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 Turn Thru  --  [Mainstream]
 CALLERLAB  -  November 2009


Starting formation: Facing Dancers

Command examples:
Turn Thru
Swing Thru; Turn Thru
Girls Turn Thru
Squared set: Heads Turn Thru; Separate, Around 1 To A Line
Heads Square Thru 4; Spin The Top; Turn Thru; Courtesy Turn

Dance action: In one smooth motion, dancers Step To A Wave (but use forearm styling), Right Arm Turn 1/2, and Step Thru.

Ending formation: Back-To-Back Dancers

Timing: 4

Styling: Similar to Allemande Left. Use normal forearm position. Men's free hand in natural dance position. Woman's skirt work desirable for free hand.

Comments: The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.

Turn Thru is always a 180 degree turn. From an Alamo Ring, if the desired action is to get everyone to their corners, the proper call would be an Arm Turn, not a Turn Thru.

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Turn Thru

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