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More Definitions

 Break The Diamond
 Jack Lasry  -  March 1978


The action starts from normal diamonds and ends with a 1/4 tag (ping pong) formation. For our teaching example lets start with a box 1-4..swing thru..boys run... girls hinge.....The Diamond is now established with the girls as centers and the boys as points. To BREAK THE DIAMOND...The centers of the wave will hinge as the point of the diamond extends to form a wave thru the center. The point of the diamond facing out will diamond circulate but stay to the outside of the end girl of the wave and then they bend to face in to become the outside couple in the 1/4 tag formation....The only trouble spot is the girl on the end of the original wave forming the diamonds must not move forward...She should move slightly sidewards to allow the point facing out to occupy her position as they form a couple.....The action is all forward smooth but rather quick. I place the call in the plus experimental catagory as the Diamond Circulate has become a strong member of the plus family of calls.

This definition is from Square Dance Callers Notes by Jack Lasry.
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