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 Ping Pong Circulate  --  [Plus]
 Jack Lasry  -  January 1978


The action starts from the 1/4 tag formation, most easily set up from a static set by having the heads or sides pass the ocean. This sets up the ocean wave thru the center and the outside couples behind the wave facing in. The Action is simply explained by telling the dancers in the wave to step thru..with the outside dancers all will pass thru...the new center dancers will step into an ocean wave while the new dancers facing out will partner trade. The action ends with a similar starting formation, with the original wave dancers as the outside couple and the original outside couple as the wave in the center.

The author see the action as a circulating rotation into the new position. I find that you can only confuse the dancer by associating the action to a circulate....The name is no problem for the dancers, if there is a problem at all it is what to do after the Ping Pong Circulate and keep within the Mainstream program.....Here are a few ideas.

  1. Centers extend to a wave.
  2. Centers recycle.
  3. Centers Swing Thru...Turn Thru.
  4. Centers spin the top
  5. Centers turn thru.
  6. Centers Fan the top to a square thru...


This definition is from Square Dance Callers Notes by Jack Lasry.
It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.

Ping Pong Circulate

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