chain The Line,
3/4 Tag,
Cross Counter,
Couples Circulate,
Bend The Line - Vertical Dixie Sashay,
Criss Cross The Shadow,
Swing The Gamut,
Ferris Wheel Tandem With The Flow,
Open Up The Column,
Single Checkmate,
Scoot & Fancy,
Left Latch On,
Out Roll Circulate & Mix,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5391   Print 
(Zero Line)
Stretch Square Chain Thru,
Latch On,
Scoot Reaction,
Single Cross Trade & Wheel,
Scoot & Fancy, Girls Truck,
Boys Press Ahead & Remake,
IY Split Phantom Columns: Grand Left Remake,
Girls Remake, Boys Press Ahead,
All Ease Off,
Double Pass Thru,
Turn To A Line & Roll,
Dixie Grand,
C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=9139   Print 
Heads Alter The Wave,
Mirror Split Square Chain The Top,
Take 2,
Funny Pass Thru,
Turn The Key,
Split Phantom Waves Follow Your Leader,
Turn The Key,
Split Phantom Boxes Scatter Circulate,
Split Phantom Boxes Link Up,
Link Up,
Explode The Wave,
Oddly Centers Turn The Key,
Explode The Diamond,
Single Cross And Wheel,
Catch Turn The Key 3,
Stretched Box Latch On,
Finish Change The Centers,
Switch The Wave,
Trapezoid Circulate,
Promenade Home
C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7406   Print 
Heads Mirror Split Swap,
Left Pass & Roll Your Neighbor,
Single Ferris Wheel,
Double Pass Thru,
Stretch Latch On,
Link Up,
Drift Apart,
Initially Once Removed Hinge'rs Motivate,
Central Ease Off,
Cross Cycle,
Crossover Circulate,
Reverse The Pass,
3/4 Cross Flip The Line,
Left Rally,
Checkpoint Linear Cycle By Mix,
Cut The Diamond,
Cast A Shadow,
Stretch Cycle & Wheel,
Double Pass Thru,
Own The Centers Trip The Set By,
   Stable Invert The Column,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=9145   Print 
Heads Swap The Top,
Interlace Reverse Order Turn On With Stimulate,
Easy Does It,
Pass The Top,
Chisel Thru But Centers Latch On Like A Patch The Girls,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=6656   Print 
Heads Pass In,
Double Pass Thru,
Sandwich Latch On Around 1/4 Mix,
Bias Trade Circulate,
Ah So,
Clear Out,
Centers Partner Trade,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=10772   Print 
Heads Travel Thru,
Interlocked Scoot And Counter,
Short And Sweet,
Set Your Pace,
Strut Right,
Echo Once Removed Turn And Deal,
Trans Reactivate,
Triple Trade,
Reverse Echo Trans Fall Into A Column,
Mark Time,
Latch On,
1/4 The Deucey,
Settle Back,
Own The Centers Change Your Image By Ease Off,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7521   Print 
Heads Turn Thru,
Clover And Nothing,
Zip Code 2,
Tally Ho,
Rims Trade Soft Touch,
Finish Spin A Wheel,
Tag The Yellow Brick Road,
Swing To A Column,
Wrap To An Interlocked Diamond,
Exchange The Diamond,
Initially 1/2 Reverse Crazy Tag The Yellow Brick Road,
Jay Wheel Fan Thru,
Latch On,
Chain Reaction,
Magic Line Cross Roll To A Wave,
Touch Tone 1/4 By 1/4,
1/2 Reverse Crazy Cross Back,
Peel Off,
Slant Wheel Around By Turn And Deal,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7428   Print 
Heads Reflected Vertical Tag Your Criss Cross Neighbor,
Trim The Web 'Em Up,
Reverse Checkpoint Cross Run Away By Latch On 1/2,
Outside 6 Scoot The Triangle,
Once Removed Circulate,
Finish Finish Cooperate,
Follow And Criss Cross,
Ease Off,
Centers Slide Thru,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7516   Print 
Heads Beau Hop,
Release Linear Cycle,
Parallelogram Pass The Ocean,
Offset Waves Switch The Wave,
Initially Triple Lines Taggeroo,
Link Up And Cross,
Step And Slide,...The Axle,
Cross The K,
Pass Thru,
1/2 Crazy Single Shuffle,
Lines Tandem Twosome Latch On Thru,
Centers Slip,...Cross & Divide,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7675   Print 
Heads Change The Centers,
Trim The Web,
Initially Centers Lock Em Up,
Center Wave Switch The Wave,
Siamese 3/4 Twosome Single Scoot And Trade,
Outrigger Outpost,
Chain Reaction,
Flare Out To A Line,
Split Phantom 1/4 Lines Straight Away,
Split Phantom 1/4 Tags Scoot And Cross Counter,
Split Phantom Boxes Switch The Wave,
Quadruple Boxes Working Right Keep Busy,
Like A Long Trip,
Stretched Box Latch On,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=9151   Print 
Heads Cross The Top,
Scoot And Rally,
Split Phantom 1/4 Tags Straight Away,
Split Phantom 1/4 Tags Follow Thru,
Quadruple Waves Working Backward First Choice,
Chip Off,
Interlocked Phantom Boxes Linear Flow,
Quadruple Waves Working Forward Locker's Choice,
Split Phantom Boxes Follow And Cross,
Skewsome Latch On,
Phantom Butterfly Or O Change-O,
Initially Use Disband For Sidetrack,
Centers Sweep 1/4,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7612   Print 
Heads Into The Middle And Back,
Echo Heads Short And Sweet,
Echo Once Removed Shake And Rattle,
Echo Eight By Snap,
Echo Interlocked Parallelogram Latch On,
Echo Tandem Twosome 1/4 The Alter,
Echo Cross Concentric Lockit,
Echo Quadruple Lines Working Forward Scatter Scoot,
Echo Finish 1/4 The Deucey,
Echo Central Crackle,
Echo Centers Tickle,
Echo Finish Clear Out,
Echo Once Removed Hinge,
Echo Reverse Order Mix,
Echo 1/2 Swing,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=10673   Print 
All 4 Couples Rollaway,
Heads Spin The Pulley But Settle Back,
Shadow The Column,
Phantom Tandem Go First Class,
Split Phantom Lines Stretch Stack The Wheel,
Quadruple Column Tandem 1/4 Twosome Latch On,
(12 matrix) 3x3 Scatter Circulate,
Quadruple Box Scoot Apart,
Split Phantom Lines 4x4 Crossfire,
Initially Echo Split Phantom Columns Turn On,
Reverse Change-O (er's) Coordinate,
Cross Trade And Wheel,
Promenade Home
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Hard   ID=7563   Print 
All 4 Couples Pair Off,
Phantom Columns Track 2,
Split Phantom Waves Phantom Tandem Swing Thru,
Split Phantom Waves Latch On,
Interlocked Phantom Waves Circulate,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Hard   ID=10777   Print 
Heads Split Dixie Daisy,
Zig Zag,
Ah So,
Interlace Recoil With Latch On,
Spin Tag The Deucey In,
Finish Coordinate,
Explode The Diamond,
Magic Line Central Team Up,
Ah So,
Turn On,
Trans Reverse Order Turn On,
Tandem Twosome Reach Out,
Outroll Circulate,
1/4 The Deucey,
Settle Back,
Tandem Trade,
Buckle And Right Wing Scoot & Dodge,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Hard   ID=7556   Print 
Heads Star To A Wave,
Release Swap The Wave,
Triple Boxes Shake & Rattle,
Parallelogram Split Phantom Lines Latch On,
Parallelogram Split Phantom Lines Checkmate,
Tag Back,
Echo Triple Waves Flip Back,
Easy Does It,
Lines Hammerlane Thru,
Funny 3 By 2 Acey Deucey,
Tandem Based Triangle Are Solid All Switch To A Diamond,
Lines Drop In Thru,
Once Removed Circulate,
Trade Circulate,
Lines Hinge Thru,
Cross Town Roll,
Girls Staggered Box Vertical Turn & Deal,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Hard   ID=7522   Print 
Heads Pass The Ocean,
Release Patch The Girls,
Triple Boxes Pass In,
Pass & Roll,
Triple Waves Working Forward Rotary Circulate,
Z Axle,
Initially Once Removed Tickle,
Hang Loose,
Square The Bases,
Split Phantom Lines Swap The Top,
Split Phantom Boxes Trapezoid Slide Thru,
Skew Latch On,
Skew Hinge,
Girls Press Ahead,
Finish Fancy,
Tunnel Partner Tag,
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