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Online purchase of Ceder Square Dance Products Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
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Ceder Square Dance Products Order Form

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Description Price Quantity to Order
A Ceder Chest of A1 and A2 Square Dance Definitions $20.00 USD
A Ceder Chest of C1 and C2 Square Dance Definitions $20.00 USD
A Ceder Chest of C3A and C3B Square Dance Definitions $20.00 USD
Ceder Square Dance System (Csds2) web download *
$200.00 USD
Square Rotation Program (SQROT) web download *
$50.00 USD
Square Dance Checkers
$14.00 USD
Foster's Cards (set of 3 packs)
$40.00 USD
* Csds2 and SQROT are programs that are distributed as a web-download. A user key will be generated and instructions on how to download and install will be emailed. Please be patient: this is not an automatic function! It may take a day or a week depending on programmer schedule.
All orders (except web downloads only) are subject to additional shipping and handling charges.


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