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A2 -- Singer (Corner progression)   Easy   ID=1190   Print 
*** not validated ***
Heads Pass Thru,
Cross Clover And Reverse Swap Around,
Pass The Ocean,
Center Four Lockit,
Others Explode And Chain Reaction,
Trade Circulate,
Explode And Slide Thru,
Swing & Promenade
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5387   Print 
(Zero Line)
Catch 2,
Wrap To An Hourglass,
6 By 2 Acey Deucey,
Tandem-Based Triangle Funny Circulate 1 & 1/2,
Triple Diamond Any Hand Remake,
Outside 6 Funny Circulate,
Triple Diamond Flip The Diamond,
Jaywalk & Stampede,
Pass & Roll Chain Thru Reaction,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5369   Print 
(Zero Line)
Chisel Thru, Boys Roll,
Exchange The Boxes, Girls Roll,
Rotary Flip Back,
Scoot Chain Thru Reaction,
Extend & Stampede,
Pass & Roll,
1/4 The Deucey & Spread,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5389   Print 
(Zero Line)
Pass Thru,
Tag Chain Thru Reaction, Star 1/2,
Bias Circulate, Boys Roll,
Checker Box Square Chain Thru,
Sets In Motion,
Centers Alter The Wave,
Jaywalk & Cross Ramble,
Dixie Grand,
C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   ID=7687   Print 
Heads Wheel Thru,
Own The Couples 1 And 2, Pass The Ocean By Pass The Sea,
Checkpoint, Step And Fold By Explode And Pass In,
Once Removed Revolve To A Wave,
Reverse The Top,
Boys Run,
Couples Twosome Sock It To Me,
Cross Concentric, Explode And Pass In,
Exchange The Boxes 1/2,
Track Reaction,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=7565   Print 
Heads Split Grand Chain 8,
Pass Thru,
Chase Chain Thru,
Explode And Tag The Star Reaction,
Explode The Toppers Percolate,
Split Circulate,...All 8 Circulate,
Lift Off,
Ship Ahoy,...Quick Step,
Expand The Column,
Detract 3,
Ah So,
Double Your Pleasure,
Boys Hinge,
Phantom Crossover Circulate,
Initially Boys 1/4 The Deucey,
Echo Checkerboard Swing And Mix,
3/4 Run Wild,
Explode The Wave,
Step And Slide,
Counter Shake,
Mini Busy,
Release Recycle,
Stretch Zoom,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=7194   Print 
Heads Stretch Split Square Chain Thru,
Roll Out To A Column (er's) Cooperate,
Split Phantom Waves Walk The Clover,
Z Tap The Boys,
Own The Heads Curve Right By Phantom Lines Trade Circulate,
Siamese 1/4 Twosome Follow To A Diamond,
Once Removed Swing About,
Double Pass Your Leader,
Triple Play Reaction,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7169   Print 
Heads Own Couple Number 1 Pass The Ocean By Pass The Sea,
Make A Pass,
Stroll Down The Lane,
Initially Trapezoid Counter Stimulate,
Boys Mix,
Those Facing Start: Cover Up,
Spin The Pulley,
Heads Run Wild,
Centers Any Hand 1/4 Mix,
Stretched Diamond Cut The Diamond,
Shake And Rattle,
Boys Start: Ride The Tide,
Revolve To A Wave Like A Recoil,
Own The Near Wave Change The Centers By Change The Wave,
Scatter Scoot Chain Thru Reaction,
C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Hard   ID=7524   Print 
Heads Split Catch Spin Chain The Line 3,
Triple Play Reaction,
Drift Apart,
Curl Apart,
Triple Boxes Zing,
Triple Boxes Working Forward Rotary Spin,
Triple Boxes Working Right Rims Trade Cross Back,
Touch Tone 3/4 By 1/4,
Press For Time,
Ease Off,
Stretched Box Swing Thru 1 & 1/2,
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