More Definitions
More Definitions
 (any Tag call) Your Criss Cross Neighbor  -  C2
 vic ceder


  1. Do the any Tag call to the 1/2 tag position;
  2. Cross Cross Your Neighbor.

(any Tag call) Your Criss Cross Neighbor

 Along But Circulate Twice  -  C2
 vic ceder


Do an Along, but the Center 6 Circulate twice instead of once.

That is, from a Tidal Line:
Center 6 Hinge & Circulate Twice as Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4;
Center 6 Grand Peel & Trail (2 peel, 4 trail) as Others Extend.
A Tidal Wave ends in Parallel Waves.

(Along) But Circulate Twice

 Interlocked Scoot Chain Thru  -  C3A
 vic ceder


From a 1/4 Line.

Interlocked Extend; Swing; Slip; Swing; as one movement, Extend and Very Centers Slither.

Ends in a 3/4 Line.

Interlocked Scoot Chain Thru

 Invert The (fraction) Tag  -  C2
 vic ceder


From Mini-Wave Columns.

#1 1/4 Invert The Column as Other 6 1/2 Circulate and New #1 U-Turn Back by turning away from the center of the Column (this is Invert The 1/4 Tag); Extend to the given fractional tag position. If no fraction is given, complete a full Tag The Line.

Comments and Examples:

Invert The 1/2 Tag is the same as 1/2 Invert The Column;
Invert The 3/4 Tag is the same as 1/2 Invert The Column + Extend.

Invert The Tag

 Lock 'Em Up  -  C3B
 vic ceder


From applicable Tidal Lines or applicable Parallel Lines.

  1. Lockit;
  2. Hinge;
  3. Centers Hinge as Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4;
  4. Centers Lockit as Outsides Roll.

A Tidal Wave ends in a 1/4 Tag; Parallel Waves end in a "I" Formation.

Comments and Examples:

This is a 4-part call.


Lock 'Em Up

 Sets In Motion Hold The Column  -  C2
 vic ceder


Do a Sets In Motion, but those who end up in the Center Column stop after forming the column.

That is:
Centers Hinge, Very Centers Trade, all Centers Roll as
Outsides Circulate 1 & 1/2 and those who line up with the Center Column Face In.

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