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  1. (any Tag call) Your Criss Cross Neighbor
  2. Along But Circulate Twice
  3. Invert The (fraction) Tag
  4. Lock 'Em Up
  5. Sets In Motion Hold The Column

 (any Tag call) Your Criss Cross Neighbor  -  C2 


  1. Do the any Tag call to the 1/2 tag position;
  2. Cross Cross Your Neighbor.

(any Tag call) Your Criss Cross Neighbor

ID: 151  (handle=1412)

 Along But Circulate Twice  -  C2 


Do an Along, but the Center 6 Circulate twice instead of once.

That is, from a Tidal Line:
Center 6 Hinge & Circulate Twice as Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4;
Center 6 Grand Peel & Trail (2 peel, 4 trail) as Others Extend.
A Tidal Wave ends in Parallel Waves.

(Along) But Circulate Twice

ID: 150  (handle=1942)

 Invert The (fraction) Tag  -  C2 


From Mini-Wave Columns.

#1 1/4 Invert The Column as Other 6 1/2 Circulate and New #1 U-Turn Back by turning away from the center of the Column (this is Invert The 1/4 Tag); Extend to the given fractional tag position. If no fraction is given, complete a full Tag The Line.

Comments and Examples:

Invert The 1/2 Tag is the same as 1/2 Invert The Column;
Invert The 3/4 Tag is the same as 1/2 Invert The Column + Extend.

Vic Ceder

Invert The Tag

ID: 153  (handle=610)

 Lock 'Em Up  -  C3B 


From applicable Tidal Lines or applicable Parallel Lines.

  1. Lockit;
  2. Hinge;
  3. Centers Hinge as Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4;
  4. Centers Lockit as Outsides Roll.

A Tidal Wave ends in a 1/4 Tag; Parallel Waves end in a "I" Formation.

Comments and Examples:

This is a 4-part call.

Bill Davis 1982

Lock 'Em Up

ID: 1299  (handle=1359)

 Sets In Motion Hold The Column  -  C2 


Do a Sets In Motion, but those who end up in the Center Column stop after forming the column.

That is:
Centers Hinge, Very Centers Trade, all Centers Roll as
Outsides Circulate 1 & 1/2 and those who line up with the Center Column Face In.

(Sets In Motion) Hold The Column

ID: 152  (handle=1874)
17-August-2019 10:37:14
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