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 Jay King  -  page 10


From parallel waves, two-faced lines, regular lines facing in or out and lines with centers facing one way while ends face opposite to them: In an outer or inner track of four dancers around the set, designated dancers (Ends, Centers, All Eight, Boys, Girls) move forward one position in his or her own track. Dancers facing in move to the next position ahead without changing facing direction. Dancers facing out must reverse facing direction to move to the next position ahead. All dancers walk forward while circulating. BACKGROUND NOTE ON CIRCULATE (page 11): The term "Circulate" was coined by Chuck Raley of Lakewood, California in late 1963. The idea of Circulate was presented in its first useful form by Larry Dee of Rosemont, PA in early 1963 with his call Acey Deucey which is still in use today although it can be called directionally (by today's terminology) as "Ends Circulate, Centers Trade" for parallel waves or two-faced lines. I still remember the impact that Acey Deucey had on use when this idea of moving across the set from one wave to another was first workshopped by Les Gotcher. Later in 1963, Glenn Hinton of Stockville, Nebraska conceived the notion of both ends and centers "circulating" and he called the move Joker's Wild (All Eight Circulate). The term that has stood the test of time best, however, is Chuck Raley's Circulate. It is descriptive and directional and it has spawned many offshoots of its own (Box Circulate, Split Circulate, Single File Circulate, Rotary Circulate, Couples Circulate, T-Bone Circulate, etc.).

Chuck Raley 1964

This definition is from The Handbook of Modern Square Dancing by Jay King.
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