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 Trade Family  --  [Basic]
 CALLERLAB  -  November 2009


Starting formation - any wave, line or column. GENERAL RULE: Any two directed dancers exchange places by walking forward in a semi-circle ending in the other dancer's starting position. Each trading dancer has reversed his original facing direction. If the trading dancers start while facing in the same direction, they pass right shoulders when they meet per the right shoulder rule (see Passing Rule).

(a) BOYS TRADE, GIRLS TRADE, ENDS TRADE, CENTERS TRADE: Directed dancers (boys, girls, ends or centers) exchange places, changing facing directions using the general rule.

(b) COUPLES TRADE: Starting formation - line or two-faced line. Working as a unit, each couple exchanges places with the other couple in the same line. Couples, as a unit, follow the right shoulder passing rule as defined for individual dancers.

(c) PARTNER TRADE: Starting formation - couple, mini wave. Two dancers exchange places with each other.

STYLING: Any two adjacent opposite facing dancers use normal hands up position for turning as in swing thru type movements. Girls trading (i.e. from end of line) will use normal skirt work. Couples trade use normal couple handhold and styling similar to wheel and deal, Basic #43. When doing a partner trade, use inside hands to exert slight pressure to assist each other in trading. TIMING: SS, partner, 4 steps; OW, centers, 4; ends, 4; from two-faced lines, couples, 6 steps.

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