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Reverse The Wave
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 Reverse The Wave
 Jay King  -  page 239


Version #1

From a wave: All drop hands, U-turn back in place and join hands in a wave again. Right hand waves become left hand and vice versa. (Bill Watkins 1967)

COMMENT: Same as Break The Wave, Version #1--Use "U-turn back and make a new wave."

Version #2

From right or left handed wave: Centers arm turn a quarter and spread to allow the ends to Tag Right. Original centers now side step together and arm turn another quarter. Right hand waves finish in right hand waves and left hand waves finish in left hand waves. (Lonnie Sturges 1975)

COMMENT: Version #2 is a usable move. Conflict of names doesn't seem to present a serious problem.

Bill Watkins and Lonnie Sturges 1967-1975

This definition is from The Handbook of Modern Square Dancing by Jay King.
It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.

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