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 Cross The Line/Wave
 Jay King  -  page 228


Version #1

From a two faced line or wave: Ends face down the line as centers Hinge and then Star Thru with the ends. Finishes in a two faced line. (Norm Oliver 1964)

COMMENT: The Star Thru requires centers in many cases to disengage hands after the Hinge in order to do the Star Thru with the same hand. Should have been a Slide Thru (except Slide Thru hadn't been invented at the time).

Version #2

From lines of four: Centers Trade and Ends Crossfold. Finishes in double pass thru (from lines facing out) or completed double pass thru (from lines facing in) formation. (Robert Holup 1968)

COMMENT: Use "Ends Crossfold, centers Trade."

Norm Oliver and Robert Holup 1964-68

This definition is from The Handbook of Modern Square Dancing by Jay King.
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