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 CALLERLAB  -  March 2010


Do the call interchanging right with left and if also applicable belle with beau. (Left should only be used to modify calls where a right hand turn or shoulder pass is clearly part of the definition. The term Reverse is commonly used when the major interchange is Beau with Belle such as Reverse Swap Around.)

The Left modifier is usually used with calls that start with one of the following:

a) Right Pull By (e.g. Left Square Chain Thru, Left Split Square Thru)

b) Pass Thru (e.g. Left Dosado, Left Pass and Roll)

c) Tag The Line (e.g. Left 3/4 Tag, Left Turn and Deal)

d) Right Arm Turn (e.g. Left Turn Thru)

e) Turn [a fraction] by the Right (e.g. Left 1/4 Thru, Left Remake)

f) Touch (e.g. Left Touch 1/4, Left Spin the Windmill)

g) Turn to the right (e.g. Left Wheel Thru, Left Roll to a Wave, Left Chase)

When applying the Facing Couples Rule use Step to a Left Hand Wave. (e.g. Left Swing Thru, Left Relay the Deucey, Left Fractional Tops)

If there is already call in the dance program that performs the function of the Left qualifier, that call should be used instead of the Left modifier (e.g. Reverse Flutterwheel).

In Advanced dancing, the left versions of the calls are part of the program even though they are not explicitly listed.

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It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.

Left (used as Mirror) CONCEPT

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