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 Flutterwheel / Reverse Flutterwheel  --  [Basic]
 CALLERLAB  -  November 2009


Starting formation - facing couples. (a) FLUTTERWHEEL: The right hand dancers go in to the center and turn by the right forearm. As they move adjacent to the opposite dancer, they reach out with the free (left) hand and, taking the right hand of the opposite dancer, each continues on around to the original right hand dancer's starting position, releasing arms in the center and turning as a couple to face the center. (b) REVERSE FLUTTERWHEEL: Generally the same as flutterwheel except that the two left-hand dancers start with a left forearm turn and pick up the opposite dancers to return to their (the left hand dancer's) starting position.

STYLING: Dancers turning in the center should remember the principle of the forearm turn (see Basics #7c and b). The dancer being picked up can enhance the movement by anticipating the approach of the opposite dancer and step beside that person, taking normal couple handhold. If girls are on the outside, skirt work with the free hand is desirable. TIMING: From a static square (SS), head or side ladies, 8 steps. All four ladies, 12 steps.

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Flutter Wheel

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