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C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=9580   Print 
Heads Split Swap,
Boys Kick Off,
Triple Box Counter Rotate,
The K,
Walk Out To A Wave,
Boys Start Alter & Circulate,
Alter The Wave Replace Flip The Diamond With Drop In,
Trade Circulate,
8 Circulate,
Tandem Girls Run,
Checkmate The Column,
Promenade Home
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=10478   Print 
Heads Split Swap,
Pass Thru,
Wheel The Ocean,
Walk Out To A Wave,
[Remake] Er's Motivate,
Girls Kick Off,
Double Pass Thru,
Zig Zag,
Cross Back,
Alter And Circulate,
Pass To The Center,
Centers 1/4 In,
At Home
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=9527   Print 
Head Boys Kick Off,
Funny O Circulate 3,
Squeeze The "O",
Funny Butterfly Circulate 1,
Triple Box Or Wave Left Swing Thru,
Linear Action,
Split Counter Coordinate,
Criss Cross The Shadow,
Alter & Circulate,
Centers Counter Rotate,
Concentric Walk & Dodge,
All 1/4 In Home
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=9591   Print 
Heads Single Rotate 1/4,
Sides Touch 1/4,
Alter & Circulate,
Sets In Motion,
Boys Kick Off,
Right Roll To A Wave,
End Boys Ripple 2,
Sock It To Me,
Diamond Chain Thru,
Slip Slide,
Motivate, Star 3/4 & Spread,
Lead Boy Run,
Ends 1/4 In Home
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=1238   Print 
Head Ladies Chain Across,
Sides Left Split Dixie Diamond,
Out-Point Triangle Circulate,
Relocate The Diamonds,
Unwrap The Diamonds,
Crossover Circulate,
Leads Start Wheel The Sea,
Alter And Circulate,
Acey Deucey & Spread,
Hubs Trade Half Circulate,
Squeeze The Galaxy,
Cut The Hourglass,
Stretch 2/3 Recycle,
Criss Cross The Shadow,
Allemande Left
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=10483   Print 
Heads Pair Off,
Pass To The Center,
Zip Code 4,
Centers Do Your Part, Percolate,
Here Comes The Judge,
Slide Thru, Boys Roll,
Funny Square Thru 2,
Center Boys Jaywalk,
1/4, Invert The Column,
Centers Slip And Slide,
Chain Reaction,
Alter And Circulate,
Counter Rotate,
Peel The Top,
Swing Along,
Circulate 1 & 1/2,
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=10128   Print 
Heads Wheel Thru,
Alter And Circulate,
Left Counter,
Touch 1/4,
Grand Single Cross And Wheel,
Single Cross And Wheel,
Double Pass Thru,
Peel Off & Roll,
Centers Pass Thru,
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=10117   Print 
Heads Lead Right,
Alter And Circulate,
Switch To A Diamond Chain Thru,
   Girls Circulate,
Boys Hinge,
Unwrap The Diamonds,
Hinge Along,
Ah So,
Grand Single Cross Trade And Wheel,
Twist And Split Swap,
Pass Thru,
Trade By,
Left Allemande (1/4 promenade)
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5329   Print 
Heads Pass Out,
Pass In,
Touch 1/4,
Split Counter Motivate,
Swing Thru,
Split Counter Coordinate,
Chain Reaction,
Alter & Circulate,
Left Swing The Fractions,
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=9544   Print 
Heads Pass The Ocean,
Girls Walk & Dodge,
Criss Cross The Shadow,
Girls Left Swing Thru,
1/2 Reverse Crazy Ah So,
1/2 Invert The Column,
Alter & Circulate,
Funny Pass Thru Twice,
Little More,
Split Recycle,
Pass In Centers Roll & Backaway Home
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5345   Print 
Heads Pass The Ocean,
Veer Left,
Cross & Wheel,
Hocus Pocus, Centers Roll,
Lead End Run,
Split Catch 3,
Tandem Left Swing Thru,
Alter & Circulate & Roll,
Dixie Grand,
C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=10102   Print 
Heads Pass The Ocean,
Scoot And Counter,
Swap The Wave,
Finish Rotary Spin,
Alter And Circulate,
Criss Cross Your Neighbor,
Hocus Pocus,
Magic File To A Line,
Couples Circulate,
Do Your Part: Girls Wheel And Deal, Boys Turn And Deal,
Star Thru,
Reverse Promenade Home
C2 -- Singer (Corner progression)   Easy   ID=1020   Print 
Heads 1/2 Square Thru,
Alter & Circulate,
Criss Cross Your Neighbor,
Split Circulate,
Swing & Promenade
C2 -- Singer (Corner progression)   Easy   ID=1027   Print 
Heads Star Thru,
Double Pass Thru,
Stack The Line,
Alter & Circulate,
Sets In Motion,
Centers Explode Square Thru 2,
Swing & Promenade
C3A -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=5372   Print 
Heads Wheel Thru,
Fan The Top,
Spin Chain The Line,
Alter & Circulate,
Hinge The Lockers Choice,
C3A -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=10666   Print 
Heads Pass Thru,
Split Circulate,
Eight By Pass The Ocean,
Diamond Circulate,
Strip The Diamonds,
Grand Swing And Mix,
Relay The Shadow,
Alter And Circulate,
Locker's Choice,
Girls Run,
Slant Touch And Wheel,
Release Recycle,
Centers Sweep 1/4 & Backaway,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=5361   Print 
(Zero Line)
Touch 1/4,
Something New,
Chain Reaction, Star 1/2,
Spin The Top,
Spin Chain The Line,
Alter & Circulate,
Initially Tandem Swing Thru,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=5363   Print 
(Zero Line)
Catch 2,
Triple Play,
1/4 The Deucey,
Swing Thru & Roll,
Initially Tandem Relay The Top,
Initially Tandem Alter & Circulate,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=4144   Print 
(Zero Line)
Pass Thru,
Team Up,
Peel & Trail,
Alter & Circulate,
C3A -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5383   Print 
(Zero Line)
Pass The Ocean,
Alter & Circulate,
Checker Box Recycle,
Split Transfer,
Exchange The Boxes,
Breaker Swing & Mix,
Diamond Circulate & Roll,
Centers Single Rotary Spin,
Scoot & Rally,
Explode And Box The Gnat,
Change Hands, L.A
C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=7008   Print 
Heads Turn Thru,
Lift Off,
Cross Flip The Top,
Initially Checkpoint Hinge By Flip Your Neighbor,
Turn The Key,
Fan Alter And Circulate,
Change Lanes,
C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve   Hard   ID=9244   Print 
Heads Wheel Thru,
Mirror Chain The Square,
Phantom Columns Stimulate,
Split Phantom Boxes Alter And Circulate,
Split Phantom Boxes Stingy Swing The Gamut,
Z 2/3 Reverse The Pass,
Z Axle,
Parallelogram Trade Circulate,
Initially Triple Boxes Percolate,
Own The Sides Trip The Set By Link Up,
C3B -- Zero Box ➔ Resolve   Easy   ID=5696   Print 
(Zero Box)
Pass The Ocean,
Grand Swing Thru 1 & 1/2,
Central Stampede,
Wheel And Reverse Split Swap,
Left Alter & Circulate,
Criss Cross The Deucey,
Change Lanes,
Random Tandem Swing & Mix,
C3B -- Zero Box ➔ Resolve   Medium   ID=5700   Print 
(Zero Box)
Pass Thru,
Revolve To A Wave,
Split Counter Rotate 1/4,
Exchange The Boxes,
Centers Revolve To A Wave,
Triple Waves Working Forward Change Lanes,
Triple Waves Working Forward Left 1/4 Thru,
Parallelogram Alter & Circulate,
Initially Triple Box Counter Stimulate,
Stretch Recycle,
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