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 (Anything) Concept  --  [C2]
 CALLERLAB  -  February 2010


Any call that begins with everyone doing a Circulate can be modified by replacing the initial Circulate with another call. For example, Chase Right Perk Up means Chase Right then complete the remainder of Perk Up following the initial Circulate. A caller may add "-er's" to the first call to emphasize it is all one call, e.g. Chase Right-er's Perk Up. When the first call is some type of Circulate, the word "Circulate" is conventionally omitted. For example, "Trade Motivate" means Trade Circulate then complete the remainder of Motivate following the initial Circulate. If the first call is Counter Rotate or Split Counter Rotate, the "Rotate" is conventionally omitted. For example, "Split Counter Coordinate" means Split Counter Rotate then complete the remainder of Coordinate following the initial Circulate. Calls modified in this way have the same number of parts as the base call, with the entire (Anything) call replacing the first circulate. This concept may be applied to any call that begins with a circulate action, even if Circulate is not formally defined as the first part of the call.

At C-2, this concept is used with the following calls: Motivate, Coordinate, Percolate, Perk Up.

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(anything) Motivate

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16-October-2019 18:04:43
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