Square Rotation Program (SQROT)
SQROT 5.43  (August 2019)  
is the latest version 
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CSDS2 and SQROT downloadable files


The Square Rotation Program (SQROT) can generate

  • 'Computer Cards' -- a printed slip is given to each couple at the dance.

    • The cards are printed, perhaps laminated, and then used at the dance.
    • One card per couple.
    • Before each tip, the caller announces the number of couples, and the tip number. Each card-holder then looks at their card to determine their assigned square.
  • 'Dynamic' Rotation -- a computer at the dance generates a rotation prior to each tip.

    • The most versatile option.
    • Handles both singles and couples.
    • A computer is required at the dance.
    • As each dancer arrives at the dance, their name is added to the dance.
    • Prior to each tip, the computer generates a rotation, and each dancer (or couple) looks at the computer monitor to determine their assigned square.
    • Dancers may arrive or leave the dance without upsetting the rotation. However, each dancer must check-in or check-out with the person running the rotation.
    • Dancers may also request to sitout for specific tips.
System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or above.
Ordering Information

  • The price of the complete SQROT program is $50 USD.
  • The program is distributed as a web-download. A user key will be generated and instructions on how to download and install will be emailed. Please be patient: this is not an automatic function! It may take a day or a week depending on programmer schedule.
  • Each copy of SQROT is licensed to a single user.
    The program may be installed on multiple machines provided that only the licensed user actually uses the program.
  • Online Purchase of Ceder Square Dance Products
  • If purchased online, a 5.5% processing fee will be assessed.
  • Licensed users DO NOT need to purchase the program again to obtain upgrades.

    If you have any further questions or comments, please Contact Vic

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